21 June 2024

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Best Business Movies: Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs. A selection for guests visiting Lviv on business from the Swiss Hotel

                        Best Business Movies: Top 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs. A selection for guests visiting Lviv on business from the Swiss Hotel

For entrepreneurs who are looking for inspiration or just want to take a break from business affairs, watching business movies can be a great option. These films not only entertain, but also provide valuable lessons, inspire new achievements and help develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Here is a selection of the top 10 must-see business movies.

Additional Comfort from the Swiss Hotel

While in Lviv on business, you can enjoy watching these great films in the comfortable conditions of the Swiss Hotel. Thanks to the free high-speed Internet, you will be able to connect to your favorite streaming services through a smartphone or laptop and watch movies at any time convenient for you.

"Social network", 2010

The biography of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg became the basis for a cult film by David Fincher. The story begins when several student friends start a social network. The project quickly becomes popular and incredibly profitable, and young startups get the status of millionaires. However, there was a downside — a conflict arises between former friends for the right to be considered the founder of Facebook.

"Jobs: Empire of Temptation", 2013

The death of Steve Jobs shocked the world. His success story is so rich and amazing that there were many people who wanted to film it. In 2013, a film by American film director and screenwriter Joshua Michael Stern with Ashton Kutcher in the lead role was released. It tells about the difficult path of the hero who became a billionaire, starting his business in an ordinary garage.

"The Wolf of Wall Street", 2013

The project was based on the memoir of the same name by Jordan Belfort, a former New York broker. In the late 80s, he founded one of the largest brokerage offices. He bathed in money, fame, entertainment and a drug high, deftly turning out machinations. In this unrestrained fun, 10 years passed, and then Belfort was convicted of money laundering and other financial crimes. He gave up alcohol and drugs, and after serving three years, Jordan is writing a couple of books and telling the younger generation how to succeed...

"The People v. Larry Flynt", 1996

Larry Flynt is a hero of the seventies, an era of sexual revolution, drugs and cultural upheavals. He saw that people needed something more than TV and weekend picnics. They need spectacle. Having an intuition that can be envied, he decided to take a step that changed his life forever and divided society into those who were for and against him. He started publishing a porn magazine. But "Hustler" became more than just a magazine. It was a challenge to society. And the offended society decided to punish Larry Flynt...

"Teenager for a billion", 2011

Tob, or Ittipat Kulapongwanich, is a guy from Asia who has become one of the youngest billionaires in Thailand. He is now 36 years old, and his seaweed product company Tao Kae Noi exports products to 27 countries around the world.

It was thanks to the idea of ​​making chips from algae that the boy started his own business. The film tells the story of how, at the age of 16, Tob earned his first money through online games and invested it in selling roasted chestnuts, a popular food in Thailand. Despite the incomplete university and misunderstandings with his parents, the boy shows how perseverance and risk can sometimes play hand in hand.

"Joy", 2015

The film was based on the story of the difficult life of the amazing woman Joy Mangano, a famous American inventor. Today, Joy is successful, popular and rich, but to achieve success, she had to go through hell. Millions of people nowadays use her miracle mop. But more recently, Joy has had to work multiple jobs and sell mops in her New York neighborhood. This biographical picture will tell about how a single mother who has three children on her shoulders.

"Tucker: The Man and His Dream", 1988

American biopic directed by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Jeff Bridges. The film describes the story of Preston Tucker and his attempt to manufacture and sell the "1948 Tucker Sedan" (an American full-size car produced by the Tucker Corporation in 1948).

The businessman faced a scandal from the "Big Three" and accusations of stock fraud from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Modern motorists still use almost all the innovations of this genius inventor and businessman.

"Guru: The Path to Success", 2007

An Indian feature film about a young man who made his way from a hired hand to an industrial magnate, the owner of one of the largest textile enterprises in India. About his desire for success, achievements and difficulties along the way. The prototype of the main character is Dhirubhai Ambani, an Indian entrepreneur, the founder of Reliance Industries, a billionaire. Thanks to the company, the Ambani clan owned $60 billion by 2007 (after Dhirubhai's death in 2002), and became the second richest family in the world.

"Pirates of Silicon Valley", 1999

American television feature film directed by Martin Burke, which tells the story of the creation and confrontation of two giants of the computer industry - Microsoft and Apple. The plot carefully describes the ideas of geniuses - Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, reveals the main points of their business development. The revolution happened when no one expected it. It all started in the early eighties, in small utility rooms, where two unknown programmers invented and fantasized.

"In pursuit of happiness", 2006

This is a real story about Chris Gardner, who went from a poor salesman to a realtor, the father of a little boy who is ready to do anything to stay with the child. A film about how not to give up, even when it seems that nothing will work out. The idea of ​​the film can be conveyed by the phrase that the main character says to his son: "If you have a dream, you must protect it. People who can't do anything themselves will say that you can't do it. do you want something Go and achieve it. Point".


These films offer insightful lessons and inspire new business endeavors. They show different aspects of entrepreneurship, from inspiration to challenges and moral dilemmas. Watch these films, learn from them and find new ideas for your own business while relaxing in one of the best hotels in Lviv - Hotel "Schweitsarskyi".