Christmas dinner. Christmas Eve in Lviv at the Valentino restaurant

Christmas dinner. Christmas Eve in Lviv at the Valentino restaurant

Christmas dinner. Christmas Eve in Lviv in the Valentino restaurant in the city center

Christmas is one of the most important Christian holidays of the year, uniting and bringing the whole family together. We invite residents and guests of the city on Christmas Eve to us, in the restaurant "Valentino", to taste delicious, traditional Ukrainian dishes and carol together with the Nativity Scene.

Christmas Dinner in Lviv! We cordially invite you!

Celebrate Christmas in Lviv with the Valentino restaurant! Christmas dinner traditions and real Galician Christmas dishes! Book a place for dinner, tel: +380972356777

Cost: 1500 UAH per person (the price includes an entertainment program and a 12-course dinner).

For reservations, additional information and prices, please contact us.


01 December 2023

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                        Christmas basket 2023 from the restaurant "Valentino"!

Christmas basket 2023 from the restaurant "Valentino"!

The day before Christmas you have the opportunity to order a Christmas basket.
⠀Orders that will be ordered today will be prepared for 23,24.12.202.

The Christmas basket consists of:

The Christmas basket consists of:
✨ Vinaigrette salad (400 g)
✨ Dumplings with potatoes (600 g.)
✨ Kutia (500 g.)
✨ Sweet doves (600 g)
✨ Filled fish dorado (400 g.)
✨ Mushroom machanka (400 g.)
✨ Donuts (4 pcs.)
✨ Marinated white mushrooms (0.5 l.)
✨ Herring with pickles 200/100 g.
✨ Buckwheat pie (600 g)
✨ Borscht with abalone (1 liter)
✨ Uzvar (1 l.)

Cost of the basket: UAH 3,200.

You can also order self-delivery.

You can order delivery by calling:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


30 November 2023

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                        Holiday basket from Valentino restaurant

Holiday basket from Valentino restaurant

On the eve of the New Year, many housewives ask themselves:

How to wonder family, friends and guests !? 🤔🎄

How about ordering duck stuffed with apples and other holiday dishes Consider to your table😉

The festive basket consists of:

❄ Olivier with chicken (800 g.)
❄ Liver cake (800 g)
❄ Mussel pate (200 g)
❄ Babaganush (200 g.)
❄ S-t of grilled vegetables (250 g)
❄ Kholodets (400 g.)
❄ Focaccia with oregano (190 g)
❄ Basket with chicken souffle (6 pcs.)
❄ Basket with caviar (6 pieces)
❄ Veal "Wellington" 1200 g.
❄ Napoleon cake (800 g)


You can make an order for a banquet or order delivery by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


30 November 2023

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                        New Year in the restaurant "Valentino" 2024

New Year in the restaurant "Valentino" 2024

If you have not yet decided where to celebrate the New Year, we will be happy to help you make the right choice 🎊
There are a few more tables left in our restaurant to celebrate the New Year.

Have time to book and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, delicious food and excellent service😉

A festive mood awaits you at the 2024 celebration. The program includes the restaurant "Valentino" and the hotel "Schweitsarskyi".
You will find an exquisite atmosphere of the establishment, a friendly company of successful and joyful people, a New Year's program and extremely tasty dishes from the chef, as well as gifts and incredible emotions
In the program of the evening:
- Fiery and one of the best DJs in the city, StasON, with a bright New Year's program;
- Surprise and gifts for guests;
- Animator for children;
- Incendiary disco;

New Year's menu with signature dishes from the chef and Unsurpassed and highly professional service!

Are you ready to be charged with positivity and incredible emotions for 2024? Join in!)

Start: 21:00
*The cost of New Year's Eve - 4500 UAH. from the person

Now you have a unique opportunity to buy tickets and reserve the best table in the Valentino restaurant for the celebration of the New Year 2024.

You can reserve a table by calling:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


30 November 2023

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                        Best restaurants with kids play area in Lviv

Best restaurants with kids play area in Lviv

Where to go with children in Lviv: establishments with children's rooms and play areas

Swiss Hotel Lviv always strives to be useful for its guests, so we identified and selected a list of establishments in Lviv that have children's rooms or corners with toys, as well as developed a menu for children.

This is a great initiative of the Swiss Hotel Lviv to make the stay for families with children even more comfortable and pleasant. By opening playrooms and toy corners for children, the hotel gives parents the opportunity to relax knowing that their children are busy and happy. Let's take a look at some establishments in Lviv that already have children's corners and children's menus.

Valentino Restaurant Lviv 

Valentino Restaurant, which is located in the Swiss Hotel Lviv, takes care of the youngest guests. There is a children's corner with toys and entertainment where children can play and have fun while parents enjoy delicious meals. In addition, the "Valentino" restaurant has a special children's menu with a variety of dishes that are sure to appeal to little gourmets. The facility is located in the central part of Lviv and has a terrace with a wonderful view of the city. In addition, the restaurant has the possibility of a comfortable rest with children, because there is a convenient entrance for strollers, a changing table, a children's room with toys and cartoons.

Location: str. Nyzhankivskogo, 20, Lviv

The establishment is open from 08:00 to 22:00

Link to the restaurant website:

Link to the restaurant's Instagram:

Link to the restaurant's Facebook page:



Restaurant DeMandjaro

The DeMandjaro restaurant is a healthy food factory located in the center of Lviv. Here you can taste the most delicious Italian pizza, pasta, salads, pancakes, exquisite desserts and Italian ice cream of our own production. The restaurant has three floors and a separate transparent children's room with toys, coloring pages, high chairs, soft chairs, a changing table and a TV with cartoons. There is a separate children's menu for the smallest visitors. The restaurant hosts children's parties with a pizza-making master class.

Location: 10 Halytska Street, Lviv

The establishment is open from 09:00 to 22:00

Піцерія «ДеМанджаро» на Галицькій, Львів, вул. Галицька, 10, Контакти: +38  (032) 275 70 29


Restaurant "Delice"

The establishment is located in the Stryi Park next to the hotel and offers French cuisine. There is no separate children's menu, but there is a children's room with toys and a TV. It is also possible to arrange the services of a babysitter.

Location: Ulas Samchuk Street, 8, Lviv

The establishment is open from 09:00 to 22:00

DELICE, ГОТЕЛЬНО-РЕСТОРАННИЙ КОМПЛЕКС — контакти, адреса, телефон — Львів |  Dlab



An interesting establishment in the center of Lviv, in which the main feature is Belgian waffles with various fillings, but here you can also treat yourself to soups, salads, desserts or various drinks.

For children, the institution has a children's room with drawing supplies and toys.

Location: Staroyevreyska Street, 40, Lviv

The establishment is open from 10:00 to 21:00

Ресторан Sowa в городе Львів


Lviv Chocolate Workshop

A seven-story chocolate factory is located in the center of Lviv, where you can enjoy real Lviv chocolate and various drinks that will appeal not only to adults, but also to children.

In the workshop, you can also buy various types of candies and chocolate to take away.

Location: 5 Sichovyh Striltsiv Street, Lviv

The establishment is open from 10:00 to 20:00

львівська майстерня шоколаду ціни


Cafe "Glory cafe"

In the center of Lviv, you can enjoy coffee with delicious desserts at the "Glory café", where they have equipped a children's room with toys, so that children do not get bored with the conversations of adults.

There is also a drawing board and a TV. The establishment does not have a children's menu, but small visitors can enjoy desserts, soups or sandwiches.

Location: Mickevycha Square, 1, Lviv

The facility is open from 09:00 to 00:00

Glory cafe, Львів, площа Міцкевича, 1 ᐈ послуги, відгуки, адреса, карта,  телефон |


Restaurant "Ukrainian Yard"

The restaurant's menu includes delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, in which you can choose first and second courses, desserts and various drinks. The facility has a separate children's room with toys, high chairs, coloring books and a swing.

There is no separate children's menu, but the restaurant offers a diverse selection of dishes that will suit even the youngest visitors.

Location: Mikhalchuk Street, 1, Lviv

The establishment is open from 10:00 to 20:30

Ресторан ресторан в центрі Львова-гриль барбекю Українське подвір'я в місті  Львів


Hungry Mykola

If you want to taste good local cuisine, taste Galician liqueurs or moonshine and spend time in a cozy and intimate atmosphere, Hungry Mykola is the choice for you!

Mykola may be hungry, but you and your children will definitely not stay that way. The restaurant has its own bakery and brewery, and even a trout pond.

Children will be in paradise here: in the yard they will run around on the playground, spend all their energy on the swing and lasagna, relax in the children's corner with toys and coloring pages, and finally replenish their energy reserves with dishes from the special children's menu.

Location: Stryyska Street, 352, Lviv

The facility is open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m

Ресторан «Голодний Микола» Львів: ☎телефон, ◉адреса, відгуки, фото


Seven little pigs

National dishes and liqueurs of our own production. Here you will taste borscht with lard or homemade soup, figli from the chef or baked barabol. In addition, you will be completely immersed in the Ukrainian folk atmosphere, you will see authentic household items, painted dishes and original Ukrainian clothes.

For your children, the institution has organized a separate room with toys and a drawing board and will treat them to dishes from the children's menu - main dishes, salads and desserts.

Location: Ulas Samchuk Street, 8, Lviv

The establishment is open from 11:00 to 21:30

Ресторан «Сім поросят» Львів: ☎телефон, ◉адреса, відгуки, фото



Cozy atmosphere, tasty and varied menu. For children, 2 separate rooms are allocated, for older and smaller ones, so that everyone is interested.

Location: Chervonaya Kalina avenue, 66a, Lviv

The facility is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m

Fugazzeta — смак великих відкриттів


29 October 2023

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                        Bombay Sapphire Gin

Bombay Sapphire Gin

Bombay Sapphire gin at the Valentino restaurant at the Swiss Hotel in Lviv

Bombay Sapphire — марка джина, впервые выпущенная в 1987 году. В 1997 году компания Diageo продала бренд «Бакарди». Происхождение названия связано с популярностью джина в Индии во время британского владычества, а «сапфир» это фиолетово-синий сапфир «Звезда Бомбея», выставленный в Смитсоновском институте. Bombay Sapphire продается в плоской бутылке сапфирового цвета с изображением королевы Виктории на этикетке. Именно из-за цвета бутылки напиток кажется голубым.

Аромат напитку придают десять ингредиентов: миндаль, цедра лимона, лакрица, ягоды можжевельника, фиалковый корень, дудник, кориандр, кассия, перец кубеба и райские зерна. Алкоголь, полученный от поставщика, упаривают три раза, пары проходят через сетки или корзины с десятью растениями, приобретая их вкус и аромат. Это придает джину легкий, более цветочный вкус по сравнению с джином, который производится с использованием медных дистилляторов. Вода из озера Вирнуи добавляется для доведения Bombay Sapphire до 40,0 % (Великобритания, Канада, Австралия).


Laverstoke Mill
Thomas Heatherwick greenhouses for growing plants

In 2011, plans were announced to move production to a new site at Laverstoke Mill in Whitchurch, Hampshire, including the restoration of Portal's paper mill, as well as the construction of a visitor centre.

The building permit was issued in February 2012, and the center opened to the public in the fall of 2014. The visitor center houses two greenhouses designed by Thomas Heatherwick to grow phyto-raw materials used in the production of Bombay Sapphire gin.

Production and bottling of the drink moved from Bacardi to G&J in Greenall.


Bacardi also sells Bombay Original London Dry Gin (or Bombay Original Dry). Unlike Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Original London Dry Gin uses 8 botanicals.

In September 2011, Bombay Sapphire East was test-marketed in New York and Las Vegas. This variety has two more herbs—cymbopogon and black pepper—in addition to the original ten. It has an ABV of 42% and was designed to contrast the sweetness of American tonics.

A special edition of Bombay Gin called Star of Bombay was produced in 2015 for the UK market. It has an ABV of 47.5% and is grain distilled.


The brand has started a series of designer collaborations. Their first foray into the world of design is a series of advertisements featuring the work of currently famous designers. This campaign featured: Marcel Wanders, Yves Behar, Karim Rashid, Ulla Darni, Dror Benshetrit and Jürgen Hahn.

Following this successful advertising campaign, a series of events was launched. The most famous is the annual Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition, where design students from around the world can take part and create their own cocktail Martini glass. The finalists (one from each participating country) are invited to the annual Salone del Mobile, an international design exhibition in Milan, where the winner is selected.

Bombay Sapphire has also established the Bombay Sapphire Prize, which is awarded to glass designers and artists every year.

Since 2008, the finals of the Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition have been held in London, UK, and the Bombay Sapphire Prize in Milan at the Salone Del Mobile.


Bombay Sapphire recently received a score of 92 (on a scale of 100) from the Beverage Testing Institute. The aggregator rating classifies Bombay Sapphire at level 2, which indicates very favorable “expert” reviews.


29 October 2023

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                        A weekend in a hotel for two in Lviv in autumn

A weekend in a hotel for two in Lviv in autumn


Experience the magic of autumn Lviv together with the Swiss Hotel Lviv. This beautiful season is a time of coziness, romance and relaxation. And if you are looking for an ideal place to spend an unforgettable autumn weekend together, the Swiss Hotel Lviv hotel will be an excellent choice.

Link to the hotel's Instagram page:

Location and Atmosphere

Located in the very heart of Lviv, the Swiss Hotel Lviv amazes with its elegance and sophistication. This magnificent building combines stylish architecture with modern comfort. From the first step, you will feel the hospitality and warmth that have become the hallmark of this establishment.

Luxury Rooms

Swiss Hotel Lviv offers luxurious rooms, where each one is thought out in detail to create the best impression. Autumn evenings are much more pleasant when you are in a cozy room with a comfortable bed and a pleasant atmosphere.

Romantic Walks

Autumn in Lviv is a time when the city transforms into a palette of golden, red and orange shades. You can walk together through the streets of the old center, visit cafes with an authentic atmosphere and enjoy the autumn scenery.

Panoramic Views

Swiss Hotel Lviv impresses with its panoramic views of the city. However, the best of it can be enjoyed from the panoramic terrace on the hotel's roof. This is a place where you can see the city in all its glory, smell the autumn air and enjoy the moment together.

Restaurant "Valentino"

Autumn is the time when the season of tastes and appetite comes. Restaurant "Valentino" in the Swiss Hotel Lviv invites you on a real culinary journey. The tastiest dishes from the freshest ingredients will help you enjoy every sip and experience gastronomic pleasure.

Spa and Wellness

Autumn is a time when you want to get rid of tension and busyness. Swiss Hotel Lviv invites you to visit the "Mask" beauty salon, where guests have a -10% discount and enjoy relaxing procedures. Manicure, styling, hairstyle, eyebrow correction. we will also recommend you where to go for spa treatments, which is all you need for complete relaxation.

Cost and Booking

The cost of staying at the Swiss Hotel Lviv depends on the choice of room and additional services. For the convenience of booking, you can contact the hotel representatives and find out about the available offers.

Let your autumn weekend at the Swiss Hotel Lviv become an unforgettable vacation, filled with romance, comfort and unforgettable moments together. Put yourself in the hands of professionals and enjoy every moment in picturesque Lviv."

Promo code for saving 20% when booking from the "LvivAutumn" website

When planning an autumn weekend at the Swiss Hotel Lviv, you have a great opportunity to take advantage of a special offer - a 20% discount on accommodation. What could be better than a luxurious vacation in ancient Lviv at an affordable price?

To take advantage of this attractive offer, all you need to do is book your room directly on the official website of the Swiss Hotel. During the booking process, you will have the opportunity to enter a special promo code that guarantees a 20% discount on the total cost of your stay.

This advantageous offer is a great way to make your vacation even more pleasant and cost-effective. A 20% discount will allow you to save money that can be spent on additional entertainment and gastronomic delights during your stay.

Using the promo code for a 20% discount, you get the opportunity to visit the Valentino restaurant and try the most delicious dishes, visit the spa center and enjoy relaxation procedures, as well as explore the best sights of Lviv without worrying about the budget. You will get a 10% discount in the restaurant, on the terrace and in the Maska beauty salon.

Don't miss the chance for an unforgettable vacation at the "Shveitsarskyi" hotel with a 20% discount! Book your stay on the hotel's official website and enter a special promo code at the time of booking. An autumn vacation awaits you with comfort, luxury and a good price - exactly what you need for an unforgettable weekend in Lviv.


29 October 2023

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                        XXI International Dental Exhibition "Dental®-Ukraine" International Dental Forum

XXI International Dental Exhibition "Dental®-Ukraine" International Dental Forum

Dental exhibition in Lviv "Dental-Ukraine" - Dental Ukraine


Swiss Hotel Lviv offers comfortable rooms for guests of the city within the framework of the international exhibition.

You can book a room with parking in Lviv via this link: or by calling this phone number: +38(096)240-37-77

On October 25-27, the largest Ukrainian international dental exhibition "Dental-Ukraine" and the International Dental Forum will be held in the Palace of Arts in Lviv.

Over three days, more than 130 manufacturers and suppliers of dental equipment, tools and consumables will demonstrate a wide range of products, their hits and bestsellers, and announce new products.
Simultaneously with the "Dental-Ukraine" exhibition, scientific events of the Forum will be held in the conference halls and at the participants' demonstration stands, at which the most pressing issues of various directions in the field of dentistry, the latest treatment methods and their practical application will be raised.

The purpose of the international dental exhibition "Dental®-Ukraine" and the international dental forum:

  • demonstration of modern methods of treatment, equipment, technologies and materials in dentistry;
  • presentation of scientific ideas and new developments.
  • exchange of experience and improvement of the professional level of industry specialists.

Time and place of the exhibition:
October 25 - from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
October 26 - from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
October 27 - from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Lviv Palace of Arts (17 Kopernyka St.)


18 October 2023

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                        Pumpkin menu in Valentino's restaurant

Pumpkin menu in Valentino's restaurant

Do you know what pumpkin is good for? Come to us and we will tell you.

Why do we love the cold seasons? In the restaurant "Valentino" we are convinced - for the colors! If there are not enough bright colors around, look for them in the best restaurant of Italian cuisine in Lviv - there are a lot of them and they are especially delicious. First of all, we recommend trying the orange pumpkin soup, which not only warms in the cold season, but is also incredibly useful. It is not so easy to find in the city, and here it is prepared extremely tasty. And of course, without seasonal salads, pumpkin juice and much more delicious and healthy? It is very easy to find them here, just by ordering dishes from the pumpkin menu.

We are waiting for you so that you can try new, delicious dishes in the Valentino restaurant, which will definitely not leave you indifferent!

Or call us at the following phone numbers: +38 (097) 235-67-77, +38 (032) 235-67-66

and check out our on our website.



01 October 2023

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                        Hotels with Parking in Lviv: Convenience and Comfort for Your Travels

Hotels with Parking in Lviv: Convenience and Comfort for Your Travels

Hotels with parking in Lviv

Lviv, a city rich in history, culture and architectural masterpieces, always welcomes guests from all over the world. If you are planning to visit this wonderful city, choosing a hotel with parking will save you time and money, as well as ensure a comfortable stay. In this article, we will consider several hotels in Lviv, where you can leave your car without additional worries.

Hotel Swiss Lviv

Swiss Hotel Lviv is a real gem among Lviv hotels. Located in the city center, it offers its guests not only luxurious accommodation and exquisite service, but also convenient parking directly on the hotel premises. This is especially important, as parking in the center of Lviv can be a difficult task. Swiss Hotel Lviv offers different categories of rooms, from standard to suites, and is always happy to receive guests with a car.

You can book accommodation with parking at this link:

Hotel "Dnister"

Hotel "Dnister" is another great option for those looking for a hotel with parking in Lviv. Located near the center of Lviv, it offers a beautiful view of the city and the Lviv Castle. The hotel has its own parking lot where you can leave your car for the duration of your stay. In addition, it is located within walking distance of the city center and many tourist attractions.

Hotel "George"

The George Hotel is a charming hotel located in an old building dating back to 1901. It also offers parking for guests arriving by car. The hotel is located in the very center of the city, near Rynok Square and other historical sights. This is an ideal place for those who want to explore the rich cultural heritage of Lviv.

Hotel "Atlas Deluxe"

Hotel "Atlas Deluxe" is another cozy hotel that offers parking for its guests. It is located close to the city center and provides convenient access to the main attractions. The hotel is famous for its hospitality and comfort, and on-site parking will allow you to leave your car safely.

Hotel "Reikartz Dworzec Lviv"

If you are coming to Lviv by train, the hotel "Reikartz Dworzec Lviv" can be an ideal option, as it is located next to the railway station. The hotel has its own parking lot where you can leave your car. It is also located in close proximity to the city center.

Knowing about hotels with parking in Lviv, you will be able to make a choice that meets your needs and budget. Regardless of which hotel you choose, you are guaranteed a comfortable and safe stay in this wonderful city. Enjoy Lviv and all its attractions, knowing that your car is safe in the parking lot of your hotel.

Of course, you will look for a place for an early breakfast, and such a restaurant in the center can be the Valentino restaurant, in the menu of which you will find: Italian cuisine, European cuisine, Ukrainian cuisine. We recommend ordering the "Napoleon" cake after your meal - it is the tastiest in Lviv. The Valentino restaurant also serves breakfast from 08:00 to 11:00, and from 12:00 to 22:00 the First Panoramic Terrace in Lviv on the roof of the Swiss Hotel opens its doors to you.

You can find the menu of the Valentino restaurant on the restaurant's website at the following link:


29 September 2023

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                        Hotel with parking in the center of Lviv

Hotel with parking in the center of Lviv

Parking lot Hotel Lviv

Swiss Hotel: Luxury and Convenience with Parking in Lviv

Lviv, one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine, always attracts tourists with its rich history, architectural beauty and unique atmosphere. If you are planning a trip to this charming city, choosing the right hotel plays an important role in creating an unforgettable vacation experience. One of the best options for your stay in Lviv is the Swiss Hotel, which not only offers luxurious accommodation and exquisite service, but also provides convenient parking right in the city center.

Perfect Location
The Swiss Hotel is located in the very heart of Lviv, at 20 Knyazya Romana Street. This means that you will be within a few minutes' walk of the main tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes and shops. Rynok Square, Lviv Opera House, Arsenal, architectural monuments - all this is in the immediate vicinity. Despite its central location, the hotel is located in a quiet and peaceful place, which makes it an ideal choice for relaxation.

Parking: Luxury Convenience
One of the main advantages of the Swiss Hotel is the availability of its own parking lot. Parking a car in the center of Lviv can be a challenge due to the limited number of spaces and the high price of parking on the city streets. The hotel solves this problem by providing guests with a convenient opportunity to leave their car in their own parking lot upon arrival. This will not only save you time, but also money that you could spend on paid parking in other parts of the city.

Comfortable rooms
The Swiss Hotel offers a wide selection of comfortable rooms, including standard, junior suites and suites. Each room is tastefully decorated and has all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay. With large beds, cozy interiors and modern amenities, you will feel right at home. In addition, you can use room service to make your stay even more comfortable.

Valentino Restaurant 
Guests of the Swiss Hotel have a great opportunity to taste delicious dishes in the "Valentino" restaurant, which is located right on the hotel's premises. The restaurant is famous for its exquisite cuisine and variety of dishes for every taste. However, the legendary "Napoleon" cake, which is prepared according to the best recipes and has become one of the symbols of Swiss Hotel Lviv, is a special treat.

The panoramic terrace on the roof of the Swiss Hotel Lviv
It is impossible not to mention the panoramic terrace of the Swiss Hotel. From this picturesque place you can enjoy a wonderful view of ancient Lviv. In the evenings, a special romantic atmosphere is created here, and you can spend time with pleasure watching the city from a bird's eye view


29 September 2023

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                        Module of Temporality MOT - an exhibition of contemporary art in Lviv | Swiss Hotel recommends

Module of Temporality MOT - an exhibition of contemporary art in Lviv | Swiss Hotel recommends

Module of Temporality (MOT) 

Module of Temporality (MOT) is a temporary cultural space in Kyiv by don’t Take Fake, created by an international team of about 100 people. This is our attempt to capture the fluidity of life and its time in art, to show the uncertainty while supporting the desire to keep living, creating, and fighting.

We want to show the world that even during war and under constant threats, Ukraine is not only rethinking its past and fighting for the present but also imagining the future, in particular the cultural one of the country. Another goal is to raise money to rebuild cultural institutions that have suffered as a result of Russian aggression.

The central event of MOT is a contemporary art exhibition, created especially for this project. 27 artists from 10 countries will present their works — canvases, sculptures, installations, and audiovisual works — on two floors of the construction, built of 27 containers-modules. Among them are both established and emerging artists.



