18 August 2022

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During the war, the Lviv hotel adapted to the conditions and economic situation in Ukraine by offering various promotions and offers

                        During the war, the Lviv hotel adapted to the conditions and economic situation in Ukraine by offering various promotions and offers

Since we introduced various tariffs, promotions, offers - bookings have increased significantly, thus we have adapted to modern market conditions and focused on the internal guest. This resulted in almost 70% occupancy of our number pool.

Other tariffs and promotions can be viewed at this link:


Swiss Hotel in Lviv offers a discounted accommodation rate until the end of 2022.

The longer you stay in our hotel, the less you pay! We guarantee a 30% discount on accommodation when you stay for 7 days or more. The long-term stay package is an extraordinary opportunity to get all the benefits and save money on a business visit to Lviv. For our part, we guarantee you complete safety and compliance with all standards of safety, cleanliness in rooms, hotels and restaurants, taking into account all recommendations of the Ministry of Health and local authorities regarding actions in the event of an air alert.

This vacation or business trip can be organized for you in the most comfortable way. Hotel in Lviv "Swiss Hotel" will make your vacation perfect, as you see it! At your service: spa, "Mask" beauty center, Italian cuisine restaurant "Valentino" with a panoramic terrace, wine room, wine cellar, VIP room with its own terrace overlooking the Market Square, we can also organize excursions for you: gastronomic excursion, attractive medieval, baroque, renaissance, modernism tours, we will create a romantic and relaxing rest and mood, which will turn your stay in the hotel into your own home. After all, the slogan has long been and remains - "A home away from home".

The offer is valid for a stay of 7 days or more and includes:

up to 30% discount on accommodation
breakfast - 20% discount
free early check-in and late check-out (pre-booking required)
accommodation of children is free
20% discount on restaurant and bar services*
20% discount on laundry services
Twice in seven days access to the Roman-Turkish steam room (2 hours each)
2 hours of free rental of the meeting room (pre-booking required)
free parking
compliance with safety and cleanliness standards - we are as safe as possible!
Write to us or call us and take advantage of this offer.
Live in our seven days of carefree life!

We are located at the address: st. Knyazya Romana, 20
To book a room, call us:

You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the coziest hotel in Lviv - Swiss Hotel .


+380 322 403 777