Playbill of Lviv. Entertainment poster of Lviv. Swiss Hotel

Playbill of Lviv. Entertainment poster of Lviv. Swiss Hotel

October characterizes the golden autumn. She has finally entered into her rights. To lift your spirits and charge you with positive energy, the Swiss Hotel, located in the central part of Lviv, has gathered the most interesting events of the second autumn month. Well, what are you ready for? It will be hot!

1. Cheese and wine festival in Lviv

Lviv residents and guests of the city are invited to the main gastronomic holiday of autumn. A huge gastronomic fair, delicious tastings and interesting master classes - visitors will be delighted. Attendees will also learn about the culture of cheese-making and winemaking traditions in Lviv.

2. Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival - Festival in Lviv

Lviv will be covered with coffee aroma and noise of SCA championship fans, book and vintage lovers!

3. Oleh Skrypka and NAONI in Lviv

Visit the concert of Ukrainian musician Oleh Skrypka and NAONI orchestra! 2021 is a special date for the legendary Ukrainian rock band, which this year loudly celebrates 35 years since its founding. Therefore, you should expect surprises from the repertoire of "BB" in a unique arrangement.

4. CLUB of lonely hearts - Performance

Viewers will see a lyrical comedy based on the play by Ivan Menchel The cemetery club. The focus is on the story of three women who are desperately trying to arrange a new life.

5. Golden Lion - International Theater Festival

This year, the Golden Lion will take place at the following locations: Voskresinnia Theater, the First Theater, Lesya Theater, Zankovetska Theater, Dovzhenko Center and on the square in front of the Lviv Opera House. Traditionally, the festival will begin with a Carnival procession, which will pass through the streets of the city.

6. Tasting "Red Wines of Latin America"

We have good news for you🥂
Already on October 28, we are organizing a wine tasting called "Red Wines of Latin America" ​​in Lviv at the restaurant "Valentino".
Set of tasting wines:
🍾 Chile: Carmenere Reserva;
🍾 Argentina: Malbec Barrel Selection;
🍾 Uruguay: Tannat Don Pascual;

Tasting menu:
Chile Con Carne;
🥩Beal square with plum sauce;
🥩Beef mini steak with grilled corn and demi-glass sauce
🎁 Branded dessert to compliment
Price: 1350 ₴
You can book a ticket by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


31.10.21 | Sunday | Halloween

Incendiary DJ DJ StasON, a dance floor and a mystical mood await visitors in our restaurant Valentino. Guests in themed costumes will be treated to a cocktail "Bloody Mary".
The ticket price includes a welcome drink, drive themed music and atmosphere from dj stason, a mystical pumpkin dessert.

Where: restaurant "Valentino", st. Nyzhankivskoho, 20.
When: October 31 at 8 p.m.
How much: a ticket of 500 hryvnias.

You can book a ticket by phone:
+38 (097) 235-67-77
+38 (032) 235-67-66


03 October 2021

                        19 places to visit in Lviv

19 places to visit in Lviv

The western tourist capital of Ukraine - Lviv has been welcoming guests from the most remote corners of Ukraine and the world for centuries. This city has also long been a must-see for lovers of architecture and different cultures, because it is where most of the architectural monuments are preserved and almost the entire center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Locals residents and not only know that in the city of Lion every house, quarter, lane breathes history. They preserve the memory of what happened many centuries ago, where the battles for the western outpost of the Austro-Hungarian Empire took place, the city that was besieged by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the city that fell in love with many kings of Poland and  Rzeczpospolita, emperors of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, a city that inspired great artists, writers, artists, composers and became some of them home.

This creates a unique charm, which fascinates tourists as soon as they set foot on Lviv land. Therefore, it is difficult to even imagine that someone has not yet had time to visit this wonderful city. But in fact, there are many people who are just going to visit the city of Lviv and do not know what to see in Lviv.

Taking into account the preferences of tourists and residents of Lviv, we have selected for you a list of places that every tourist should visit when he gets to Lviv. We begin our virtual journey that can come true. All you need is a wish!

Rynok Square
The most famous square in Lviv is Rynok Square. Located in the center, in the old part of town. So there is something to look at, because the local houses still remember the events of past centuries. Only representatives of the nobility had the right to build on Rynok Square during the Middle Ages. The first mention of the central city square dates back to the 13th century. For many centuries, this square was the center of city life. Here they organized cultural events, processions, sold vegetables, fruits and flowers on the market, which were grown by locals.