23 September 2023

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                        Summer in Lviv with a -20% discount

Summer in Lviv with a -20% discount

Spend summer days in Lviv in one of the best hotels in Lviv - Swiss Hotel Lviv


If you are planning a trip to Lviv during this period, you have a great opportunity to take advantage of a -20% discount at the Swiss hotel. This hotel is located in the central part of the city, which will allow you to conveniently explore all the main attractions of Lviv and enjoy the city atmosphere.

Swiss is a boutique hotel that offers comfortable rooms of different categories for different needs and budgets. The hotel also has a Valentino restaurant, where you can taste Ukrainian and European cuisine, as well as conference halls where you can hold meetings and conferences.

The -20% discount is valid throughout the summer, but conditions and restrictions may vary depending on the dates and type of rooms. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of this offer, we recommend that you contact our reception managers directly for detailed information and to confirm the availability of the discount.

Discount promo code: summerswiss

Lviv is a city with a rich history and culture. Here you will be able to see numerous landmarks, such as the Market Square, the Opera House, the Potocki Palace and many others. It is also worth visiting museums, galleries and coffee shops, which will make your stay in the city unforgettable and interesting.

If you are looking for a place to rest and appropriate service, the Swiss hotel can be a great vacation for you and your family.

The hotel in Lviv is equipped with two independent transformer substations, so there are currently no power outages. So visitors, guests of the hotel can rest, work and use electrical devices without interruption, thanks to the generator, backup sockets will work in every hotel room, as well as in the Valentino restaurant, and critical lighting of work and common areas. We also have a convenient shelter.

We have a generator for video surveillance cameras and Internet equipment, in the event of a power outage, the equipment must work in normal mode until the centralized power supply is fully restored.

You can book a room on the website:

You can also book a room by phone:




02 June 2023

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                        June hit: Strawberry menu in Lviv restaurants

June hit: Strawberry menu in Lviv restaurants

You can find a strawberry page in the center of Lviv in the Valentino restaurant

And if at home we usually limit ourselves to the usual combination of strawberries with cream and sugar, then the Valentino restaurant has created a whole menu based on strawberries, and the dishes in it - a variety. From strawberry salads to desserts and drinks - we offer you the most interesting.
Your taste buds will be out of scale! A panoramic view of the city, the taste of strawberries, the aroma of sparkling wine and the sounds of the violin will create an unforgettable atmosphere that will accompany you all summer! The chefs of the Valentino restaurant worked to make everyone like the strawberry page! Therefore, we definitely recommend to try and invite guests.


You can also book a table at the Valentino Restaurant on Instagram
Or by calling:
+38 (097) 235-67-77


21 May 2023

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                        RELIGIOUS TOURISM - In the Lviv region, they plan to restore the church of St. Valentine

RELIGIOUS TOURISM - In the Lviv region, they plan to restore the church of St. Valentine

Religious tourism in Lviv Region during the war

Residents of the village of Rakovets in the Lviv district are asking to restore the abandoned church of St. Valentine. This is reported by the Society.

The parish church of St. Valentine was built in 1822-1856 and was already the fourth after the previous wooden churches on this site. In 1946, after the church was closed and the Poles left the village for their historical homeland, most of the interior was destroyed and burned. Some surviving images, in particular, the images of St. Valentine (brush by Otto Edward Borzemski, circa 1930) and the image of St. Joseph (brush by Władysław Rossowski, circa 1909), were later transferred from the church to the Greek Catholic Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, where they are also kept now Since the 1980s, the temple has been empty and in a state of disrepair. Due to the fact that the roof was damaged and leaking, the rafters rotted and the vault completely collapsed, and in 2013 the roof completely collapsed along with the signature and the cross.

The Greek-Catholic community managed to partially support the temple with its own resources. In 2016, on the eve of the celebration of the 160-year anniversary of the Church of St. Valentine, the parishioners of the Greek Catholic Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos cleared the premises of the church from construction and other debris, so that it was possible to enter the church and pray, and also arranged the territory adjacent to the church. Due to the efforts of the Greek-Catholic community, on the occasion of the anniversary - the 160th anniversary of the consecration of the temple, the relics of St. Valentine, the patron and patron of the temple, arrived from the Italian city of Terni, where the saint is buried.

However, now only the walls remain of the shrine, although until recently the building was covered with ceramic tiles. However, above the sacristy, the ceiling decorated with golden stars and the statue of the Mother of God, which was moved to a nearby church, were preserved.

There is a small community of Roman Catholics in Rakovka that is trying to save the church by rebuilding it, however, they need help.

Local resident Nataliya Jureliuk said that the temple was valuable for Poles. She has been interested in its history for 15 years, since she moved here from Lviv.

"Roman Catholics don't have altars, only icons are placed. The room where the priests changed clothes is a very interesting nuance: the roofs remained, once there were no microphones and sound, and it was necessary to convey to the people in the temple. And in Roman Catholic churches, they built a rise to the tribune, the priest would go there and the sound would spread throughout the church," noted Nataliya Jureliuk.

"Some may say that it is not the time, but it is not so. The Church of St. Valentine will be destroyed, just think about the name. At least once a year, but a lot of people will definitely come there, and this is a matter of the development of local communities, the development of tourism, it is possible to organize routes, bring tourists from Poland," — Andriy Ryshtun, researcher of the development of tourism in the Lviv region.

According to the deputy head of the Solonkiv Territorial Community, Andriy Zhidachko, after the end of the war, they plan to apply for a grant to restore the destroyed monument.

"The cross-border program, which is financed by the European Union and is also the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, they are also interested in it, we will submit applications there," says Andriy Zhidachak, deputy head of the Solonkiv Territorial Community.


04 May 2023

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                        Spring in Lviv with a discount of -20%

Spring in Lviv with a discount of -20%

Meet spring in Lviv in one of the best hotels in Lviv - Swiss Hotel Lviv

If you are planning a trip to Lviv during this period, you have a great opportunity to take advantage of a -20% discount at the Swiss hotel. This hotel is located in the central part of the city, which will allow you to conveniently explore all the main attractions of Lviv and enjoy the city atmosphere.

Swiss is a boutique hotel that offers comfortable rooms of different categories for different needs and budgets. The hotel also has a Valentino restaurant, where you can taste Ukrainian and European cuisine, as well as conference halls where you can hold meetings and conferences.

The -20% discount is valid throughout the spring, but conditions and restrictions may vary depending on the dates and type of rooms. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of this offer, we recommend that you contact our reception managers directly for detailed information and to confirm the availability of the discount.

Discount promo code: SpringLviv

Lviv is a city with a rich history and culture. Here you will be able to see numerous landmarks, such as the Market Square, the Opera House, the Potocki Palace and many others. It is also worth visiting museums, galleries and coffee shops, which will make your stay in the city unforgettable and interesting.

If you are looking for a place to rest and appropriate service, the Swiss hotel can be a great vacation for you and your family.

The hotel in Lviv is equipped with two independent transformer substations, so there are currently no power outages. So visitors, guests of the hotel can rest, work and use electrical devices without interruption, thanks to the generator, backup sockets will work in every hotel room, as well as in the Valentino restaurant, and critical lighting of work and common areas. We also have a convenient shelter.

We have a generator for video surveillance cameras and Internet equipment, in the event of a power outage, the equipment must work in normal mode until the centralized power supply is fully restored.

You can book a room on the website:

You can also book a room by phone:




10 April 2023

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                        Hotel in Lviv, the best prices on hotels in Lviv -  SwissHotel

Hotel in Lviv, the best prices on hotels in Lviv - SwissHotel

Hotels in Lviv. How to choose a hotel in Lviv, the recommendation is the Swiss Hotel Lviv

One of the most common questions to tour guides and guides when choosing a tour to Lviv is: "Tell me, please, which hotel to choose in Lviv."

There are many hotels in Lviv that can be chosen by you according to different preferences: appearance, color, wallet, in the historical center of Lviv and a little further from the city center, a hotel that has: economy, standard, improved, luxury, royal suite.

If you stay in a hotel located in the historical center of Leva, you will be more convenient and closer to all the sights that are part of the UNESCO world heritage, in this part of the city there are many parks and squares for walking. You will not need to look for routes in trams, trolleybuses, minibuses to get to some shrine. You can always return to your hotel to rest, recuperate, have lunch, coffee and dessert, and then go on a city tour. It is also worth noting that the prices for rooms and services in hotels and restaurants may be slightly higher than in hotels far from the city center.

Hotels in the center of Lviv are located 15-20 minutes away by car from the main railway station of Lviv. This is quite close, considering that most luxury hotels are located in the central part of Lviv. We can conclude that it is not so far away, as it sometimes happens in large metropolises. Of course, in hotels located outside the city, the price is much lower than in hospitality establishments located in the center. Therefore, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly vacation, we recommend choosing them. If you are looking for a convenient location in the center with parking, a children's room, a delicious restaurant, a panoramic terrace, an elite beauty salon - we recommend choosing the Swiss Hotel. This hotel is located at 20 Knyazya Romana street and has an excellent transport connection for tourists who came on a tour to Lviv.

We would like to note that you can consider this hotel as an alternative to hostels and 3* hotels, because there are two standard-economy rooms here that are cheaper. They are for those guests who want to feel like they are in the luxury of a royal Swiss hotel but can't afford to pay for a royal suite, for example. The rooms of this category have the same amenities as other better categories: standard, improved, junior suite, deluxe, royal suite, the only thing is that the area of this room is smaller than the above categories.

Numbers. Each hotel may have its own classification of rooms, but we will tell you about the categories of rooms in the "Swiss" hotel: standard-economy, standard, superior, junior suite, deluxe, royal suite.

"Standard-Economy" accommodation:

Standard Economy rooms are ideal for guests who want to live comfortably, but for less money. Economy Standards are smaller in size, but the equipment of the rooms is the same as in the Standard rooms. The rooms are equipped with one double bed or two single beds. Configuration: one room, bathroom, large double bed, desk and chair, classic wardrobe.

Area 16 sq.m.

"Standard" accommodation:

"A home away from home" in historic Lviv. Tasteful rest for a couple or two friends in the Standard room in the oasis of comfort of the Swiss hotel. Bright and spacious rooms offer a view of the old town or the inner courtyards. Configuration: one room, bathroom, large double bed or two separate beds, desk and chair, classic wardrobe.

Area 21 sq.m.

"Superior" accommodation:

The luxury of rest. A comfortable and cozy Superior room is an ideal choice for guests traveling on business. In this room you will be able to relax in peace and quiet. Configuration: one room, bathroom, large double bed or two separate beds, desk and chair, classic wardrobe.

Area 28 sq.m.

"Junior suite" accommodation:

A comfortable Junior Suite with a large area is ideal for business and leisure. This is a heavenly corner for relaxation and recuperation in a peaceful atmosphere. A spacious bedroom and lounge area will allow you to make the most of modern amenities in a classic environment. This room type is great for longer stays. Configuration: one room, separate sitting area, bathroom, large double bed, desk and chair, classic wardrobe.

Area 43 sq.m.

"Luxury Suite" accommodation:

Feel the maximum comfort possible in one of our luxury suites. Made in bold and sophisticated colors, the Suite room combines work space with a place to relax. The design solution is based on a special creative idea - a classic setting combined with modern technologies. Configuration: two rooms, bedroom, living room, bathroom, large double bed, desk and chair, classic wardrobe, sofa.

Area 33 sq.m.

"Royal Suite" accommodation:

The largest room in the hotel, which consists of a spacious living room with a dining area for 4 people, a luxurious bedroom, and a bathroom with a modern interior. 2 hours in the Roman steam room are included in the price of accommodation.

Area 52 sq.m.

Usually, the rooms are designed for 2 people, but there are also 3-bed and 4-bed rooms, although there are much fewer of them.

Here is a short tour of the "Switzerland" hotel and its rooms. You have the opportunity to make sure that this hotel really has rooms for every taste, for every need and with different prices. My colleagues and I at Swiss Hotel Lviv will be happy to pick up that tour to Lviv? the accommodation, guide, tour guide that will suit you. We will also help you to celebrate your birthday in Lviv, wedding anniversary, engagement, reception on the First Panoramic Terrace of the city of Lviv, which is located on the roof of the "Schweitsarskyi" hotel.

We are waiting for you in Lviv. If you are looking for an interesting tour to Lviv, then book the room that you liked the most and come to our glorious city for a visit.

Book Standard Economy at a hotel in Lviv;
Book a Standard room in a hotel in Lviv;
Book an Juniour room in a hotel in Lviv;
Book a Junior suite room in a hotel in Lviv;

Book a Luxury Suite room in a hotel in Lviv;
Book Family Suite rooms in a hotel in Lviv;
Book a Royal Suite room in a hotel in Lviv.

Our hotel offers accommodation and tours to Lviv from Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Kropyvnytskyi, Dnipro, Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Kherson, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kryvyi Rih, Berlin, Warsaw, Kaunas, Rivne, Lutsk, Ternopil, Zhytomyr, New York , London, Paris and many other cities of Europe and the world.


20 March 2023

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                        Business lunches in Lviv. Current offers

Business lunches in Lviv. Current offers

Best business lunch restaurants in Lviv,  - Recommended by Swiss Hotel Lviv

All nutritionists emphasize: lunch is the most important meal of the day, it should never be skipped or eaten on the go. Lunch should make up approximately 40 percent of the food consumed for the day, because it is in the middle of the day that all vitamins, minerals and trace elements are best absorbed. Hotel "Swiss" in Lviv recommends establishments in Lviv where you can have a delicious lunch.

Valentino Restaurant in Lviv

Where: str. Nyzhankivskogo, 20

When: 12:00-15:00, except Sat - Sun

How much: UAH 250

Valentino is a restaurant of Italian cuisine, with an elegant interior and refined atmosphere. It is located in the center of Lviv, not far from Rynok Square. The highlight of the restaurant is the terrace with a panoramic view of the ancient city. Banquets, romantic dinners, corporate events or business meetings are often held here. The restaurant will be a great place for lunch with friends or colleagues. The list of dishes for a business lunch includes: salad, first and second courses of your choice. For example, it can be Caesar salad, pumpkin cream soup, spinach and chicken strudel, or Italian pasta. You choose from the options on the menu according to your taste.

Бізнес-ланчі. Ресторан Валентино



Where: str. Doroshenko, 8

When: 12:00-16:00, except Sat - Sun

Budzzini - an restaurant in Lviv. The menu mainly consists of Italian dishes. The interior of the restaurant combines modern classics and Italian trattoria motifs. Among the signature items on the menu: Neapolitan thin crust pizza with a variety of toppings, ravioli with shrimp, grilled camembert with pear, risotto. The establishment also offers complex lunches at reasonable prices. They include first and second courses, a drink can be ordered additionally.

Будзіні |


Cloud no. 7 Panorama

Where: Sq. Soborna, 14 (Roksolana shopping center, 7th floor)

When: 12:00-16:00, except Saturday and Sunday

Cloud no.7 Panorama - the establishment is located on the roof of the "Roksolana" shopping center in the center of Lviv, the location has a summer terrace with a panoramic view of Lviv. Here you can organize business meetings, dinners with a loved one, various kinds of celebrations. The restaurant's menu includes dishes from European, Asian, Ukrainian, Japanese and fusion cuisines. Here they prepare interesting author's cocktails and a wide wine list. The establishment also prepares business lunches - every day, you can order a lunch set, which includes the first and second courses, a salad and a drink.

Бізнес-ланчі. Ресторан Грушевський Cinema & Jazz


Hrushevsky Cinema & Jazz

Where: Ave. Shevchenko, 28

When: 12:00-16:00, except Sat - Sun

Hrushevskyi Cinema & Jazz - a restaurant in the central part of Lviv with a history It combines the atmosphere of real music, you can come to watch movies, to art exhibitions and, of course, to delicious cuisine and service. If you are looking for a place for a business lunch with colleagues, or just decided to have lunch in a nice atmosphere - come here. The establishment offers business lunches, which include a salad, first and main dishes and a side dish. The establishment also has a children's menu.

Бізнес-ланчі. Віденська кав’ярня


Grand Cafe Leopolis

Where: Sq. Market, 1

When: 13:00-18:00

A place where history brews. Here you can learn about curiosities and events that happened in Lviv since people learned to take pictures.

Here you can order "dinner towers" - delicious food and original presentation. The menu offers three variants of towers: mushroom, fish and meat. For example, "fish" includes a creamy soup with salmon, scallops, potatoes, broccoli, leeks and corn; cream cheese with aromatic sauce and homemade bread. In addition, here you can taste original desserts, order lavender coffee, buckwheat tea or author's rose mulled wine.

Бізнес-ланчі. Ресторан Grand Cafe Leopolis


Green Garden

Where: str. Rudansky, 1

Where: str. Tershakovtsiv, 5

When: 12:00-14:00, except Sat - Sun

Green Garden is another popular establishment in Lviv where you can have a delicious lunch. The name fully corresponds to the interior design of the establishment - a lot of living greenery in the decor, rich emerald shades of furniture, paintings with the image of trees.

There are many dishes on the menu: hot and cold appetizers, focaccia, pizza, pancakes, pasta, ramen, rolls, WOK menu dishes, salads... In order not to get confused with the choice of what to order for lunch - choose a complex business lunch , which matches your preferences. The establishment offers three menu options. For example, choose a complex of cream soup, pasta and a drink - hearty and tasty.

Бізнес-ланчі. Ресторан Green Garden


Videnska coffee shop

Where: Ave. Svobody, 12

When: 12:00-16:00, except Sat - Sun

Videnska coffee shop is one of the first coffee shops in Lviv, which started its work back in 1829. The establishment is great for a rendezvous over a cup of coffee or a business meeting with colleagues. The menu includes several options for business lunches, guests can choose a complex to their taste. For example, here you can order Ukrainian borscht, baked beet salad or Austrian schnitzel.

Бізнес-ланчі. Ресторан Budzzini


Park. Art of Rest

Where: str. Vitovsky, 43A

When: 12:00-16:00, except Sat - Sun

Park. Art of Rest is a restaurant complex located in the Park of Culture in Lviv. The menu includes dishes from European cuisine, and the wine list has more than 150 wine items. A breakfast menu is offered on weekends, and business lunches are served on weekdays. An option with traditional borscht and fried dumplings, or a business lunch that includes sushi rolls with mackerel, cream cheese and unagi sauce - choose what you like today.

Бізнес-ланчі. Ресторан Park. Art of Rest


White lion

Where: str. Lesya Ukrainka, 15

When: 12:00-16:00, except Sat - Sun

The White Lion pub is located close to the Opera House. The establishment offers a wide selection of Ukrainian cuisine, there is also a special offer - "lion's" portions, which are designed for four people. We recommend ordering a portion of traditional dumplings with potatoes, with meat and cabbage, Galician dumplings and banosh. For beer connoisseurs, more than 30 types of beer from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Holland, Austria and Mexico are offered here. White Lion has a special offer of the lunch menu, under which you can order a full business lunch (salad, first and hot dishes, a side dish and a drink).

Бізнес-ланчі. паб Білий лев

Underground Kindrat

Where: str. Valova, 25

When: 12:00-15:00, except Sat - Sun

Restaurant "Underground Kindrat" is one of the best places in Lviv to try Galician cuisine. Here you can taste borscht made from young beets, bograch with smoke, Galician zhurek, deruni with meat filling, baked trout (trout), black sausage, potato dumplings, and many other delicious and original dishes.

Бізнес-ланчі. Підпільний кіндрат


20 February 2023

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                        Top 10 Inspirational Movies - Swiss Hotel Lviv

Top 10 Inspirational Movies - Swiss Hotel Lviv

10 motivational movies that inspire. A selection from the Swiss Hotel in Lviv

10 inspiring movies!
Don't forget to save and watch these movies!

The team of the Hotel "Swiss" has prepared for you a selection of "10 inspiring films from the Hotel "Swiss". Let's wait for spring looking to the future, drawing inspiration from the past and with faith in the victory of good over evil, light over darkness!

Inspirational movies:

1. 1+1 (2011);

"1+1" (fr. Intouchables - "Intouchables") is a 2011 French comedy drama based on real events about a successful aristocrat Philippe, who ends up in a wheelchair due to an accident and takes a black towel as his assistant. - Drissa. The main roles are performed by François Cluse and Omar Sy, who was awarded the national César award for this acting work. The premiere in France took place on November 2, 2011.

In September 2012, France sent The Untouchables to compete for the Oscar statuette in the Best Foreign Language category, but the film never made the shortlist. Despite this, the picture was awarded nominations for the Golden Globe and BAFTA awards in the same category.

1+1. Чужой выбор

2. Healer Adams (1998);

"Healer Adams" (English: Patch Adams) is a biographical tragicomedy directed by Tom Shedyak, based on the life of the famous doctor and hospital clown Patch Adams. In the year of its release, the film was not recognized by critics or by Adams himself, but it was successful at the box office, and also aroused interest in the personality of Adams.

In a state of deep depression, Hunter Patch Adams ends up in a psychiatric clinic. But the doctors cannot help him, he is saved by the patients. They make him look at his life from the side, look at her with a laugh. By example, Adams is convinced that laughter can work miracles and heal. Laughter is the best medicine, and on several occasions, Patch's know-how has truly saved people.

Целитель Адамс (фильм, 1998) — смотреть онлайн трейлер, описание и список  актеров

3. Togo (2019);

Togo is a 2019 American drama film released on the streaming service Disney+. The events of the film revolve around the great charity race of 1925. In the center of the plot is the doctor Leonard Seppala, who has to save the city of Nome from the epidemic, going on a dangerous journey to get medicine together with a Siberian husky nicknamed Togo.

The film was directed by Erickson Kor, produced by Kim Zubie, and written by Tom Flynn. Starring: Willem Dafoe, Julianne Nicholson, Christopher Heyerdahl, Michael Heston, Michael McElhatton, Jamie McShane, Michael Grayes, Sean Benson and others. The premiere of the film took place on December 20, 2019.

Того (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно

4. In pursuit of happiness (2006);

The Pursuit of Happyness is an American biographical film directed by Gabriele Muccino, released in 2006. The tape tells about a man who went from a poor sales representative to a successful broker. Stephen Conrad's screenplay is based on Chris Gardner's memoir of the same name, co-written with Quincy Troup.

The action of the film begins in 1981 in San Francisco (California). Linda and Chris Gardner live in a small apartment with their son Christopher. Chris Sr. spent all the family savings on a franchise selling portable densitometers. These scanning devices provided slightly clearer images than X-ray machines, but most of the doctors Chris saw thought the devices were too expensive. Linda worked a dead-end job in the laundry room of a local hotel. The tension in the relationship grew in proportion to the accumulation of late payments for housing and bills. Chris often parked his car in unsolved places in order to make it to meetings on time, and after parking, numerous fine tickets remained unpaid. Eventually, Lindy gets fed up with this life and moves away. Chris insists that his son stay with him. After long talks, Christopher stays with his father, and Linda decides to leave to work in New York, where a better job awaits her.

Chris accepts an unpaid internship at the brokerage firm Dean Witter Reynolds, which promises employment to only one out of twenty interns based on the results of the internship. Lack of money and no densitometers to sell puts Chris in a bind, and as a result he and his son become homeless. Forced to sleep in a subway toilet, Chris and his son line up at the end of each day at a Methodist church shelter in an attempt to get a place to sleep peacefully. Sometimes they manage to get into a shelter, sometimes they stay on the street. Doing everything possible for his son, despite all the difficult circumstances, Chris finds the strength to complete the internship program and become the only intern the firm will hire.

As a result, Chris got a job, and then in 1987 founded his brokerage firm. After selling his stake in 2006, he earned millions of dollars.


Фильм В погоне за счастьем (США, 2006) – Афиша-Кино

5. The Bucket List (2007);

The Bucket List (English: "The Bucket List", literally "The list from the garbage bucket" - the name of the list of recent things, given in the title of the picture, beats the euphemism kick the bucket) - a 2007 film directed by Rob Reiner and written by Justin Zeckham.The story centers on two terminal cancer patients (Nicholson and Freeman) who want to fulfill all their wishes before they die.

Billionaire and owner of a hospital chain, Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson), once said that there would be no solitary confinement in his institutions. Now, having entered his own hospital with a hopeless diagnosis, he is forced to share a ward with Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman), a simple black car mechanic, although very well-read and erudite. Carter is the head of a large and friendly family, he is surrounded by the attention of loved ones who sincerely love him. Misanthrope Edward is visited only by his personal assistant. Faced with the need to somehow communicate with each other, the comrades gradually grow closer to each other through misfortune.

One day, Chambers comes up with the idea of making a list of what he would like to do in the time he has left (bucket list, which is played in the name of the film). After learning that he has less than a year to live, Carter throws away the yellow paper sheet with the list, but the next morning it is found in the trash can by Cole, who is also predicted by doctors to have no more than six months to live. Having carefully studied the list compiled by his neighbor, Edward offers to realize his dreams together. He adds to the list various, in his opinion, "fun things" (for example, skydiving) and promises to fully fund all activities. Despite his wife's protests, Chambers agrees.

