08 October 2021

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Beauty salon "Mask" on the street Knyazya Romana, 20

                        Beauty salon "Mask" on the street Knyazya Romana, 20


Beauty salon Mask is not just a hairdresser. This is a multidisciplinary beauty center that has everything. We break down stereotypes by combining the most popular beauty services for girls and some services for men in one space.


  • Safe manicure and pedicure in Lviv. Classic edging and hardware, gel varnish coating, extensions, strengthening, design. We will do our best to make your fingers well-groomed and look exactly the way you want.
  • Hairdressing services in Lviv - men's, women's and children's haircuts of any complexity. As well as cheating, wedding hairstyles, dyeing, styling, weaving, care procedures.
  • Cosmetology in Lviv - cleansing, peeling, injection procedures and much more. We know how to choose the right tools, give recommendations for home care and share secrets on how to always look perfect.

As well as correction and coloring of eyebrows, creating an image for holiday events, permanent makeup and much more for your beauty.

To save your time, our beauty salon in Lviv offers combined procedures: 4 hands. Hairstyle + make-up, manicure + pedicure - get the most in the minimum time!

Choose the beauty salon "Mask" and enjoy the time spent here!
We know that choosing a beauty salon is extremely difficult. After all, I want to be sure of the safety of procedures, highly qualified masters and the quality of the final result. The range of services, prices, reviews, photos - how much you have to look at before you finally decide which salon in Lviv is right for you! To make this task easier, let's talk about our most important benefits that we are proud of.

Now we will tell why it is necessary to choose beauty salon "Mask":

  • All the beauty treatments you dream of. We have services of nail service, make-up, cosmetology. You no longer have to travel to different parts of the city to get a manicure, make-up or hairstyle. With our Magical Masters of Beauty you save your own time. Choose rest and pleasure and trust the masters of the beauty salon in the center of Lviv - "Mask"!
  • Qualified masters. Our Beauty Witches know exactly what you need. We build a team very carefully, so each master is a real pro of his own business. Forget about bad make-up before a date or a cool party in Lviv, too dark eyebrows or sloppy cuticle. This is definitely not going to happen to us.
  • 4-level sterilization of instruments. Customer safety is above all for us. Therefore, all instruments are carefully sterilized after each use, adhering to modern sanitary and hygienic standards.

And, of course, you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices. Let's say in secret: there are no such people anywhere else in the city center. Manicure - 180 UAH, women's haircuts - from 350 UAH! Get acquainted with the full price by phone: +380982357987

Learn to be gentle and bright every day! Beauty salon "Mask" is a real beauty paradise in the city center. Incredibly charming and professional master girls are waiting for you!