20 March 2023

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Hotel in Lviv, the best prices on hotels in Lviv - SwissHotel

                        Hotel in Lviv, the best prices on hotels in Lviv -  SwissHotel

One of the most common questions to tour guides and guides when choosing a tour to Lviv is: "Tell me, please, which hotel to choose in Lviv."

There are many hotels in Lviv that can be chosen by you according to different preferences: appearance, color, wallet, in the historical center of Lviv and a little further from the city center, a hotel that has: economy, standard, improved, luxury, royal suite.

If you stay in a hotel located in the historical center of Leva, you will be more convenient and closer to all the sights that are part of the UNESCO world heritage, in this part of the city there are many parks and squares for walking. You will not need to look for routes in trams, trolleybuses, minibuses to get to some shrine. You can always return to your hotel to rest, recuperate, have lunch, coffee and dessert, and then go on a city tour. It is also worth noting that the prices for rooms and services in hotels and restaurants may be slightly higher than in hotels far from the city center.

Hotels in the center of Lviv are located 15-20 minutes away by car from the main railway station of Lviv. This is quite close, considering that most luxury hotels are located in the central part of Lviv. We can conclude that it is not so far away, as it sometimes happens in large metropolises. Of course, in hotels located outside the city, the price is much lower than in hospitality establishments located in the center. Therefore, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly vacation, we recommend choosing them. If you are looking for a convenient location in the center with parking, a children's room, a delicious restaurant, a panoramic terrace, an elite beauty salon - we recommend choosing the Swiss Hotel. This hotel is located at 20 Knyazya Romana street and has an excellent transport connection for tourists who came on a tour to Lviv.

We would like to note that you can consider this hotel as an alternative to hostels and 3* hotels, because there are two standard-economy rooms here that are cheaper. They are for those guests who want to feel like they are in the luxury of a royal Swiss hotel but can't afford to pay for a royal suite, for example. The rooms of this category have the same amenities as other better categories: standard, improved, junior suite, deluxe, royal suite, the only thing is that the area of this room is smaller than the above categories.

Numbers. Each hotel may have its own classification of rooms, but we will tell you about the categories of rooms in the "Swiss" hotel: standard-economy, standard, superior, junior suite, deluxe, royal suite.

"Standard-Economy" accommodation:

Standard Economy rooms are ideal for guests who want to live comfortably, but for less money. Economy Standards are smaller in size, but the equipment of the rooms is the same as in the Standard rooms. The rooms are equipped with one double bed or two single beds. Configuration: one room, bathroom, large double bed, desk and chair, classic wardrobe.

Area 16 sq.m.

"Standard" accommodation:

"A home away from home" in historic Lviv. Tasteful rest for a couple or two friends in the Standard room in the oasis of comfort of the Swiss hotel. Bright and spacious rooms offer a view of the old town or the inner courtyards. Configuration: one room, bathroom, large double bed or two separate beds, desk and chair, classic wardrobe.

Area 21 sq.m.

"Superior" accommodation:

The luxury of rest. A comfortable and cozy Superior room is an ideal choice for guests traveling on business. In this room you will be able to relax in peace and quiet. Configuration: one room, bathroom, large double bed or two separate beds, desk and chair, classic wardrobe.

Area 28 sq.m.

"Junior suite" accommodation:

A comfortable Junior Suite with a large area is ideal for business and leisure. This is a heavenly corner for relaxation and recuperation in a peaceful atmosphere. A spacious bedroom and lounge area will allow you to make the most of modern amenities in a classic environment. This room type is great for longer stays. Configuration: one room, separate sitting area, bathroom, large double bed, desk and chair, classic wardrobe.

Area 43 sq.m.

"Luxury Suite" accommodation:

Feel the maximum comfort possible in one of our luxury suites. Made in bold and sophisticated colors, the Suite room combines work space with a place to relax. The design solution is based on a special creative idea - a classic setting combined with modern technologies. Configuration: two rooms, bedroom, living room, bathroom, large double bed, desk and chair, classic wardrobe, sofa.

Area 33 sq.m.

"Royal Suite" accommodation:

The largest room in the hotel, which consists of a spacious living room with a dining area for 4 people, a luxurious bedroom, and a bathroom with a modern interior. 2 hours in the Roman steam room are included in the price of accommodation.

Area 52 sq.m.

Usually, the rooms are designed for 2 people, but there are also 3-bed and 4-bed rooms, although there are much fewer of them.

Here is a short tour of the "Switzerland" hotel and its rooms. You have the opportunity to make sure that this hotel really has rooms for every taste, for every need and with different prices. My colleagues and I at Swiss Hotel Lviv will be happy to pick up that tour to Lviv? the accommodation, guide, tour guide that will suit you. We will also help you to celebrate your birthday in Lviv, wedding anniversary, engagement, reception on the First Panoramic Terrace of the city of Lviv, which is located on the roof of the "Schweitsarskyi" hotel.

We are waiting for you in Lviv. If you are looking for an interesting tour to Lviv, then book the room that you liked the most and come to our glorious city for a visit.

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