City Hall
If you are in Lviv, it is the duty of every tourist to look at the central part of the city from the town hall tower. Lviv City Hall is the highest in Ukraine, its height is 65 meters. So it is a good view of the city. By the way, the building is an architectural monument and is protected not only in Ukraine but also by UNESCO.

Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Solomiya Krushelnytska
Tourists often take their first photo in Lviv against the background of the Opera House. The people of Lviv owe such a beautiful building to the architect Zygmunt Gorgolevsky. This architect built many majestic buildings in Poland and Germany in the 19th century. This building has both a beautiful interior and a majestic exterior.

Italian Restaurant Valentino with Rooftop Terrace
"Luxurious. Elegant. Italian" - this is the slogan of the new restaurant of Italian cuisine "Valentino". The restaurant is located in an old house in the heart of the city, next to the Market Square. Earlier, the favorite restaurant of Lviv "Cactus" was located on this place.

Terrace of Valentino restaurant with panoramic views of the center of Lviv
designed for banquets, romantic dinners with a loved one,
business lunches, corporate events, buffets or event celebrations.

The terrace is open daily from 12:00 until 22:00

Italian courtyard
A cozy place in the heart of Leo. Here you can relax from the noisy streets filled with tourists. Back in the 16th century, when the courtyard was built, the owners tried to arrange it so that this corner became a place of rest. Also create a building in the ancient city, similar to the cozy homes of Italians. They succeeded.

Armenian quarter
Lviv became a refuge for Armenians as far back as the 13th century. Expelled from their lands, they were forced to look for a new home. Armenian merchants and artisans were the first to arrive in the city of Lev. They settled compactly, so now all the sights, the appearance of which the city owes to the Armenians, are concentrated on the street Armenian. Probably the most famous of them is the Armenian Cathedral, built in 1370.

Potocki Palace
The beautiful building in the style of classicism was erected in the 19th century. The initiators of the palace were the famous Potocki family. There used to be a small hunting lodge on the site of the Potocki palace. But the family needed an elegant place where they could receive distinguished guests.

Church and monastery of the Bernardines
The church and monastery are a whole complex, which is now an architectural and historical monument. Interestingly, the Bernardine monastery is not just a spiritual building, but also a defensive one. In the 17th century, its construction was undertaken only on condition that it would have strong walls. So for a long time the defensive redoubts of the monastery protected the people of Lviv from enemies. Therefore, shots were fired from this spiritual structure more than once. Of the defensive redoubts, the Glynyansky Gate has survived to this day.

Boim Chapel
The Boim Chapel was built in the 17th century on the site of an old cemetery. It became a tomb for the old Hungarian Boim family. It is not known exactly who constructed this truly work of art. However, experts equate the Lviv chapel with the tomb in the Wawel Cracow. There are no more analogues of the Boim chapel in Europe.

High Castle Mountain
To be in Lviv and not to visit the High Castle is like not seeing Khreshchatyk in Kyiv even for a moment. This is the highest point of the city of Leo. The height of the mountain is 413 meters. Once upon a time there was a castle on it. The construction of the mountain began in the 13th century. When the castle was built and it became clearly visible from the surrounding areas, the mountain began to be called Castle, or "High Castle".

Pharmacy-museum "Under the black eagle"
If in the last few years a lot of new tourist highlights have appeared in Lviv, the Pharmacy-Museum has been known for a long time. For centuries, this institution has maintained its reputation. For years, the pharmacy has been able to combine the medical component with the tourist one. After all, despite the fact that dozens of tourists visit the pharmacy every day, they do not stop selling medicines here. If tourists enthusiastically look at all sorts of cones, herbalists, tablet machines, the people of Lviv come here because of what the doctor prescribed. The pharmacy has been operating in the city since 1735.

Brewing Museum
If you not only like to taste an intoxicating drink, but also want to know how it is made, then you should definitely visit the Brewing Museum. It was installed in 2005 on the territory of Lviv Brewery. Various exhibits were placed on 600 square meters: beer barrels, bottles, mugs, tools with which beer was made. Also, old beer recipes are still preserved in old books.

Kryivka Kneipp Restaurant
This institution differs from others not only in Lviv, but throughout Ukraine. The owners of "Kryivka" decided on a difficult experiment. The restaurant with the attributes of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army immediately became famous, but there was a lot of criticism. After all, if in Western Ukraine honoring UPA soldiers is a common thing, in other regions it is treated with caution.

