13 October 2021

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We have united the best masters of Lviv. They are ready to make any effort to make you feel beautiful, happy and confident!

Huge choice
Customers note the variety of exclusive brands and services. If there is a beauty problem, there will be options for its solution. Creative masters, daily analyzing trends, cosmetologists test the latest developments and new cosmetic products. International accreditation, security measures we take to protect our customers from coronavirus, we take all measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 and measures to confirm the security of the service.

If any new fashion technology can potentially harm health, it is not introduced into services, despite its popularity.

Evaluate the record
You can make an appointment by phone, consult, get information about services. You will also be helped by daily posts on social networks with the works of masters. Come for a consultation, talk to one or more professionals and make your choice. Visit the nearby beauty salon. If you want to sign up for a set of procedures, you can organize several services at once in one day. Traditionally, after the first visit, the client is provided with an additional service.

Gift certificate of a beauty salon in Lviv
The card is an elite gift. It can be bought in the salon or with delivery: +380982357987

The success of the brand in people united by common values.

You don't have to be perfect every day, like celebrities, but professionals in the beauty salon "Maska" in Lviv can make you like that!
Many image characteristics are nonverbal. External changes give confidence, and confidence - peace. You don't have to do too much. Focus on what will make you better. We are ready to help you rebuild your personal style within the limits of what you like, without imposing templates. Thinking is the main competence of our masters, as the right decisions change not only appearance but also mood.

Everything you like to do in the salon will relieve stress. VIP is a "VIP" feeling from services. The hair is saturated with serums and color. Hands, feet are thoroughly cleaned. You will not have time to get tired if you do a manicure, pedicure at the same time.

Discounts and reviews

You should be wary of the understated price. Today on the market a large selection of cosmetics and equipment that can only look good, while having the wrong quality, be dangerous, but have a good price. At the same time, the prices in the Maska beauty salon are not higher than in similar salons in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine. In our salon luxury cosmetics are presented; equipment of European, American production.

Involvement in the training of masters is directly related to the lack of staff turnover. In the Beauty House "Mask" at the hotel "Swiss" an indicator of success is career growth. Specialists of the highest level are creative directors and technologists of representative offices of prestigious professional brands.

How was created the beauty salon "Maska" in Lviv?
The first beauty salon was opened in 2007. From the first days and now - the team has masters who have been working in the salon for more than 15 years! We work on the values ​​that are the foundation of the brand and the basis of our work. That is why we are one of the best beauty salons in Lviv in the center of Lviv.

Brand philosophy
There is no need to discipline the star team. All are united by a common idea. Craftsmen in love with the profession have the opportunity to give customers what they want.

Learn to be gentle and bright every day! Beauty salon "Mask" at the hotel "Swiss" is a real beauty paradise in the city center. Incredibly charming and professional master girls are waiting for you!