01 December 2019

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Family Rooms at the Swiss Hotel

                        Family Rooms at the Swiss Hotel

Holidays for families with children - an ideal offer

Going to Lviv for the weekend, you make the right decision! The ancient Ukrainian city is an important cultural center of the country. It houses museums, theaters, a philharmonic society and the House of Organ Music. The architecture of the city reflects different styles that correspond to certain historical eras. This is baroque, renaissance, classicism. In Lviv, Orthodox and Catholic churches prevail. If desired, you can see the Dominican Church, the Bernardine Church, St. George's Cathedral, the Church of the Intercession.

Holidays at the Swiss Hotel are a great offer enjoyed by couples! They come to Lviv from different parts of Ukraine. Our guests enjoy relaxing in a family room decorated with current trends. Families with children enjoy all conveniences and stroll through the streets of the old city at leisure. They familiarize themselves with the sights, take pictures on the background of architectural objects, visit museums. Tourists have a wonderful time, so after returning home, they recall with emotion the past weekend.

Where to book a hotel room in Lviv?

If you are concerned about this issue, use our services. The family room at the Swiss Hotel is beautiful and comfortable. It is properly equipped. Therefore, couples and children feel great. Adults visit the Roman bath and relax in the room. Children watch cartoons on a large plasma TV and have fun. Our guests are always in a good mood. They have no time to be bored, because the city has a lot of interesting things.

Finding a hotel in the center of Lviv is easy. Our institution is located on Ostap Nizhankivskogo Street, 20. It is not far from Rynok Square. In the central square of the ancient city are unusual sights. Here you can see the bench of lovers created by talented craftsmen. The bench is made as if it were held by two lions. They protect a couple in love from life's adversity. Still on Rynok Square there is the Black House, built by architect Krasovsky and the museum pharmacy, inside which there are more than three thousand exhibits.

If you need a room in a hotel, give preference to our establishment. We are visited by couples with young children and older spouses. We respect all guests and offer them the best conditions for relaxation! The guests appreciate this and next time they stay at the Swiss Hotel. They like how the family room is arranged and what atmosphere reigns in it. Guests also enjoy impeccable service and the attention we pay to them. For us, this is the best award testifying to the fact that we work harmoniously and professionally.

Chic Family Room at Swiss Hotel

To book a room in the hotel of Lviv, you need to contact us. Our family room is tastefully decorated. It has a peaceful atmosphere. Modern decorative materials have been used to improve the environment. They are characterized by environmental safety and aesthetic appeal. To make people feel comfortable, comfortable furniture is placed in the rooms. These are large double beds, a wardrobe for storing clothes, an armchair. There is also a desk. On it you can draw, work on a laptop, read magazines.

Family room at Swiss Hotel refers to two connecting rooms. Their total area is 62 m2. Each room has a seating area. In it you can relax and enjoy the time spent in our comfortable room. To ensure that guests do not need anything, the room has a plasma TV, minibar, safe. Suitable indoor temperatures are maintained using an air conditioner. The rooms are quiet and calm, because the rooms have soundproof walls. Therefore, nothing distracts guests from the rest.

Having booked a room in the hotel of Lviv for a family, you will be satisfied with the level of service. As a pleasant bonus, we suggest spending time in a Roman steam room. In the process of a two-hour session, you will heal the body and relax. The Roman sauna is warm and comfortable. During a stay in the steam room, nervous tension is eliminated, strength is replenished and a surge of vigor is felt. Roman steam room has a beneficial effect on the body. Therefore, after the end of the session, people feel much better. Their chronic fatigue disappears and vitality appears!

Famous architectural monuments of Lviv

If you want to go to Lviv for the weekend with your children, do not delay the trip! The city has interesting places and unique attractions. Tourists decide on their own where they want to go, or book excursions. Representatives of the city government are developing infrastructure, restoring historic buildings, developing projects for the restoration of facilities. Therefore, every year the city develops and becomes more beautiful. It attracts Ukrainian and foreign tourists.

What is a must see in Lviv? Religious buildings, parks, and monuments delight travelers. The historical part of the city is included in the UNESCO list. There are preserved monuments erected in the XIV-XVII century. They are interested in history and ancient culture lovers. Every year, many tourists come to Lviv. Travelers explore the sights and take home pleasant memories.