Lviv Chocolate Workshop
Chocolate has also become a kind of symbol for the city of Leo. Numerous chocolate festivals gather thousands of tourists in Lviv every year. What to do if the sweet holiday is still far away? Of course, visit the Lviv Chocolate Workshop. Chocolate white, milk, black, with nuts and marzipan, other tasty fillings. Chocolate bars and melted, chocolate desserts, cakes. In short, delicious! Delicacies should be tasted with Lviv coffee, another symbol of Lviv.

Monument to the chimney sweep
This monument is located quite high. From the roof of the cafe "House of Legends" on Staroyevreiska Street, a chimney sweep is watching life in Lviv. If you plan to look at this monument, you should have a lot of small coins in your wallet. Why? The soot hat has a bottom, but is connected to a gutter. Tourists and visitors of the institution throw coins there. When they ring, they fall into a chest, and sometimes onto a summer terrace. Therefore, those visitors who decide to drink coffee on the terrace, even give umbrellas to protect them from the "golden" rain.

Lychakiv cemetery
It is not customary to visit cemeteries. Too scary. But in Lviv, the cemetery is not just a place for burial, but a historical and cultural museum-reserve. 300 thousand burials on 40 hectares. Sculptures are installed on 500 graves. Would you say what's amazing here? And the fact that these sculptures are real works of art. Angels, saints, people who are buried in the cemetery, carved out of stone. They convey sadness and despair. The faces of the sculptures are so natural that it seems that tears are about to flow from the eyes of the little angel! These are the places to visit!

Underground river Poltva
Even those tourists who have already visited Lviv do not always know that there is a river in the city. Underground. Once Poltva flowed freely through the streets of the city of Lev. But in the 19th century, the city had an acute problem with sewage. It had to be solved quickly, because the sewage flowed into the river, so it was decided to wall it in the collector. The grandiose project began in 1879. The river was blocked on the section from the Maria Zankovetska Theater to Shevchenko Avenue. Then implemented several more stages, which lasted until the mid-1920s. In 1970, several more land flows of the city were walled up.

Arena-Lviv Stadium
The largest stadium in Western Ukraine was built specifically for the European Football Championship, which took place in 2012. So, in addition to the national team, which from time to time holds its home matches at Arena-Lviv, the national teams of Germany, Denmark and Portugal played here during the European Championship. The stadium is considered a fort for the national team of Ukraine. The national team won most of the matches held in Lviv.

Vernissage Market
And finally. Many tourists, impressed by Lviv, try to leave something in memory of this beautiful western city. That's why they go to the Vernissage. You can buy souvenirs in this market. It became famous among tourists because you can buy handmade products here. Paintings with Lviv landscapes, extremely beautiful jewelry and embroidered shirts and towels.

As you can see, despite the fact that almost everyone seemed to have visited Lviv and visited almost every corner, there are more and more interesting places here every year. And the old sights do not lose their charm. In every institution, museums are always quite a lot of people. And there are places that will delight with comfort. Delicious Galician cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent, because due to significant competition between hundreds of cafes, restaurants, pubs in the city, chefs have to be great virtuosos in order not to lose customers! Lviv will always please tourists. Good mood when visiting this city of Western Ukraine is guaranteed!


10 September 2021

                        European Heritage Days in Lviv: the most interesting events

European Heritage Days in Lviv: the most interesting events

77 free tours, lectures, performances, which will take place on September 10-12

European Heritage Days will take place in Lviv this weekend, September 10-12. This year's theme is "City for All". The organizers have prepared 77 free events - theater performances, tours, lectures, workshops. Registration started today.

The pan-European theme of this year's European Heritage Days is heritage and inclusion, but the Lviv organizers decided to expand the theme. Chief Coordinator Anna-Maria Samson explained that much attention will be paid to the fight for equal rights, including women, children and ethnic minorities.

Excursions allow to attract people with disabilities: there will be activities with sign language or typhlo translation and for people with mental disorders. In addition, all tourists will be shown a school and library for the blind, a home for the disabled, a psychiatric hospital. They will tell about people who have succeeded despite their disability - Ivan Levynsky, Mykola Bidnyak or Nikifor Drovnyak.

"We are talking about inclusion in a broader context - social, national, ethnic groups, age, gender, which were limited in certain periods. When it comes to objects, we try to either open a famous building for viewing or show it from a different angle. We are rethinking well-known topics from the point of view of inclusion, ”the acting mayor told ZAXID.NET. Head of the Tourism Department of the Lviv City Council Halyna Hrynyk.


