27 November 2018

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Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

                        Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

When and where is the Autumn Festival held?
If you want to get to the meat and good music festival, book a hotel in the center of Lviv. Swiss Hotel invites all lovers of barbecue and barbecue for the holiday! Every year, guests who like aromatic steaks and unique atmosphere of the festival come to us. They take part in a grand event and are interested in everything that goes on around them. There is a lot of fun in the gastronomic program. The main events include the Grilex Championships, professional competitions and amateur culinary contests. This is just a small part of the entertainment program. Come to us and look at everything with your own eyes!

When is the BBQ festival? The autumn festival is held in the last days of September. Within a few days, the participants of the gastronomic feast showcase their culinary talents, compete with each other and give positive emotions to others. The festival is held in the territory of the Park of Culture. B. Khmelnitsky. This is a well-known attraction that attracts nature lovers. The park is considered one of the most orderly. There are sports, discos, festivities constantly organized here.

How was that?
For several years, the BBQ has pleased lovers of steaks that are cooked over an open fire. The organizers annually develop an interesting program and bring in new items. For the holidays, guests enjoy delicious food, attend workshops, take part in competitions and listen to music. For children, fun is also provided. Therefore, little guests do not miss the holiday. While parents are cooking steaks or watching butts, they have fun. For this purpose, there is a specially equipped place on the territory of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Park.

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

Every year the BBQ attracts new guests. This is not surprising because people like delicious meat, good music and an unusual setting. They tell the story of what is happening at the festival, to their relatives and friends. Therefore, the number of guests and participants of the festival is steadily increasing. What was interesting about Lviv Barbecue Fest, you ask? Key events include:

Ukraine's record set - the barbecue festival created a huge picture of fried meat. It was a striking phenomenon that is still stored in memory;
the Grilex BBQ Championship was held at the 2017 Spring Festival. Professionals and amateurs fought for the prize. They showed their abilities and gave the guests a sea of ​​positive emotions;
in 2018, a community of honorary guests of the barbecue festival was created.
Gastronomic feast is a large-scale event filled with new tastes and emotions! Lviv Hotels and Swiss Hotel invite guests to the Autumn Meat Festival. We know that all party participants have fun and find what they like. This can be steak cooking over open fire, dancing to incendiary music, authoring workshops on cooking. You can also take photos that will always be reminiscent of an event that is associated with flavored fried meat!

What is planned in Lviv BBQ Fest?

Celebrating the Texas style holiday is something that will definitely interest you! The one who comes up with an unusual image is in for a surprise. For the Texan style of clothing, the main items are a cowboy hat, a card shirt, and tight boots with a pinched up sock. If you find all this and create a unique image, you are guaranteed to win a prize! Additionally, at the festival you will enjoy meat dishes, dance, listen to music and laugh when the stage of the band "Lviv City Stand Up" is performed.

Book a Swiss hotel in the center of Lviv and come to our city. The barbecue festival will be very interesting. The organizers of the gastronomic festival "Lviv Fairs" annually develop an exciting program. It includes the following events:

traditional championship among amateurs and professionals;
performances by residents of the Lviv City Stand Up band;
movie viewing - during the day, barbecue festival members vote for the movie they want to watch in the evening;
art-zone, equipped with Lviv sculptors - here you can take pictures and relax;
author workshops - professionals will share their experiences and teach you to cook meat on an open fire.
There is no room for boredom at the city picnic located in the Bogdan Khmelnytsky Culture Park. You can have fun, cook grilled meat, and enjoy light background music. Guests of the gastronomic festival are waiting for a huge table (up to 40 meters) with delicious and aromatic food prepared by professionals. You will also be able to participate in rodeo competitions and showcase your abilities. Even in the holiday program is scheduled competition for the title of the best cowboy. So try your best and find all the Texan-inspired accessories. There will be many participants, but the win will be the best!

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

Bohdan Khmelnytsky Park has everything you need for a grand barbecue festival. The territory of the park is divided into several thematic zones. These include a shared table that brings together grilled meat lovers. The park also has a lounge area, a beauty area and a venue for themed workshops. The Grilex Championship will be held in a separate place. The festival participants perform on a large stage, surrounded by nature. For the guests of honor there is a VIP-zone. For children there is also everything you need for a good mood. In the children's area you can have fun all day and enjoy the holidays!