The two of them travel the world, visiting the Egyptian pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Himalayas and gradually waiting on the yellow sheet point by point. At the top of the Cheops pyramid, Edward tells Carter that he had a fight with his daughter years ago when he hired people to "take care" of a man who was beating her. After returning to his homeland, Chambers tries to persuade Cole to meet his daughter, but he just loses his temper.

Chambers returns to his family, but unfortunately not for long - the same evening, after a family dinner, he is rushed to the hospital, where he dies on the operating table. After that, Edward, fulfilling the posthumous request of a friend, still reconciles with his daughter and sees his granddaughter for the first time (crossing out another line: "Kissing the most beautiful girl in the world"). At Chambers' funeral, Cole admits that although they hadn't known each other just three months ago, the last months of Carter's life had been the best months of his, Edward's, life. Only here, seeing off Carter, Cole thinks he has the right to cross off the penultimate wish on the list: "To do good to a stranger."

Edward himself dies in a few months. In the film's finale, Cole's assistant, carrying out his will, climbs the highest mountain in the North American Cordillera to leave a coffee can with his boss's ashes at the top. Placing it in the casket next to the urn already there with Chambers' ashes, he looks around at the majestic snow-capped peaks around him and crosses out the only remaining item on the sheet of yellow paper: "To witness something truly grand."


Фильм Пока не сыграл в ящик (США, 2007) – Афиша-Кино

6. Seven souls (2008);

"Seven Pounds" (English: Seven Pounds) is a feature film, a drama directed by Gabriele Muccino. Movie tagline: Seven Names. Seven Strangers. One Secret" (in the Russian box office: "They do not know each other. They have different destinies. But they have one secret"). The world premiere took place on December 19, 2008.

The film begins with the main character calling 911 about an accident, a suicide. He calls himself a victim...

Two years before the events, Tim Thomas (Will Smith) (through most of the film he introduces himself as "Ben Thomas") is involved in a car accident that kills seven people, including his fiancee, Sarah Jenson (Robin Lee).

A year after the accident, having given up a career as a space station engineer, Tim donates a lung share to his brother (Michael Abo), an IRS employee (Internal Revenue Service, US tax office). Six months later, he donates part of his liver to a child welfare worker named Holly (Judienne Elder). After that, he starts searching for the next candidates for receiving donor organs. He finds George (Bill Smitrowicz), a youth hockey coach, and donates a kidney to him, then donates his bone marrow to a boy named Nicole (Quentin Kelly).

Two weeks before his death, he contacts Holly and asks her if she knows of anyone else who deserves help. She points to Connie Tepoz (Elpidia Carrillo), whose roommate keeps beating her up. Tim moves out of his house and into a local motel, taking with him a tank of jellyfish. One night, beaten up, Connie dares to call Tim, who gives her the keys and title deeds to his oceanfront home. She takes her two children and moves into this house to start a new life and give her children a chance.

Stealing his brother Ben's ID and posing as his brother, Tim screens candidates for the last two donations. The first is Ezra Turner (Woody Harrelson), a blind butcher who plays the piano. Ben calls Ezra Turner and acts cocky, trying to see how quickly he can be pissed off. Ezra remains unmoved and Tim decides that he is a worthy candidate.

The next candidate is the manager of the nursing home, but upon inspection turns out to be a scoundrel, unworthy of Tim's help.

Then, under the guise of an audit for a $56,000 tax lien, he hooks up with Emily Poza (Rosario Dawson), a greeting card entrepreneur who needs a heart transplant and has a rare blood type. He spends time with her and her dog, weeding her garden and repairing her rare Heidelberg printing press; they fall in love with each other. Emily's condition worsens. After the deterioration, Emily is transferred to the first group - she is given a pager that should beep when there is a chance to receive a donor heart while standing in line.

Ben tracks Tim down at Emily's house as he and Emily finish a romantic dinner. He demands that Tim return his IRS ID and car keys. Tim returns home and makes love to Emily. To avoid meeting his brother, he runs away from home and meets with Emily's doctor about the final prognosis of the girl's condition. The doctor says that the chance of finding a suitable donor is no more than five percent.

Having finally made up his mind, Tim returns to the motel. He fills the bathtub with ice water to preserve his organs, writes a note instructing rescuers and, sinking into the bathtub, calls an ambulance, then commits suicide by releasing a deadly poisonous box jellyfish into the bathtub.

His friend Dan (Barry Pepper), as the executor of the will, makes sure that Tim's organs are transplanted to Emily and Ezra. Ezra Turner gets the cornea and Emily gets the heart. Later, Emily comes to a concert in the park, where the sighted Ezra is playing the piano and he guesses that it is her.

Семь жизней (2008) смотреть онлайн фильм в хорошем качестве HD 1080 без  рекламы

7. 127 hours (2010);

"127 Hours" (English 127 Hours) is a feature film directed by Danny Boyle and screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, who previously worked together on the film "Slumdog Millionaire". The film is based on Aron Ralston's book Between a Rock and a Hard Place. The picture was released on the US cinema screens on November 5, 2010.

The film tells the true story of climber and canyoneer Aron Ralston, who in 2003 spent almost six days in a mountain gorge after his hand was trapped by a stone weighing more than 300 kg. Before going on a trip, he didn't tell anyone where exactly he was going. When the little water and food he had with him ran out, he amputated his brush, which allowed him to get out of the canyon and find the hikers, who called a rescue helicopter.


127 Hours | Disney+

8. Life of Pi (2012);

"Life of Pi" (eng. Life of Pi) is an adventure drama directed by Ang Lee in 3D format. The tape is based on the novel of the same name by Yann Martel, published in 2001. The film stars Indian budding actor Suraj Sharma in the lead role.

The premiere took place at the New York Film Festival on September 28, 2012. It was released in wide distribution in the USA on November 21, 2012, in Russia on January 1, 2013. The American Film Institute named the film one of the ten best films of the year, and the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored the film with 11 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture of the Year.

An Indian man named Pi communicates with the writer Yann Martel, to whom he tells his incredible story. His father named him after the swimming pool in Paris Piscine Molitor. As a child, he was interested in several religions, and at once professed Hinduism (Vaishnavism) with Vishnu, Catholicism with Christ, and Islam with Allah. At school, because of the ridicule of his classmates over his unusual name Pisin, he decides to call himself Pi after the letter of the Greek alphabet. During the time spent at the summer camp, he prepared and on the first day of the school year presented his name to his classmates as the mathematical number π, even writing down several hundred signs of this number. When he was 15 years old, his father, being the director of the zoo, announced that the family would have to leave India, taking half of the animals with them and sell them in Canada to start a new life. Pi tried to dissuade the family from leaving their native home, but to no avail.

The sea journey begins with a Japanese cargo ship. On the fourth day after docking in Manila, the ship gets caught in a storm. Pi woke up at the noise and got up on deck. Excited by the storm, he shouted: “Stronger! Stronger!". Immediately after that, an alarm sounded, a wave carried several sailors from the deck into the ocean, the holds began to fill with water. A couple of sailors caught Pi and, promising to find his parents, threw him into a boat that already had a cook in it. But then the zebra jumped into the boat, and the cook fell overboard, and the boat became unhooked and flew down. A big wave overwhelmed the ship, and it went to the bottom. Pi, hanging from the boat and seeing the ship, which was still illuminated by lanterns, shouted: "Forgive me! Mother! Father! Rave! It's my fault!" After the storm subsides, Pi examines his "ark." The boat contained some of the animals from the ship: a hyena, a zebra that broke its leg when it fell, an orange orangutan that swam up on a bunch of bananas, and a Bengal the tiger Richard Parker (his name is "Thirsty" and the name of hunter, passed, hunter, passed, hunter, passed, zoo, passed, passed, passed, passed, and hunter, passed, passed, passed, passed, appeared on 100%). ). The hungry hyena kills the zebra and then Orange, who stood up for Pi. At the end of these showdowns, the tiger jumps out from under the harness and kills the hyena. Pi is left alone in the boat with the tiger. The struggle for survival begins.

Pi builds a small raft, on which he sinks life provisions and all sorts of useful things, and fastens it with a rope to the boat. While swimming, Pi tried to win back the boat. At first he tried to show his authority and even "noticed" half of the boat, but nothing came of it. Then he started fishing and feeding Richard Parker. Once Pi had sunk all the galettes from the lifeboat's arsenal onto his raft, but at night, while playing with the bioluminescent plankton in the water, he disturbed a whale, which overturned the raft, leaving the vegetarian Pi without food. He managed to save himself from starvation during the raid of volatile fish. One of the large predatory fish that prey on the volatile fell into the boat. Out of hunger, Pi stole a fish from Richard Parker and ate it himself. On their way, they meet fish, jellyfish, whales and a mysterious island with meerkats, beautiful, predatory and insidious, like a Venus flytrap; "What I gave during the day, I took back at night" (life). As Pi explained, God gave him rest, but sent a sign that he should continue his journey (Pi found in a flower the tooth of a person who remained on the island, died and was digested). After arriving at the coast of Mexico, Pi tiredly dragged the boat aground and fell on the warm, soft sand ("the cheek of God" - as Pi put it). The emaciated tiger jumped over Pi, shook himself, approached the rainforest, stopped, looked there and ran into it. Pi hoped that before that, Richard Parker would turn or in some other way "put an end" to their relationship. He is later found by people, and in the hospital where he was placed, representatives of the Japanese ship-owning company who came spoke to him, but they did not believe his story. Pi then told them another, more plausible, but grimmer version of what had happened. There were no animals in the boat, and the struggle for survival unfolded between Pi (Richard), his mother (Orange), an injured sailor nicknamed "The Happy Buddhist" (Zebra) and a mean Frenchman from the ship (Hyena). The plot is very similar to the previous one. The sailor's leg began to rot, and the cook killed him, dried the meat and ate it. While fishing, Pi could not hold the turtle and the coc wanted to kill him, but his mother interceded and told Pi to jump on the raft (built by coc for fishing), but when Pi looked back from the raft, his mother had already killed him. After that, Pi "did to the coke what he had done to the sailor." And Pi drifted on the boat alone.

At the end of the film, Pi offers the writer a story to choose from. The writer chooses a story with a tiger, and Pi gives it to Yann.


Фильм Жизнь Пи (США, Китай, Тайвань, Великобритания, 2012) смотреть онлайн  – Афиша-Кино

9. Mountains between us (2017);

"The Mountain Between Us" (English: The Mountain Between Us) is an American adventure drama directed by Hani Abu-Assad, adapted from the book of the same name by Charles Martin. The world premiere of the film took place on September 9, 2017 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Released in US theaters on October 6, 2017.

Doctor Ben Bass and journalist Alex Martin hire a small plane to fly from Idaho to Denver because regular flights are canceled due to bad weather. She is in a hurry for her own wedding in New York, and he is in Baltimore for surgery. As they fly over the mountains, the pilot has a seizure and the plane crashes. Ben, Alex and the pilot's dog survive the crash, but Alex has a broken leg. Ben offers to wait for help inside the plane, they have some food, shelter and fuel for the fire. He climbs to the top of the mountain to survey the surroundings and almost falls back into the abyss. Meanwhile, the plane finds the cougar, Alex shoots it with a flare. A week after the collapse, Alex insists that it is necessary to stop waiting for rescue and go down into the valley. Although Ben is against it, she gets off the plane while he sleeps and leaves alone. Ben soon catches up with her and they slowly descend to tree level. After several days of travel, they find an empty hunting lodge. Next to him, Alex falls under the ice on the lake, but Ben saves her. Since she is very weak and dehydrated, he makes her a drip from what he can find in the house. They recover for a few days and become closer. Although it's still hard for Alex to go, they start to move on. As they both almost give up and fall asleep in the snow, the dog wakes Ben up and he sees a sawmill in the distance. They hurry in that direction, but on the way Ben falls into a trap. Alex is desperately trying to find help. At the hospital, Ben visits Alex, but her fiance has already arrived.

Alex and Ben return to their lives. Ben takes the dog and goes to London. Alex tries to contact Ben, but he ignores her. She sends him photos she took in the mountains, and he decides to contact her. During the meeting, it turns out that Alex canceled the wedding. And although at first she says that their time is wasted, after a brief separation, Alex and Ben decide to reunite.

Между нами горы (2017) — Фильм.ру

10. At 6 feet deep (2017).

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain is a 2017 drama film. The film tells the true story of Eric Lemarck, who got lost in the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains and survived there for 8 days. The translation of the film assumes an error, in fact it is not about the depth in feet, but about the temperature of -6° Fahrenheit (-20°C), at which the main action takes place.

After the end of a brilliant sports career, hockey player Eric Lemarck can no longer live without adrenaline. Now he finds drive in drugs and snowboarding. When the ski patrol in the Mammoth Mountains (California) closes all runs due to an impending snowstorm, Lemarck decides to make one last descent and ends up trapped and lost in the mountains.

Рецензия на фильм «На глубине 6 футов»

We are waiting for you at the Swiss Hotel in Lviv.
Call the phone number:

+380962403777 - and we will take care of your comfortable stay✨ Your Swiss Hotel


17 February 2023

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                        Standard double, room number 6 in the Swiss Hotel

Standard double, room number 6 in the Swiss Hotel

Standard double room number in the center of Lviv in a family hotel

Room #6 in the Swiss Hotel
One-room room with one double bed, which also has space for placing an additional bed.
The bathroom is equipped with a shower cabin.

Area: 32 square meters. m.
View: courtyard
Features: mansard/pitched roof
Floor: 3-4

A bright and spacious superior standard room at the Swiss hotel, which has everything you need for a comfortable rest.

The room is also equipped with air conditioning, a TV and a refrigerator, in which we offer a minibar. Harmony in the planning of the room and eye-pleasing shades of the interior, in which there is nothing superfluous, provide a pleasant environment where married couples, families and just people traveling with any goals can relax.


You can book a room by calling:


02 February 2023

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                        Lux, room number 28 in the Swiss Hotel

Lux, room number 28 in the Swiss Hotel

Lux room in the center of Lviv in a family hotel

Room #28 in the "Swiss" hotel
Two-room room with one double bed, which also has space for placing an additional bed.
The bathroom is equipped with a shower cabin.

Area: 31 square meters. m.
View: on Nyzhankivskogo Street

Floor: 2

A bright and spacious deluxe room in the Swiss hotel, which has everything you need for a comfortable rest.

The room is also equipped with air conditioning, a TV and a refrigerator, in which we offer a minibar. Harmony in the planning of the room and eye-pleasing shades of the interior, in which there is nothing superfluous, add a pleasant atmosphere where it is good to relax for married couples, families and just people traveling for any purpose.


You can book a room by calling:


01 February 2023

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Gastro-dinner in Ukrainian traditions - the sommelier of the Swiss Hotel and the Valentino restaurant invites you!

Gastro evening "Ukrainian traditional cuisine and wine"

On Sunday (February 5), we invite you to a gastro evening at the "Valentino" restaurant!
🍷 The sommelier prepared wonderful Ukrainian wines from our wine list.

And the talented chef will prepare dishes that will be perfectly combined with wine:
– Traditional Polish "Matsyk" - Igriste, Grande Vallee;
– Sycamore pie – White dry, Aligote, Biologist;
– Vereshchaka – Dry Red, Villa Tinta, Odessa Black;
- Lviv cheese - Gold de Sharant, Shabo.

• When: February 5, 6:00 p.m
• Where: "Valentino" restaurant, str. Nyzhankivskogo, 20
• How much: UAH 780.

You can book a ticket by calling:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


31 January 2023

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                        We always have light and warm! Swiss Hotel Lviv

We always have light and warm! Swiss Hotel Lviv


In Lviv, a diesel generator is operating at the Shveitsarsky hotel.
In the last few weeks, there have been partial power outages in Ukraine. And given the threat of further attacks on the country's energy facilities, there is a risk of longer blackouts.

The hotel in Lviv is equipped with two independent transformer substations, so there are currently no power outages. So visitors, guests of the hotel can rest, work and use electrical devices without interruption, thanks to the generator, backup sockets will work in every hotel room, as well as in the Valentino restaurant, and critical lighting of work and common areas. We also have a convenient shelter.

We have a generator for video surveillance cameras and Internet equipment, in the event of a power outage, the equipment must work in normal mode until the centralized power supply is fully restored.


You can book a room by calling:




15 December 2022

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                        10 alternative places to visit in Lviv

10 alternative places to visit in Lviv

10 alternative places to visit in Lviv from the city information site

Planning a trip to Lviv? Rynok Square, the Opera House, the Potocki Palace are a kind of masthev for tourists. But Lviv opens something new every time - experiences, stories, emotions.

We have prepared a selection of alternative places to visit, which will definitely suit both experienced travelers and beginners.

  • Memorial of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred
  • Powder tower
  • Monastery of St. Onuphrius
  • Shevchenko Grove
  • House of Scientists
  • Stryi park
  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul
  • area of Koliivshchyna
  • St. George's Cathedral
  • Frank Park

Read more on the website at this link: 10 alternative places to visit in Lviv




13 December 2022

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                        Check-in at Swiss Hotel in 1 minute thanks to the Diia app

Check-in at Swiss Hotel in 1 minute thanks to the Diia app

Time to rest in Lviv. "A home away from home." Check-in at Swiss Hotel in 1 minute thanks to the Diia app

Registration at Swiss Hotel in 1 minute thanks to the Diia application 📲

We would like to say that even the founder of the hotel, the famous Swiss banker Ludwig Tunan, would love to use all the functions that are available in the Diia application. But then, in the 19th century, the application, unfortunately, did not yet exist. Now is the 21st century and we are happy that Ukraine is becoming the most digitized country in the world. And of course, we have the opportunity to use all the available functions of the Diia application. In particular, with us you can send a copy of the document for settlement through Diya - in a few clicks.

How does it work?
✓ Open the Diia application
✓ Read the QR code at the reception desk with the scanner in the application;
✓ You confirm the transfer of a copy of the digital document;
✓A copy of the document is sent to the hotel mail.

Swiss Hotel always cares about your vacation, and we want the slogan "Home away from home" to be not just a beautiful set of words, but words that are supported by actions and the desire to organize your vacation as best as possible from the moment you cross the threshold of the Swiss Hotel Lviv.

Use this feature at:
📍 m. Lviv, str. Knyazya Romana, 20

You can book a room by calling:


02 December 2022

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In Lviv, a diesel generator is operating at the Swiss Hotel Lviv.
In the last few weeks, there have been partial power outages in Ukraine. And given the threat of further attacks on the country's energy facilities, there is a risk of longer blackouts.

The hotel in Lviv is equipped with two independent transformer substations, so there are currently no power outages. So visitors, guests of the hotel can rest, work and use electrical devices without interruption, thanks to the generator, backup sockets will work in every hotel rooms, as well as in the Valentino restaurant, and critical lighting of work and common areas.
The decision to install electric generators was made even before regular power outages in the city. If one channel fails, we immediately switch to another. Our hotel has been equipped with them since its inception.

We have a generator for video surveillance cameras and Internet equipment, in the event of a power outage, the equipment must work in normal mode until the centralized power supply is fully restored.


17 November 2022

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                        Book your vacation

Book your vacation

 Забронюйте свою відпустку . Готелі у напрямку Львів 

 Забронюйте свою відпустку . Готелі у напрямку Львів 


26 October 2022

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                        Top places to declare your love abroad

Top places to declare your love abroad

And she said "Yes": TOP places to declare your love abroad

And she said "Yes": TOP places to declare your love abroad

Everyone knows that a well-chosen location for a declaration of love is a prerequisite for receiving such a desirable word - YES! Top 10 best places in the world to declare your love from the Swiss Hotel Lviv !

Cappadocia, Turkey

Небанальна Туреччина. Каппадокія – Поїхали з нами

An area with a very interesting landscape of volcanic origin, underground cities created in the 1st millennium BC. e. and large cave monasteries that appeared during the time of early Christians. Goreme National Park and the cave settlements of Cappadocia are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. And there are always balloon festivals here.

Rome, Italy

NikiTour - Организация путешествий и свадеб в Италии - Рим

The ruins of the ancient Forum and the Coliseum, the Vatican with St. Peter's Cathedral and numerous museums. The Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo's frescoes, as well as hundreds of beautiful fountains. Don't forget romantic places and delicious wine in the capital of Italy.

Taj Mahal, India

Тадж Махал – найвідоміша культурна пам'ятка Індії

The mausoleum-mosque in Agra, India was built by order of Tamerlane's descendant, Padishah Shah Jahan, in memory of his beloved wife. The impressive size of the snow-white jewelry building is probably the most touching and romantic sight in all of Asia.

Saint Lucia

Сент-Люсия на карте мира: природа острова и его население, цены на жизнь,  климат, флаг

The island is of volcanic origin and therefore more mountainous than most other islands in the Caribbean. Saint Lucia was discovered by Columbus on December 13, 1502, Saint Lucia Day. A wild island with beautiful beaches and majestic rocks - history in the spirit of pioneers.

New York, USA

Туры в Нью-Йорк: что посмотреть. Путеводитель с ценами на отдых |  tripmydream

Well, what can be said about New York? The mecca of all American romantic films. Central Park and carriages, as in "Sex and the City", high-rise buildings, even noisy streets and yellow taxis are imbued with urban romance.

Swiss Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine

Готель "Швейцарський" | Swiss Hotel Lviv, Львов, Львовская обл., цена 2022,  описание, фото, телефон, адрес, сайт

Oh Lviv... The city of love, aromatic coffee and chocolate, the city that will capture your heart forever. A city of delicacies and street shows, strolling through narrow streets, and enjoying architectural monuments... In order to truly experience the taste of Lviv, guests or foreign partners need, first of all, to choose the right hotel. The four-star Swiss Hotel is located in the heart of Lviv at the crossroads of Lviv's cultural and entertainment life. A few minutes' walk from Rynok Square, Svobody Avenue, City Hall, Lviv Opera Theater, Potocki Palace, i.e. All hotel rooms are decorated in the style of modern classics. Stylish performance in neutral colors with the presence of classic elements and textured textiles - a wonderful combination of convenience and sophistication. Restaurant Valentino with a viewing terrace is famous for its high quality Italian cuisine and is rightfully considered popular among Lviv residents. In the Swiss way, an impeccable and affordable vacation in Lviv is a vacation at the Swiss hotel.

Sydney, Australia

Доставка грузов из Австралии и в Австралию | Перевозка и Доставка

The city is famous for its opera house, Harbor Bridge and numerous beaches. The residential areas of greater Sydney are surrounded by national parks. The coastline is all in bays, bays and islands. And Australia is so far from our mainland that after completing such a journey together, there will be very little time left before the engagement.

Santorini, Greece

Вокруг света: остров Санторини, Греция

This is a group of islands of incredible beauty in the Aegean Sea: snow-white houses, bright blue roofs, domes and shutters, Greek cuisine, a gorgeous landscape and a famous volcano. The option closest to Eastern Europe in our list.

Rhodes, Greece

Туры на РОДОС, ГРЕЦИЯ 2021 ☀️ купить горящие путевки на отдых в Родосе от  Coral Travel

Rhodes is an island located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is known as the "island of knights", the "island of roses" and as the birthplace of the famous Colossus of Rhodes, which was one of the seven wonders of the world. The myth about the founding of the island is very poetic. Rhodes arose from the sea thanks to the Sun God. He, enchanted by its beauty, continuously caressed the beloved island with the sun's golden rays, blessing it, and each of his blessings turned into a rose. This is how the name "island of roses" appeared.

When you get to Rhodes, be sure to find time to get acquainted with the historical heritage of the island. Visit the popular tourist mountain called Tsambika.

Paris, France

ПАРИЖ - Що цікавого? | Моя Європа

It can be said that making a proposal in Paris is banal to the point of impossibility. But only those with whom this has not happened say so. The Seine embankment, the Eiffel Tower, fondue in a small restaurant, a glass of wine in the Tuileries. A place where you want to propose, if not to a person, then at least to a city.

Dream, plan, love and travel together with the Swiss Hotel in Lviv.

More news - on our Telegram channel.


04 October 2022

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                        Excursions for students of the department of hotel and restaurant business of LDUFC in Lviv

Excursions for students of the department of hotel and restaurant business of LDUFC in Lviv


During the war, the Lviv hotel adapted to the economic situation in Ukraine, offering various promotions. Meeting with students at the Swiss Hotel Lviv.

In the last six months, the whole country has been living in new realities, which it has never been in before. The hotel industry is therefore no exception. Of course, life is divided into "before" and "during", but it is also worth thinking about what will happen "after", because the period of shock has already passed and it is necessary to return to work.

We were pleased to welcome our guests as guests and on excursions in the hotel "Schweitsarskyi" and the restaurant "Valentino": the head of the department of hotel and restaurant business, professor - Maria Paska and first-year students of the department of hotel and restaurant business Ivan Boberskyi Lviv State University of Physical Culture.