Lviv residents. Cohabitation, 10: 00-11: 30. Street Basement, 3.
Olga Lidovska will talk about the coexistence in one city of different strata of society, different in nationality, education and opportunities. In particular, how in the early twentieth century the Jewish community communicated with its neighbors, how it cared for different members of the community, and how it changed.

Invisible people. 17: 00-18: 00. Lecture in the Urban Library on the street. Ustijanovic, 4.
Natalia Zubyk will tell about those who begged in Lviv - old men, homeless people, vagrants, "pilgrims", members of the "grandfather's shop" and kings of beggars, Lviv squirrels, poor and even ugly Lviv maidens. Some of them became legendary. Someone - as a symbol of the hotel "George" or the Powder Tower, someone painted the faces of saints.

Childhood under the control of the KGB. 18: 00-19: 00. Prison on Lontskoho Street (1 Stepana Bandera Street, entrance from Karl Bryullov Street).
Historian and researcher Iryna Yezerska-Vdovenko will give a lecture on KGB methods used by agents to put pressure on dissidents, threatening the safety of relatives, their families, and their educational and career opportunities.

SATURDAY, September 11

Hippies in Lviv: riot against grayness, 10: 00-12: 00. Old Lviv Coffee House (12 Ivana Fedorova Street)
Lviv hippie Alik Olisevych will tell about how representatives of the subculture gathered under the nose of the Communist Party regional committee in Soviet times, how their struggle for their own identity, human rights and freedom from stereotypes developed, will show the cult places of Lviv hippies.

Garbage is inherited. 11: 00-14: 00. pl. Market, 1, entrance to the Town Hall
"The greatest physical legacy we leave for future generations is the waste of our lives. We offer a journey through the history of Lviv, during which you will learn how in the past the city solved the problem of waste accumulation. The Poltva River will reveal to us the secrets of its not quite "pure" history. We will visit the treatment facilities of Lvivvodokanal, see how organic waste gets new life due to their processing at the composting station of LKP "Green City", witness the transformation of the city landfill into a family leisure park, and, quite possibly, take part in laying the first brick building. waste processing plant ", - the organizers invite.

Kulparkiv as a place of healing of the soul by prayer, 12: 30-13: 10. Lviv Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital (95 Kulparkivska Street)
Part of the complex of the psychiatric hospital in Kulpark is a temple, which is built into the center of the second floor of the main building. The whole complex was built in 1870-1880 under the direction of architect Adolf Kuhn. At that time it was believed that the beauty of the environment and architecture helps a person to overcome mental illness. Will show the church of St. Theologian Taras Hrynchyshyn will tell about its history.

Tastes of Frank's cuisine, 13: 30-15: 00. Restaurant "Boykivska gostyna" (8 Mitropolita Andrea Street)

Natalia Tykholoz, a senior researcher at the House of Franko, will tell how Franco ate, what his favorite dishes were, who cooked him food? Is it true that his wife was an "unfortunate housewife" and his daughter-in-law was an outstanding cook, the author of a real encyclopedia of Galician cuisine? And also about family recipes of the Frankiv family with tasting of Boyko dishes in a themed restaurant.

Artist talk "Atelier is normal", 15: 00-17: 00. Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes "Territory of Terror", barrack 2 (45 Chornovola Ave.)
The Atelier Normal community has been uniting artists' workshops with / without Down Syndrome since 2018. Stas Turina and Katya Liebkind present the work of the studio and methods of work. Artist with Down syndrome Eugene Go


08 September 2021

                        A relaxing weekend in Lviv

A relaxing weekend in Lviv

If you want to have a good rest on the weekend in Lviv, then there are enough interesting and convenient places

Depending on what kind of vacation you are looking for, you can visit museums, take part in excursions or visit quest rooms, a wine cellar or a wine hall, dream and relax in the spa, and then end the evening with a romantic evening in the Italian restaurant "Valentino", cozy atmosphere, pleasant music: the original sounds: violin, saxophone, piano.

In Lviv there is a wide range of active or relaxing leisure services, in the city of Lviv you will always find a place where you can spend time with family, girlfriend or wife, in companies that have business partners. You can choose several such wonderful places, or one hotel - for example, you can turn to your good rest at the weekend historic hotels with European service in the center of Lviv - the hotel "SwissHotel"!

A four-star hotel Swiss Hotel in the Lviv city in the heart of Lviv at the intersection of the cultural and entertainment life of Lviv.