To make the weekend in Lviv a success, we advise you to come to us and see firsthand the unusual architectural objects:

The House of Scientists is a monument located in the city center. It is made in the Baroque style. The House of Scientists is open to tourists. It has a lot of interesting interior items. This is a huge mirror, consisting of many small elements, a carved oak staircase, stained glass in the form of hoarfrost;
Potocki Palace is an architectural site located on Copernicus Street. It is made in the style of classicism. In the Potocki Palace there are ceremonial halls for meeting guests. In their design, modeling and multi-colored marble were used;
Boimov Chapel is a monument designed by sculptor Bemer. The construction of the chapel began by the merchant George Boim. His son completed the construction of a unique facility. On one facade of the chapel you can see a portrait of Boim and his wife. Other facades are decorated with stone carvings;
chimney sweep monument - this object is located on the roof. It is made in the form of a chimney sweep, in the hands of which is a hat-cylinder. Tourists constantly come to this monument. They throw coins into the hole in the hat and make wishes;
Monument to Adam Mickiewicz is a historical landmark, made in the form of a column, a figure of a famous poet and an angel. The column is made of granite. At its top there are gilded tongues of flame;
Monument to Ivan Pidkova - a landmark dedicated to the ataman of the cat. The monument was created by the Lviv sculptor P. Kulik. Legend has it that Ivan Pidkova had great strength and unbent horseshoes with his hands.

It is impossible to inspect the architectural monuments of Lviv in one day. Therefore, we recommend that you spend at least two days in the city. During this time, you will see many attractions, which include the Lubomirsky Palace, the Italian courtyard, the Ivasyuk monument, the Powder Tower. If you wish, you can go to Stryi Park and take a walk along the alleys. The park has many green spaces. Children here like the Ivasik-Telesik fountain. It reproduces the fabulous atmosphere of the fairy tale of the same name. In the evening, the fountain shimmers with different colors. Music also sounds.

Restaurant in the center of Lviv

The sights in Lviv are magnificent! You can’t argue with that. But even in the Ukrainian city there is a chic restaurant, which serves interesting dishes from cheese, tuna, meat, fresh vegetables. The restaurant has a luxurious atmosphere. These are ancient murals, Venetian chandeliers, soft carpets. Such elements contribute to the creation of a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, guests feel as if in paradise! They browse the menu, order food and enjoy the surroundings.

Restaurants in the center of Lviv are institutions that are distinguished by the quality of service and attitude towards customers. In the restaurant "Valentino" there are always a lot of people. Among them are couples with children. The owners of the institution did not forget about the children. Therefore, the restaurant has a special room designed for entertainment. It has a variety of toys, beautiful furniture, TV. The guys here are very interested. Children examine the painted walls, play in large cubes, watch cartoons. At this time, adults are in the restaurant. A special menu has been developed for children. It is original and diverse!

Popular tourist routes of Lviv

What to see Lviv - a common search query that interests tourists. Before traveling, travelers browse the information on the Internet and decide what sights to see. The choice of architectural objects depends on the age of people and their preferences. If a couple has children, the entertainment program is completely different. Children like the water park "Beach", the Lviv State Circus, entertainment complexes.

Tourist routes of Lviv are a popular destination, which is preferred by travel lovers. These include:

Golden Horseshoe - a tourist route, which means a visit to the Olesko, Podgoretsky, Zolochevsky castle. These objects are located in a special way. If you look at the map and mark them, you can see the horseshoe;
From the spacers to the little ones - an excursion during which participants will find many unexpected surprises. Tourists stroll through the historical part of the city, as well as visit catering establishments. From such a dynamic tour they have an unforgettable experience;
Travel by miracle train is a wonderful tour for couples with children. During the trip, tourists sightsee and immerse themselves in the history of Lviv. They listen to what the audio guide is saying. The route of the excursion on the magic train includes the town hall, the opera house, and a monument to King Daniel.

Book a family room in a couple of clicks

"Swiss" is the best hotel in Lviv in the center, where couples with children can stay. This is a great offer for tourists who want to see the sights. Our customers book rooms at a convenient time. This can be done on the site. It is necessary to indicate the date of arrival and departure, the number of people (adults and children). It is also necessary to indicate contact details and confirm the application. It takes a little time to complete these simple steps.

Holidays for families with children are what we pay close attention to! Come to us and have fun in your free time. The Swiss Hotel has excellent conditions for a good rest. It is a cozy room decorated in pleasant colors, an Italian restaurant and a Roman steam room. In addition to relaxing in your room, you can get acquainted with the sights and go on an excursion. In the ancient European city there are many unique architectural objects and monuments. Therefore, the time spent in Lviv with children will never be forgotten!