Asparagus and Sauvignon | evening of asparagus and Sauvignon wines.

Asparagus and Sauvignon | evening of asparagus and Sauvignon wines.

Congratulations! We have great news for you!
We organize an evening of asparagus and Sauvignon wines on June 23
Sauvignon Blanc originates from the west of France, from the Loire Valley, and is also found in the Bordeaux region.
Asparagus is one of the oldest vegetable plants. It has been suggested that asparagus was grown in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.

June 23 at the Valentino restaurant!
We invite you to enjoy a selection of wines from our sommelier and asparagus dishes from the chef.

The tasting menu includes:
- asparagus mousse;
- Asparagus with prosciutto;
- rolls with asparagus;
- chicken fillet with asparagus and dor-blue sauce;
- branded ice cream / sorbet;
- 5 types of white Sauvignon wines that go well with dishes.

Price: 750 UAH

You can book a ticket by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


10 June 2021

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For the first time in history, a Ukrainian wine festival will be held in Lviv.

The Ukrainian Wines Festival, the first Ukrainian wine festival in history, will take place on June 11-13 in Lviv on the territory of the Potocki Palace (15 Kopernyka Street). The best winemakers of the country, Ukrainian wine experts, farm owners and professional sommelier will gather in Lviv so that every guest of the event can taste fine wine, delicious gastronomy and spend time in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
The restaurant "Valentino" has a wine hall, it is a small but very old place for banquets and tastings, its walls are covered with a thin layer of noble web and gunpowder of centuries.
Very little is known about Ukrainian wine in our own country. Globally, the achievements of domestic winemakers are unknown or almost unknown to Ukrainian consumers. However, the latter are persistent, obsessed and are truly in love with their product !!! In order to promote Ukrainian wine and domestic winemakers, we are holding a festival!
So let's create a wine history together and prove that being proud of Ukrainian wine is a reality of today! See you on June 11-13 at the Ukrainian Wine Festival in the Valentino restaurant. We will hold exquisite tastings of Ukrainian wine for you, because we have good positions in our wine list, which has more than 300 positions of wines from around the world.
To book a table for tasting or gastro-dinner - please call us:
• +38 (097) 23 56 777
• +38 (032) 23 56 766


08 June 2021

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                        Аnnouncement - Lviv City Card

Аnnouncement - Lviv City Card

Great to have you in Lviv, and thank you for choosing Lviv City Card!
Lviv is one of Ukraine`s oldest and greatest cities, one that retains its historical and cultural charms.

You can visit the best museums of the city for free, enjoy an amazing view from the City Hall Tower, have discounts in the best restaurants and enjoy famous Galician cheese and a tasty mulled wine.

You can buy Lviv City Card here


04 June 2021

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                        Vacation for two - special offer from Swiss Hotel

Vacation for two - special offer from Swiss Hotel

Do you want to relax with a beloved one in the old town? A romantic holiday at the Swiss Hotel is the perfect solution! For couples, we offer a special package, the cost of which is 5000 UAH. It includes accommodation in Junior suite, Roman steam room. We also provide delicious breakfasts, fruit slices and champagne. Visitors to the hotel enjoy our special offer and have a great time!

Best conditions for couples in love

If you are going on a journey and want to surprise the other half, stop with us. We know what a romantic getaway for two should be. We have great conditions for honeymoon and weekend. It's a special atmosphere in the room, exquisite cuisine and breathtaking views of the historic part of Lviv. The Swiss Hotel employs experienced staff. They provide impeccable service and, if necessary, help organize an entertainment program.

Romantic holidays in Lviv - a proposal that is appealing to newlyweds and couples in love. We invite everyone to a city filled with mystery, live music and love. It has many interesting sights that you should definitely see with your own eyes. The city has collected unique examples of architecture from past centuries. They are nothing to compare. It is necessary to arrange a surprise for your girlfriend or woman and come to us. At Swiss Hotel you can take a break from the daily chores, try Galician dishes, go to a Roman steam room.

Organizing a romantic getaway is one of our immediate tasks, which we solve at the proper level. The hotel is comfortable and comfortable. These are key indicators that make people in love feel good. Nothing prevents them from relaxing and enjoying every minute of their time together. Our guests visit the Valentino restaurant, admire the beautiful view from the window, listen to good music. They have a good time and don't think about the little things. They have everything you need for a comfortable pastime!