Within walking distance of Rynok Square, Svobody Avenue, City Hall, Lviv Opera House, Potocki Palace, etc.

All rooms are decorated in a modern classic style. Stylish execution in neutral tones with the presence of classic elements and textured text - a great combination of convenience and vitality.

Restaurant Valentino with review therapy is famous for its high Italian cuisine and is rightly considered popular among the people of Lviv.

In Swiss, a perfect and affordable vacation in Lviv is a vacation in Swiss hotels.

Having visited this, which covers the secret disadvantages, you can not worry about spending a romantic evening in Lviv or beautifully and with great pleasure to spend the weekend with family and relatives, children (for children we have a wonderful, spacious, bright and a picturesque children's room, where children will be very cozy and comfortable.For you and your loved ones in "SWISS HOTEL" created all the necessary conditions for a relaxing holiday, first of all a team of professionals will provide you with the opportunity for comfortable service of the highest level.

An interesting evening in Lviv with friends
When choosing a place to go in the evening in Lviv, you first need to think about whether you would like active recreation or increase in a cozy, calm atmosphere in the center of Lviv or in Ukrainian, somewhere in a large area where you could easily get involved, very rarely , enjoying author's cocktails from professionals, during the romantic, relaxing atmosphere of the sound of scripts, saxophone, guitar.

Bars and restaurants of Lviv
In order for tourists who gather in Lviv to create themed, author's bars, restaurants, connections, pubs in Lviv, where you can find what you need: a cozy or noisy atmosphere, comfortable accommodation or a noisy night bar, all dancing, a restaurant with a stylish interior or a loft-style cafe, a menu with author's or classic drinks, Mediterranean, Italian, Balkan, French or Ukrainian eras, reduced dishes and drinks. So, for an interesting evening, visit the following locations:

  • a very cozy cocktail bar in Valentino restaurants or you can buy your favorite cocktail in the lobby bar at SWISS HOTEL;
  • gastronomic bar "", which has an author's cocktail menu;
  • restaurant, which is a real museum "Kerosene Lamp";
  • Kryivka restaurant in the city center on Rynok Square, an Internet conference emphasizing the UPA military bank;
  • cafe "Masoch" with the atmosphere corresponding to the theme of the works of the famous writer;
  • restaurant with Italian cuisine "Valentino";
  • Pravda brewery;
  • creative "Dining room ideas".

Also, say that this transition is not complete and you can always visit many other restaurants, bars or cafes. But given the reviews, the proposed locations are really good for any company.

Romantic evening with a girl in Lviv
When choosing a place for a romantic dinner with your girlfriend or wife, you probably want to describe yourself in an elegant restaurant with a stylish interior, rich in all sorts of smaller dishes and a persistent menu. So, where to go in Lviv in the evening with a girl, so that this moment will be remembered and liked by both of you? You can view some interesting offers, including:

  • Luxurious restaurant "Valentino", located in the "Swiss Hotel", and where you are going to look for one of the best chefs of modern Lviv;
  • cozy "Bachevsky restaurant";
  • restaurant, the interior of which resembles a British pub - "Black Cat".

If you visit a restaurant in business hotels "Swiss Hotel in Lviv", then you and your team will be able to satisfy a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, as well as provide a safe atmosphere of the Royal Internet Center, which also helped:

  • a wide range of author's cuisine;
  • exquisite recipes for desserts (traditional and original) from the masters of confectionery restaurants "Valentino";
  • the largest wine list, to match each will be more than 300 the best drinks and alcohol menu from exclusive drinks collected from around the world;incredible live music that allows you to enjoy a variety of compositions on violin, saxophone - modern and those that were created in the early XX century.
  • The first art bar in Lviv (coffee hall in the restaurant "Valentino")

Want to pleasantly surprise your loved one? Then invite her to the original art bar (coffee hall of the Valentino restaurant), which opened at the Swiss Hotel and welcomes visitors with stylish interiors and signature cocktails. The art bar has modern art, "living paintings", marble tables, authentic brick ceiling and lighting with different scenarios, and all this is wonderfully combined with bar traditions, fragrant coffee in Lviv and incredibly delicious desserts.

