27 November 2018

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Autumn holidays in Lviv

                        Autumn holidays in Lviv

Family vacation in Lviv.

If you need a hotel for a day or two, book a room at the Swiss Hotel. We are constantly visited by parents with children. They enjoy spending time in an ancient Ukrainian city. It combines the features of a European city and the atmosphere of antiquity. There are plenty of attractions and places of interest in Lviv. These are parks, cathedrals, churches, architectural complexes. Getting acquainted with such monuments contributes to broadening the outlook and comprehensive development of children.

For a pleasant and memorable family vacation in Lviv, come to our city and stay at the Swiss Hotel. You do not have to spend the autumn holidays in a normal home setting. Children need new emotions and impressions. Traveling for this purpose is perfect. During the holidays your children will forget about studying, enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant, play in the children's room. Still for them we have exciting excursions. For example, a trip on a magic train. Traveling on a miraculous train will never be forgotten, because it is interesting and unusual!

Autumn holidays are a great holiday.

Where to relax with your baby during the autumn break? This is a question that parents of schoolchildren have. To solve it we suggest to use the offer "Autumn Holidays in Lviv". This is a great opportunity to get out of the house and see a lot of new things! You can use it right now. To do this, book a family number on the site. When you come to us, you will be pleasantly surprised. You will enjoy the quiet environment, the interior of the room, the quality of our services. The view from the window also appeals to you. You can explore the city while staying in a cozy hotel room.

To stay with your baby at the hotel, it is best to stay with us. The two-room suite can accommodate five people at a time. Therefore, if you have several children, nothing is wrong. There is enough space for everyone. The unique offer "Autumn Holidays in Lviv" includes accommodation in a comfortable room, delicious breakfast with champagne on weekends, fruit slicing for kids, interesting souvenirs. You can also use the nursery. For small guests, we have specially equipped a separate room. It has a lot of toys. Therefore, children are never bored. They have something to do!

The most beautiful hotel in Lviv.

To take a break from the gray everyday life, you need the most beautiful hotel! This is true, because in a luxury hotel you can forget everything and take a break from worry. The Swiss Hotel is one of the most beautiful establishments with comfortable rooms. We provide accommodation for people in rooms and provide good service. Our main features include:

a luxurious interior designed by connoisseurs of the craft;
a wide range of services: children's room, Roman steam room, babysitting services;
tour assistance - you can see the old castles, taste the dishes with the addition of chocolate, enjoy great coffee;
special offers - these include autumn holidays in Lviv;
shuttle service - we arrange arrival and departure of guests.

Family Room at Swiss Hotel.

Where to relax with your kids on autumn break? This is not a problem as we have a great offer for you. Use it and have a good time with your kids! Parents should pay much attention to daughters and sons. If it is not always possible on weekdays, compensate for the lack of attention. Leave the case and come to the Swiss Hotel. We offer our guests good living conditions in a cozy room and guarantee that our stay will be forever remembered!

Family Room - Two rooms, which are interconnected. They are tastefully decorated and fancy. The family room is quiet and peaceful. Nothing distracts adults and children from rest. To make your guests comfortable, the room has air conditioning, a plasma TV, two large double beds. Our room is perfect for family holidays. It provides everything that guests pay attention to. Therefore, the guests of the hotel (adults and small) feel great. They are happy to spend autumn vacations in a hotel located in the center of the cultural center of Ukraine.

Modern kids room in the hotel.

During their stay at the Swiss Hotel, parents can sit in the restaurant in the evening or take a walk along the streets of Lviv. To do this, we have a modern children's room. Such conditions are created in it so that the children feel comfortable and do not miss their parents. There is always laughter in our children's room. We took care of this by arranging a separate room in the best traditions. It has a variety of toys that you can choose at your own discretion.

You can see the most beautiful children's rooms not only in pictures on the Internet. Having settled in our hotel, you will see it with your own eyes. The first thing that attracts attention is the bright walls. They depict the characters of famous cartoons and interesting compositions. Children enjoy spending time in a room on the walls of which are painted Smeshariki, Fixiki, Luntik and friends. Bright colors like kids. During their stay in a beautiful children's room, the children have fun, not thinking about where their parents are now. They have interesting activities that are hard to break away from!

A fascinating tour of Lviv.

