04 October 2022

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Top places to declare your love abroad

                        Top places to declare your love abroad

And she said "Yes": TOP places to declare your love abroad

Everyone knows that a well-chosen location for a declaration of love is a prerequisite for receiving such a desirable word - YES! Top 10 best places in the world to declare your love from the Swiss Hotel Lviv !

Cappadocia, Turkey

Небанальна Туреччина. Каппадокія – Поїхали з нами

An area with a very interesting landscape of volcanic origin, underground cities created in the 1st millennium BC. e. and large cave monasteries that appeared during the time of early Christians. Goreme National Park and the cave settlements of Cappadocia are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. And there are always balloon festivals here.

Rome, Italy

NikiTour - Организация путешествий и свадеб в Италии - Рим

The ruins of the ancient Forum and the Coliseum, the Vatican with St. Peter's Cathedral and numerous museums. The Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo's frescoes, as well as hundreds of beautiful fountains. Don't forget romantic places and delicious wine in the capital of Italy.

Taj Mahal, India

Тадж Махал – найвідоміша культурна пам'ятка Індії

The mausoleum-mosque in Agra, India was built by order of Tamerlane's descendant, Padishah Shah Jahan, in memory of his beloved wife. The impressive size of the snow-white jewelry building is probably the most touching and romantic sight in all of Asia.

Saint Lucia

Сент-Люсия на карте мира: природа острова и его население, цены на жизнь,  климат, флаг

The island is of volcanic origin and therefore more mountainous than most other islands in the Caribbean. Saint Lucia was discovered by Columbus on December 13, 1502, Saint Lucia Day. A wild island with beautiful beaches and majestic rocks - history in the spirit of pioneers.

New York, USA

Туры в Нью-Йорк: что посмотреть. Путеводитель с ценами на отдых |  tripmydream

Well, what can be said about New York? The mecca of all American romantic films. Central Park and carriages, as in "Sex and the City", high-rise buildings, even noisy streets and yellow taxis are imbued with urban romance.

Swiss Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine

Готель "Швейцарський" | Swiss Hotel Lviv, Львов, Львовская обл., цена 2022,  описание, фото, телефон, адрес, сайт

Oh Lviv... The city of love, aromatic coffee and chocolate, the city that will capture your heart forever. A city of delicacies and street shows, strolling through narrow streets, and enjoying architectural monuments... In order to truly experience the taste of Lviv, guests or foreign partners need, first of all, to choose the right hotel. The four-star Swiss Hotel is located in the heart of Lviv at the crossroads of Lviv's cultural and entertainment life. A few minutes' walk from Rynok Square, Svobody Avenue, City Hall, Lviv Opera Theater, Potocki Palace, i.e. All hotel rooms are decorated in the style of modern classics. Stylish performance in neutral colors with the presence of classic elements and textured textiles - a wonderful combination of convenience and sophistication. Restaurant Valentino with a viewing terrace is famous for its high quality Italian cuisine and is rightfully considered popular among Lviv residents. In the Swiss way, an impeccable and affordable vacation in Lviv is a vacation at the Swiss hotel.

Sydney, Australia

Доставка грузов из Австралии и в Австралию | Перевозка и Доставка

The city is famous for its opera house, Harbor Bridge and numerous beaches. The residential areas of greater Sydney are surrounded by national parks. The coastline is all in bays, bays and islands. And Australia is so far from our mainland that after completing such a journey together, there will be very little time left before the engagement.

Santorini, Greece

Вокруг света: остров Санторини, Греция

This is a group of islands of incredible beauty in the Aegean Sea: snow-white houses, bright blue roofs, domes and shutters, Greek cuisine, a gorgeous landscape and a famous volcano. The option closest to Eastern Europe in our list.

Rhodes, Greece

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Rhodes is an island located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is known as the "island of knights", the "island of roses" and as the birthplace of the famous Colossus of Rhodes, which was one of the seven wonders of the world. The myth about the founding of the island is very poetic. Rhodes arose from the sea thanks to the Sun God. He, enchanted by its beauty, continuously caressed the beloved island with the sun's golden rays, blessing it, and each of his blessings turned into a rose. This is how the name "island of roses" appeared.

When you get to Rhodes, be sure to find time to get acquainted with the historical heritage of the island. Visit the popular tourist mountain called Tsambika.

Paris, France

ПАРИЖ - Що цікавого? | Моя Європа

It can be said that making a proposal in Paris is banal to the point of impossibility. But only those with whom this has not happened say so. The Seine embankment, the Eiffel Tower, fondue in a small restaurant, a glass of wine in the Tuileries. A place where you want to propose, if not to a person, then at least to a city.

Dream, plan, love and travel together with the Swiss Hotel in Lviv.

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