Thinking about vacationing for two and not sure which hotel to prefer? We invite you to the best hotel in Lviv! We have important awards to be proud of. This is proof of our professionalism and impeccable service. You can familiarize yourself with the awards and make sure that there are good conditions in Lviv. We have a special section for this. It summarizes all the awards we have earned during our activities.

Accommodation in an elegant room

To make your stay at the Lviv hotel an unforgettable experience, we offer our guests a junior suite. This is a room with an area of ​​35 m2. It has everything that visitors need. It:

plasma panel;
air conditioning;
minibar with alcoholic beverages;
safe deposit box for cash storage.
We have a phone with international and city calls to communicate. For convenience, the Junior Suite has cable TV and free Wi-Fi. Also required are slippers, cosmetics, towel, and hairdryer.

Holiday for two in a junior suite is a great choice that you will never regret! For your convenience, the room has a king size bed, a cozy sitting area and a bathroom. The bedroom has a desk, armchair, wardrobe. All the furniture is quality, beautiful and modern. Soundproofing is provided to prevent noise from visitors. That is why no outside sounds pass through the walls. A soft carpet is laid on the floor. It gives a sense of harmony and comfort.

Transfer to the hotel

The Swiss Hotel keeps pace with the times. Therefore, we have a shuttle service to and from the hotel at the airport and train station. This is a quick and convenient way for our guests. To provide quality services we have an experienced driver. He drives a comfortable Mercedes Viano car. It is a machine that is perfect for travel and luggage. The minivan features a chic appearance and interior fittings. It complies with European safety standards.

Transfer to the hotel is a service that involves the transportation of tourists and luggage to the hotel. It is provided to us at a high level. Loving people who want to relax at a hotel in Lviv use it and are satisfied. They do not think about getting to us from the airport or from the train station. It is our concern that we take on our own hands. Guests know that we will pick them up in time and deliver to their destination. They appreciate it and leave positive feedback about our work and leisure activities.

Using the transfer to the hotel, you will make the right choice! We meet guests at the airport, train station and deliver them to the hotel. Transfer is a safe trip to your destination. You may not have to worry about getting to the Swiss Hotel and bringing your luggage there. We will gladly take care of this. For this we have a professional driver and a comfortable car. These are the main components that make the service properly delivered.

Rest in Roman steam room - wellness procedures

Roman sauna - freedom and relaxation, positive emotions and complete rest. The Romance for Two package includes a two-hour visit to a Roman steam room. This is a unique place where the conditions for a carefree holiday are created. Here you can not only forget about the daily worries, but also improve your health. We thought about everything and arranged the Roman sauna in accordance with the standards. These include temperature and humidity, the use of expensive finishing materials, a cozy atmosphere.

Time spent in a Roman steam room is of great benefit. In the sauna you can get rid of chronic joint pain and headache. This does not limit the benefit of the Roman sauna. Wellness procedures mean:

strengthening of immunity;
improving the overall tone of the body;
getting rid of slag.
Also, when visiting a Roman steam room, blood circulation is activated, skin condition is improved, cellulite is eliminated. People feel free. They improve their mood and the feeling of tension, anxiety disappears.

Roman steam room - a unique place, which provides a lounge. Therefore, you can not only improve the body, but also have a good time. The lounge is equipped according to European trends. It is light, cozy and spacious. The room has two sofas and a table. For convenience, cable TV and a telephone are connected. Visitors to the Roman steam room can order meals, drinks from the Valentino bar and restaurant. For gourmets we offer useful and delicious tea. By staying in a Roman sauna, you will rest and improve your health. This is something that people badly need!

A date on the roof is a great time

A date on the roof is an event you will never forget! This is a wonderful surprise from a man or a young man. It means spending time on the panoramic terrace of the Valentino restaurant, a delicious candlelight dinner and nice music. From the roof there is an amazing view of Lviv. They can admire them for a long time, forgetting everything in the world. During dinner, people in love communicate and admit love. They do not think about everyday problems. Enamored people enjoy amazing moments in their lives and take good pictures.

The panoramic terrace of the Valentino restaurant is specially equipped for romantic dinners. It was created by creative designers. They developed the project documentation and helped to realize all the ideas. This is an unusual setting, glass and metal fence, original lamps. There are many flowers on the panoramic terrace. Unique compositions perfectly complement the exterior and make it a natural touch. Guests of the restaurant are surrounded by flowers and feel comfortable. They like the environment and the unique atmosphere!

