15 December 2022

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We always have light and warm! Swiss Hotel Lviv

                        We always have light and warm! Swiss Hotel Lviv

In Lviv, a diesel generator is operating at the Shveitsarsky hotel.
In the last few weeks, there have been partial power outages in Ukraine. And given the threat of further attacks on the country's energy facilities, there is a risk of longer blackouts.

The hotel in Lviv is equipped with two independent transformer substations, so there are currently no power outages. So visitors, guests of the hotel can rest, work and use electrical devices without interruption, thanks to the generator, backup sockets will work in every hotel room, as well as in the Valentino restaurant, and critical lighting of work and common areas. We also have a convenient shelter.

We have a generator for video surveillance cameras and Internet equipment, in the event of a power outage, the equipment must work in normal mode until the centralized power supply is fully restored.


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