14 November 2019

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Business trip to Lviv - no worries!

                        Business trip to Lviv - no worries!

Unique offer for hotel guests!

Prior to a business trip to another city, there is a question about booking a hotel room. To solve it, we should use our help. To do this, call us at the phone number listed on the site and to withdraw the number for a certain time. Another option is possible. It means email communication. We respond promptly to customer requests and clarify their wishes. Therefore, business people who come to Lviv for business trips are satisfied with the level of service.

Business travel is a common phenomenon in many fields of activity. It means holding thematic congresses, forums, seminars, round tables. In this direction, our team is paying close attention. That is why the Lviv hotel has a great offer. It covers everything you need for a comfortable stay, conferences and relaxation. Here are some points:

Buffet breakfast is a service provided by the Valentino restaurant. This is a self-serve food service. The guest chooses the dishes that he likes and which he wants to try. These are hot dishes and snacks, vegetables, fruits, various drinks. Breakfast is held in a convenient format. Man selects dishes based on personal preferences;
fresh press directly into the room - the hotel's guest gets new issues of newspapers, from which you can learn the latest news. This is a useful service. Business people need to be aware of developments in the country and in the world;
a good discount at the Valentino restaurant - you will not be mistaken by taking advantage of the "Travel without worry" offer. We offer a 20% discount on visiting Valentino's Restaurant. This is a nice bonus for business people who want to meet with partners in an informal setting and discuss business;
parking is a service used by hotel guests that cost 100 UAH per night. In many cases our guests come to Lviv by car. We anticipated such a moment. Parking is available in the surrounding area. Therefore, you can not worry about saving the car. The vehicle will be under safe guard;
good discount on laundry services - 30% off. Our hotel has a laundry room. The property offers laundry facilities and is free from unnecessary care.

Booking a room at the Swiss Hotel is the best solution for those who go on a business trip to another city. We are not only comfortable and peaceful. We have created ideal conditions for thematic seminars, round tables, business meetings with foreign partners. When you stay at the hotel, you will forget about household issues. You will do business without thinking about the little things!

Conference Hotel in Lviv

Swiss Swiss Business Hotel is a Lviv hotel specializing in business travel services. We have excellent infrastructure and good facilities for high-level events. We provide business people with a wide range of services, including training, training seminars, workshops. Our specialists know what the employees of the companies need. Therefore, we provide a meeting room, wireless internet access, and all the necessary equipment.

Corporate and business tourism are trips of employees of organizations for the purpose of negotiations, international events, presentations. They are aimed at expanding the company, establishing contacts with new investors or suppliers. Incentive tours are also possible. These are motivational trips organized by the firm for its employees or for business partners. They combine vacations, sightseeing programs, elements of trainings and conferences.

The Swiss Hotel provides quality services to its guests. The hotel has a multifunctional complex, equipped according to modern trends. The conference room houses audio and video equipment, as well as other technical equipment. Therefore, proper arrangements are made.

Conference room at the hotel

Our conference room is a special room intended for organization of negotiations, seminars, trainings. It houses modern furniture and quality lighting. Therefore, business events take place in an environment that is effective. In addition, small breaks are provided to restore strength and improve productivity. It's a coffee break and a business lunch. These are important components of the workday.

Business center services at Swiss Hotel are provided at a high level. People who went on business trip to Lviv leave positive feedback. They take advantage of all the opportunities we have. We value our reputation. Our staff make every effort to keep the guests happy. For this purpose we have experience in this field of activity and advanced technical equipment, without which we can not do when conducting meetings, presentations, round tables.

Comfortable rooms for our guests

If you need to rent a conference room at a hotel, contact us! The Lviv hotel provides good conditions for business tourists. Not only work is meant by them. We suggest to rent the best equipped room. We have Standard, Junior, and Luxury rooms. For guests to feel comfortable, the rooms have created excellent conditions for work, relaxation. This is a connection to a wireless network, landline telephone, safe, mini bar, cable TV.

Rent a conference room at the Swiss Hotel is a great choice! With us you can realize everything you have planned and relax in a cozy room after the events. The room has air conditioning, desk, armchair, bed, sofa, wardrobe. Therefore, guests feel comfortable and rest from work in a favorable environment.

Delicious food at Valentino restaurant

Our hotel in the center of Lviv is known to many tourists who go on business trips to the ancient city. Our guests can eat, use the services of a business center, conduct a seminar or training. Our main principle is individual approach to the client. Hotel managers help you decide on your hotel accommodation and fulfill your business meeting wishes.

The Swiss Hotel is what you need for a business trip! We have taken into account all the moments that worry foreign tourists. Therefore, our guests are engaged in their work and in their free time rest. They visit the Valentino restaurant, which serves Ukrainian and Italian cuisine. They are given a 20% discount. This is a great deal that our guests like. They browse the menu and order whatever they want. There are many interesting dishes on the menu. Example:

Vitello toned;
Norwegian salmon tartare;
palette of Italian cheeses;
eel salad;
spinach cream soup;
julienne with mushrooms;
baked trout;
tuna fried in sesame.
If you want to rent a room at a hotel and are planning a business event, stay with us! Our hotel is centrally located. After the working day, you can have dinner at the Valentino restaurant and then have an exciting walk around Lviv. The old town has many attractions. Therefore, in your spare time you can get distracted from work and have a good time.

Top quality catering service

Catering is one of the many services we provide. This is the catering industry. It means outbound service. We have everything we need to provide such a service. We organize meals at various events. VIP catering is done at a high level. The menu of the restaurant "Valentino" has dishes for every taste. These are fish assortments, salads with fresh vegetables, hot appetizers, veal medallions, duck fillets with cherry sauce.

If you are interested in business trips, use our services! We provide a catering service like a fancy restaurant. This retains the benefits of outbound service. These include convenience, a huge selection of dishes, accessibility. We have been providing catering services for a long time. Our employees organize closed meetings with domestic and foreign partners, negotiations and other events that promote business development.

Concierge service at Swiss Hotel

Concierge services are a business card of the hotel. This is a service that is meant to fulfill requests of guests. For example, the staff of our hotel can book a taxi, buy train tickets, remind of a business meeting, book a table on the panoramic terrace of the Valentino restaurant. These are the responsibilities that our hotel staff are highly responsible for. They listen to the wishes of the guests and implement them based on the opportunities available.

Using the concierge services, you will save time and quickly complete all the tasks. With our help you will meet with partners and investors in the conference room, relax from work in a cozy room and have a delicious dinner at the luxurious restaurant "Valentino". We can order a variety of services, ranging from making urgent purchases to choosing a souvenir for a business partner or a loved one.

Transfer as a gift!

Booking a room at the Swiss Hotel is the choice of many people who go on business trips. This is due to the fact that we have excellent conditions for business meetings. It is an opportunity to rent a conference room, equipped with modern technical equipment. Guests can also use the business center. This is a great offer that no one refuses!

Parking, catering service, conference room rental for business events are all part of the services we provide. Our unique Travel-Free Travel offers all types of single-occupancy rooms.  Take advantage of our offer and get rid of worries while traveling to Lviv. Your trip to the ancient Ukrainian city will be as it should be!