About Swiss Hotel


Ahhh Lviv... The City of Love, City of Coffee and Chocolate and the city that will capture your heart forever. It`s the place for gorging on pastries while taking walks along narrow cobbled streets and watching glistening City Hall at night - Lviv is a true delight. For a real taste of Lviv guests or foreign partners need, above all, to choose the right hotel.

The 4* Swiss’ Old world meets new looks, discretion, and homely atmosphere makes it the hotel of choice for anyone looking for that signature on their next stay in Lviv.

The location, is a work of art too, minutes from the Market Square and next to the Svobody Avenue. At the heart of crowded Lviv, that’s a luxury in itself…

Classic and contemporary details blend effortlessly across all 35 suites & rooms, providing 21st century luxury in grand and opulent surroundings.

The Valentino Restaurant with the sky-scraping terrace is one of the most intimate eats you’ll find in Lviv.

Attention to details goes further than service, technology, and elegance. In the Lviv’s best hotels, the Swiss is a given. Excellence is when these elements combine to create a unique and deeply personal experience, and when you walk away with memories that last a lifetime.