General Director Anna Dzhijora met the students with a motivational address on their high academic achievements and encouraged them to acquire new skills to build a successful career in the hotel and restaurant business in Ukraine, which is rapidly developing.

Marketing manager Mykhailo Shevelyuk told the students about the history of the hotel, room categories, the organization of events of various levels: from the reception of presidents, Hollywood stars to people who need special attention and the conditions that we are happy to organize for them, about the latest technologies that the hotel uses in working with guests, new approaches to building a successful company brand, a socially responsible direction of communication, the period of Covid-19 and the operation of the hotel in wartime.

We presented to our guests successfully implemented cases during work in the most difficult times in the country and the world.

Hotel manager Ruslan Kotyash showed some categories of rooms and told interesting stories about guests who rested or visited the hotel "Sveitsarskyi".

We sincerely wish students high-quality education and practice, peaceful learning, be inquisitive, be interested in new trends in your field, always be open and sincere and friendly - this is exactly what guests will always expect from you.

We wish Maria strength, strength and energy to continue to be the guide for children, who are undoubtedly the future of the Ukrainian nation. You are doing an extremely difficult but necessary task, not only for the field of hospitality and the educational community, but also for Ukraine in general! Great honor and respect to you!

We are waiting for you in our team after graduation. We believe that each of you will find your own unique path in life, and this meeting will be remembered for a long time.

Hotel "Swiss" (Swiss Hotel) offers a discount rate for accommodation until the end of 2022. The longer you stay in our hotel, the less you pay! We guarantee a 30% discount on accommodation if you stay for 7 days or more.

The long-term stay package is an extraordinary opportunity to get all the benefits and save money on a business visit to Lviv. For our part, we guarantee compliance with all safety standards, cleanliness in the rooms and the restaurant, as well as compliance with recommendations for actions during an air alert.

Your vacation or business trip will pass with maximum comfort. Swiss Hotel will make your hotel stay perfect - the way you see it! At your service: SPA, "Mask" beauty center, Italian cuisine restaurant "Valentino" with a panoramic terrace, wine room and cellar, VIP hall with its own terrace overlooking the Market Square. We can also organize excursions: gastronomic, attraction, cultural and historical. We will create a romantic and relaxing mood, which will turn the feeling of staying in a hotel into the comfort of home. After all, our slogan has long been and remains: "A home away from home."

The offer is valid for a stay of 7 days or more and includes:

  • up to 30% discount on accommodation;
  • 20% discount on breakfasts;
  • free early check-in and late check-out (pre-booking required);
  • accommodation of children is free;
  • 20% discount on restaurant and bar services;
  • 20% discount on laundry services;
  • access to the Roman-Turkish steam room twice every seven days (2 hours each);
  • 2 hours of free rental of the meeting room (pre-booking required);
  • free parking;
  • compliance with safety and cleanliness standards - we are as safe as possible.

Write to us or call us and take advantage of this offer!

The hotel is located at the address: str. Knyazya Romana, 20, Lviv.

You can book a room by phone +38 (096) 240 37 77 or through the website or social networks Facebook and Instagram.

For more information:

Other tariffs and promotions can be viewed at the link:

See you in the coziest hotel in Lviv - "Swiss Hotel"!


22 September 2022

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                        During the war, the Lviv hotel adapted to the conditions and economic situation in Ukraine by offering various promotions and offers

During the war, the Lviv hotel adapted to the conditions and economic situation in Ukraine by offering various promotions and offers

Long stay from 7 days

Since we introduced various tariffs, promotions, offers - bookings have increased significantly, thus we have adapted to modern market conditions and focused on the internal guest. This resulted in almost 70% occupancy of our number pool.

Other tariffs and promotions can be viewed at this link:

Swiss Hotel in Lviv offers a discounted accommodation rate until the end of 2022.

The longer you stay in our hotel, the less you pay! We guarantee a 30% discount on accommodation when you stay for 7 days or more. The long-term stay package is an extraordinary opportunity to get all the benefits and save money on a business visit to Lviv. For our part, we guarantee you complete safety and compliance with all standards of safety, cleanliness in rooms, hotels and restaurants, taking into account all recommendations of the Ministry of Health and local authorities regarding actions in the event of an air alert.

This vacation or business trip can be organized for you in the most comfortable way. Hotel in Lviv "Swiss Hotel" will make your vacation perfect, as you see it! At your service: spa, "Mask" beauty center, Italian cuisine restaurant "Valentino" with a panoramic terrace, wine room, wine cellar, VIP room with its own terrace overlooking the Market Square, we can also organize excursions for you: gastronomic excursion, attractive medieval, baroque, renaissance, modernism tours, we will create a romantic and relaxing rest and mood, which will turn your stay in the hotel into your own home. After all, the slogan has long been and remains - "A home away from home".

The offer is valid for a stay of 7 days or more and includes:

up to 30% discount on accommodation
breakfast - 20% discount
free early check-in and late check-out (pre-booking required)
accommodation of children is free
20% discount on restaurant and bar services*
20% discount on laundry services
Twice in seven days access to the Roman-Turkish steam room (2 hours each)
2 hours of free rental of the meeting room (pre-booking required)
free parking
compliance with safety and cleanliness standards - we are as safe as possible!
Write to us or call us and take advantage of this offer.
Live in our seven days of carefree life!

We are located at the address: st. Knyazya Romana, 20
To book a room, call us:

You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the coziest hotel in Lviv - Swiss Hotel .


+380 322 403 777


18 August 2022

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                        World Celebrities Support Ukraine. Lviv News

World Celebrities Support Ukraine. Lviv News

 The information space has been filled with news about the war in Ukraine and Russia’s aggression for a long time.

   In many countries, people are taking to the streets and squares of their towns to express their support for Ukrainians and to draw the attention of their governments to the war. The events in Ukraine have been clearly noticed by global celebrities, who provide both financial and media support.

  The list of companies that left the Russian market in support of Ukraine is growing every day - more details here




   The American writer Stephen King posted a photo on Twitter of himself wearing a t-shirt that says, “Stand with Ukraine”. A few days later, he announced that he would no longer renew his contract to publish his books in Russia. Incidentally, Stephen King is one of the most popular foreign writers in the country of the aggressor.


   The famous British rock musician, Sting, wrote on his Instagram page: “In the light of one man's bloody and woefully misguided decision to invade a peaceful, nonthreatening neighbor, the song is, once again, a call plea for our common humanity. For the brave Ukrainians who are fighting against this brutal tyranny, and also the many Russians who are protesting this outrage, despite the threat of arrest and imprisonment”.

   He decided to sing a song he had written a long time ago and rarely performed, and he did not expect it to be relevant again. Sting shared a video of the song on Instagram. The singer also said that he will never perform at private events or concerts for Russian oligarchs.




   Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, the American actors, recorded a video message for their supporters and began raising money through a GoFundMe fund to support Ukrainian refugees and provide humanitarian aid. The couple also donated the US $3 million, and in less than a week have raised US$ 20 million. By the way, Mila Kunis was born in Chernivtsi but in 1991 her family emigrated and settled in Los Angeles.

   Paul McCartney, one of the founders of the legendary band The Beatles, shared his memories, including photos from a concert on Independence Square in 2008. In his Twitter post, he also wrote about his supporting Ukraine.

  CatherineVynnyk (Kateryna Anna Vynnytska), a Canadian actress and director of Ukrainian descent, constantly posts information about the war on her Instagram page and calls on the world to support Ukraine.

   American actress Angelina Jolie has joined in supporting and helping Ukrainian refugees. On her Instagram page, the actress has shared photos and videos of Ukrainian women with children who have already crossed the borders of Ukraine.


   “You are incredible and the whole world is with you,” wrote Jennifer Aniston, an American actress known for her role as Rachel in the popular TV series Friends. She is truly impressed by the heroism of Ukrainian women who are defending their country in the army, and also journalists who are working on all fronts. In addition, Jennifer called on her supporters to join in helping Ukrainians and shared a list of funds to help on her Instagram page.



   During the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony held on February 28 in California, global celebrities not only received their awards, but also expressed their support for Ukraine in these difficult times. For example, Lady Gaga, Michael Douglas, Fran Drescher, Andrew Garfield and others have spoken out against Russia's invasion of Ukraine and called on Putin to end the violence immediately.

   Robert Weide, an American screenwriter, producer and director known for his meme “Directed by Robert B. Weide? on his Twitter page, wrote, “I dream that these words [Directed by Robert B. Weide] will appear in the sky over Ukraine. while Putin’s army retreats in humiliation”.



The singer Madonna was one of the first to oppose Russia's aggression. In fact, she compared Putin to Hitler and Lenin in a short clip. The singer continues to support Ukraine, spreading information about the war being waged by Putin.
Celine Dion, a Canadian singer, gas expressed her sincere admiration for the courage of the Ukrainian people and is deeply saddened by the war in Ukraine. She wrote about this on her Instagram page.
“I want to make people happy with my colleagues today. However, there are many reasons the world gives us all time NOT to smile. I am praying for Ukraine. I pray that everything will end immediately”, Lady Gaga wrote on her Instagram page.


   Many other famous singers, actors, writers, athletes, representatives, and companies in the cultural and sporting spheres are supporting Ukraine in this difficult time of war, helping to organize fundraising, and believing in our victory! 


28 March 2022

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                        "We speak Ukrainian": a club for migrants has opened in the Lviv region

"We speak Ukrainian": a club for migrants has opened in the Lviv region

Ukrainian language meetings will be held twice a week

In the Lviv region, a conversational club "We speak Ukrainian!" Has opened for migrants. The club was founded by the International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations of Lviv Polytechnic National University in partnership with the Department of Education and Science of LODA.

Meetings will be held twice a week on the ZOOM platform. Everyone from 17 years old is invited. Participation in the club is free.

"It will be a casual conversation on topics of interest to participants, which will help to easily overcome the language barrier and completely switch to Ukrainian," - said the organizers.

To register you need to fill out the form at the link.

More information can be found on the website and by phone: + (380) 096 690 43 01.


22 March 2022

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                        Lviv today: How to act in case of danger. Tips from the Swiss Hotel

Lviv today: How to act in case of danger. Tips from the Swiss Hotel

How to act during alerts and in difficult situations: recommendations for residents

The City Department for Emergencies, Civil Protection and Territorial Defense explains how to act when residents hear "Warning to All" alerts. At the same time, the Department of Civil Protection of LODA has developed recommendations for the population on actions in various difficult situations: in case of threat of mass riots and hostilities, in case of detection of a suspicious object, etc. 

The Swiss Hotel provides security for its guests. The safety of Swiss guests above all: what security measures were taken by the leadership of Ukraine and the region in Lviv.

Yes, the intermittent sound of the siren means the signal "ATTENTION TO EVERYONE". Upon hearing it, it is necessary to immediately turn on the TV sets on the UA: LVIV and First Western TV channels. Turn on the Ukrainian Radio Lviv radio stations on the 103.3 FM frequency and the FIRST Radio stations on the 88.2 FM frequency.

If you do not currently have access to television and radio, call the multi-channel toll-free number 0 800 600 491. Information will also be published on the Civil Protection Alerts channel in Telegram Messenger.

It should be noted that today the State Emergency Service of Ukraine received an "Air Alarm" signal, so the alarm system in the Lviv region was activated at this signal.

In particular, the following text sounds during this alarm: “Citizens! Air alarm! Turn off the lights, gas, fire in the furnaces. Take personal protective equipment, documents, food and water supplies. Warn your neighbors and help the sick and elderly to go outside. Get to the simplest basement shelter or hide in the area as soon as possible. Keep calm and order. Listen carefully to the messages from the Department of Emergency Situations, Civil Protection and Territorial Defense. "

Instead, the air alarm will be disconnected also by warning signals, and the following message will be sounded: “Air alarm failure! Everyone to return to work or residence. Help the sick and the elderly in this. Be prepared for a possible re-attack by the enemy. Always have personal protective equipment with you. Listen carefully to the messages from the Department of Emergency Situations, Civil Protection and Territorial Defense. "


Recommendations are available at the link.


24 February 2022

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                        Where to go in Lviv in February?

Where to go in Lviv in February?

Where to go and what to visit in Lviv in February 2022?

Skating rink on the Market Square
Weekdays are the perfect time to skate in the "heart" of Lviv. Tourists are leaving, there is no queue, have a fun on ice and enjoy it. The main advantage of the rink on the Market Square, of course, the location. You don't have to go anywhere, and after skiing you can drink fragrant coffee in one of the many cafes nearby. It is especially beautiful here in the evening when the lights are flickering.

When: daily from 10:00 to 21:00. Box office from 10.00 to 20.00. Regular breaks for ice cleaning - 30-40 minutes

Where: Market Square (north side)

Price: Monday-Thursday: adults - 110 hryvnias, children under 12 - 90 hryvnias. Friday-Sunday: adults - 150 hryvnias, children under 12 - 110 UAH

Lviv Oceanarium is a place where it will be interesting for both children and adults. Here you can see the great power of the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom, among which - toothy sharks and poisonous fugues. The latter, by the way, are called perhaps the most dangerous fish on the planet. Note that you can buy a ticket to the Oceanarium using the program eSupport. Price: adult certificate - 250 hryvnias, teenage certificate - 200 hryvnias, children's certificate - 170 hryvnias.

Where: Lviv Oceanarium, 8 Shevchenko Avenue

When: Monday from 10:00 to 18:00, Tuesday-Friday from 10:00 to 20:00, Saturday-Sunday from 10:00 to 20:30

Price: 170-250 UAH

Raccoon House
This is the only place in Lviv where you can not only look at animals, but also feed them, play with them or take selfies. Ruslana and Andriy Gervazyuk have seven raccoons at once, who are happy to welcome guests every day. At first glance, they are all very similar. However, the owners claim that they can easily tell who is now climbing over the box, and who - climbed up the ladder. Here, Misha is quiet and gentle, Stepashka is kind, and Sirko is agile, like a wolf. The owners warn that you have to be careful with these little thieves, because they often take keys and phones out of their pockets. Visiting the Raccoon House is by appointment.

Where: Raccoon House, Navkolyshnya Street, 22

When: daily, from 13:00 to 19:00

Price: 200 UAH

Romeo and Juliet Ballet
One of the most beautiful versions of Shakespeare's tragedy on the big screen. The Royal Opera House Ballet goes beyond the Covent Garden Theater stage to its historic homeland, right on the streets of Verona. "Romeo and Juliet" - a film adaptation of many favorite production with the cult choreography of Kenneth Macmillan, prepared especially for his anniversary. Starring the younger generation of Royal Ballet stars: William Bracewell as Romeo, Francesca Hayward as Juliet, and Matthew Ball as Tybalt.

Where: Planet Cinema, Forum Lviv

When: February 14, 8:35 p.m.

Price: 170 UAH

Lords of the sound. Love story
Traditionally, the most famous Ukrainian orchestra will perform hits of world music from the repertoire of Billie Eilish, Andrea Bocelli, Ed Sheeran, Tom Jones, Michael Buble, Gloria Gaynor, Sting, Sam Brown, as well as soundtracks from the most romantic movies: Gladiator, Star Wars, Titanic, Titanic, Great Moulin Rouge, Terminal, Smell of a Woman, La La Land.

Where: Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater named after Krushelnytska

When: February 14, 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Price: 340 - 1290 UAH

This evening, the audience will have the maximum range of emotions. According to Dmytro Shurov, love is not only romance, tenderness and strawberry skies, it is also real rock 'n' roll, drive, witches flying under the dome and a hot group of friends in the hall, who sing familiar lines in a chorus.

Where: Malevich Night Club

When: February 14, 19:00 - 22:00

Price: 490 - 1190 UAH

Lovestories Art Cabaret
The program is a "mosaic" of love stories of bohemian Lviv: passionate, destructive, dramatic, where the actors of the Dance Theater "Life" will tell them in body language, rhythms and melodies. Modern and elegant, unrestrained and sensual. The organizers promise a spectacular musical and plastic spectacle, accompanied by the best musicians and vocalists of Lviv.

Where: Lviv Regional Philharmonic

When: February 14, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Price: 150 - 650 UAH

Evening of romantic music "Love is« "
The feeling of happiness and romance will be presented by a team of jazz professionals with a special program "LOVE IS« ". The concert will feature classical works by famous musicians, rock hits in new jazz arrangements and soundtracks from famous films.

Where: Dovzhenko Center

When: February 14, 19:00 - 20:00

Price: 200 UAH

Ice Kingdom Circus Show
On Saturday, February 12 (or any other weekend of the last winter month), we advise you to go to the circus. The arena of the Lviv Circus will turn into a huge skating rink, where spectators will be able to see the show program "Ice Kingdom". Theatrical variety and circus show with the use of modern sound technologies, lighting and laser animation will give the action adventure and fairytale, and will not leave indifferent viewers of all ages.

When: every Saturday and Sunday from February 6 to March 6, starting at 12:00 and 16:00

Where: Lviv State Circus, 83 Horodotska Street

Price: 100-350 UAH

Home of rescued animals
This is a unique place in Lviv, where you can see animals and birds that are difficult to meet in the wild. In addition, you can do it for free, although donations and something delicious for the wards, of course, are always welcome. Eggs, vegetables, fruits, fish, food - this is something that the inhabitants of the Home of Rescued Animals will never give up.

Where: Home of rescued animals, Oleksa Dovbusha Street, 24

When: daily, from 10:00 to 18:00

Price: free, donations are welcome

Liqueur tasting at Valentino restaurant
The Valentino restaurant will host a tasting of various liqueurs: Baileys, Drambuie, Amaro Montenegro, Vana Tallinn, Killepitsch.

Experienced sommelier Oleg Kurako will introduce guests to the drinks and tell them what is best to combine them. Liqueurs will be served with a special tasting menu, which is perfectly combined with the presented drinks.

Where: restaurant "Valentino", st. Ostap Nyzhankivsky, 20

When: February 22, beginning at 7 p.m.

Price: 650 UAH

The play "Life of P.S."
This is a play based on the autobiographical book of war veteran in eastern Ukraine Valeria Burlakova. It describes the other side of the fighting through the eyes of a woman who found a loved one on the front line. The story opens the curtain on awkward topics in the modern history of the country: military life, discrimination against women soldiers, distortion of facts through the media and others. The book is actually a front-line diary, which depicts a reality different from ours. Sometimes cruel, sometimes absurd, and sometimes one that inspires hope and meaning in life.

When: February 16 and 20, beginning at 6 p.m.

Where: Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater, 1 Lesia Ukrainka Street

Price: 150 UAH

Sukhishvili National Ballet of Georgia
On Sunday and Monday, February 27 and 28, the National Ballet of Georgia Sukhishvili will delight fans from Lviv. The concert will take place at the Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Solomiya Krushelnytska. Sukhishvili's ballet productions are primarily distinguished by the complexity of choreography and stage elements, mass and bright colors. Something incredible is happening on the stage: the dancers are kneeling in a circle, dancing hopak, throwing swords and daggers, then masterfully picking them up. And women "float" on the stage like winches in their elegant attire.

When: February 27, beginning at 4:00 and 7:00 p.m .; February 28, beginning at 17.00 and 20.00

Where: Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater. Solomiya Krushelnytska, 28 Svobody Avenue

Price: 420-1950 UAH

Master class for children in the salon "Maska"
On February 19, the Maska salon at the Swiss Hotel will organize a self-make-up master class for girls aged 12 and over. Master-teacher Alina Meshcheryakova will acquaint the participants with the basic concepts of make-up, types of cosmetics and its proper use.

Where: beauty salon "Maska", st. Prince Roman, 20

When: February 19

Price: 250 UAH

Organ concert "What love tells me"
The most romantic music will be played in the organ hall on Valentine's Day. Organist Nadiya Velychko has prepared works that have long been a symbol of immortal love. The velvety sound of the organ this evening will allow you to plunge into a whirlpool of true feelings. The program includes fragments from "Tristan and Isolde" by Richard Wagner, "Carmen" by Georges Bizet, works by Gustave Mahler, Christoph Gluck, Peter Tchaikovsky, Ferenc Liszt.

Where: Lviv Organ Hall

When: February 14, 7 p.m.

Price: 120-160 UAH


13 February 2022

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We’ve put together a treasure-trove of inclusive offers for you to enjoy the #Gotolviv promo. 

Enjoy more than just exceptional value in the Swiss Hotel, but many of the little extras which will surely raise your smile

- KID FRIENDLY.  Complimentary accommodation for children below 16
- EXTRA COMFORT.  Free early check-in/late check-out
- RESTAURANT 10% BONUS on our divine roof-top terrace during entire stay 

Hurry up to make your reservation on our website or give us a call by telling the promo code #GotoLviv.

For details and reservations please call:
+38 (032) 240-37-77
+38 (096) 240-37-77

Knyazya Romana St. 20

+38 096 240 37 77


11 February 2022

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                        Romantic c dinner in the Valentino restaurant!

Romantic c dinner in the Valentino restaurant!

Valentine's Day is a special day for the couples. Enjoy your Valentine at the Valentino Restaurant. 

Valentine’s Day is a special day for the couples. Enjoy your Valentine at the Valentino Restaurant.

An exquisite chef menu and live music will make it day!!!

Book a table by phone: +38032 235 67 66 / +38097 235 67 77

Please note the reserations will be accepted after making the deposit in the amount of 1000 UAH. The couples can use it through ordering food and drinks from our menus.


11 February 2022

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                        Romantic legends of old Lviv

Romantic legends of old Lviv

Romantic Lviv

At the beginning of the XIX century. Switzerland began its active development in the financial sphere through the Federal Government, which was given the right to issue money, regulate customs regulations and, most importantly, determine foreign policy. Bern was chosen as the federal capital. In the same year, 1848, the Swiss national flag was approved.
In the last decades of the XIX century the Swiss industry developed, the construction of railways developed. Imported raw materials were processed into high-quality products, which then entered the world market.
Switzerland was one of the first countries where the industrial revolution took place. At this important time, our hero, Ludwig Tunan, is opening his bank. The bank is fast becoming a successful institution and Mr. Tunan is investing in the industry.
Fifteen years later, Ludwig Tunan became one of the richest and most influential Swiss in the world. He is a rich, wealthy man who lacks love, family comfort and warmth. All his compatriots would prefer to be with him because of his wealth - it oppressed him. And he, no longer a young Swiss banker, travels to Europe to find the only one with whom he is both happy and sad. And what if he finds the only one with whom he will live his whole life. He set off and did not lose. He went to the outskirts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Lviv and came up with a cunning plan. He pretended to be a poor man who had no money even for a night.
"He knocked on the apartment of a house on the modern Kniazia Romana Street, the door was opened by a charming woman from Lviv," Ludwig said, saying that he had no money for the night, but the girl allowed him to spend the night for free. The Galician young lady stunned him with the answer from the threshold, saying that money is not the main thing. And then the Swiss realized: finally Cupid hit his heart and this is the only one who is not interested in his wealth. The next day the girl organized a tour of Lviv for a guest from Switzerland. She showed him all the Galician flavor - they visited a performance at the Opera House, Constance showed him local shrines - the Armenian Church and the Dominican Cathedral, they drank local wine, which made the young couple happy. He liked the city. He admitted that he had never seen such warm hospitality. A few days later, the banker admitted that he was not poor and offered a hand and heart to the Lviv resident. After the marriage, the Swiss couple from Lviv opened a mini-hotel on 20 Kniazia Romana Street, which they also called "Swiss".
The Swiss banker came up with the concept of his hotel: Swiss service and Galician hospitality are one. The hoteliers loved wine and coffee, traveled to the wine regions of France and Italy. Later, the hotel opened its own wine cellar. Wine tastings were held in the cellar, which was always sold out. They were treated to cheeses from Galician farms. Coffee was brewed in the Turks - the restaurant at the hotel has become a favorite place for coffee lovers. The Swiss Hotel has preserved and recreated its forgotten history to share with you. The hotel, both externally and internally, resembles an island of love, affection and family coziness, in which there will always be a place for you!


15 December 2021

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                        Art project "Convolution" opened in Lviv

Art project "Convolution" opened in Lviv

Lviv residents are invited to visit the art project of artist Vadym Panchenko "Zgortok".

On November 10, a project by Lviv artist Vadym Panchenko called Zhortok was opened at the Dzyga Gallery. The exhibition can be viewed until December 2. This was reported by the correspondent of the site

Through the image of a bound fish, which has no tail or head, but is alive, the artist wanted to show a squeezing feeling that does not allow to think, to feel the world around.

"It's about a state when you can't resist the current and external circumstances. When, for example, some difficult situations happen in life, and you can't think of anything else, you concentrate on it, you lose interest in everything else, everything is tasteless and colorless. There is tension, you wind yourself up and it becomes even bigger, then you become a hostage of such a collapsed state. In principle, this project is about that, "Vadym Panchenko explained.