Do you like the idea of ​​a date on the roof? Then take this opportunity and make a nice surprise for your girl! The terrace of the Valentino Restaurant is open until 23:00. In the evening, you can invite your beloved girl to the rooftop and confess your love. It's a great way to express your feelings and have a great time. Try something new and enjoy the beautiful views of Lviv! We know you will enjoy both dinner and the environment. We have put a lot of effort into this.

Dinner on the panoramic terrace is a great present for the other half! It can be done just in one way or another on a special occasion (dating date, birthday, valentine's day). A date on the rooftop of the Swiss Hotel is the peak of romance. This is adrenaline, the lights of night Lviv, champagne and delicious food. With the onset of darkness, our city is transformed. You can see it for yourself while on the roof of a building. To do this you need to stay at the hotel and book a table in the corner of the panoramic terrace. We make sure that you are comfortable and interesting. For this we have delicious food, nice music and alcoholic beverages!

Romantic holidays in Lviv - the best places in the city

A romantic getaway means not only a dinner on the terrace and a visit to a Roman steam room. Familiarizing yourself with landmarks is an important point that cannot be overlooked. We suggest visiting the following interesting places:

balcony of lovers - locals say this place is associated with hot feelings. Here in ancient times the Polish king saw a girl and fell in love with her. Such an event dramatically changed his life;
Italian courtyard - love prevails in this place. In the Italian yard want to stay longer. Here you can take a picture, sit at a table for a cup of coffee, and enjoy the unique surroundings;
Stryi Park is the most beautiful place in Lviv. On the territory of the park there is a greenhouse, linden alley, rock garden. Rare plants grow in Stryi Park. For example, tulip tree and Japanese lilac. Lviv Park attracts people in love. In it you can wander the alleys, breathe fresh air, sit on the shore of the lake.
Romantic dinner at the hotel is a gift for the other half

Entrusting us with the organization of a romantic dinner at the hotel, you are not mistaken! We will make sure that you enjoy everything. Our pride is Galician and Italian cuisine. We work with chefs who prepare exquisite dishes and work with the soul. There are many interesting dishes on our menu. This is a meat snack, veal tartare, cream of mushrooms. Napoleon cake or tiramisu can be ordered for dessert. And to have dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, we offer good wine to choose from!

A romantic dinner at Swiss Hotel is an unforgettable experience and delicious food. We know how to surprise our guests. Loving couple having fun at a restaurant and evaluating the taste of wine. They talk about life, make plans for the future and dream. At this time, nice music sounds in the hall. It can be listened to and danced if desired. It depends on individual preferences.

Come and stay with us for a memorable vacation! The Swiss Hotel offers a junior suite and a panoramic terrace. Here you can tell a girl about your feelings, confess to love or just relax. We understand the importance of comfort and impeccable service. Therefore, loving couples are happy with everything. They dine on the rooftop, visit the Roman sauna, get acquainted with the local sights!


04 June 2021

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                        You can look at Lviv from the Town Hall tower or the Valentino terrace, which is located at the Swiss Hotel. Which option would you choose?

You can look at Lviv from the Town Hall tower or the Valentino terrace, which is located at the Swiss Hotel. Which option would you choose?

The landscapes of Lviv and its interesting historical and architectural monuments from the Town Hall tower on Rynok Square can be seen again by anyone. We also want to tell you about another interesting and unusual point in the center of Lviv, which offers an incredible panoramic view of the city of Lviv.

Now we are talking about a summer playground on the roof of one of the most prestigious hotels in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel. This is a panoramic Valentino terrace located at  Knyazya Romana St, 20. Lviv. So residents and guests of our city can come and admire the beautiful views of our ancient city.

To book a room call us:
+38 (032) 240-37-77
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by contacting us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


31 May 2021

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                        Lviv - museum city

Lviv - museum city

Are you coming to Lviv and want to get acquainted with its sights? Then you are definitely interested in the question, which hotels of the city are popular. We can say that the Swiss Hotel is a great option for a vacation! We welcome travelers who come from different parts of the country. They want to see the museum city with their own eyes and have a good time. Tourists enjoy delicious cuisine, local color and atmosphere prevailing in the streets!

