27 October 2019

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Wedding in Lviv is an unforgettable event

                        Wedding in Lviv is an unforgettable event

Marriage is an event that is never forgotten. It is associated with the beginning of family life, with love and happiness. For this event to be the best, you need to find a good wedding venue. This Swiss hotel is located in the center of the old town. We provide a good room for the newlyweds and organize a banquet. Customers who have preferred our facility remain satisfied with the level of service. We do our work responsibly and know the importance of a special event for two people in love!

A wedding ceremony is a ceremony that accompanies a marriage. It is also a trip to the registry office for a limo, a ring exchange, a banquet and the first wedding night. In order to go well, you need to prepare yourself carefully. It is necessary to choose wedding attire, to think over the menu, to order a photographer, to decorate a banquet hall beautifully. In this case, you can not hurry. You need to weigh everything and only then make a final decision on each issue. When done correctly, there are no force majeure situations during the holiday. The culprits of the celebration and the guests have pleasant memories!

Newlyweds Room at Swiss Hotel

If you want to celebrate your wedding in Lviv, book a room at the Swiss Hotel! We have a smart room for newlyweds, furnished in the best way. In love people have fun here. They enjoy every minute spent in the presentable and cozy room. Our guests enjoy everything they need. This is cable TV, air conditioning, telephone. Also included in the room is a minibar with alcoholic beverages, a safe. Newlyweds use soft towels and cosmetic kits.

A wedding ceremony is both an exciting and exhausting process. When the holiday is over, people in love need a rest and spend time together. Therefore, when organizing a wedding, the question arises where to book a room for newlyweds. The Lviv Swiss Hotel offers such an opportunity. You can book a chic number on the official website and by phone. In it you will like everything:

cozy atmosphere that promotes pleasant rest;
modern decoration materials, selected by talented designers;
huge bed;
classic wardrobe;
the bathroom is decorated in light colors;
a seating area with a chair and a small sofa;
free internet access;
soft floor covering;
no noise.
We make every effort to make your wedding in Lviv a lifetime. We have a good surprise for the happy newlyweds. This is a visit to a Roman steam room. In two hours you can heal the body and recharge with positive emotions. The Roman steam room has excellent conditions for relaxation and wellness. After staying in the bath, there is a rush of energy and energy. This is what you need after the holidays. In Roman doubles the newlyweds relax and receive positive emotions!

By ordering a banquet room for the wedding and a room for the newlyweds, you will make the right decision. We organize holidays for a long time. We have extensive experience in banquet design and restaurant decoration. Before working, our staff clarifies customer preferences. Then they are hired. Decorators and designers decorate the banquet room with balloons, flower arrangements. Both the newlyweds and the guests like the result. Therefore, the solemn event is as planned by the couple in love!

Wedding terrace in restaurant

If you are planning to rent a wedding hall, please contact us! For this purpose we invite clients to celebrate the holiday on the panoramic terrace. This is a playground located on the roof of the Swiss Hotel. It is partially glazed. On the terrace you can celebrate the holiday even in bad weather. Ideal conditions for holding a solemn event are created at the site. This is a huge table with chairs, unique decorative elements, flower arrangements, live plants and cozy seating areas.

Organization of wedding celebrations is one of our directions. We can have a fun and unforgettable celebration on the panoramic terrace. The site overlooks ancient Lviv. These are churches, quiet streets, local landmarks. During their stay on the panoramic terrace, the newlyweds and the guests are in another world. Everything around is filled with love, romance and happiness. People feel it and give positive emotions. They welcome newlyweds, dance and have fun!

If you need help organizing a wedding, trust us! We will decorate the panoramic terrace in accordance with the wishes of our clients and in accordance with current trends. The guests will be bored with nice music during the holiday. We will place decorative compositions on the tables. Also on the terrace will be a beautiful arch. It is an integral attribute of a wedding that gives special importance to the celebration. The arch emphasizes the romantic atmosphere of the holiday and brings unusual accents to the atmosphere.

The banquet hall for the wedding on the panoramic terrace is a great solution for many newlyweds! You can use them by contacting us. We will listen to your wishes for the design of the surrounding space and make them a reality. The wedding held on the roof of the Lviv restaurant will be remembered forever. These will be pleasant memories and happy moments that the couple in love will continue to tell their children.