We will remind that it is possible to visit gallery in the presence of the COVID-certificate on vaccination. The "Convolution" project can be viewed by anyone at Dzyza until December 2.


17 November 2021

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                        Swiss Hotel Muslim friendly

Swiss Hotel Muslim friendly

Swiss Hotel Muslim friendly

لفيف سحر المدن الاوكرانية... ومهد الفن والادب والشوكلاته

فندق في لفيف للعرب في الوسط - فندق "سويس"

تقع الفنادق في أوكرانيا في أهم المدن السياحية وهي مدن (كييف - لفوف - أوديسا). أوكرانيا هي ثاني أكبر دولة في أوروبا الشرقية. يحدها من الشرق الاتحاد الروسي ، وبيلاروسيا من الشمال ، وبولندا وسلوفاكيا والمجر من الغرب ، ورومانيا ومولدوفا من الجنوب الغربي ، والبحر الأسود وبحر آزوف من الجنوب. أوكرانيا هي أيضا عضو في كومنولث الدول المستقلة. لذلك سنخبرك في هذا المقال أين توجد أفضل الفنادق التي نعتبرها مناسبة للسائح العربي سواء من حيث الموقع أو غيرها من الخصائص: هذه {كييف ، لفيف ، بوكوفيل ، أوديسا}.

على الرغم من الوباء ، تستضيف أوكرانيا هذا العام عددًا قياسيًا من الضيوف من المملكة العربية السعودية والإمارات العربية المتحدة والكويت. تم إطلاق رحلات جوية إضافية إلى الدول العربية من كييف ، وملأ السياح من هذه المنطقة حرفياً مراكز المدن الأوكرانية الكبيرة. تعمل الفنادق بشكل عاجل على تجديد الغرف: إضافة المصحف وسجاد الصلاة إليها ، وتغيير المطاعم لقائمة الطعام وترجمة أسماء الأطباق إلى اللغة العربية.

يصل معظم السياح العرب أولاً إلى كييف ، ثم يذهبون إلى لفيف ، ومن هناك إلى جبال الكاربات. في الصيف الماضي ، أدخلت أوكرانيا نظامًا بدون تأشيرة لمواطني المملكة العربية السعودية والبحرين والكويت وعمان ، وقبل ستة أشهر ، وقعت كييف والرياض اتفاقية بشأن الحركة الجوية. الآن ، هناك عشرات الرحلات الجوية المباشرة أسبوعيًا من هذه الدولة العربية إلى أوكرانيا.

قال سائح من المملكة العربية السعودية يُدعى صالح ، سافر للتو إلى بوريسبيل: "كنت أرغب دائمًا في زيارة الاتحاد السوفيتي ، ولكن بعد انهياره ، لأن كل بلد لديه نظامه الخاص. إنه مكان مثير للاهتمام حقًا لزيارته. و لا يمكنك رؤية تشيرنوبيل فقط ".

يقول سائح آخر: "أحب أوكرانيا. الطعام الجيد ، الأشجار الخضراء ، الغابات".

يقول الثالث: "أنا أحب ذلك حقًا. لقد جئت مع عائلتي لبضعة أيام. بعد كييف سنذهب إلى الجبال".

القائمة تمت ترجمتها إلى اللغة العربية.

يذهب السائحون العرب بشكل أساسي إلى لفيف للتسوق: ينجذبون بالأسعار المنخفضة ومجموعة واسعة من المنتجات. ثم يذهب الضيوف من الخليج الفارسي في أغلب الأحيان إلى المناطق الغربية من أوكرانيا: لفيف وجبال الكاربات.

يقول السائحون العرب إنه بعد موجة حارة بلغت 40 درجة ، فإنهم سعداء بالمناخ المحلي.

جميع السيارات في لفيف مستأجرة الآن من قبل السياح العرب. كما أنهم يحبون ركوب الترام السياحي ، لكن ركوب عربات الخيول تحظى بشعبية خاصة معهم.

لكن الغريب الحقيقي للعرب هو جبال الكاربات ، الجبال الأوكرانية.

على مدى الأشهر الثلاثة الماضية ، استقبلت أوكرانيا أكثر من 35 ألف سائح من دول الخليج العربي. حسبت الوكالة الحكومية للتنمية السياحية: في المتوسط ​​، يغادر هؤلاء الضيوف حوالي ثلاثة آلاف دولار في البلاد في 7 أيام. سبب اهتمامهم بأوكرانيا واضح: في الماضي ، اختار السائحون العرب للاستجمام بشكل رئيسي دول أوروبا الغربية ، والتي أصبحت الآن مغلقة أمامهم بسبب الحجر الصحي. لكن أوكرانيا ، على العكس من ذلك ، منفتحة.

نوصي بزيارة فندق Swiss Hotel في لفيف.


28 October 2021

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We are waiting for you at home!

We want every guest of Boutique Swiss Hotel, being in this place where there is comfort, harmony, peace, sophistication, to know that our hotel in the center of Lviv is safe! Our hotel can become for you a place of recovery and complete rest from the routine of everyday life, and especially from the noise and noisy sounds of the big city. We are extremely happy that absolutely every guest can feel our care and experience in our castle the warmth, coziness and comfort of the wonderful moments of their lives: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, weddings, receipts, while staying at Boutique Swiss Hotel.

Comfortable Boutique Swiss Hotel is an extraordinary and the best hotel in Lviv, located in the central part near the Market Square in the historic center. Combining cozy historical elegance and modern refined interiors, this ancient hotel, the Swiss Boutique Hotel offers 35 comfortable rooms for every taste. Thanks to the individual approach of the hotel designers to the design of each individual room of this corner of Switzerland in the heart of Lviv, we confidently promise each guest an unforgettable and unique experience of a quiet holiday, attention to detail and high quality service. The Swiss Hotel has its own parking lot and an open panoramic terrace on the roof of the hotel - this is a unique phenomenon for the central part of Lviv - we were the first in the city to open a Panoramic Terrace overlooking the ancient city of Lviv. For connoisseurs of different cuisines, we offer exquisite Italian, healthy European and traditional Ukrainian cuisine in the restaurant "Valentino", and an outdoor summer terrace. There is a large and spacious children's room for children, which is almost the only one in the center of Lviv. Free WiFi is available in all rooms and throughout the hotel. This is a great place to relax and immerse yourself in the history of this hotel - the hotel staff will be happy to tell you the incredible love story and founding of the hotel "Swiss", as well as the culture and entertainment offered by the city of Leo during your vacation.

The Swiss Boutique Hotel is created for you, for our incredible guests who appreciate peace, sophistication and uniqueness in every detail, and most importantly security. The incredible atmosphere of the hotel will create for you all the conditions for efficient work and relaxing rest. Each hotel room has air conditioning, which you can adjust individually.

We are located at: st. Prince Roman, 20
To book a room call us:
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


25 October 2021

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                        The hotel staff is 100% vaccinated

The hotel staff is 100% vaccinated

Swiss Hotel vaccinated 100% of the staff

Swiss Hotel in the center of Lviv, in which all employees are vaccinated is ready to receive from DART "Safety Mark".

For hotels that have fully vaccinated staff from COVID-19, introduce a "Safety Mark".

The health of employees and guests who come to us is important to us! Therefore, we have taken all measures to protect them and preserve their health, as well as their jobs. "We explained that we need to be vaccinated, because it is first and foremost the safety of guests and the whole team, - Every week at a meeting of employees of the hotel and restaurant talked about it. Some workers did not hide that they were afraid to be vaccinated, because they heard myths… Workers who do not travel were vaccinated with CoronaVac, and those who have frequent business trips to European countries - Pfizer. Some have chosen the Moderna vaccine. "

New quarantine rules have been announced in Ukraine. For the vaccinated it will be mitigated, for the unvaccinated - on the contrary.

This is stated in Government Resolution №1236, the amendments to which were adopted late in the evening on September 13.

What are these "color" certificates for? When the yellow quarantine zone is introduced in Ukraine, the owners of these documents will be free to visit cinemas, theaters, museums, gyms, swimming pools, mass events, such as concerts.

Previously, according to the rules of the yellow quarantine zone, cinemas and other cultural institutions had to allow only 50% of visitors. Mass events were to be held on condition that only one person per 4 square meters. In gyms: one person per 10 square meters.

However, if a visitor can present a vaccination certificate, these restrictions will not apply.

That is, there will be no restriction of the yellow zone, if at least 80% of visitors and staff of such institutions will be vaccinated at least the first dose and they will have a yellow code certificate.

At the same time, the final decision on whether to provide services only to the vaccinated, or to comply with all quarantine restrictions and to serve the unvaccinated, remains with the owner of the institution, the government explained.

Who will be allowed and who will not?
The rules will change dramatically if a red zone is introduced in Ukraine. According to forecasts, this may happen no earlier than November.

According to the rules of the red zone, everything in Ukraine is closed - shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, markets, gyms, canceled concerts. There are only grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations.

Most Ukrainians do not plan to be vaccinated against coronavirus - a study
Covid-certificates, vaccination and leave
These red-level restrictions will not exist if all participants (visitors, employees and organizers) have a "green" code certificate.

That is, even in the red zone, visitors should be allowed into a restaurant or movie theater if they and their staff are fully vaccinated.

The certificate verification procedure is not completely clear. For example, who and how will count 80% of restaurant visitors vaccinated with the first dose.

The Ministry of Health says that it will be enough to present a phone with an electronic code certificate or have a paper certificate of vaccination.

There is also a question with the Action application. Now the electronic certificate is available there only after a full course of vaccination.

Currently, many users complain that it has not been downloaded yet - face recognition does not work, some other problems.

Under the new quarantine rules, certificates in Action must appear after the first vaccination. It is unclear whether the developers will have time for this decision.

Without vaccinations in the cafe will not be allowed now?
No. In Ukraine, as of September 14, there is still a green quarantine zone.

The resolution comes into force in 7 days from the moment of publication. That is, restrictions for unvaccinated must work no earlier than September 20.

They will be used as soon as Ukraine moves to the yellow zone.

According to the Ministry of Health, this may happen in the coming week, when the state commission on technogenic safety and emergencies will convene.

5 million people are fully vaccinated in Ukraine. That is a little over 10% of the population.

Police raids
The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that they had resumed inspections for compliance with quarantine rules.

Last week, the police inspected 40,000 enterprises and drew up 205 administrative reports on quarantine violations. There were almost 3,200 resolutions on non-compliance with the mask regime.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs also promises to intensify inspections of forgery of vaccination certificates.

In particular, the sites from which they are sold are tracked.

In six months, the police fired 350,000 reports of quarantine violations.

What is the "yellow level"
The yellow zone provides a mask mode, as well as maintaining a social distance of 1.5 meters.

Main limitations:

- prohibition of mass events with the participation of more than 1 person per 4 square meters in buildings or on the territory where they are planned;

- ban on filling cinemas and other halls of cultural institutions for more than half of the seats;
- prohibition to fill gyms and fitness centers more than 1 person per 10 square meters


We are located at: st. Prince Roman, 20
To book a room call us:
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us


20 October 2021

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                        Manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure

Nail service in the beauty salon "Mask" at the Swiss Hotel

Manicure is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to lift the spirits of any woman in the world, and in particular in Lviv. After spending half an hour in our beauty salon-hairdresser of the historic city of Leo, you will get beautiful and well-groomed hands, a pleasant feeling that amused yourself, and relaxation after pleasant and useful procedures. After all, manicure and pedicure services are not only the beauty of nails and bright varnishes.

Our credo is an individual approach to each client

One of the most important factors that determine the dignity of manicure is the use of cosmetics and high professionalism, care for you in Lviv. Quality varnishes and gel varnishes, massage oils and care creams improve the appearance of hands, nourish and moisturize nails and skin. Specialized products have a comprehensive effect and have a variety of characteristics, which allows you to make individual care, suitable for you.

Our beauty salon is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00.
To pre-register, please call + (38) 098 235 79 87
Details at:


15 October 2021

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                        Beauty center

Beauty center

Hairdresser, stylist Hair treatment

A hairdresser-stylist is a master of a wide profile who can not only perform haircuts, styling and coloring hair, but also emphasize the best features and "highlights" of your appearance with the help of a haircut.

Stylists - hairdressers of the Beauty House "Mask" in Lviv begin work on the analysis of hair structure, its general state of health, determination of color type, face shape and even features of a figure.

Hairdresser - stylist of the Beauty House "Mask" offer the following services:

- haircut;
- laying;
- dyeing;
- building, correction;
- weaving;
- reconstruction, medical procedures;
- lamination;
- creating hairstyles.
So it's time to take care of yourself!

Beauty salon-hairdresser "Mask" in the city of Lviv will create a miracle with your hair! Professional hair cosmetics and masks - will fill your hair with vital energy, strength and shine, which are so necessary for you.

Various haircuts and hair coloring methods in the city of Lviv will pleasantly surprise you!

Everyone knows that at home, it is impossible to achieve the results achieved by modern masters in beauty salons. So do not waste your precious time! Entrust your hair to a professional!

All haircuts are created by our hairdressers - stylists, taking into account the structure, length of hair, level of wavyness and volume, speed and direction of growth, which allows you to give your hair maximum naturalness. These haircuts do not require complicated styling and will allow you to look great all day long.

Love life and take care of yourself in the beauty salon-hairdresser "Mask"!


15 October 2021

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Beauty Salon Maska in Swiss Hotel 

We have united the best masters of Lviv. They are ready to make any effort to make you feel beautiful, happy and confident!

Huge choice
Customers note the variety of exclusive brands and services. If there is a beauty problem, there will be options for its solution. Creative masters, daily analyzing trends, cosmetologists test the latest developments and new cosmetic products. International accreditation, security measures we take to protect our customers from coronavirus, we take all measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 and measures to confirm the security of the service.

If any new fashion technology can potentially harm health, it is not introduced into services, despite its popularity.

Evaluate the record
You can make an appointment by phone, consult, get information about services. You will also be helped by daily posts on social networks with the works of masters. Come for a consultation, talk to one or more professionals and make your choice. Visit the nearby beauty salon. If you want to sign up for a set of procedures, you can organize several services at once in one day. Traditionally, after the first visit, the client is provided with an additional service.

Gift certificate of a beauty salon in Lviv
The card is an elite gift. It can be bought in the salon or with delivery: +380982357987

The success of the brand in people united by common values.

You don't have to be perfect every day, like celebrities, but professionals in the beauty salon "Maska" in Lviv can make you like that!
Many image characteristics are nonverbal. External changes give confidence, and confidence - peace. You don't have to do too much. Focus on what will make you better. We are ready to help you rebuild your personal style within the limits of what you like, without imposing templates. Thinking is the main competence of our masters, as the right decisions change not only appearance but also mood.

Everything you like to do in the salon will relieve stress. VIP is a "VIP" feeling from services. The hair is saturated with serums and color. Hands, feet are thoroughly cleaned. You will not have time to get tired if you do a manicure, pedicure at the same time.

Discounts and reviews

You should be wary of the understated price. Today on the market a large selection of cosmetics and equipment that can only look good, while having the wrong quality, be dangerous, but have a good price. At the same time, the prices in the Maska beauty salon are not higher than in similar salons in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine. In our salon luxury cosmetics are presented; equipment of European, American production.

Involvement in the training of masters is directly related to the lack of staff turnover. In the Beauty House "Mask" at the hotel "Swiss" an indicator of success is career growth. Specialists of the highest level are creative directors and technologists of representative offices of prestigious professional brands.

How was created the beauty salon "Maska" in Lviv?
The first beauty salon was opened in 2007. From the first days and now - the team has masters who have been working in the salon for more than 15 years! We work on the values ​​that are the foundation of the brand and the basis of our work. That is why we are one of the best beauty salons in Lviv in the center of Lviv.

Brand philosophy
There is no need to discipline the star team. All are united by a common idea. Craftsmen in love with the profession have the opportunity to give customers what they want.

Learn to be gentle and bright every day! Beauty salon "Mask" at the hotel "Swiss" is a real beauty paradise in the city center. Incredibly charming and professional master girls are waiting for you!


13 October 2021

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                        Ukraine and EU sign Open Skies Agreement

Ukraine and EU sign Open Skies Agreement

Aviation visa-free travel was signed. What does the "open skies" agreement between Ukraine and the EU mean for hotels in Ukraine, and in particular for Lviv hotels

Ukraine and the European Union during the summit in Kiev signed an agreement "On a Single Aviation Area", which is also called "aviation visa-free" or "open skies" with the EU.

The Open Skies Agreement stipulates that European companies will be able to fly to any airport in Ukraine without restrictions, and Ukrainian airlines will be able to fly to any airport in the EU. At the same time, Ukraine undertakes to comply with European aviation safety standards.

The document has to be ratified by all EU member states, but the Ministry of Infrastructure stated that the agreement will be in force until all ratification procedures are completed.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also confirmed after the signing that the agreement will take effect immediately.

Even before the signing of the agreement, European low-cost companies announced their intention to significantly expand into Ukraine and start working in almost half of the regional centers.

Instead, Ukrainian airlines believe the deal will hurt domestic carriers.

A long way to the common sky
The process of unification of Ukrainian aviation space with the EU has been going on since the presidency of Leonid Kuchma, since 1999.

In December 2006, the EU Council authorized the European Commission to start negotiations with Ukraine on a common airspace.

In October 2013, the parties agreed on the text of the agreement, but the signing was blocked due to the conflict between the United Kingdom and Spain over the territorial status of Gibraltar and its airport. Official Madrid blocked the deal because Kyiv recognized the airport as British.

With the entry into force of Ukraine's visa-free regime with the EU in 2017, Kyiv was also expecting an "aviation visa-free regime", which was to lead to a travel boom. The signing of the agreement was expected in the near future, but the case was delayed.

After the final withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU, the obstacles to signing the agreement disappeared.

In June 2021, the EU Council agreed to sign an agreement with Ukraine, as well as with Armenia, Tunisia and Qatar.

Should we expect an air boom in Ukraine?
Today, there are bilateral air services agreements with each EU country. And, according to these agreements, restrictions are set on the number of carriers and weekly flights.

This made it difficult for new carriers to enter popular flights.

The new agreement with the EU stipulates that restrictions on the number of carriers and flights will be lifted.

"For example, there is a permit for 14 flights a week to Amsterdam for one carrier on each side. The new agreement removes such restrictions. That is, it means that any European carriers can fly to Kiev," said aviation law lawyer Andriy Huk. in an interview with BBC News Ukraine.

The agreement applies not only to passenger traffic, but also to freight and mail.

Andriy Huk adds that the agreement will be used primarily by airlines that offer low ticket prices and minimal service.

In particular, Europe's largest low-cost carrier Ryanair recently announced that it plans to "aggressively expand" the Ukrainian aviation market after Ukraine joins the agreement on a single airspace with the EU.

"The only market I would pay attention to is Ukraine. I think we will become the main investor in Ukraine when it joins the European open skies," Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary was quoted as saying by Reuters.

He stated that the company is considering working in 12 cities of Ukraine at once. Now they fly from five.

The company is even considering starting domestic shipments.

Wizzair, Europe's other largest low-cost carrier, also operates in five Ukrainian cities.

What are the advantages
First of all, it's about the benefits for passengers, experts say. Because for them, this agreement is a greater choice, and therefore more opportunities for travel.

"The greater the competition, the lower the price of tickets and the more passengers will be transferred from trains to planes," said lawyer Andriy Huk.

The second beneficiary of this agreement is the airports of Ukraine, which will receive more aircraft and receive more passenger traffic. Therefore, regional airports will have a chance to attract investment and development.

However, the coronavirus pandemic may make adjustments to the forecasts for the rapid development of the aviation market in Ukraine.

We can conclude that hotels in Lviv will receive tens of thousands of new guests from Europe, who will be happy to spend their money in the fabulous city of Lviv. By the way, one of the hotels with European service - the hotel "Swiss". All coronavirus staff have been vaccinated at this hotel, and all staff speak foreign languages ​​such as English, Italian, Polish, Arabic and Russian. This is also a hotel in the center of Lviv with a centuries-old history, which will make you fall in love with the city of Lviv. "Swiss" is located in the heart of the city, a two-minute walk to the Market Square. This is the best choice of the guest - the hotel "Swiss" - HOUSE AWAY FROM HOME. Each room is decorated in a different style, the hotel has the following room categories: standard, superior, junior suite, suite, royal suite, family rooms. If you ask yourself - "What is the best restaurant near the hotel in the center of Lviv", the answer is sure to be - a restaurant serving Italian cuisine  and "Valentino". This is the first restaurant of such a high level in Lviv. The hotel also has a wine cellar, where they found a menu written in Polish when excavating. This indicates that the menu found here confirms another indisputable fact, namely that the hotel "Swiss" is a historic hotel that has transferred Swiss perfection and Galician hospitality in our time, interpreting it in modern realities and needs of guests of the city of Lviv. .

We are located at: Lviv, st. Prince Roman, 20
To book a room call us:
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


12 October 2021

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                        Lviv Mafia Club in Swiss Hotel Lviv

Lviv Mafia Club in Swiss Hotel Lviv

Where you can play board games in Lviv?

Mafia game is a unique game that develops you as a person. Have you ever tried to play this game with your friends?

From now on you can play the game "Mafia" in Lviv in the conference hall of the hotel "Swiss". This game will open you a new world of adventure and new acquaintances.

First of all, the Mafia teaches to think and draw logical conclusions. And who relies more on their intuition, you have a chance to develop it. During the game you have to talk and persuade a lot, as a result of which you develop your oratory skills. You can also check at the same time if you have the gift of persuasion. This is very important in this game.

The Mafia gives more than the school. After all, "Mafia" is one of the few intellectual and psychological games that teaches to gradually prove their point of view with the help of arguments and facts.

As for emotions, the Mafia teaches to be restrained and emotionless, referring only to the conclusions of the mind. And at the same time it develops you as an actor. Because it is your facial expressions, gestures, emotions that can play against you. Your task is to learn to control them.

Another advantage of this game is that it teaches to work in a team and act confidently in unpredictable situations. All of these skills are so necessary in real life. And to improve them it is not necessary to attend courses or trainings. Just play "Mafia".

Play and grow!

Follow us on our Instagram page:

Registration for games and corporate orders:

+38 096 177 5091


08 October 2021

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                        Beauty salon "Mask" on the street Knyazya Romana, 20

Beauty salon "Mask" on the street Knyazya Romana, 20

A beauty salon in Lviv that is impressive


Beauty salon Mask is not just a hairdresser. This is a multidisciplinary beauty center that has everything. We break down stereotypes by combining the most popular beauty services for girls and some services for men in one space.


  • Safe manicure and pedicure in Lviv. Classic edging and hardware, gel varnish coating, extensions, strengthening, design. We will do our best to make your fingers well-groomed and look exactly the way you want.
  • Hairdressing services in Lviv - men's, women's and children's haircuts of any complexity. As well as cheating, wedding hairstyles, dyeing, styling, weaving, care procedures.
  • Cosmetology in Lviv - cleansing, peeling, injection procedures and much more. We know how to choose the right tools, give recommendations for home care and share secrets on how to always look perfect.

As well as correction and coloring of eyebrows, creating an image for holiday events, permanent makeup and much more for your beauty.

To save your time, our beauty salon in Lviv offers combined procedures: 4 hands. Hairstyle + make-up, manicure + pedicure - get the most in the minimum time!

Choose the beauty salon "Mask" and enjoy the time spent here!
We know that choosing a beauty salon is extremely difficult. After all, I want to be sure of the safety of procedures, highly qualified masters and the quality of the final result. The range of services, prices, reviews, photos - how much you have to look at before you finally decide which salon in Lviv is right for you! To make this task easier, let's talk about our most important benefits that we are proud of.

Now we will tell why it is necessary to choose beauty salon "Mask":

  • All the beauty treatments you dream of. We have services of nail service, make-up, cosmetology. You no longer have to travel to different parts of the city to get a manicure, make-up or hairstyle. With our Magical Masters of Beauty you save your own time. Choose rest and pleasure and trust the masters of the beauty salon in the center of Lviv - "Mask"!
  • Qualified masters. Our Beauty Witches know exactly what you need. We build a team very carefully, so each master is a real pro of his own business. Forget about bad make-up before a date or a cool party in Lviv, too dark eyebrows or sloppy cuticle. This is definitely not going to happen to us.
  • 4-level sterilization of instruments. Customer safety is above all for us. Therefore, all instruments are carefully sterilized after each use, adhering to modern sanitary and hygienic standards.

And, of course, you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices. Let's say in secret: there are no such people anywhere else in the city center. Manicure - 180 UAH, women's haircuts - from 350 UAH! Get acquainted with the full price by phone: +380982357987

Learn to be gentle and bright every day! Beauty salon "Mask" is a real beauty paradise in the city center. Incredibly charming and professional master girls are waiting for you!