So, visit the first Valentino art bar in Lviv to see exhibitions of the works of the best masters of painting and portrait painting, as well as to taste exquisite cocktails, including:

  • Valentino (gin, grenadine, grapefruit juice) Valentino (gin, grenadine, grapefruit juice);
  • Swiss (vodka, sambuca, tonic) Swiss (vodka, sambuca, tonic water;
  • Aperol Spritz (Aperol, sparkling water, Prosecco);
  • Negus (saperavi wine, Cointreau, spices, honey);
  • Negus (saperavi wine, Cointreau, spices, honey);

These cocktails were created by a team of bartenders based on technological and calculation cards of the International Bartenders Association, so they have an outstanding taste and quality. You can choose any delicious drink to fully enjoy a romantic dinner and time spent in the restaurant.

How to spend a weekend in Lviv with your family?
Family vacation in Lviv for the weekend is an important opportunity for many to be alone with their loved ones, which you can organize by visiting the hotel complex "SwissHotelLviv". Please note that you can choose from the following categories of class rooms: "Standard", "Superior", "Junior Suite", "Suite", "Family Suite" and even a luxurious "Royal Suite". The apartments have the following advantages:

  • absolutely exclusive interiors designed by professional designers for each specific room;
  • the most comfortable furniture, modern plumbing, especially guests pay attention to comfortable mattresses and beds;
  • high quality of service and professionalism of each employee;
  • decoration, which is made of the rarest materials.

In addition to exquisite author's and dissimilar rooms in the hotel for your family vacation are offered:

  • chefs' signature dishes and favorite drinks that can be enjoyed in the bar or in the Valentino restaurant or on the panoramic terrace of the establishment, lobby or in the hotel room;
  • services of a Roman-Turkish couple;

Spa treatments, massages and other relaxing, restorative treatments for your body can also be booked at the hotel reception.
comfortable and spacious children's room for celebrating children's holidays;
beauty salon "Mask", where you can get a wide range of services of a hairdresser, eyebrow, manicure, pedicure.
You can relax while enjoying the beautiful interiors, professional service, delicious food, as well as visiting the sauna or beauty salon "Mask". If you want to have a good family vacation, be sure to visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner - the original weekend breakfast, during which you can relax with family and at the same time enjoy good food with your favorite drinks. By the way, we serve champagne for breakfast on weekends.

SPA, massages, beauty salon "Mask", services for relaxation
The SPA-zone located in the beauty salon "Mask" of the hotel complex "SwissHotel" deserves special attention. Guests are offered a Roman-Turkish sauna with appropriate equipment. You can take the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, take care of your own beauty and well-being by visiting the sauna and using other massage services at the Swiss Hotel.

Also in the spa you will find a professional and experienced massage therapist who has experience in Italy and can do the following types of massage:

  • rehabilitation;
  • health;
  • sports;
  • simulated;
  • relaxation;
  • for face and body care.

Massage is chosen individually for each guest, taking into account personal wishes and the peculiarities of your health. You should pay attention to the indications, the presence of which requires a massage:

  • pain that appears in the lower back or neck;
  • discomfort, pain during sleep;
  • insomnia;
  • headache;
  • feeling uncomfortable while moving;
  • stress;
  • depressive states;
  • rapid and constant fatigue;
  • disability.

Visiting the spa and massage area for you and your loved ones will be not only very pleasant, but also good for health.

If you wish to to lead your beauty to the ideal, then this will also help you in the beauty salon "Mask", which is at the hotel "Swiss Hotel". The services of the beauty center include:

  • hairdressing services for women and men;
  • hair coloring and restoration;
  • professional make-up;
  • nail aesthetics (manicure, pedicure, nail extension and correction).

Where to go in Lviv if you want fun?
With maximum comfort and convenience, you can stay in the hotel complex "Swiss Hotel" and enjoy all the services offered. Also, to diversify leisure, you can walk through the cozy streets of the city, visit interesting museums, quest rooms. For example, children will be interested in:

  • Pharmacies-museums;
  • Secret pharmacy;
  • Arsenals (weapons museums);
  • museums of photo illusions;
  • toy museums;
  • yard of lost toys;
  • Natural History Museum.
  • Fixage Camera Museum-Cafe

You also have the opportunity to go on a tour of the dungeons with a visit to the basements of monasteries and ancient houses, the Jesuit Church. The original tour will be an interesting journey through time, will give unforgettable emotions.