Why is our city so called?
Guided tours of Lviv - a popular destination, which is chosen by many tourists. They want to see as many attractions as possible and find out information related to the history of objects. There are many excursions to choose from, among which you can choose the suitable option. It can be a walk or a bus trip. In the first case, walking tours are conducted, during which tourists stroll along Lviv streets. In the second case, a special bus is ordered. He moves on a certain route.

What places to visit in Lviv? This is a question that tourists often ask. Why? The answer is obvious: Lviv is a museum city. It is so called not only because there are many museums in the city. Lviv is a large national-cultural center, which houses historical sights and architectural objects. These include museums, libraries, monasteries, parks. Also on the territory of the city there are a huge number of churches. They amaze with their grandeur and wealth. Inside the churches you can see amazing wall paintings and ancient icons.

Popular tourist route around the city
If you have a little time to relax, you can choose the tour route in Lviv and get acquainted with the main attractions. Walking gives joy and improves mood. Tourists walk around Lviv and explore everything around. They are accompanied by a guide. He acquaints travelers with historical facts and tells a lot of interesting things. Tourists enjoy listening to the guide and enjoy every minute spent on the streets of the ancient city.

Which tourist routes in Lviv are most popular? Most often, tourists prefer the following direction:

railway station - a building located 2.5 km from the central part of the city. It was built a long time ago. Until today, virtually nothing has been preserved from the original version of the railway station;
St. George's Cathedral - the shrine of Greek Catholics. This is an anti-cathedral decorated in the Baroque style. It is striking in its beauty and grandeur;
Potocki Palace is a unique monument that attracts the attention of tourists. It was built on an individually designed project. Previously, social events were held in the palace. Now in the building is an art gallery;
Mickiewicz Square is another object included in the route. It is dedicated to the Polish poet. A fountain is located on the square, inside of which there is a sculpture of Our Lady. It is decorated with dolphin masks;
Bernardine Monastery is a building more like a fortress. Previously, the monastery was used as a fortified point. Now it houses the state historical archive.
An excursion in Lviv is a great way to learn interesting facts about the city and get rid of boredom. After completing a short but eventful tour, travelers have good impressions and wonderful photographs. There are many options for excursions and routes. You can choose the excursion “Streets of Ancient Lviv”, “Dungeons of Lviv”, a walk to the Shevchenkovsky Guy or to the stadium. If you want romance, you can choose the appropriate option. This is a route that includes the Italian courtyard, a monument to a couple in love, the Greek gods in the Market Square.

The best hotels of the city.

If you plan to spend time in the old city, be sure to book a hotel room. "Swiss" is a hotel center in which many tourists relax every year. Travelers stay with us for various reasons. These are the benefits we are proud of. What exactly is meant? Our hotel has won the trust of tourists and has taken a leading place in the tourist market. The main features of the hotel include:

excellent service - it is provided by professional staff with experience. They know what the guests need. Therefore, visitors leave positive feedback and recommend our hotel to their colleagues, friends;
good living conditions - the rooms provide excellent conditions for guests. This is a comfortable environment, original interior, household appliances, modern furniture, Internet access;
children's room - the hotel provides conditions for young visitors. While adults relax in a Roman bath or enjoy a romantic setting on the panoramic terrace, children play in a special room. The room has many toys, walls with painted cartoon characters and huge soft cubes.

Rewards are our pride. We have many valuable rewards. This is evidence that we work in good faith and create wonderful conditions for guests;
unique offers - we value our customers and offer advantageous solutions for them. Our offers are constantly changing. Anyone can use them. For example, we have offers for lovers and for people who go on a business trip.
Holidays in Lviv, at affordable prices, we guarantee in full. Our main responsibilities include creating a comfortable environment and providing high-quality service. But we do not stop there. If necessary, hotel staff will tell you where to go and what to give preference to. We perfectly know our hometown. Therefore, guests enjoy our help. They tell them what they like best. Our employees listen to wishes and on their basis select suitable options. This may be the church of St. Elisabeth, the House of Scientists, the Kornyakt Palace.

Night tours in Lviv.

The ancient city is beautiful at any time of the day. Therefore, many travelers are interested in a night tour of Lviv. This is a great solution. It means the opportunity to see the city in a different light and walk along the streets in the light of lanterns. Such leisure is never forgotten. Tourists enjoy the beautiful night panorama of the European city and hold their breath while listening to the mystical stories of Lviv. They are immersed in an atmosphere in which magic and mystery reign.