08 October 2021

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                        Playbill of Lviv. Entertainment poster of Lviv. Swiss Hotel

Playbill of Lviv. Entertainment poster of Lviv. Swiss Hotel

October characterizes the golden autumn. She has finally entered into her rights. To lift your spirits and charge you with positive energy, the Swiss Hotel, located in the central part of Lviv, has gathered the most interesting events of the second autumn month. Well, what are you ready for? It will be hot!

1. Cheese and wine festival in Lviv

Lviv residents and guests of the city are invited to the main gastronomic holiday of autumn. A huge gastronomic fair, delicious tastings and interesting master classes - visitors will be delighted. Attendees will also learn about the culture of cheese-making and winemaking traditions in Lviv.

2. Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival - Festival in Lviv

Lviv will be covered with coffee aroma and noise of SCA championship fans, book and vintage lovers!

3. Oleh Skrypka and NAONI in Lviv

Visit the concert of Ukrainian musician Oleh Skrypka and NAONI orchestra! 2021 is a special date for the legendary Ukrainian rock band, which this year loudly celebrates 35 years since its founding. Therefore, you should expect surprises from the repertoire of "BB" in a unique arrangement.

4. CLUB of lonely hearts - Performance

Viewers will see a lyrical comedy based on the play by Ivan Menchel The cemetery club. The focus is on the story of three women who are desperately trying to arrange a new life.

5. Golden Lion - International Theater Festival

This year, the Golden Lion will take place at the following locations: Voskresinnia Theater, the First Theater, Lesya Theater, Zankovetska Theater, Dovzhenko Center and on the square in front of the Lviv Opera House. Traditionally, the festival will begin with a Carnival procession, which will pass through the streets of the city.

6. Tasting "Red Wines of Latin America"

We have good news for you🥂
Already on October 28, we are organizing a wine tasting called "Red Wines of Latin America" ​​in Lviv at the restaurant "Valentino".
Set of tasting wines:
🍾 Chile: Carmenere Reserva;
🍾 Argentina: Malbec Barrel Selection;
🍾 Uruguay: Tannat Don Pascual;

Tasting menu:
Chile Con Carne;
🥩Beal square with plum sauce;
🥩Beef mini steak with grilled corn and demi-glass sauce
🎁 Branded dessert to compliment
Price: 1350 ₴
You can book a ticket by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


31.10.21 | Sunday | Halloween

Incendiary DJ DJ StasON, a dance floor and a mystical mood await visitors in our restaurant Valentino. Guests in themed costumes will be treated to a cocktail "Bloody Mary".
The ticket price includes a welcome drink, drive themed music and atmosphere from dj stason, a mystical pumpkin dessert.

Where: restaurant "Valentino", st. Nyzhankivskoho, 20.
When: October 31 at 8 p.m.
How much: a ticket of 500 hryvnias.

You can book a ticket by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


03 October 2021

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                        19 places to visit in Lviv

19 places to visit in Lviv

The western tourist capital of Ukraine - Lviv has been welcoming guests from the most remote corners of Ukraine and the world for centuries. This city has also long been a must-see for lovers of architecture and different cultures, because it is where most of the architectural monuments are preserved and almost the entire center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Locals residents and not only know that in the city of Lion every house, quarter, lane breathes history. They preserve the memory of what happened many centuries ago, where the battles for the western outpost of the Austro-Hungarian Empire took place, the city that was besieged by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the city that fell in love with many kings of Poland and  Rzeczpospolita, emperors of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, a city that inspired great artists, writers, artists, composers and became some of them home.

This creates a unique charm, which fascinates tourists as soon as they set foot on Lviv land. Therefore, it is difficult to even imagine that someone has not yet had time to visit this wonderful city. But in fact, there are many people who are just going to visit the city of Lviv and do not know what to see in Lviv.

Taking into account the preferences of tourists and residents of Lviv, we have selected for you a list of places that every tourist should visit when he gets to Lviv. We begin our virtual journey that can come true. All you need is a wish!

Rynok Square
The most famous square in Lviv is Rynok Square. Located in the center, in the old part of town. So there is something to look at, because the local houses still remember the events of past centuries. Only representatives of the nobility had the right to build on Rynok Square during the Middle Ages. The first mention of the central city square dates back to the 13th century. For many centuries, this square was the center of city life. Here they organized cultural events, processions, sold vegetables, fruits and flowers on the market, which were grown by locals.

City Hall
If you are in Lviv, it is the duty of every tourist to look at the central part of the city from the town hall tower. Lviv City Hall is the highest in Ukraine, its height is 65 meters. So it is a good view of the city. By the way, the building is an architectural monument and is protected not only in Ukraine but also by UNESCO.

Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Solomiya Krushelnytska
Tourists often take their first photo in Lviv against the background of the Opera House. The people of Lviv owe such a beautiful building to the architect Zygmunt Gorgolevsky. This architect built many majestic buildings in Poland and Germany in the 19th century. This building has both a beautiful interior and a majestic exterior.

Italian Restaurant Valentino with Rooftop Terrace
"Luxurious. Elegant. Italian" - this is the slogan of the new restaurant of Italian cuisine "Valentino". The restaurant is located in an old house in the heart of the city, next to the Market Square. Earlier, the favorite restaurant of Lviv "Cactus" was located on this place.

Terrace of Valentino restaurant with panoramic views of the center of Lviv
designed for banquets, romantic dinners with a loved one,
business lunches, corporate events, buffets or event celebrations.

The terrace is open daily from 12:00 until 22:00

Italian courtyard
A cozy place in the heart of Leo. Here you can relax from the noisy streets filled with tourists. Back in the 16th century, when the courtyard was built, the owners tried to arrange it so that this corner became a place of rest. Also create a building in the ancient city, similar to the cozy homes of Italians. They succeeded.

Armenian quarter
Lviv became a refuge for Armenians as far back as the 13th century. Expelled from their lands, they were forced to look for a new home. Armenian merchants and artisans were the first to arrive in the city of Lev. They settled compactly, so now all the sights, the appearance of which the city owes to the Armenians, are concentrated on the street Armenian. Probably the most famous of them is the Armenian Cathedral, built in 1370.

Potocki Palace
The beautiful building in the style of classicism was erected in the 19th century. The initiators of the palace were the famous Potocki family. There used to be a small hunting lodge on the site of the Potocki palace. But the family needed an elegant place where they could receive distinguished guests.

Church and monastery of the Bernardines
The church and monastery are a whole complex, which is now an architectural and historical monument. Interestingly, the Bernardine monastery is not just a spiritual building, but also a defensive one. In the 17th century, its construction was undertaken only on condition that it would have strong walls. So for a long time the defensive redoubts of the monastery protected the people of Lviv from enemies. Therefore, shots were fired from this spiritual structure more than once. Of the defensive redoubts, the Glynyansky Gate has survived to this day.

Boim Chapel
The Boim Chapel was built in the 17th century on the site of an old cemetery. It became a tomb for the old Hungarian Boim family. It is not known exactly who constructed this truly work of art. However, experts equate the Lviv chapel with the tomb in the Wawel Cracow. There are no more analogues of the Boim chapel in Europe.

High Castle Mountain
To be in Lviv and not to visit the High Castle is like not seeing Khreshchatyk in Kyiv even for a moment. This is the highest point of the city of Leo. The height of the mountain is 413 meters. Once upon a time there was a castle on it. The construction of the mountain began in the 13th century. When the castle was built and it became clearly visible from the surrounding areas, the mountain began to be called Castle, or "High Castle".

Pharmacy-museum "Under the black eagle"
If in the last few years a lot of new tourist highlights have appeared in Lviv, the Pharmacy-Museum has been known for a long time. For centuries, this institution has maintained its reputation. For years, the pharmacy has been able to combine the medical component with the tourist one. After all, despite the fact that dozens of tourists visit the pharmacy every day, they do not stop selling medicines here. If tourists enthusiastically look at all sorts of cones, herbalists, tablet machines, the people of Lviv come here because of what the doctor prescribed. The pharmacy has been operating in the city since 1735.

Brewing Museum
If you not only like to taste an intoxicating drink, but also want to know how it is made, then you should definitely visit the Brewing Museum. It was installed in 2005 on the territory of Lviv Brewery. Various exhibits were placed on 600 square meters: beer barrels, bottles, mugs, tools with which beer was made. Also, old beer recipes are still preserved in old books.

Kryivka Kneipp Restaurant
This institution differs from others not only in Lviv, but throughout Ukraine. The owners of "Kryivka" decided on a difficult experiment. The restaurant with the attributes of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army immediately became famous, but there was a lot of criticism. After all, if in Western Ukraine honoring UPA soldiers is a common thing, in other regions it is treated with caution.

Lviv Chocolate Workshop
Chocolate has also become a kind of symbol for the city of Leo. Numerous chocolate festivals gather thousands of tourists in Lviv every year. What to do if the sweet holiday is still far away? Of course, visit the Lviv Chocolate Workshop. Chocolate white, milk, black, with nuts and marzipan, other tasty fillings. Chocolate bars and melted, chocolate desserts, cakes. In short, delicious! Delicacies should be tasted with Lviv coffee, another symbol of Lviv.

Monument to the chimney sweep
This monument is located quite high. From the roof of the cafe "House of Legends" on Staroyevreiska Street, a chimney sweep is watching life in Lviv. If you plan to look at this monument, you should have a lot of small coins in your wallet. Why? The soot hat has a bottom, but is connected to a gutter. Tourists and visitors of the institution throw coins there. When they ring, they fall into a chest, and sometimes onto a summer terrace. Therefore, those visitors who decide to drink coffee on the terrace, even give umbrellas to protect them from the "golden" rain.

Lychakiv cemetery
It is not customary to visit cemeteries. Too scary. But in Lviv, the cemetery is not just a place for burial, but a historical and cultural museum-reserve. 300 thousand burials on 40 hectares. Sculptures are installed on 500 graves. Would you say what's amazing here? And the fact that these sculptures are real works of art. Angels, saints, people who are buried in the cemetery, carved out of stone. They convey sadness and despair. The faces of the sculptures are so natural that it seems that tears are about to flow from the eyes of the little angel! These are the places to visit!

Underground river Poltva
Even those tourists who have already visited Lviv do not always know that there is a river in the city. Underground. Once Poltva flowed freely through the streets of the city of Lev. But in the 19th century, the city had an acute problem with sewage. It had to be solved quickly, because the sewage flowed into the river, so it was decided to wall it in the collector. The grandiose project began in 1879. The river was blocked on the section from the Maria Zankovetska Theater to Shevchenko Avenue. Then implemented several more stages, which lasted until the mid-1920s. In 1970, several more land flows of the city were walled up.

Arena-Lviv Stadium
The largest stadium in Western Ukraine was built specifically for the European Football Championship, which took place in 2012. So, in addition to the national team, which from time to time holds its home matches at Arena-Lviv, the national teams of Germany, Denmark and Portugal played here during the European Championship. The stadium is considered a fort for the national team of Ukraine. The national team won most of the matches held in Lviv.

Vernissage Market
And finally. Many tourists, impressed by Lviv, try to leave something in memory of this beautiful western city. That's why they go to the Vernissage. You can buy souvenirs in this market. It became famous among tourists because you can buy handmade products here. Paintings with Lviv landscapes, extremely beautiful jewelry and embroidered shirts and towels.

As you can see, despite the fact that almost everyone seemed to have visited Lviv and visited almost every corner, there are more and more interesting places here every year. And the old sights do not lose their charm. In every institution, museums are always quite a lot of people. And there are places that will delight with comfort. Delicious Galician cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent, because due to significant competition between hundreds of cafes, restaurants, pubs in the city, chefs have to be great virtuosos in order not to lose customers! Lviv will always please tourists. Good mood when visiting this city of Western Ukraine is guaranteed!


10 September 2021

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                        European Heritage Days in Lviv: the most interesting events

European Heritage Days in Lviv: the most interesting events

77 free tours, lectures, performances, which will take place on September 10-12

European Heritage Days will take place in Lviv this weekend, September 10-12. This year's theme is "City for All". The organizers have prepared 77 free events - theater performances, tours, lectures, workshops. Registration started today.

The pan-European theme of this year's European Heritage Days is heritage and inclusion, but the Lviv organizers decided to expand the theme. Chief Coordinator Anna-Maria Samson explained that much attention will be paid to the fight for equal rights, including women, children and ethnic minorities.

Excursions allow to attract people with disabilities: there will be activities with sign language or typhlo translation and for people with mental disorders. In addition, all tourists will be shown a school and library for the blind, a home for the disabled, a psychiatric hospital. They will tell about people who have succeeded despite their disability - Ivan Levynsky, Mykola Bidnyak or Nikifor Drovnyak.

"We are talking about inclusion in a broader context - social, national, ethnic groups, age, gender, which were limited in certain periods. When it comes to objects, we try to either open a famous building for viewing or show it from a different angle. We are rethinking well-known topics from the point of view of inclusion, ”the acting mayor told ZAXID.NET. Head of the Tourism Department of the Lviv City Council Halyna Hrynyk.


Lviv residents. Cohabitation, 10: 00-11: 30. Street Basement, 3.
Olga Lidovska will talk about the coexistence in one city of different strata of society, different in nationality, education and opportunities. In particular, how in the early twentieth century the Jewish community communicated with its neighbors, how it cared for different members of the community, and how it changed.

Invisible people. 17: 00-18: 00. Lecture in the Urban Library on the street. Ustijanovic, 4.
Natalia Zubyk will tell about those who begged in Lviv - old men, homeless people, vagrants, "pilgrims", members of the "grandfather's shop" and kings of beggars, Lviv squirrels, poor and even ugly Lviv maidens. Some of them became legendary. Someone - as a symbol of the hotel "George" or the Powder Tower, someone painted the faces of saints.

Childhood under the control of the KGB. 18: 00-19: 00. Prison on Lontskoho Street (1 Stepana Bandera Street, entrance from Karl Bryullov Street).
Historian and researcher Iryna Yezerska-Vdovenko will give a lecture on KGB methods used by agents to put pressure on dissidents, threatening the safety of relatives, their families, and their educational and career opportunities.

SATURDAY, September 11

Hippies in Lviv: riot against grayness, 10: 00-12: 00. Old Lviv Coffee House (12 Ivana Fedorova Street)
Lviv hippie Alik Olisevych will tell about how representatives of the subculture gathered under the nose of the Communist Party regional committee in Soviet times, how their struggle for their own identity, human rights and freedom from stereotypes developed, will show the cult places of Lviv hippies.

Garbage is inherited. 11: 00-14: 00. pl. Market, 1, entrance to the Town Hall
"The greatest physical legacy we leave for future generations is the waste of our lives. We offer a journey through the history of Lviv, during which you will learn how in the past the city solved the problem of waste accumulation. The Poltva River will reveal to us the secrets of its not quite "pure" history. We will visit the treatment facilities of Lvivvodokanal, see how organic waste gets new life due to their processing at the composting station of LKP "Green City", witness the transformation of the city landfill into a family leisure park, and, quite possibly, take part in laying the first brick building. waste processing plant ", - the organizers invite.

Kulparkiv as a place of healing of the soul by prayer, 12: 30-13: 10. Lviv Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital (95 Kulparkivska Street)
Part of the complex of the psychiatric hospital in Kulpark is a temple, which is built into the center of the second floor of the main building. The whole complex was built in 1870-1880 under the direction of architect Adolf Kuhn. At that time it was believed that the beauty of the environment and architecture helps a person to overcome mental illness. Will show the church of St. Theologian Taras Hrynchyshyn will tell about its history.

Tastes of Frank's cuisine, 13: 30-15: 00. Restaurant "Boykivska gostyna" (8 Mitropolita Andrea Street)

Natalia Tykholoz, a senior researcher at the House of Franko, will tell how Franco ate, what his favorite dishes were, who cooked him food? Is it true that his wife was an "unfortunate housewife" and his daughter-in-law was an outstanding cook, the author of a real encyclopedia of Galician cuisine? And also about family recipes of the Frankiv family with tasting of Boyko dishes in a themed restaurant.

Artist talk "Atelier is normal", 15: 00-17: 00. Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes "Territory of Terror", barrack 2 (45 Chornovola Ave.)
The Atelier Normal community has been uniting artists' workshops with / without Down Syndrome since 2018. Stas Turina and Katya Liebkind present the work of the studio and methods of work. Artist with Down syndrome Eugene Go


08 September 2021

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                        A relaxing weekend in Lviv

A relaxing weekend in Lviv

If you want to have a good rest on the weekend in Lviv, then there are enough interesting and convenient places

Depending on what kind of vacation you are looking for, you can visit museums, take part in excursions or visit quest rooms, a wine cellar or a wine hall, dream and relax in the spa, and then end the evening with a romantic evening in the Italian restaurant "Valentino", cozy atmosphere, pleasant music: the original sounds: violin, saxophone, piano.

In Lviv there is a wide range of active or relaxing leisure services, in the city of Lviv you will always find a place where you can spend time with family, girlfriend or wife, in companies that have business partners. You can choose several such wonderful places, or one hotel - for example, you can turn to your good rest at the weekend historic hotels with European service in the center of Lviv - the hotel "SwissHotel"!

A four-star hotel Swiss Hotel in the Lviv city in the heart of Lviv at the intersection of the cultural and entertainment life of Lviv.

Within walking distance of Rynok Square, Svobody Avenue, City Hall, Lviv Opera House, Potocki Palace, etc.

All rooms are decorated in a modern classic style. Stylish execution in neutral tones with the presence of classic elements and textured text - a great combination of convenience and vitality.

Restaurant Valentino with review therapy is famous for its high Italian cuisine and is rightly considered popular among the people of Lviv.

In Swiss, a perfect and affordable vacation in Lviv is a vacation in Swiss hotels.

Having visited this, which covers the secret disadvantages, you can not worry about spending a romantic evening in Lviv or beautifully and with great pleasure to spend the weekend with family and relatives, children (for children we have a wonderful, spacious, bright and a picturesque children's room, where children will be very cozy and comfortable.For you and your loved ones in "SWISS HOTEL" created all the necessary conditions for a relaxing holiday, first of all a team of professionals will provide you with the opportunity for comfortable service of the highest level.

An interesting evening in Lviv with friends
When choosing a place to go in the evening in Lviv, you first need to think about whether you would like active recreation or increase in a cozy, calm atmosphere in the center of Lviv or in Ukrainian, somewhere in a large area where you could easily get involved, very rarely , enjoying author's cocktails from professionals, during the romantic, relaxing atmosphere of the sound of scripts, saxophone, guitar.

Bars and restaurants of Lviv
In order for tourists who gather in Lviv to create themed, author's bars, restaurants, connections, pubs in Lviv, where you can find what you need: a cozy or noisy atmosphere, comfortable accommodation or a noisy night bar, all dancing, a restaurant with a stylish interior or a loft-style cafe, a menu with author's or classic drinks, Mediterranean, Italian, Balkan, French or Ukrainian eras, reduced dishes and drinks. So, for an interesting evening, visit the following locations:

  • a very cozy cocktail bar in Valentino restaurants or you can buy your favorite cocktail in the lobby bar at SWISS HOTEL;
  • gastronomic bar "", which has an author's cocktail menu;
  • restaurant, which is a real museum "Kerosene Lamp";
  • Kryivka restaurant in the city center on Rynok Square, an Internet conference emphasizing the UPA military bank;
  • cafe "Masoch" with the atmosphere corresponding to the theme of the works of the famous writer;
  • restaurant with Italian cuisine "Valentino";
  • Pravda brewery;
  • creative "Dining room ideas".

Also, say that this transition is not complete and you can always visit many other restaurants, bars or cafes. But given the reviews, the proposed locations are really good for any company.

Romantic evening with a girl in Lviv
When choosing a place for a romantic dinner with your girlfriend or wife, you probably want to describe yourself in an elegant restaurant with a stylish interior, rich in all sorts of smaller dishes and a persistent menu. So, where to go in Lviv in the evening with a girl, so that this moment will be remembered and liked by both of you? You can view some interesting offers, including:

  • Luxurious restaurant "Valentino", located in the "Swiss Hotel", and where you are going to look for one of the best chefs of modern Lviv;
  • cozy "Bachevsky restaurant";
  • restaurant, the interior of which resembles a British pub - "Black Cat".

If you visit a restaurant in business hotels "Swiss Hotel in Lviv", then you and your team will be able to satisfy a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, as well as provide a safe atmosphere of the Royal Internet Center, which also helped:

  • a wide range of author's cuisine;
  • exquisite recipes for desserts (traditional and original) from the masters of confectionery restaurants "Valentino";
  • the largest wine list, to match each will be more than 300 the best drinks and alcohol menu from exclusive drinks collected from around the world;incredible live music that allows you to enjoy a variety of compositions on violin, saxophone - modern and those that were created in the early XX century.
  • The first art bar in Lviv (coffee hall in the restaurant "Valentino")

Want to pleasantly surprise your loved one? Then invite her to the original art bar (coffee hall of the Valentino restaurant), which opened at the Swiss Hotel and welcomes visitors with stylish interiors and signature cocktails. The art bar has modern art, "living paintings", marble tables, authentic brick ceiling and lighting with different scenarios, and all this is wonderfully combined with bar traditions, fragrant coffee in Lviv and incredibly delicious desserts.

So, visit the first Valentino art bar in Lviv to see exhibitions of the works of the best masters of painting and portrait painting, as well as to taste exquisite cocktails, including:

  • Valentino (gin, grenadine, grapefruit juice) Valentino (gin, grenadine, grapefruit juice);
  • Swiss (vodka, sambuca, tonic) Swiss (vodka, sambuca, tonic water;
  • Aperol Spritz (Aperol, sparkling water, Prosecco);
  • Negus (saperavi wine, Cointreau, spices, honey);
  • Negus (saperavi wine, Cointreau, spices, honey);

These cocktails were created by a team of bartenders based on technological and calculation cards of the International Bartenders Association, so they have an outstanding taste and quality. You can choose any delicious drink to fully enjoy a romantic dinner and time spent in the restaurant.

How to spend a weekend in Lviv with your family?
Family vacation in Lviv for the weekend is an important opportunity for many to be alone with their loved ones, which you can organize by visiting the hotel complex "SwissHotelLviv". Please note that you can choose from the following categories of class rooms: "Standard", "Superior", "Junior Suite", "Suite", "Family Suite" and even a luxurious "Royal Suite". The apartments have the following advantages:

  • absolutely exclusive interiors designed by professional designers for each specific room;
  • the most comfortable furniture, modern plumbing, especially guests pay attention to comfortable mattresses and beds;
  • high quality of service and professionalism of each employee;
  • decoration, which is made of the rarest materials.

In addition to exquisite author's and dissimilar rooms in the hotel for your family vacation are offered:

  • chefs' signature dishes and favorite drinks that can be enjoyed in the bar or in the Valentino restaurant or on the panoramic terrace of the establishment, lobby or in the hotel room;
  • services of a Roman-Turkish couple;

Spa treatments, massages and other relaxing, restorative treatments for your body can also be booked at the hotel reception.
comfortable and spacious children's room for celebrating children's holidays;
beauty salon "Mask", where you can get a wide range of services of a hairdresser, eyebrow, manicure, pedicure.
You can relax while enjoying the beautiful interiors, professional service, delicious food, as well as visiting the sauna or beauty salon "Mask". If you want to have a good family vacation, be sure to visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner - the original weekend breakfast, during which you can relax with family and at the same time enjoy good food with your favorite drinks. By the way, we serve champagne for breakfast on weekends.

SPA, massages, beauty salon "Mask", services for relaxation
The SPA-zone located in the beauty salon "Mask" of the hotel complex "SwissHotel" deserves special attention. Guests are offered a Roman-Turkish sauna with appropriate equipment. You can take the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, take care of your own beauty and well-being by visiting the sauna and using other massage services at the Swiss Hotel.

Also in the spa you will find a professional and experienced massage therapist who has experience in Italy and can do the following types of massage:

  • rehabilitation;
  • health;
  • sports;
  • simulated;
  • relaxation;
  • for face and body care.

Massage is chosen individually for each guest, taking into account personal wishes and the peculiarities of your health. You should pay attention to the indications, the presence of which requires a massage:

  • pain that appears in the lower back or neck;
  • discomfort, pain during sleep;
  • insomnia;
  • headache;
  • feeling uncomfortable while moving;
  • stress;
  • depressive states;
  • rapid and constant fatigue;
  • disability.

Visiting the spa and massage area for you and your loved ones will be not only very pleasant, but also good for health.

If you wish to to lead your beauty to the ideal, then this will also help you in the beauty salon "Mask", which is at the hotel "Swiss Hotel". The services of the beauty center include:

  • hairdressing services for women and men;
  • hair coloring and restoration;
  • professional make-up;
  • nail aesthetics (manicure, pedicure, nail extension and correction).

