08 January 2024

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A Winter's Tale in Lviv: Rest at the Swiss Hotel with the Best Promotion

                        A Winter's Tale in Lviv: Rest at the Swiss Hotel with the Best Promotion

A Winter's Tale in Lviv: Rest at the Swiss Hotel with the Best Promotion in Lviv

When planning your trip to Lviv in January or February 2024, choosing a hotel is a key moment to ensure a comfortable and unforgettable vacation. Hotel "Schveitsarskyi" invites you to the world of a winter fairy tale, where every moment is filled with warmth, luxury and an extraordinary atmosphere. Reserve a room in advance, and we guarantee you not only the highest standard of service, but also a profitable promotion - "Pay for 4 days and live for 5 days".

The promotion is valid when booking a room by phone or on the hotel website:


Winter Lviv: A Fairytale Journey to the Hotel "Swiss Hotel Lviv"

Lviv turns into a real fairy tale in winter. Streets decorated with bright lights, fragrant aromas of mulled wine and various goodies, as well as a unique New Year's mood make this city an ideal place for a winter vacation.

"Swiss Hotel": The Highest Standard of Luxury

Swiss Hotel Lviv is known for its sophistication and high level of service. Comfortable rooms, equipped with all the necessary amenities, will create for you an atmosphere of home comfort amid the grandeur of Christmas decorations.

Promotion: Live on the 5th Day For the Price of 4

Hotel Swiss Hotel Lviv gives you a unique chance to extend your winter vacation. Choose our promotion: pay for accommodation for 4 days, and live on the fifth day absolutely free. This is your chance to stay longer in our wonderful city and use the time to discover Lviv and enjoy every moment of the festive atmosphere.

Entertainment and Cultural Program

Lviv is not only a cozy city, but also the "cultural" capital of Ukraine. During your vacation, do not miss a visit to Christmas shops, art exhibitions, as well as traditional holiday events that make Lviv unique.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024 start the year in "Swiss Hotel Lviv"

"Swiss Hotel Lviv" is not just a hotel, it is a place where you will feel like a special guest. We create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, which gives guests the much-needed feeling of relaxation.


You can book a room on the website: https://swiss-hotel.lviv.ua/en/

You can also book a room by phone: