08 October 2021

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Lviv Mafia Club in Swiss Hotel Lviv

                        Lviv Mafia Club in Swiss Hotel Lviv

Mafia game is a unique game that develops you as a person. Have you ever tried to play this game with your friends?

From now on you can play the game "Mafia" in Lviv in the conference hall of the hotel "Swiss". This game will open you a new world of adventure and new acquaintances.

First of all, the Mafia teaches to think and draw logical conclusions. And who relies more on their intuition, you have a chance to develop it. During the game you have to talk and persuade a lot, as a result of which you develop your oratory skills. You can also check at the same time if you have the gift of persuasion. This is very important in this game.

The Mafia gives more than the school. After all, "Mafia" is one of the few intellectual and psychological games that teaches to gradually prove their point of view with the help of arguments and facts.

As for emotions, the Mafia teaches to be restrained and emotionless, referring only to the conclusions of the mind. And at the same time it develops you as an actor. Because it is your facial expressions, gestures, emotions that can play against you. Your task is to learn to control them.

Another advantage of this game is that it teaches to work in a team and act confidently in unpredictable situations. All of these skills are so necessary in real life. And to improve them it is not necessary to attend courses or trainings. Just play "Mafia".

Play and grow!

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