Wedding Hall Rental at Valentino Restaurant

Marriage Day is an event that should go its best! For this, a future man and woman are looking for wedding banquet halls on the Internet. If you are interested in such a question, give preference to our institution. We know you will love it! It is an Italian Valentino restaurant serving delicious and refined dishes. To make your guests happy you can order something special. The restaurant menu includes a variety of dishes. For example, Italian meat appetizer, salmon caviar, original salads and Camembert cheese baked in white wine.

The wedding banquet hall at the Valentino restaurant is a unique place where fun can be celebrated. We took care of everything. The atmosphere is created in the hall, which has a festive mood. Therefore, guests feel comfortable and enjoy the time spent in our institution. In the banquet hall is a large table, a sufficient number of chairs and a sofa. It can accommodate many guests. The solemn atmosphere prevails in the hall. It is accentuated by original lamps, decoration materials, decorative compositions.

By ordering a wedding banquet hall with us, you will not be mistaken! The Valentino restaurant has an unusual atmosphere. In our banquet hall, the highlight of the evening will be held in the best of traditions. You will enjoy the level of service, the environment and our diverse menu. The wine list deserves special attention. It presents alcoholic beverages made from the finest grape varieties. The wine list contains red, white, rose wine. Before the wedding, you can pick up what the newlyweds like!

Places for romantic walks

Wedding in Lviv is a mass of positive emotions and impressions. The ancient city has many interesting places related to romance. These include:

Lava Lovers - This famous landmark is close to the Swiss Hotel. Be sure to sit on the bench of the newlyweds in love. There is a legend that during such actions, the hearts of two people are forever connected. You can sit on the bench on your wedding day and take a memorable photo. It will be a reminder of this significant day;
Light-music Fountain of Lovers is an original composition directly related to light feelings. It is made in the form of a boy and a young girl who want to join hands. The author of the project tried and created a unique composition. To improve its appearance in the dark, light-music design is provided. When the sun is hiding behind the horizon, an amazing show begins;
Shevchenkivsky grove - you can go here the day after the wedding. Shevchenkivsky Grove is a famous landmark of Lviv. The open air museum houses several ethnographic areas. Here you can see unique monuments of architecture, forge, windmill. In the park, the newlyweds are walking around holding hands and looking around. They fall into the colorful world of the Ukrainian countryside, which is home to a special atmosphere;
Stryi Park is an old park of national importance. It was designed by the chief gardener of Lviv. The Stryi Park has an upper terrace and a forest park area. Here you can admire the swans on the pond, see the unique plants, have a nice time in the greenhouse. The park has a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. Newlyweds can walk the avenues and enjoy the surrounding environment.
Assistance in organizing the wedding

A special event requires preliminary preparation for the event. We provide assistance in organizing weddings based on customer requests. This means the decoration of the banquet hall in the restaurant "Valentino". This process is carried out as high as possible. Designers come up with unusual ideas and put them into action. Decorations are used as decorations, balloons. The result of the newlyweds completely satisfied. They understand that their holiday will be bright and in accordance with the planned plans!

If you want to hold a wedding ceremony on the panoramic terrace, it's easy to do! Contact us and tell us your wishes. We will arrange a playground on the roof of the restaurant, taking into account your preferences and the theme of the wedding celebration. For this our designers have experience and knowledge. The decorators design the panoramic terrace the way the newlyweds want. They create an unusual atmosphere filled with happiness and vibrant colors. Beautiful floral arrangements are used for this.

Our help in organizing the wedding is not only the decoration of the hall and the panoramic terrace. We also do other important work. This is a banquet organization. Our staff offer a good menu, cook delicious meals and serve tables. High level of service is also provided. These are the key factors that make the event an unforgettable experience. Guests of our restaurant have fun, dance and enjoy their meals. They proclaim toast and wish the newlyweds happiness in life!

If you want to have a fun and colorful wedding in Lviv, use our help! Book a cozy room at the Swiss Hotel and spend two hours in a Roman bath. Book a banquet room or rent a panoramic terrace. You can also use the services of our decorators. Experts will beautifully decorate the surrounding space and make it unusual strokes. Therefore, your wedding will not be clouded. The wedding day will be the happiest, most charming and unforgettable!