Where to go in Lviv if you want fun?
With maximum comfort and convenience, you can stay in the hotel complex "Swiss Hotel" and enjoy all the services offered. Also, to diversify leisure, you can walk through the cozy streets of the city, visit interesting museums, quest rooms. For example, children will be interested in:

  • Pharmacies-museums;
  • Secret pharmacy;
  • Arsenals (weapons museums);
  • museums of photo illusions;
  • toy museums;
  • yard of lost toys;
  • Natural History Museum.
  • Fixage Camera Museum-Cafe

You also have the opportunity to go on a tour of the dungeons with a visit to the basements of monasteries and ancient houses, the Jesuit Church. The original tour will be an interesting journey through time, will give unforgettable emotions.

Quests for adults and children, master classes
If you want to spend time with family, children, friends in search of adventure, you can choose to visit adventure and intellectual quest rooms, culinary or creative workshops, which are constantly arranged in different locations. These can be:

  • Restaurant "Valentino" in the hotel "Swiss";
  • Lviv Chocolate Workshop;
  • Gingerbread Workshop;
  • Caramel workshop and others.
  • Lviv parks

Incredibly beautiful parks located in Lviv can also be great entertainment. You can choose Stryj Park with impressive garden architecture or Znesinnia Park near Shevchenkivskyi Grove.

Observation decks
To see Lviv in all its beauty, you can also visit various observation decks. For tourists and locals available locations such as:

  • High Castle;
  • Town Hall Tower;
  • Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth;
  • Fox Mountain (Mountain of Prince Leo);
  • the site of the Citadel.

Another interesting entertainment in Lviv is the beach water park, which is one of the largest in Western Ukraine. Locals and guests especially like to visit the water park in autumn, winter or spring, when the lack of heat and sunshine make you dream of a vacation at sea. Please note that the water park can not only relax well, but also have a good time, playing sports, attending spa treatments.

Entertainment centers
If your kids are on vacation, you may want your children to have fun in special centers. For this purpose, modern entertainment centers have been opened in Lviv, including "Divokray", "Children's Planet", "Merry Beehive", "Rainbow".

After active leisure, you and your companions will definitely need to eat and relax. So, you can always come to the hotel "Swiss", counting on high quality service, hearty and delicious food and drinks, the opportunity to stay in one of the comfortable rooms, which are carefully prepared for the arrival of each guest.

To book a table at the Valentino Restaurant, the Valentino Wine Bar or the Valentino Art Bar (Coffee Room), contact the hotel or restaurant managers in a convenient way. You can also book apartments of different categories: standard, superior, junior suite, suite, royal suite, which fully meet all your wishes and requirements to be conveniently located for spending time in Lviv. If necessary, the hotel has a convenient shuttle service that will take you anywhere in the city and outside the city according to your wishes.


02 September 2021

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                        Roof terrace in Lviv

Roof terrace in Lviv

Terrace in Lviv on the roof of the Swiss Hotel in the city centre

Roof terrace in Lviv. Four-star Swiss Hotel

Welcome to the best four-star Swiss hotel in Lviv.

Designer boutique hotel with panoramic views of the city is conveniently located in the picturesque center of Lviv, on the street. Knyazia Romana, 20.

A special pride of the hotel is a cozy panoramic terrace on the roof of the hotel with an incredible panoramic view and extremely tasty dishes on the menu, we especially recommend to taste asparagus dishes. The panoramic roof terrace of the boutique hotel will be a worthy place to organize any event: a romantic tete-a-tete, business lunch, family dinner, banquet or wedding.

Valentino Restaurant is famous for its hospitality - here every guest is special and welcome. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you can order for a banquet:

Comfortable design rooms with luxurious views of the ancient city.
Breakfast in the room or in the restaurant.
Room service is available 24 hours a day. You can get gastronomic pleasure from European, Italian and Ukrainian cuisine, traditional Lviv treats and author's masterpieces from the Chef in the restaurant hall or on the summer terrace.
Wonderful recreation area in the hotel lobby, Roman-Turkish steam room, beauty salon "Mask".
Conference hall for business meetings and other events.

To book a table - please call these contact phone numbers:

• +38 (097) 23 56 777

• +38 (032) 23 56 766


19 August 2021

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                        The restaurant in the center of Lviv joined the fundraiser for Victoria Polyuga

The restaurant in the center of Lviv joined the fundraiser for Victoria Polyuga

Restaurant "Valentino" at the Swiss Hotel in Lviv joins the charity project "Let's save Victoria together" under the slogan "A cup of coffee for life"

A one-year-old woman from Lviv has a rare genetic disease that requires a $ 2 million injection
“In general, we do not demonstrate our participation in charitable projects. But such a situation as in Victoria should be heard by every Lviv resident, every small or large chain of restaurants, cafes, every hotel, every small or large production! Situations such as the case of little Victoria are cases that need to be talked about loudly, to involve everyone who is not indifferent, to act extremely quickly. Every hour and every contribution and even prayer is important for the baby to recover. It is quite possible to collect the required amount when collecting it all together - the whole city, or the whole region or the country ", - says the manager of the restaurant "Valentino" Mykhailo Shevelyuk. We encourage business representatives to join the initiative and announce similar actions - this is very important for saving the life of a small child. For every Ukrainian business, this and similar projects are an opportunity to prove themselves as a socially responsible and caring organization. It doesn't matter what kind of business it is - big or small, it cannot operate in isolation from society! He must be socially responsible, respond to people's problems and, of course, make a significant contribution to their solution.

SMA causes muscle weakness and atrophy, and a sick child eventually loses the ability to move, sit, swallow, and breathe. Without treatment, patients with SMA usually do not live to two years. Now Victoria Polyuza is a year and 4 months old, and a quarter of the required amount has already been collected for her. More about the girl's condition here.
"Big business cannot operate in isolation from society - it must be socially responsible, respond to people's problems and, of course, make a significant contribution to their solution. Thanks to each of our guests who orders a cup of coffee, we will be able to join the initiative, thus saving children's lives.
We are convinced that with joint efforts we will get a much better result. And we believe that our guests actively support the project, will be happy to buy coffee drinks from us. Join us so that children's hearts never and nowhere stop! ”

"Doing good deeds should become our useful habit. We are happy to support social initiatives and charitable events, because we are convinced that good can save the world, ”says Swiss Hotel director Anna Dzidzora.

The promotion will last more than a month! We are waiting for you to visit!
The restaurant is located at 20 Nyzhankivskoho Street.
There is also a terrace of the Valentino restaurant on the roof of the Swiss Hotel.
The restaurant is open from 08:00 to 22:00, the terrace from 12:00 to 22:00


15 August 2021

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                        Where to go in Lviv in August? Ukrainian Song Project-2021 in Lviv! Swiss Hotel

Where to go in Lviv in August? Ukrainian Song Project-2021 in Lviv! Swiss Hotel

Hotel "Swiss" is a partner of a grand project at the Arena Lviv

On August 14, 2021, at the Arena Lviv, meet the anniversary project "Ukrainian Song Project" in Lviv! This time you will find the whole history of music for 30 years of Independence of Ukraine "Ukrainian Song 2021" and a record number of participants. When going to Lviv for a festival, you always choose where to stay in the center of Lviv. We invite you to stay at the Swiss Hotel in the heart of Leo. This year our hotel is a partner of the Ukrainian Song-2021 festival, which takes place at the Lviv Arena. We are the perfect hotel to come with friends and relax to the fullest, because everything you need - is if not in the hotel, then next to us. Be sure to stay at the hotel and visit the panoramic roof terrace - this is the most popular meeting place for tourists. The summer playground of the Valentino restaurant in Lviv is also popular because our terrace is located on the roof of the hotel, from where you can see all the most popular sights of the ancient city of Lviv. Swiss Hotel in Lviv is first of all quality, comfort and rest, safety, and then an institution for accommodation of guests. Ask yourself: Which hotel in Lviv to choose, which is the best hotel in Lviv, where to spend the night in the center, a hotel with a roof terrace, a historic hotel, the best boutique hotel - we have the answer for you in one word: "Swiss". We are waiting for you in a house that is far from home.

During its existence, the Ukrainian Song Project took an honorable place among the national awards and was unofficially named "Ukrainian Eurovision". Last year, due to quarantine restrictions, the award ceremony took place without spectators. Then the 5th anniversary of the competition was celebrated with a TV version from the Lviv Opera Hall. However, this year everything will be different! In the year of the anniversary of Independence of our state, the organizers are preparing an incredible stadium show and strive to recreate all 30 years of development of the Ukrainian music industry in one concert. That's why only time-tested hits that sounded for us from the beginning of the 90s until recently are waiting for the audience!

National project "Ukrainian song" -2021
Headliners have already been announced: bands "BB", "SKY", "Without Restrictions", singer Iryna Bilyk, singer MELOVIN. And that's not all! Closer to the event, this star list will be updated!

"The global idea of ​​the concert on August 14 is to tell the story of Ukrainian music for 30 years of Ukraine's independence," says Taras Kurchyk, co-founder and general producer of the Ukrainian Song Project. - Starting with the legendary hit of the rock band "BB" "Spring", which thundered in the early 1990s - and to the number one hits of our days. There will be songs that have not just become hits, but on which whole generations have grown and continue to grow. The slogan of our project this year: "Ukrainian song - history gives birth to the future!".

The main goal of the project remains the same: to open new names of domestic show business. Applications for young and hard-working participants started in May. There were as many as three hundred of them. Each candidacy was considered by a competent jury consisting of:

music journalist and YUNA Award Development Director Igor Panasov,
music producer of TV channel "Ukraine" and "Music Platform of Ukraine" Gennady Viter,
music producer Vadym Lysytsia,
singer MELOVIN,
general producer of "Ukrainian Song Project" Taras Kurchyk.
As a result of meticulous selection, ten finalists were named to take part in the gala concert. Among them will be the lucky one who, together with the victory, will receive a recording and production of the author's composition on FOXXSTUDIOS by Vadym Lysytsia, as well as an annual promotion and management from the Ukrainian Song contest.

Of particular note is the scene of this year's competition, which resembles a huge bird and a giant number V, in honor of the anniversary of "Ukrainian Song".

In addition, the whole of Ukraine will see a television version of the grand concert "Ukrainian Song Project / Ukrainian Song 2021" on channel 1 + 1 to the 30th anniversary of Independence. project partner. Meet the history of Ukrainian music live!

To get to the concert "Ukrainian Song Project" in Lviv, buy tickets on our website and at the box office. Look for even more concerts in the Lviv poster on our website.

Where to go with friends in Lviv? For the concert "Ukrainian Song Project"!

Grand spectacular show
An incredible holiday of Ukrainian music
Anniversary concert
Finalists of "Ukrainian Song 2021":

"GG ​​Walk the City" (feat. Morphom)
"Cry of the sky"
Margarita Samoilova


We are located at: Lviv, st. Prince Roman, 20
To book a room call us:
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


12 August 2021

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                        TOP Lviv restaurants that are easy to find

TOP Lviv restaurants that are easy to find

Lviv has always been an inspiring city. Such a mecca of Galician hospitality. This is probably due to the fact that in this western capital of Ukraine there are many different authentic institutions with remarkable stories, legends and legends. The city receives a large number of tourists every year, so every time it learns to surprise guests with something new.

There are plenty of different art spaces, cafes, restaurants that are suitable for business meetings, relaxing with friends or a romantic date. At the same time, the establishments do not lose their traditional purpose - to feed the guest by offering him delicious food.

A must-see program for tourists was built in Lviv. Be sure to try one of the infusions in "Drunk Cherry", smoothly switch from the smell of cherry tincture to the aromas of coffee, looking at the "mine" nearby, and walking along the Lviv cobblestones, confidently go to other establishments with their programs….

Lviv residents also often take part in such outings - to look at the concept of another cafe, to taste a new dish, but usually, everyone has their own map of favorite establishments.

Undoubtedly, in the pursuit of supremacy, Lviv restaurateurs are superior to each other. In this variety of tastes and trends, you can often overlook the really interesting places and special places.

We have selected a few of these for you - for a note.

1) Restaurant "Valentino" at the hotel "Swiss" is a real corner of Italy in the very center of Lviv. On weekends there is live music: saxophone, violin, guitar, piano, flute. Italian, European and Ukrainian cuisines are prepared. This is really the restaurant you should visit, because there is a panoramic terrace on the roof of the hotel and a wine cellar, where the sommelier will be able to recommend you wine from his collection.

If you are looking for a place where you can have breakfast early in the morning in Lviv? we have the answer for you - in the restaurant "Valentino" breakfasts are prepared from 8:00 to 11:00

Breakfast is served in the room in the morning.

The cost of continental breakfast is 400 UAH. per person, for a child under 6 years - free, for a child aged 6 to 12 years - 200 UAH. We also invite you to use a separate offer - a special breakfast menu.

2) Grand-cafe "Leopolis" is a cafe on the site of the former cafe "Town Hall" in the center of Rynok Square in the city hall;

3) Bachevsky Restaurant is a restaurant of Galician cuisine, where you will be offered several types of infusions and tinctures;

4) Dr.Ink is a bar that will definitely be a revelation for you. Both classic and author's cocktails are prepared here, which will not leave you indifferent!


08 August 2021

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                        The most romantic restaurant in the center of Lviv - restaurant "Valentino"

The most romantic restaurant in the center of Lviv - restaurant "Valentino"

Romantic places of Lviv. Restaurant "Valentino" - the territory of your holiday!


The most romantic restaurant in Lviv


Lviv is probably the most romantic place in Ukraine where every street seems to say "I love you". In Lviv you can find many romantic cafes and restaurants, among them the restaurant "Valentino". If you are planning an unforgettable romantic date, then you must visit us.

"Valentino" is the romantic name of a small Lviv restaurant, fully justified by the unforgettable interior atmosphere - a place where the hearts of two beat in unison with a cup of delicious coffee and the most delicious dessert "Napoleon".

The restaurant has its elegant atmosphere for meetings and cozy conversations over a cup of warm drink. Make yourself and your beloved one happy to make the day even brighter.

In summer, there is a panoramic terrace on the roof of the Swiss Hotel. Even if you spend one of the cold evenings on the terrace you will be warmed by warm blankets and heaters, which are equipped around the perimeter of the terrace. Restaurant "Valentino" provides an opportunity not only to enjoy delicious drinks, but also taste Italian, European and Ukrainian cuisines.

See you at the Valentino restaurant!

To book a table - please call us:

• +38 (097) 23 56 777

• +38 (032) 23 56 766



03 August 2021

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                        The best restaurant with halal food in Lviv

The best restaurant with halal food in Lviv

In Lviv, tourists from Saudi Arabia can be offered halal meat in the restaurant "Valentino" at the Swiss Hotel in Lviv

Oriental cuisine keeps the secrets of ancient chefs and respects Muslim traditions. The chef of the restaurant "Valentino" learned more about the labeling of "halal" in the menu of establishments, read more about all the details in our news on the website of the restaurant "Valentino"

The term "halal" means that the products are made in accordance with all the norms of Islam, and therefore - is not only "permitted", but also meets modern environmental requirements. It is thanks to this concept that halal cuisine is popular all over the world among people of different nationalities and religions. Lviv restaurant of Italian cuisine "Valentino", located in the city center, the menu of which also includes dishes of other national cuisines, including Ukrainian.
Restaurant "Valentino" at the hotel "Swiss" is happy to open its doors to anyone looking for a menu of halal food. Such dishes can be found in the restaurant on the ground floor of the restaurant or on the panoramic terrace. On the menu you will also find dishes of animal meat that do not violate the Muslim food culture. All dishes in the restaurants are prepared according to all HACCP standards. Our chefs can help you prepare what you like. The waiters along with the menu will show the presence of a halal certificate. Grilled beef and lamb dishes are also always available here.

Something from the menu:

• Lamb square - (weight) for 100 grams 495 UAH;
• Ribeye steak - (weight) for 100 grams 480 UAH;
• Veal medallions - 420 UAH;
• Chicken fillet in pancetta - UAH 245;

Institution address:
Lviv, street Nyzhankivskoho, 20

To book a table in a restaurant in the center of Lviv - please call:

+38 (097) 23 56 777
+38 (032) 23 56 766


29 July 2021

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                        The Lviv professor became the winner of the prestigious Swiss Literary Prize

The Lviv professor became the winner of the prestigious Swiss Literary Prize

Writer, scientist, translator, lecturer at Lviv National University of Ivan Franko, Igor Pavlyuk became the winner of the "Swiss Literary Prize 2021" for the book of poems "Artania".

Igor Pavlyuk reported about it on the Facebook page.

I have just received a letter from the jury of the Swiss Literary Prize 2021 on the day of my spiritual patrons, the Apostles Peter and Paul (my last name is Paul-Yuk), which informs me that I became its laureate for the book of poems "Artania" (Arthania: Selected Poems (USA, Dorrance_Publishing_Company), 2020 (poems by Igor Pavlyuk in Ukrainian and English. And "I will receive a prestigious prize at the award ceremony in September this year," wrote Igor Pavlyuk.

Hotel "Swiss" is always happy to support artistic and cultural initiatives of Lviv. The hotel can organize a conference, presentation of books and works of art, give interviews to reputable media. Our hotel in the center of Lviv has already become a kind of platform for uniting the cultural and artistic community in Lviv. So, if you are looking for an old hotel with its centuries-old history - our hotel is perfect for you, because every corner of this four-star boutique hotel is filled with works of art and decor details that incredibly emphasize the authenticity of the most luxurious and best hotel in Lviv. all over the world who choose our hotel.

Translated from Ukrainian by Yuriy Lazirko, editors Hilary Shirz, Anna Kosiv. The foreword to the book was written by Nobel Laureate Mo Yan.

Note that the Swiss Literary Prize is a new grand prize of Switzerland, created to unite people from all over the world, exchange emotions and improve language culture.

We are located at: Lviv, st. Prince Roman, 20
To book a room call us:
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


16 July 2021

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                        Rooftop wedding in Lviv. Invites the restaurant "Valentino" at the Swiss Hotel

Rooftop wedding in Lviv. Invites the restaurant "Valentino" at the Swiss Hotel

Rooftop wedding in Lviv. Invites the restaurant "Valentino" at the Swiss Hotel - the best restaurant in Leopolis

Rooftop wedding in Lviv

You can admire Lviv just by walking its streets. And if you have a question - which restaurant to go to in Lviv? We have the answer: you can climb a little higher and see breathtaking views - the terrace of the restaurant "Valentino", located near the monument to V. Ivasyuk on the street. Nyzhankivskoho, 20.

Where you can combine two pleasant activities: admire the roofs and panoramas of old Lviv and eat well.

A beautiful restaurant in Lviv, which is ideal for a romantic dinner of lovers and for meeting old friends, as well as if you are looking for a restaurant in Lviv for a wedding - our restaurant will be a great choice for you. We accept orders for banquets, buffets, weddings, holidays, and corporate evenings.

For the convenience of visitors, we can offer parking and free Wi-Fi.

See you at the Valentino restaurant!

To book a table - please call us:

• +38 (097) 23 56 777

• +38 (032) 23 56 766



07 July 2021

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                        Evening of strawberry dishes and rose wines in the restaurant "Valentino"

Evening of strawberry dishes and rose wines in the restaurant "Valentino"

Evening of strawberry dishes and rose wines on the terrace of the restaurant "Valentino"

Congratulations! We have great news for you!
On July 21 we organize an evening of strawberry and rose wine dishes.

We invite you to enjoy a selection of wines from our sommelier and strawberry dishes from the chef.
Tasting menu:
- Veal and strawberry salad;
- prosciutto, salad mix, strawberries;
- duck fillet, salad mix, strawberries;
- Strawberry carpaccio;
- strawberry sorbet;
- 5 types of rosé wines that go well with dishes.

Cost: 600 ₴

You can book a ticket by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


01 July 2021

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                        Named the first headliner of Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021

Named the first headliner of Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021

Dive into the jazz summer with your head! Swiss Hotel Lviv invites you to Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021 in Lviv

Rhythmic beating of the clock in the town hall, melodic calls of trams, voices and music coming from street cafes, echoes of footsteps in cozy courtyards ... Lviv always sounds like jazz, Lviv is jazz!
So it is not surprising that the city of Leva annually hosts the legendary jazz festival Leopolis Jazz Fest (until 2017 - Alfa Jazz Fest), recognized by the famous British publication The Guardian as one of the best jazz festivals in Europe. And every time it's not just an event, it's a celebration of music, a special atmosphere and incredible meetings with the taste of coffee in the middle of summer.

Named the first headliner of Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021
The singer also recorded a welcome address to Ukrainians, in which he wished everyone to stay healthy and meet him at the festival in Lviv.
One of the headliners of Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021 will be the winner of four Grammy Awards, British singer Seal.
According to the organizers of the festival on the Facebook page, Seal will perform on June 25, 2021 on the Stage. E. Rosner.
"During his outstanding career, which spans more than two decades, London multiplatinum singer and songwriter Seal has focused on a creative aspiration: to express the full feeling of love through song," said the organizers of Leopolis Jazz Fest.
Known for his unique hoarse baritone and classic songwriting, Seal has been successful in many music genres. His soft timbre, which sounds in the hits "Crazy" and "Kiss from a Rose", quickly secured him the status of a respected singer.
Over the years, Seal has expanded its influence with a wealth of original music and emotional covers, as well as winning numerous Grammy Awards and selling more than 30 million albums worldwide.
Seal also recorded a welcome address to Ukrainians, in which he wished everyone to stay healthy and meet him at the anniversary festival in Lviv.
The singer is also well known as the ex-husband of German supermodel Heidi Klum thanks to their tumultuous romance and loud breakup (2004-2012). Long after the divorce, the singer wore an engagement ring, arguing that he still loves Heidi Klum.
Swiss Hotel Lviv will continue the jazz pleasure. Here you can relax after all the impressions and events, taste the dishes prepared by the chef and admire the incredible view of Lviv from the rooftop hotel Restaurant "Valentino Roof terrace".
Come to Lviv summer - where there is a holiday of life, where hospitality and joy, where coffee, love and jazz!


29 June 2021

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                        PCR test for COVID and antigen in the Swiss Hotel

PCR test for COVID and antigen in the Swiss Hotel

The Swiss Hotel Lviv will help guests to perform PCR Testing for SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test


For convenience of our guests, the Swiss Hotel in Lviv, together with SALUTAS Medical Laboratory, will help you sign up for PCR Testing for SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test.

Guests of our hotel will be able to take the test in the laboratory or in their room, with the departure of a medical professional.


PCR Testing on SARS-CoV-2 - 850 UAH in clinic \ 1150 UAH exit test;

Test for determination of SARS-CoV-2 antigen - 600 UAH in the clinic \ 800 UAH field test.


Result by 10:00 the next day

Antigen test is the result within 30 minutes of collection.

You can sign up for the test at SALUTAS Medical Center by phone:

+38 (067) 533-17-45

Only hotel guests can sign up for the hotel test. Contact the receptionist.

With care for your health, Hotel "Swiss".

We are located at: st. Prince Roman, 20

To book a room call us:

+38 (096) 240-37-77

You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.



23 June 2021

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                        The Swiss hotel is included in the list of the best hotels in the world according to the International Hospitality Awards

The Swiss hotel is included in the list of the best hotels in the world according to the International Hospitality Awards

The Swiss Hotel was included in the list of the best hotels in the world according to the version of the international competition International Hospitality Awards 2020 in the category - BEST FAMILY HOTEL
“We are very pleased that our guests were completely satisfied with the time spent at our hotel, and it is a great honor for us to be included in the list of the best International Hospitality Awards 2020 in the world! At the same time, this award motivates and inspires us to make every effort to ensure comfort for our guests! Every guest is special to us, that is why we look forward to our guests again and again! ” - happily announces the General Manager of the Swiss Hotel, Mrs Anna Dzydzora.

We are located at: Kyazya Romana Str, 20
To book a room call us:
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


16 June 2021

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                        Asparagus and Sauvignon | evening of asparagus and Sauvignon wines.

Asparagus and Sauvignon | evening of asparagus and Sauvignon wines.

Congratulations! We have great news for you!
We organize an evening of asparagus and Sauvignon wines on June 23
Sauvignon Blanc originates from the west of France, from the Loire Valley, and is also found in the Bordeaux region.
Asparagus is one of the oldest vegetable plants. It has been suggested that asparagus was grown in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.

June 23 at the Valentino restaurant!
We invite you to enjoy a selection of wines from our sommelier and asparagus dishes from the chef.

The tasting menu includes:
- asparagus mousse;
- Asparagus with prosciutto;
- rolls with asparagus;
- chicken fillet with asparagus and dor-blue sauce;
- branded ice cream / sorbet;
- 5 types of white Sauvignon wines that go well with dishes.

Price: 750 UAH

You can book a ticket by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


10 June 2021

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For the first time in history, a Ukrainian wine festival will be held in Lviv.

