29 October 2023

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Bombay Sapphire Gin

                        Bombay Sapphire Gin

Bombay Sapphire — марка джина, впервые выпущенная в 1987 году. В 1997 году компания Diageo продала бренд «Бакарди». Происхождение названия связано с популярностью джина в Индии во время британского владычества, а «сапфир» это фиолетово-синий сапфир «Звезда Бомбея», выставленный в Смитсоновском институте. Bombay Sapphire продается в плоской бутылке сапфирового цвета с изображением королевы Виктории на этикетке. Именно из-за цвета бутылки напиток кажется голубым.

Аромат напитку придают десять ингредиентов: миндаль, цедра лимона, лакрица, ягоды можжевельника, фиалковый корень, дудник, кориандр, кассия, перец кубеба и райские зерна. Алкоголь, полученный от поставщика, упаривают три раза, пары проходят через сетки или корзины с десятью растениями, приобретая их вкус и аромат. Это придает джину легкий, более цветочный вкус по сравнению с джином, который производится с использованием медных дистилляторов. Вода из озера Вирнуи добавляется для доведения Bombay Sapphire до 40,0 % (Великобритания, Канада, Австралия).


Laverstoke Mill
Thomas Heatherwick greenhouses for growing plants

In 2011, plans were announced to move production to a new site at Laverstoke Mill in Whitchurch, Hampshire, including the restoration of Portal's paper mill, as well as the construction of a visitor centre.

The building permit was issued in February 2012, and the center opened to the public in the fall of 2014. The visitor center houses two greenhouses designed by Thomas Heatherwick to grow phyto-raw materials used in the production of Bombay Sapphire gin.

Production and bottling of the drink moved from Bacardi to G&J in Greenall.


Bacardi also sells Bombay Original London Dry Gin (or Bombay Original Dry). Unlike Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Original London Dry Gin uses 8 botanicals.

In September 2011, Bombay Sapphire East was test-marketed in New York and Las Vegas. This variety has two more herbs—cymbopogon and black pepper—in addition to the original ten. It has an ABV of 42% and was designed to contrast the sweetness of American tonics.

A special edition of Bombay Gin called Star of Bombay was produced in 2015 for the UK market. It has an ABV of 47.5% and is grain distilled.


The brand has started a series of designer collaborations. Their first foray into the world of design is a series of advertisements featuring the work of currently famous designers. This campaign featured: Marcel Wanders, Yves Behar, Karim Rashid, Ulla Darni, Dror Benshetrit and Jürgen Hahn.

Following this successful advertising campaign, a series of events was launched. The most famous is the annual Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition, where design students from around the world can take part and create their own cocktail Martini glass. The finalists (one from each participating country) are invited to the annual Salone del Mobile, an international design exhibition in Milan, where the winner is selected.

Bombay Sapphire has also established the Bombay Sapphire Prize, which is awarded to glass designers and artists every year.

Since 2008, the finals of the Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition have been held in London, UK, and the Bombay Sapphire Prize in Milan at the Salone Del Mobile.


Bombay Sapphire recently received a score of 92 (on a scale of 100) from the Beverage Testing Institute. The Proof66.com aggregator rating classifies Bombay Sapphire at level 2, which indicates very favorable “expert” reviews.