Quests for adults and children, master classes
If you want to spend time with family, children, friends in search of adventure, you can choose to visit adventure and intellectual quest rooms, culinary or creative workshops, which are constantly arranged in different locations. These can be:

  • Restaurant "Valentino" in the hotel "Swiss";
  • Lviv Chocolate Workshop;
  • Gingerbread Workshop;
  • Caramel workshop and others.
  • Lviv parks

Incredibly beautiful parks located in Lviv can also be great entertainment. You can choose Stryj Park with impressive garden architecture or Znesinnia Park near Shevchenkivskyi Grove.

Observation decks
To see Lviv in all its beauty, you can also visit various observation decks. For tourists and locals available locations such as:

  • High Castle;
  • Town Hall Tower;
  • Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth;
  • Fox Mountain (Mountain of Prince Leo);
  • the site of the Citadel.

Another interesting entertainment in Lviv is the beach water park, which is one of the largest in Western Ukraine. Locals and guests especially like to visit the water park in autumn, winter or spring, when the lack of heat and sunshine make you dream of a vacation at sea. Please note that the water park can not only relax well, but also have a good time, playing sports, attending spa treatments.

Entertainment centers
If your kids are on vacation, you may want your children to have fun in special centers. For this purpose, modern entertainment centers have been opened in Lviv, including "Divokray", "Children's Planet", "Merry Beehive", "Rainbow".

After active leisure, you and your companions will definitely need to eat and relax. So, you can always come to the hotel "Swiss", counting on high quality service, hearty and delicious food and drinks, the opportunity to stay in one of the comfortable rooms, which are carefully prepared for the arrival of each guest.

To book a table at the Valentino Restaurant, the Valentino Wine Bar or the Valentino Art Bar (Coffee Room), contact the hotel or restaurant managers in a convenient way. You can also book apartments of different categories: standard, superior, junior suite, suite, royal suite, which fully meet all your wishes and requirements to be conveniently located for spending time in Lviv. If necessary, the hotel has a convenient shuttle service that will take you anywhere in the city and outside the city according to your wishes.


02 September 2021

                        Roof terrace in Lviv

Roof terrace in Lviv

Terrace in Lviv on the roof of the Swiss Hotel in the city centre

Roof terrace in Lviv. Four-star Swiss Hotel

Welcome to the best four-star Swiss hotel in Lviv.

Designer boutique hotel with panoramic views of the city is conveniently located in the picturesque center of Lviv, on the street. Knyazia Romana, 20.

A special pride of the hotel is a cozy panoramic terrace on the roof of the hotel with an incredible panoramic view and extremely tasty dishes on the menu, we especially recommend to taste asparagus dishes. The panoramic roof terrace of the boutique hotel will be a worthy place to organize any event: a romantic tete-a-tete, business lunch, family dinner, banquet or wedding.

Valentino Restaurant is famous for its hospitality - here every guest is special and welcome. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you can order for a banquet:

Comfortable design rooms with luxurious views of the ancient city.
Breakfast in the room or in the restaurant.
Room service is available 24 hours a day. You can get gastronomic pleasure from European, Italian and Ukrainian cuisine, traditional Lviv treats and author's masterpieces from the Chef in the restaurant hall or on the summer terrace.
Wonderful recreation area in the hotel lobby, Roman-Turkish steam room, beauty salon "Mask".
Conference hall for business meetings and other events.

To book a table - please call these contact phone numbers:

• +38 (097) 23 56 777

• +38 (032) 23 56 766


19 August 2021

                        The restaurant in the center of Lviv joined the fundraiser for Victoria Polyuga

The restaurant in the center of Lviv joined the fundraiser for Victoria Polyuga

Restaurant "Valentino" at the Swiss Hotel in Lviv joins the charity project "Let's save Victoria together" under the slogan "A cup of coffee for life"

A one-year-old woman from Lviv has a rare genetic disease that requires a $ 2 million injection
“In general, we do not demonstrate our participation in charitable projects. But such a situation as in Victoria should be heard by every Lviv resident, every small or large chain of restaurants, cafes, every hotel, every small or large production! Situations such as the case of little Victoria are cases that need to be talked about loudly, to involve everyone who is not indifferent, to act extremely quickly. Every hour and every contribution and even prayer is important for the baby to recover. It is quite possible to collect the required amount when collecting it all together - the whole city, or the whole region or the country ", - says the manager of the restaurant "Valentino" Mykhailo Shevelyuk. We encourage business representatives to join the initiative and announce similar actions - this is very important for saving the life of a small child. For every Ukrainian business, this and similar projects are an opportunity to prove themselves as a socially responsible and caring organization. It doesn't matter what kind of business it is - big or small, it cannot operate in isolation from society! He must be socially responsible, respond to people's problems and, of course, make a significant contribution to their solution.

