29 July 2021

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The best restaurant with halal food in Lviv

                        The best restaurant with halal food in Lviv

Oriental cuisine keeps the secrets of ancient chefs and respects Muslim traditions. The chef of the restaurant "Valentino" learned more about the labeling of "halal" in the menu of establishments, read more about all the details in our news on the website of the restaurant "Valentino"

The term "halal" means that the products are made in accordance with all the norms of Islam, and therefore - is not only "permitted", but also meets modern environmental requirements. It is thanks to this concept that halal cuisine is popular all over the world among people of different nationalities and religions. Lviv restaurant of Italian cuisine "Valentino", located in the city center, the menu of which also includes dishes of other national cuisines, including Ukrainian.
Restaurant "Valentino" at the hotel "Swiss" is happy to open its doors to anyone looking for a menu of halal food. Such dishes can be found in the restaurant on the ground floor of the restaurant or on the panoramic terrace. On the menu you will also find dishes of animal meat that do not violate the Muslim food culture. All dishes in the restaurants are prepared according to all HACCP standards. Our chefs can help you prepare what you like. The waiters along with the menu will show the presence of a halal certificate. Grilled beef and lamb dishes are also always available here.

Something from the menu:

• Lamb square - (weight) for 100 grams 495 UAH;
• Ribeye steak - (weight) for 100 grams 480 UAH;
• Veal medallions - 420 UAH;
• Chicken fillet in pancetta - UAH 245;

Institution address:
Lviv, street Nyzhankivskoho, 20

To book a table in a restaurant in the center of Lviv - please call:

+38 (097) 23 56 777
+38 (032) 23 56 766