The Ukrainian Wines Festival, the first Ukrainian wine festival in history, will take place on June 11-13 in Lviv on the territory of the Potocki Palace (15 Kopernyka Street). The best winemakers of the country, Ukrainian wine experts, farm owners and professional sommelier will gather in Lviv so that every guest of the event can taste fine wine, delicious gastronomy and spend time in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
The restaurant "Valentino" has a wine hall, it is a small but very old place for banquets and tastings, its walls are covered with a thin layer of noble web and gunpowder of centuries.
Very little is known about Ukrainian wine in our own country. Globally, the achievements of domestic winemakers are unknown or almost unknown to Ukrainian consumers. However, the latter are persistent, obsessed and are truly in love with their product !!! In order to promote Ukrainian wine and domestic winemakers, we are holding a festival!
So let's create a wine history together and prove that being proud of Ukrainian wine is a reality of today! See you on June 11-13 at the Ukrainian Wine Festival in the Valentino restaurant. We will hold exquisite tastings of Ukrainian wine for you, because we have good positions in our wine list, which has more than 300 positions of wines from around the world.
To book a table for tasting or gastro-dinner - please call us:
• +38 (097) 23 56 777
• +38 (032) 23 56 766


08 June 2021

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                        Аnnouncement - Lviv City Card

Аnnouncement - Lviv City Card

Great to have you in Lviv, and thank you for choosing Lviv City Card!
Lviv is one of Ukraine`s oldest and greatest cities, one that retains its historical and cultural charms.

You can visit the best museums of the city for free, enjoy an amazing view from the City Hall Tower, have discounts in the best restaurants and enjoy famous Galician cheese and a tasty mulled wine.

You can buy Lviv City Card here


04 June 2021

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                        Vacation for two - special offer from Swiss Hotel

Vacation for two - special offer from Swiss Hotel

Do you want to relax with a beloved one in the old town? A romantic holiday at the Swiss Hotel is the perfect solution! For couples, we offer a special package, the cost of which is 5000 UAH. It includes accommodation in Junior suite, Roman steam room. We also provide delicious breakfasts, fruit slices and champagne. Visitors to the hotel enjoy our special offer and have a great time!

Best conditions for couples in love

If you are going on a journey and want to surprise the other half, stop with us. We know what a romantic getaway for two should be. We have great conditions for honeymoon and weekend. It's a special atmosphere in the room, exquisite cuisine and breathtaking views of the historic part of Lviv. The Swiss Hotel employs experienced staff. They provide impeccable service and, if necessary, help organize an entertainment program.

Romantic holidays in Lviv - a proposal that is appealing to newlyweds and couples in love. We invite everyone to a city filled with mystery, live music and love. It has many interesting sights that you should definitely see with your own eyes. The city has collected unique examples of architecture from past centuries. They are nothing to compare. It is necessary to arrange a surprise for your girlfriend or woman and come to us. At Swiss Hotel you can take a break from the daily chores, try Galician dishes, go to a Roman steam room.

Organizing a romantic getaway is one of our immediate tasks, which we solve at the proper level. The hotel is comfortable and comfortable. These are key indicators that make people in love feel good. Nothing prevents them from relaxing and enjoying every minute of their time together. Our guests visit the Valentino restaurant, admire the beautiful view from the window, listen to good music. They have a good time and don't think about the little things. They have everything you need for a comfortable pastime!

Thinking about vacationing for two and not sure which hotel to prefer? We invite you to the best hotel in Lviv! We have important awards to be proud of. This is proof of our professionalism and impeccable service. You can familiarize yourself with the awards and make sure that there are good conditions in Lviv. We have a special section for this. It summarizes all the awards we have earned during our activities.

Accommodation in an elegant room

To make your stay at the Lviv hotel an unforgettable experience, we offer our guests a junior suite. This is a room with an area of ​​35 m2. It has everything that visitors need. It:

plasma panel;
air conditioning;
minibar with alcoholic beverages;
safe deposit box for cash storage.
We have a phone with international and city calls to communicate. For convenience, the Junior Suite has cable TV and free Wi-Fi. Also required are slippers, cosmetics, towel, and hairdryer.

Holiday for two in a junior suite is a great choice that you will never regret! For your convenience, the room has a king size bed, a cozy sitting area and a bathroom. The bedroom has a desk, armchair, wardrobe. All the furniture is quality, beautiful and modern. Soundproofing is provided to prevent noise from visitors. That is why no outside sounds pass through the walls. A soft carpet is laid on the floor. It gives a sense of harmony and comfort.

Transfer to the hotel

The Swiss Hotel keeps pace with the times. Therefore, we have a shuttle service to and from the hotel at the airport and train station. This is a quick and convenient way for our guests. To provide quality services we have an experienced driver. He drives a comfortable Mercedes Viano car. It is a machine that is perfect for travel and luggage. The minivan features a chic appearance and interior fittings. It complies with European safety standards.

Transfer to the hotel is a service that involves the transportation of tourists and luggage to the hotel. It is provided to us at a high level. Loving people who want to relax at a hotel in Lviv use it and are satisfied. They do not think about getting to us from the airport or from the train station. It is our concern that we take on our own hands. Guests know that we will pick them up in time and deliver to their destination. They appreciate it and leave positive feedback about our work and leisure activities.

Using the transfer to the hotel, you will make the right choice! We meet guests at the airport, train station and deliver them to the hotel. Transfer is a safe trip to your destination. You may not have to worry about getting to the Swiss Hotel and bringing your luggage there. We will gladly take care of this. For this we have a professional driver and a comfortable car. These are the main components that make the service properly delivered.

Rest in Roman steam room - wellness procedures

Roman sauna - freedom and relaxation, positive emotions and complete rest. The Romance for Two package includes a two-hour visit to a Roman steam room. This is a unique place where the conditions for a carefree holiday are created. Here you can not only forget about the daily worries, but also improve your health. We thought about everything and arranged the Roman sauna in accordance with the standards. These include temperature and humidity, the use of expensive finishing materials, a cozy atmosphere.

Time spent in a Roman steam room is of great benefit. In the sauna you can get rid of chronic joint pain and headache. This does not limit the benefit of the Roman sauna. Wellness procedures mean:

strengthening of immunity;
improving the overall tone of the body;
getting rid of slag.
Also, when visiting a Roman steam room, blood circulation is activated, skin condition is improved, cellulite is eliminated. People feel free. They improve their mood and the feeling of tension, anxiety disappears.

Roman steam room - a unique place, which provides a lounge. Therefore, you can not only improve the body, but also have a good time. The lounge is equipped according to European trends. It is light, cozy and spacious. The room has two sofas and a table. For convenience, cable TV and a telephone are connected. Visitors to the Roman steam room can order meals, drinks from the Valentino bar and restaurant. For gourmets we offer useful and delicious tea. By staying in a Roman sauna, you will rest and improve your health. This is something that people badly need!

A date on the roof is a great time

A date on the roof is an event you will never forget! This is a wonderful surprise from a man or a young man. It means spending time on the panoramic terrace of the Valentino restaurant, a delicious candlelight dinner and nice music. From the roof there is an amazing view of Lviv. They can admire them for a long time, forgetting everything in the world. During dinner, people in love communicate and admit love. They do not think about everyday problems. Enamored people enjoy amazing moments in their lives and take good pictures.

The panoramic terrace of the Valentino restaurant is specially equipped for romantic dinners. It was created by creative designers. They developed the project documentation and helped to realize all the ideas. This is an unusual setting, glass and metal fence, original lamps. There are many flowers on the panoramic terrace. Unique compositions perfectly complement the exterior and make it a natural touch. Guests of the restaurant are surrounded by flowers and feel comfortable. They like the environment and the unique atmosphere!

Do you like the idea of ​​a date on the roof? Then take this opportunity and make a nice surprise for your girl! The terrace of the Valentino Restaurant is open until 23:00. In the evening, you can invite your beloved girl to the rooftop and confess your love. It's a great way to express your feelings and have a great time. Try something new and enjoy the beautiful views of Lviv! We know you will enjoy both dinner and the environment. We have put a lot of effort into this.

Dinner on the panoramic terrace is a great present for the other half! It can be done just in one way or another on a special occasion (dating date, birthday, valentine's day). A date on the rooftop of the Swiss Hotel is the peak of romance. This is adrenaline, the lights of night Lviv, champagne and delicious food. With the onset of darkness, our city is transformed. You can see it for yourself while on the roof of a building. To do this you need to stay at the hotel and book a table in the corner of the panoramic terrace. We make sure that you are comfortable and interesting. For this we have delicious food, nice music and alcoholic beverages!

Romantic holidays in Lviv - the best places in the city

A romantic getaway means not only a dinner on the terrace and a visit to a Roman steam room. Familiarizing yourself with landmarks is an important point that cannot be overlooked. We suggest visiting the following interesting places:

balcony of lovers - locals say this place is associated with hot feelings. Here in ancient times the Polish king saw a girl and fell in love with her. Such an event dramatically changed his life;
Italian courtyard - love prevails in this place. In the Italian yard want to stay longer. Here you can take a picture, sit at a table for a cup of coffee, and enjoy the unique surroundings;
Stryi Park is the most beautiful place in Lviv. On the territory of the park there is a greenhouse, linden alley, rock garden. Rare plants grow in Stryi Park. For example, tulip tree and Japanese lilac. Lviv Park attracts people in love. In it you can wander the alleys, breathe fresh air, sit on the shore of the lake.
Romantic dinner at the hotel is a gift for the other half

Entrusting us with the organization of a romantic dinner at the hotel, you are not mistaken! We will make sure that you enjoy everything. Our pride is Galician and Italian cuisine. We work with chefs who prepare exquisite dishes and work with the soul. There are many interesting dishes on our menu. This is a meat snack, veal tartare, cream of mushrooms. Napoleon cake or tiramisu can be ordered for dessert. And to have dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, we offer good wine to choose from!

A romantic dinner at Swiss Hotel is an unforgettable experience and delicious food. We know how to surprise our guests. Loving couple having fun at a restaurant and evaluating the taste of wine. They talk about life, make plans for the future and dream. At this time, nice music sounds in the hall. It can be listened to and danced if desired. It depends on individual preferences.

Come and stay with us for a memorable vacation! The Swiss Hotel offers a junior suite and a panoramic terrace. Here you can tell a girl about your feelings, confess to love or just relax. We understand the importance of comfort and impeccable service. Therefore, loving couples are happy with everything. They dine on the rooftop, visit the Roman sauna, get acquainted with the local sights!


04 June 2021

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                        You can look at Lviv from the Town Hall tower or the Valentino terrace, which is located at the Swiss Hotel. Which option would you choose?

You can look at Lviv from the Town Hall tower or the Valentino terrace, which is located at the Swiss Hotel. Which option would you choose?

The landscapes of Lviv and its interesting historical and architectural monuments from the Town Hall tower on Rynok Square can be seen again by anyone. We also want to tell you about another interesting and unusual point in the center of Lviv, which offers an incredible panoramic view of the city of Lviv.

Now we are talking about a summer playground on the roof of one of the most prestigious hotels in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel. This is a panoramic Valentino terrace located at  Knyazya Romana St, 20. Lviv. So residents and guests of our city can come and admire the beautiful views of our ancient city.

To book a room call us:
+38 (032) 240-37-77
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by contacting us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


31 May 2021

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                        Lviv - museum city

Lviv - museum city

Are you coming to Lviv and want to get acquainted with its sights? Then you are definitely interested in the question, which hotels of the city are popular. We can say that the Swiss Hotel is a great option for a vacation! We welcome travelers who come from different parts of the country. They want to see the museum city with their own eyes and have a good time. Tourists enjoy delicious cuisine, local color and atmosphere prevailing in the streets!

Why is our city so called?
Guided tours of Lviv - a popular destination, which is chosen by many tourists. They want to see as many attractions as possible and find out information related to the history of objects. There are many excursions to choose from, among which you can choose the suitable option. It can be a walk or a bus trip. In the first case, walking tours are conducted, during which tourists stroll along Lviv streets. In the second case, a special bus is ordered. He moves on a certain route.

What places to visit in Lviv? This is a question that tourists often ask. Why? The answer is obvious: Lviv is a museum city. It is so called not only because there are many museums in the city. Lviv is a large national-cultural center, which houses historical sights and architectural objects. These include museums, libraries, monasteries, parks. Also on the territory of the city there are a huge number of churches. They amaze with their grandeur and wealth. Inside the churches you can see amazing wall paintings and ancient icons.

Popular tourist route around the city
If you have a little time to relax, you can choose the tour route in Lviv and get acquainted with the main attractions. Walking gives joy and improves mood. Tourists walk around Lviv and explore everything around. They are accompanied by a guide. He acquaints travelers with historical facts and tells a lot of interesting things. Tourists enjoy listening to the guide and enjoy every minute spent on the streets of the ancient city.

Which tourist routes in Lviv are most popular? Most often, tourists prefer the following direction:

railway station - a building located 2.5 km from the central part of the city. It was built a long time ago. Until today, virtually nothing has been preserved from the original version of the railway station;
St. George's Cathedral - the shrine of Greek Catholics. This is an anti-cathedral decorated in the Baroque style. It is striking in its beauty and grandeur;
Potocki Palace is a unique monument that attracts the attention of tourists. It was built on an individually designed project. Previously, social events were held in the palace. Now in the building is an art gallery;
Mickiewicz Square is another object included in the route. It is dedicated to the Polish poet. A fountain is located on the square, inside of which there is a sculpture of Our Lady. It is decorated with dolphin masks;
Bernardine Monastery is a building more like a fortress. Previously, the monastery was used as a fortified point. Now it houses the state historical archive.
An excursion in Lviv is a great way to learn interesting facts about the city and get rid of boredom. After completing a short but eventful tour, travelers have good impressions and wonderful photographs. There are many options for excursions and routes. You can choose the excursion “Streets of Ancient Lviv”, “Dungeons of Lviv”, a walk to the Shevchenkovsky Guy or to the stadium. If you want romance, you can choose the appropriate option. This is a route that includes the Italian courtyard, a monument to a couple in love, the Greek gods in the Market Square.

The best hotels of the city.

If you plan to spend time in the old city, be sure to book a hotel room. "Swiss" is a hotel center in which many tourists relax every year. Travelers stay with us for various reasons. These are the benefits we are proud of. What exactly is meant? Our hotel has won the trust of tourists and has taken a leading place in the tourist market. The main features of the hotel include:

excellent service - it is provided by professional staff with experience. They know what the guests need. Therefore, visitors leave positive feedback and recommend our hotel to their colleagues, friends;
good living conditions - the rooms provide excellent conditions for guests. This is a comfortable environment, original interior, household appliances, modern furniture, Internet access;
children's room - the hotel provides conditions for young visitors. While adults relax in a Roman bath or enjoy a romantic setting on the panoramic terrace, children play in a special room. The room has many toys, walls with painted cartoon characters and huge soft cubes.

Rewards are our pride. We have many valuable rewards. This is evidence that we work in good faith and create wonderful conditions for guests;
unique offers - we value our customers and offer advantageous solutions for them. Our offers are constantly changing. Anyone can use them. For example, we have offers for lovers and for people who go on a business trip.
Holidays in Lviv, at affordable prices, we guarantee in full. Our main responsibilities include creating a comfortable environment and providing high-quality service. But we do not stop there. If necessary, hotel staff will tell you where to go and what to give preference to. We perfectly know our hometown. Therefore, guests enjoy our help. They tell them what they like best. Our employees listen to wishes and on their basis select suitable options. This may be the church of St. Elisabeth, the House of Scientists, the Kornyakt Palace.

Night tours in Lviv.

The ancient city is beautiful at any time of the day. Therefore, many travelers are interested in a night tour of Lviv. This is a great solution. It means the opportunity to see the city in a different light and walk along the streets in the light of lanterns. Such leisure is never forgotten. Tourists enjoy the beautiful night panorama of the European city and hold their breath while listening to the mystical stories of Lviv. They are immersed in an atmosphere in which magic and mystery reign.

If you want to take a fascinating night tour in Lviv, do not put off such a dream for later. Book a room at the Swiss Hotel and immediately go on a trip! We guarantee that you will enjoy the night tour of the old city. There are many offers for tourists to choose from. Alternatively, you can take a walk to the High Castle. The tourist route includes various objects. For example, the church of Mary Snezhnaya and the monastery of St. Onufry. Still travelers like a night city tour “Night Tram” and a photo tour “Night Lions in Radiance.”

What museums can I go to?

There are many objects in the city that can be found. If you do not know what to see in Lviv, trust us. We will advise where it is better to go and what are the features of a particular attraction. It is necessary to spend several days visiting the museum expositions, but you will definitely like this pastime. There are enough museums in the city, among which we want to note the following options:

The city arsenal is a two-story building made of stone. It has a rectangular shape. In the northern part is an octagonal tower. Now the museum has a huge collection of weapons. Tourists come here who are interested in such topics;
Museum Pharmacy - a museum dedicated to the history of pharmacy. The exposition is located in several rooms. Visitors who find themselves in such a place fall into another world. It has a lot of unusual exhibits. This is a variety of pharmacy equipment, pharmaceutical scales and utensils for storing medicines. A pharmacy laboratory was recreated in one room. It is reproduced on the basis of ancient records and books;
Brewery Museum - an object located on the territory of the brewery. Here visitors can see the tools of the ancient brewers, beer barrels and a collection of bottles. The museum has a gift shop. Guests can also watch a film on brewing, and try hops in the tasting room;
Andrey Sheptitsky Museum - an object founded by the Greek Catholic Metropolitan. The museum has a unique collection of exhibits. It includes manuscripts, engravings, pottery, drawings on glass.

Where can I have a delicious dinner?

Tourists are concerned not only with the question of where to visit Lviv, but also where to eat. We know the answer to an important question. You can eat and enjoy a noble drink in the Valentino restaurant. In this institution, guests feel great. They find themselves in an unusual environment in which there are unique decorative elements, luxury interior items, unusual details. All rooms are decorated in an original style. For example, a wonderful winter garden was created in the green room. Once in such a hall, visitors forget about pressing problems. They enjoy a setting filled with greenery and freshness!

Interesting restaurants in Lviv - a common request that users drive into the search bar. Before going to a foreign city, they are looking for an institution that has a good reputation. This restaurant is Valentino. This is a luxurious establishment, designed on the basis of current trends. Here you can eat and drink a glass of amazing wine. The menu offers a variety of dishes, and in the wine list you can find a drink that you have not even heard of before.

What is a must see in Lviv?

Lviv and its attractions fascinate all tourists who have arrived on an excursion. This is not surprising, because the city has many places that it is impossible not to visit. For example, history buffs go to the Potocki Palace. This is an old building erected in 1880. It was designed by a Polish architect. The palace is made according to a special idea, so it looks beautiful and attracts the attention of tourists. The architectural monument is decorated in a French classic style. To create a luxurious atmosphere in the building, beautiful paintings, molding, and marble were used.

What is a must see in Lviv? The answer to this question depends on the preferences of tourists. Many travelers go to Stryi Park, to the Transfiguration Church, to the Lubomirsky Palace. Famous sites include the Powder Tower. This is a monument erected from raw stone. It is designed as a cut ellipse. The Powder Tower used to be used to defend the city. Today, tourists who like history come to see it.

If you are interested in Lviv vacations, prices will not seem high. Staying at our hotel, you will relax and stroll around the city in your free time. We have many attractions that deserve your attention. The choice of objects that you plan to visit depends on personal preference. In Lviv there are enough museums, historical places and unique architectural structures. Therefore, all tourists who come to us, fully enjoy their vacation. They find themselves in an amazing world where you can see old houses, churches and cozy courtyards!


31 May 2021

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                        Cooperation of Swiss Hotel Lviv with KAYAK

Cooperation of Swiss Hotel Lviv with KAYAK

We are pleased to inform you that we have been cooperating with KAYAK, a company that has been revolutionizing the tourism business since 2004.

Purpose of search for travelers? Nobody dreamed of that. Until they put it into practice.
We currently process billions of requests a year on all of our platforms, helping millions of travelers around the world confidently plan their next trips. With each query, KAYAK searches hundreds of pages so you can find the most suitable tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc.
Together we help travelers explore the world. We add some links below:

● Links to KAYAK flights page → Find a place to stay.
● Link to KAYAK guide → See travel tips in the Guide.
● Link to KAYAK page → Find options to order a car in Lviv


28 May 2021

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                        Breakfast in Valentino restaurant

Breakfast in Valentino restaurant


Dear and dear guests!

We are glad to inform You!

In the "Valentino" restaurant every day from 8:00 to 11:00 you can start your perfect day with a delicious breakfast on the new menu and be filled with inspiration from of the best restaurant in Lviv!

The price of the buffet breakfast is UAH 400. per person, for a child under 6 years old - free of charge, for a child between 6 and 12 years old - half price.
We invite you to meet sunny mornings with us and fragrant coffee and delicacies in the "Valentino" restaurant!
Phones for table reservation:
+38 (032) 235-67-66, +38 (097) 235-67-77


25 May 2021

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                        There will be an art gallery in the underground passage on the Mytna Square instead of trade pavilions. It is a 5-minute walk from the Swiss Hotel.

There will be an art gallery in the underground passage on the Mytna Square instead of trade pavilions. It is a 5-minute walk from the Swiss Hotel.

Such an initiative was announced by the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy at a meeting of the executive committee during the consideration of the dismantling of trade pavilions in the underground passage on Mytna Square.
This was announced by the press service of the city council.



The mayor proposed to equip an art gallery for young artists in the transition. "We are investing heavily in the public space nearby. Therefore, we need to talk to the authors of this project - the company "Ruthenia", so that they also give their opinion on the transition, and we made an art space there, "- said Andrew Sadovy.

Now works on renovation of the proceed. According to the historical context, the moat is planned to be filled with water, which will move in a circle.

There will be an extremely interesting art space organized here. So we invite guests to the Swiss hotel where we will soon prepare new and interesting tours. Lviv is a wonderful city for a vacation with a family or beloved ones. Of course, we must also mention the terrace of the restaurant "Valentino", which is located on the seventh and eighth floors of the Swiss hotel.

To book a room call us:

+38 (032) 240-37-77

+38 (096) 240-37-77

You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the or by contacting us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv, the Swiss Hotel.



18 May 2021

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                        An exhibition of relics of the XII-XV centuries will be opened in the dungeon of the Garrison Church.

An exhibition of relics of the XII-XV centuries will be opened in the dungeon of the Garrison Church.

The terrace of the Swiss Hotel overlooks the church.

On May 6th, at 3 p.m. an exhibition of Christian relics of the 12th-15th centuries "Ars sacra: Journey to the Middle Ages" was opened in the museum-dungeon of the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of the Lviv Archdiocese of the UGCC.


The opening ceremony was attended by: Bishop of the Curia of the Kyiv-Halych Supreme Archdiocese, Bishop Stepan Sus; the rector of the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, the head of the Center of the Military Chaplaincy of the UGCC LA Fr. Taras Mikhalchuk; management of Lviv city and regional authorities, clergy, public figures, Lviv patrons and collectors of antiquities.

"Ukrainian culture has an extremely rich ancient church tradition of the Ukraine-Russia period. Lviv collectors managed to save unique relics. These relics are made of metal - a technique of creating relief images on various metals. The art of metal plastics today is little studied and underestimated.

The items saved by collectors are a unique testimony to the history of spirituality and the formation of Christianity in Ukraine. These things were preserved despite the war, the destruction and looting of churches, looting of shrines. It is time to return the relics to the Church. Unique Christian relics will be donated by Lviv collectors to the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of the UGCC, "the organizers said.
In Lviv, the Garrison Church of Peter and Paul from the Swiss Hotel is within easy reach. At the reception of the Swiss hotel our staff will provide you with qualified assistance in organizing your leisure time  and will tell you about interesting tourist places which you should definitely visit! Also from the panoramic terrace of the restaurant "Valentino", which at the hotel offers an incredible view of the Lviv city, from which, incidentally, you can see the domes of the Garrison Church of Peter and Paul.
To book a room call us:
+38 (032) 240-37-77
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by contacting us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


06 May 2021

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                        Vaccination of services in Lviv, including employees of the Swiss Hotel

Vaccination of services in Lviv, including employees of the Swiss Hotel

Lviv mobile teams are starting to vaccinate employees of strategic enterprises, trade and market establishments, food establishments and hotels, banks and post offices. This was announced by Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy on his Facebook page. Vaccinations are made with CoviShield, manufactured by Oxford-Astra Zeneca, the mayor added.

The situation with coronavirus incidence and hospitalizations also continues to be monitored in Lviv. Currently, due to favorable dynamics, the city administration has allowed the resumption of summer terraces of restaurants and indoors. We hope that the team of the Swiss Hotel will be vaccinated as soon as possible, because we are very worried about the health of our guests and our own! We do our best for the safe stay of guests in our hotel and restaurant!
To book a room call us:
+38 (032) 240-37-77
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by contacting us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.