15 October 2021

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Beauty center

                        Beauty center

A hairdresser-stylist is a master of a wide profile who can not only perform haircuts, styling and coloring hair, but also emphasize the best features and "highlights" of your appearance with the help of a haircut.

Stylists - hairdressers of the Beauty House "Mask" in Lviv begin work on the analysis of hair structure, its general state of health, determination of color type, face shape and even features of a figure.

Hairdresser - stylist of the Beauty House "Mask" offer the following services:

- haircut;
- laying;
- dyeing;
- building, correction;
- weaving;
- reconstruction, medical procedures;
- lamination;
- creating hairstyles.
So it's time to take care of yourself!

Beauty salon-hairdresser "Mask" in the city of Lviv will create a miracle with your hair! Professional hair cosmetics and masks - will fill your hair with vital energy, strength and shine, which are so necessary for you.

Various haircuts and hair coloring methods in the city of Lviv will pleasantly surprise you!

Everyone knows that at home, it is impossible to achieve the results achieved by modern masters in beauty salons. So do not waste your precious time! Entrust your hair to a professional!

All haircuts are created by our hairdressers - stylists, taking into account the structure, length of hair, level of wavyness and volume, speed and direction of growth, which allows you to give your hair maximum naturalness. These haircuts do not require complicated styling and will allow you to look great all day long.

Love life and take care of yourself in the beauty salon-hairdresser "Mask"!