To make the autumn holidays unforgettable, you need to not only spend time in a comfortable room, but also have fun. A tour of Lviv can be independent or with a guide. In the first case, you need to decide where you will go with the whole family and what sights you will be familiar with. It all depends on the age of the child and on the personal preferences of the parents. In the second case, a group tour is conducted. We offer a journey on a miracle train. Such a vehicle runs daily. Participants explore the sights and listen to the tour using the audio guide.

A self-guided tour of Lviv during the autumn holidays is an acceptable option that many couples use. They initially think about where they want to go, and then go on an exciting journey through the city. Most often, parents choose these objects for familiarization:

Caramel workshop is an amazing institution where you can buy delicious caramel and attend a master class. In the preparation of caramel, natural ingredients are used. Therefore, caramel is not only tasty and beautiful, but also healthy;
House of Legends - a building on the facade of which is a huge dragon. It has a bewitching atmosphere. The house has several rooms, arranged in a specific way. These include a paving room, an unusual library, a room with lions. But these are not all miracles. On the roof of the building is a car and a chimney with a chimney sweep;
The chocolate workshop is a great place to see how chocolate is made. The workshop sells a variety of goodies: a biscuit with milk chocolate and blueberries, berry tart, sweets made of real chocolate. There are also ready-made kits that you can buy as gifts for your loved ones.
How much does a hotel in Lviv cost?

You can rent a room at the Lviv hotel at an affordable price. Our advantage is excellent value for money guest service. Our guests have a wonderful time and enjoy relaxing in a family room. They use all available services, which include a visit to a Roman steam room, dinner in a restaurant, wine tasting. At this time, children spend time in a specially equipped room. They have fun, play with toys, come up with interesting stories.

How much does a hotel in Lviv cost? This is a common question that parents ask. They want to find an acceptable option and go on an autumn vacation to the ancient city. To solve this problem, we suggest using our services. The cost of living in a two-room suite is 8400 UAH. The price includes breakfast with champagne, fruit slices and souvenirs for our little guests, as well as a stay in the children's room. As you can see, our offer is very beneficial. You can use it and spend your autumn holidays like never before!

The best restaurant in Lviv: what is it?

The most popular restaurants in Lviv - a popular request, which is driven into the search bar by true connoisseurs of taste. They want to find an institution in the old city that meets high quality standards. Restaurant "Valentino" meets the requirements of discerning gourmets. Delicious food is prepared in it, wine is tasted, pleasant music sounds. The restaurant has several beautiful rooms. For a romantic dinner, the Green Hall with glass windows on the roof is suitable. For a private celebration, a VIP-hall is suitable, which is characterized by luxury and originality.

If you want to find the best restaurant in Lviv, come to Ostap Nizhankovsky Street. Here is the restaurant "Valentino", which surprisingly conveyed the charm of Italy. The institution has created an amazing environment in which it is pleasant to relax with the whole family or only with your loved one. The main advantages of the restaurant include the following points:

varied menu: for adults and children;
a wine room where you can taste drinks;
exquisite decor: marble floor, mirrors, original wallpaper, Murano glass chandeliers;
panoramic terrace - here you can comfortably sit at a table and view the city;
piano music - the pianist plays his instrument, and guests listen to music with pleasure.
Considering the popular restaurants in Lviv, we advise you to opt for our institution. At the Valentino Restaurant, you can enjoy coffee in the coffee room and dine with the whole family in a cozy place. If you want something unusual, you can go to the panoramic terrace and spend the evening with your loved one. The restaurant reigns with aristocracy and luxury. Here you can feel the spirit of Lviv and taste delicious dishes.

Reviews about Ukraine Hotels.

The best reward for our work is the opinion of people who relaxed in the hotel and had a good time in comfortable rooms. You can read reviews about Ukrainian hotels and about our hotel on the page. Based on feedback from TripAdvisor, we rank first. This testifies to our professionalism. You can also go to the page and see our awards. There are a lot of them, because we provide quality services and improve service.

If you need both a hotel and a restaurant, come to us! Hotel "Swiss" offers an interesting autumn break and get acquainted with the sights of Lviv. In the restaurant "Valentino" you are always waiting for delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We have not forgotten about our little guests. Boys and girls can play in the modern children's room, watch cartoons on the plasma TV and choose from the menu the dishes that they like best. We have all provided. Therefore, the autumn holidays will appeal to both adults and children!