If you want to take a fascinating night tour in Lviv, do not put off such a dream for later. Book a room at the Swiss Hotel and immediately go on a trip! We guarantee that you will enjoy the night tour of the old city. There are many offers for tourists to choose from. Alternatively, you can take a walk to the High Castle. The tourist route includes various objects. For example, the church of Mary Snezhnaya and the monastery of St. Onufry. Still travelers like a night city tour “Night Tram” and a photo tour “Night Lions in Radiance.”

What museums can I go to?

There are many objects in the city that can be found. If you do not know what to see in Lviv, trust us. We will advise where it is better to go and what are the features of a particular attraction. It is necessary to spend several days visiting the museum expositions, but you will definitely like this pastime. There are enough museums in the city, among which we want to note the following options:

The city arsenal is a two-story building made of stone. It has a rectangular shape. In the northern part is an octagonal tower. Now the museum has a huge collection of weapons. Tourists come here who are interested in such topics;
Museum Pharmacy - a museum dedicated to the history of pharmacy. The exposition is located in several rooms. Visitors who find themselves in such a place fall into another world. It has a lot of unusual exhibits. This is a variety of pharmacy equipment, pharmaceutical scales and utensils for storing medicines. A pharmacy laboratory was recreated in one room. It is reproduced on the basis of ancient records and books;
Brewery Museum - an object located on the territory of the brewery. Here visitors can see the tools of the ancient brewers, beer barrels and a collection of bottles. The museum has a gift shop. Guests can also watch a film on brewing, and try hops in the tasting room;
Andrey Sheptitsky Museum - an object founded by the Greek Catholic Metropolitan. The museum has a unique collection of exhibits. It includes manuscripts, engravings, pottery, drawings on glass.

Where can I have a delicious dinner?

Tourists are concerned not only with the question of where to visit Lviv, but also where to eat. We know the answer to an important question. You can eat and enjoy a noble drink in the Valentino restaurant. In this institution, guests feel great. They find themselves in an unusual environment in which there are unique decorative elements, luxury interior items, unusual details. All rooms are decorated in an original style. For example, a wonderful winter garden was created in the green room. Once in such a hall, visitors forget about pressing problems. They enjoy a setting filled with greenery and freshness!

Interesting restaurants in Lviv - a common request that users drive into the search bar. Before going to a foreign city, they are looking for an institution that has a good reputation. This restaurant is Valentino. This is a luxurious establishment, designed on the basis of current trends. Here you can eat and drink a glass of amazing wine. The menu offers a variety of dishes, and in the wine list you can find a drink that you have not even heard of before.

What is a must see in Lviv?

Lviv and its attractions fascinate all tourists who have arrived on an excursion. This is not surprising, because the city has many places that it is impossible not to visit. For example, history buffs go to the Potocki Palace. This is an old building erected in 1880. It was designed by a Polish architect. The palace is made according to a special idea, so it looks beautiful and attracts the attention of tourists. The architectural monument is decorated in a French classic style. To create a luxurious atmosphere in the building, beautiful paintings, molding, and marble were used.

What is a must see in Lviv? The answer to this question depends on the preferences of tourists. Many travelers go to Stryi Park, to the Transfiguration Church, to the Lubomirsky Palace. Famous sites include the Powder Tower. This is a monument erected from raw stone. It is designed as a cut ellipse. The Powder Tower used to be used to defend the city. Today, tourists who like history come to see it.

If you are interested in Lviv vacations, prices will not seem high. Staying at our hotel, you will relax and stroll around the city in your free time. We have many attractions that deserve your attention. The choice of objects that you plan to visit depends on personal preference. In Lviv there are enough museums, historical places and unique architectural structures. Therefore, all tourists who come to us, fully enjoy their vacation. They find themselves in an amazing world where you can see old houses, churches and cozy courtyards!


31 May 2021

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                        Cooperation of Swiss Hotel Lviv with KAYAK

Cooperation of Swiss Hotel Lviv with KAYAK

We are pleased to inform you that we have been cooperating with KAYAK, a company that has been revolutionizing the tourism business since 2004.

