20 October 2021

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The hotel staff is 100% vaccinated

                        The hotel staff is 100% vaccinated

Swiss Hotel in the center of Lviv, in which all employees are vaccinated is ready to receive from DART "Safety Mark".

For hotels that have fully vaccinated staff from COVID-19, introduce a "Safety Mark".

The health of employees and guests who come to us is important to us! Therefore, we have taken all measures to protect them and preserve their health, as well as their jobs. "We explained that we need to be vaccinated, because it is first and foremost the safety of guests and the whole team, - Every week at a meeting of employees of the hotel and restaurant talked about it. Some workers did not hide that they were afraid to be vaccinated, because they heard myths… Workers who do not travel were vaccinated with CoronaVac, and those who have frequent business trips to European countries - Pfizer. Some have chosen the Moderna vaccine. "

New quarantine rules have been announced in Ukraine. For the vaccinated it will be mitigated, for the unvaccinated - on the contrary.

This is stated in Government Resolution №1236, the amendments to which were adopted late in the evening on September 13.

What are these "color" certificates for? When the yellow quarantine zone is introduced in Ukraine, the owners of these documents will be free to visit cinemas, theaters, museums, gyms, swimming pools, mass events, such as concerts.

Previously, according to the rules of the yellow quarantine zone, cinemas and other cultural institutions had to allow only 50% of visitors. Mass events were to be held on condition that only one person per 4 square meters. In gyms: one person per 10 square meters.

However, if a visitor can present a vaccination certificate, these restrictions will not apply.

That is, there will be no restriction of the yellow zone, if at least 80% of visitors and staff of such institutions will be vaccinated at least the first dose and they will have a yellow code certificate.

At the same time, the final decision on whether to provide services only to the vaccinated, or to comply with all quarantine restrictions and to serve the unvaccinated, remains with the owner of the institution, the government explained.

Who will be allowed and who will not?
The rules will change dramatically if a red zone is introduced in Ukraine. According to forecasts, this may happen no earlier than November.

According to the rules of the red zone, everything in Ukraine is closed - shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, markets, gyms, canceled concerts. There are only grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations.

Most Ukrainians do not plan to be vaccinated against coronavirus - a study
Covid-certificates, vaccination and leave
These red-level restrictions will not exist if all participants (visitors, employees and organizers) have a "green" code certificate.

That is, even in the red zone, visitors should be allowed into a restaurant or movie theater if they and their staff are fully vaccinated.

The certificate verification procedure is not completely clear. For example, who and how will count 80% of restaurant visitors vaccinated with the first dose.

The Ministry of Health says that it will be enough to present a phone with an electronic code certificate or have a paper certificate of vaccination.

There is also a question with the Action application. Now the electronic certificate is available there only after a full course of vaccination.

Currently, many users complain that it has not been downloaded yet - face recognition does not work, some other problems.

Under the new quarantine rules, certificates in Action must appear after the first vaccination. It is unclear whether the developers will have time for this decision.

Without vaccinations in the cafe will not be allowed now?
No. In Ukraine, as of September 14, there is still a green quarantine zone.

The resolution comes into force in 7 days from the moment of publication. That is, restrictions for unvaccinated must work no earlier than September 20.

They will be used as soon as Ukraine moves to the yellow zone.

According to the Ministry of Health, this may happen in the coming week, when the state commission on technogenic safety and emergencies will convene.

5 million people are fully vaccinated in Ukraine. That is a little over 10% of the population.

Police raids
The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that they had resumed inspections for compliance with quarantine rules.

Last week, the police inspected 40,000 enterprises and drew up 205 administrative reports on quarantine violations. There were almost 3,200 resolutions on non-compliance with the mask regime.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs also promises to intensify inspections of forgery of vaccination certificates.

In particular, the sites from which they are sold are tracked.

In six months, the police fired 350,000 reports of quarantine violations.

What is the "yellow level"
The yellow zone provides a mask mode, as well as maintaining a social distance of 1.5 meters.

Main limitations:

- prohibition of mass events with the participation of more than 1 person per 4 square meters in buildings or on the territory where they are planned;

- ban on filling cinemas and other halls of cultural institutions for more than half of the seats;
- prohibition to fill gyms and fitness centers more than 1 person per 10 square meters


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