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We appreciate the simple beauty in sitting down to your favorite meal and softly sipping away at your glass of wine. But in order for the wine to reach your glass, it must first go through our sommelier. We work directly with supreme wineries world-wide to make sure each case is in its finest condition. This stems from a passion for wine and the want to share it with others. From top-selling value samplers to rare aged Cabernet, our wine collection features memorable wines perfect for gift-giving. We are committed to responsible drinking!

Capacity 10 pax
Area 20 sq. m
Working hours ​​​​​​​Working hours: 8am - 11pm

To book a table

+380 322 356 766

+380 972 356 777

Types of seating

  • Round table


    10 pax

  • U-shape


    10 pax