Purpose of search for travelers? Nobody dreamed of that. Until they put it into practice.
We currently process billions of requests a year on all of our platforms, helping millions of travelers around the world confidently plan their next trips. With each query, KAYAK searches hundreds of pages so you can find the most suitable tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc.
Together we help travelers explore the world. We add some links below:

● Links to KAYAK flights page → Find a place to stay.
● Link to KAYAK guide → See travel tips in the Guide.
● Link to KAYAK page → Find options to order a car in Lviv


28 May 2021

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                        Breakfast in Valentino restaurant

Breakfast in Valentino restaurant


Dear and dear guests!

We are glad to inform You!

In the "Valentino" restaurant every day from 8:00 to 11:00 you can start your perfect day with a delicious breakfast on the new menu and be filled with inspiration from of the best restaurant in Lviv!

The price of the buffet breakfast is UAH 400. per person, for a child under 6 years old - free of charge, for a child between 6 and 12 years old - half price.
We invite you to meet sunny mornings with us and fragrant coffee and delicacies in the "Valentino" restaurant!
Phones for table reservation:
+38 (032) 235-67-66, +38 (097) 235-67-77


25 May 2021

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                        There will be an art gallery in the underground passage on the Mytna Square instead of trade pavilions. It is a 5-minute walk from the Swiss Hotel.

There will be an art gallery in the underground passage on the Mytna Square instead of trade pavilions. It is a 5-minute walk from the Swiss Hotel.

Such an initiative was announced by the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy at a meeting of the executive committee during the consideration of the dismantling of trade pavilions in the underground passage on Mytna Square.
This was announced by the press service of the city council.



The mayor proposed to equip an art gallery for young artists in the transition. "We are investing heavily in the public space nearby. Therefore, we need to talk to the authors of this project - the company "Ruthenia", so that they also give their opinion on the transition, and we made an art space there, "- said Andrew Sadovy.

Now works on renovation of the proceed. According to the historical context, the moat is planned to be filled with water, which will move in a circle.

There will be an extremely interesting art space organized here. So we invite guests to the Swiss hotel where we will soon prepare new and interesting tours. Lviv is a wonderful city for a vacation with a family or beloved ones. Of course, we must also mention the terrace of the restaurant "Valentino", which is located on the seventh and eighth floors of the Swiss hotel.

To book a room call us:

+38 (032) 240-37-77

+38 (096) 240-37-77

You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the or by contacting us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv, the Swiss Hotel.



18 May 2021

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                        An exhibition of relics of the XII-XV centuries will be opened in the dungeon of the Garrison Church.

An exhibition of relics of the XII-XV centuries will be opened in the dungeon of the Garrison Church.

The terrace of the Swiss Hotel overlooks the church.

On May 6th, at 3 p.m. an exhibition of Christian relics of the 12th-15th centuries "Ars sacra: Journey to the Middle Ages" was opened in the museum-dungeon of the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of the Lviv Archdiocese of the UGCC.


The opening ceremony was attended by: Bishop of the Curia of the Kyiv-Halych Supreme Archdiocese, Bishop Stepan Sus; the rector of the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, the head of the Center of the Military Chaplaincy of the UGCC LA Fr. Taras Mikhalchuk; management of Lviv city and regional authorities, clergy, public figures, Lviv patrons and collectors of antiquities.

"Ukrainian culture has an extremely rich ancient church tradition of the Ukraine-Russia period. Lviv collectors managed to save unique relics. These relics are made of metal - a technique of creating relief images on various metals. The art of metal plastics today is little studied and underestimated.

The items saved by collectors are a unique testimony to the history of spirituality and the formation of Christianity in Ukraine. These things were preserved despite the war, the destruction and looting of churches, looting of shrines. It is time to return the relics to the Church. Unique Christian relics will be donated by Lviv collectors to the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of the UGCC, "the organizers said.
In Lviv, the Garrison Church of Peter and Paul from the Swiss Hotel is within easy reach. At the reception of the Swiss hotel our staff will provide you with qualified assistance in organizing your leisure time  and will tell you about interesting tourist places which you should definitely visit! Also from the panoramic terrace of the restaurant "Valentino", which at the hotel offers an incredible view of the Lviv city, from which, incidentally, you can see the domes of the Garrison Church of Peter and Paul.
To book a room call us:
+38 (032) 240-37-77
+38 (096) 240-37-77
You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by contacting us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


06 May 2021

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