If you like to cook grilled meat, check out Lviv hotels and book a room at Swiss Hotel! The highlight of the gastronomic feast is the ability to prepare meat, cheese and vegetables purchased at the festival. For this purpose, a huge grill area is provided in the park. Here is a professional equipment designed for cooking on an open fire. At the festival you can show your talents, prepare delicious dishes and treat them to friends.

Gastronomic battles
In September, the territory of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Park turns into a huge kitchen. At the BBQ festival, the meat is grilled and grilled, and grilled vegetables are cooked. Therefore, there are pleasant scents everywhere, which is impossible to fall in love with. Gastronomic battles compete for the grand prize. They showcase their culinary skills and amaze others. The winner is the one who shows himself the best and cooks the most delicious meat on the grill.

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

Gastronomic battles are not the only event you enjoy! Book a Swiss hotel in the center of Lviv and go to us! Choose one of the cozy rooms, tell us your wishes and take advantage of additional services. We promise that the holiday will be remembered for a long time. You will take a break from work and enjoy the unique flavors of fried meat. Meat on an open fire will be prepared by the best chefs of Lviv restaurants. All of this will be complemented by craft beer, calm music and a friendly atmosphere.

Culinary competitions - a great opportunity to showcase your talents and cook delicious meat, vegetables on an open fire. Anyone can use it. In September in our ancient city is held a barbecue festival. As part of the gastronomic festival, professionals and amateurs compete for the title of best of the best. They make every effort to keep the meat juicy and flavorful. It works well for them, because to get a good result there is everything you need: professional equipment, relaxed atmosphere and support from the guests of the festival.

Lviv BBQ Fest Championship is the main event of the holiday
This is an event that involves workshops from talented chefs and culinary competitions between professionals and amateurs. A presentation of breweries, an interesting entertaining and cultural program and an exhibition and sale of open-fire meat equipment are also planned within the Lviv BBQ Fest Championship. Championship participants compete in the preparation of grilled dishes and try to bypass opponents. They use all their experience and knowledge they have acquired before. Participants also experiment and implement their own ideas.

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

What does the winner and the finalists of the BBQ festival receive? They will receive valuable prizes from the organizers of the grand event. It is a Grilex company that is a distributor of grills and barbecues in our country. Her collection includes professional equipment from well-known brands. The winner and finalists of the BBQ Championship receive valuable prizes and certificates. This is a well-deserved award for tasty and aromatic meats, vegetables and cheese cooked over an open fire.

Interesting events at the gastronomic festival
By booking a Swiss hotel in the center of Lviv, you will make the right choice! We are constantly visited by guests who want to participate in the barbecue festival. They stay in a cozy room and enjoy all the benefits of civilization. Guests stay here for several days. They come to the festival and are interested in everything that the organizers of the gastronomic feast have envisioned. Participants of the event are photographed near the installations of Lviv sculptors and vote for which movie will be shown on the big screen. Extreme lovers participate in rodeo competitions, and connoisseurs of delicious fried meat prepare or taste the dishes.

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

The biggest picnic in the city is the long-awaited event that invites locals and visitors from other cities. The barbecue festival leaves no one indifferent. You can take part in a burger workshop, show off your skills in professional meat grilling, or just enjoy the unforgettable taste of craft beer. The organizer of the festival "Lviv Fairs" has prepared thematic entertainment for every taste. That is why adults and children find it! Holiday guests receive valuable prizes, showcase their talents and listen to music. They get into an atmosphere filled with pleasant aromas, songs and positive emotions!

Barbecue Festival is an annual city festival that gathers many people. It's not just delicious meat, fresh vegetables and cheese. The grand festival program includes many unique events:

the Fire Space project;
competition for the best cowboy image;
performances by Lviv City Stand Up;
exhibitions and sales of professional equipment for grilling;
children's animation and other entertainment;
gastronomic fair;
a common 40-meter table that brings together real meat lovers;
traditional barbecue championship among professionals;
cooking steak in BBQ EXPO area.
Welcome to a grand picnic!
As you can see, there are many activities. Book a Swiss hotel in advance in the center of Lviv and come to Lviv Barbecue Fest. Many unforgettable events await you! The organizers of the grand city picnic prepared a rich and varied program. It includes themed masterclasses, cookbooks and movie space. Honorary guests are provided with a VIP area and special privileges! There is also a special place in the park for friends of the BBQ fire company. Choose what you like best and enjoy the holiday with your family or friends!