SMA causes muscle weakness and atrophy, and a sick child eventually loses the ability to move, sit, swallow, and breathe. Without treatment, patients with SMA usually do not live to two years. Now Victoria Polyuza is a year and 4 months old, and a quarter of the required amount has already been collected for her. More about the girl's condition here.
"Big business cannot operate in isolation from society - it must be socially responsible, respond to people's problems and, of course, make a significant contribution to their solution. Thanks to each of our guests who orders a cup of coffee, we will be able to join the initiative, thus saving children's lives.
We are convinced that with joint efforts we will get a much better result. And we believe that our guests actively support the project, will be happy to buy coffee drinks from us. Join us so that children's hearts never and nowhere stop! ”

"Doing good deeds should become our useful habit. We are happy to support social initiatives and charitable events, because we are convinced that good can save the world, ”says Swiss Hotel director Anna Dzidzora.

The promotion will last more than a month! We are waiting for you to visit!
The restaurant is located at 20 Nyzhankivskoho Street.
There is also a terrace of the Valentino restaurant on the roof of the Swiss Hotel.
The restaurant is open from 08:00 to 22:00, the terrace from 12:00 to 22:00


15 August 2021

                        Where to go in Lviv in August? Ukrainian Song Project-2021 in Lviv! Swiss Hotel

Where to go in Lviv in August? Ukrainian Song Project-2021 in Lviv! Swiss Hotel

Hotel "Swiss" is a partner of a grand project at the Arena Lviv

On August 14, 2021, at the Arena Lviv, meet the anniversary project "Ukrainian Song Project" in Lviv! This time you will find the whole history of music for 30 years of Independence of Ukraine "Ukrainian Song 2021" and a record number of participants. When going to Lviv for a festival, you always choose where to stay in the center of Lviv. We invite you to stay at the Swiss Hotel in the heart of Leo. This year our hotel is a partner of the Ukrainian Song-2021 festival, which takes place at the Lviv Arena. We are the perfect hotel to come with friends and relax to the fullest, because everything you need - is if not in the hotel, then next to us. Be sure to stay at the hotel and visit the panoramic roof terrace - this is the most popular meeting place for tourists. The summer playground of the Valentino restaurant in Lviv is also popular because our terrace is located on the roof of the hotel, from where you can see all the most popular sights of the ancient city of Lviv. Swiss Hotel in Lviv is first of all quality, comfort and rest, safety, and then an institution for accommodation of guests. Ask yourself: Which hotel in Lviv to choose, which is the best hotel in Lviv, where to spend the night in the center, a hotel with a roof terrace, a historic hotel, the best boutique hotel - we have the answer for you in one word: "Swiss". We are waiting for you in a house that is far from home.

During its existence, the Ukrainian Song Project took an honorable place among the national awards and was unofficially named "Ukrainian Eurovision". Last year, due to quarantine restrictions, the award ceremony took place without spectators. Then the 5th anniversary of the competition was celebrated with a TV version from the Lviv Opera Hall. However, this year everything will be different! In the year of the anniversary of Independence of our state, the organizers are preparing an incredible stadium show and strive to recreate all 30 years of development of the Ukrainian music industry in one concert. That's why only time-tested hits that sounded for us from the beginning of the 90s until recently are waiting for the audience!

National project "Ukrainian song" -2021
Headliners have already been announced: bands "BB", "SKY", "Without Restrictions", singer Iryna Bilyk, singer MELOVIN. And that's not all! Closer to the event, this star list will be updated!

"The global idea of ​​the concert on August 14 is to tell the story of Ukrainian music for 30 years of Ukraine's independence," says Taras Kurchyk, co-founder and general producer of the Ukrainian Song Project. - Starting with the legendary hit of the rock band "BB" "Spring", which thundered in the early 1990s - and to the number one hits of our days. There will be songs that have not just become hits, but on which whole generations have grown and continue to grow. The slogan of our project this year: "Ukrainian song - history gives birth to the future!".

The main goal of the project remains the same: to open new names of domestic show business. Applications for young and hard-working participants started in May. There were as many as three hundred of them. Each candidacy was considered by a competent jury consisting of:

music journalist and YUNA Award Development Director Igor Panasov,
music producer of TV channel "Ukraine" and "Music Platform of Ukraine" Gennady Viter,
music producer Vadym Lysytsia,
singer MELOVIN,
general producer of "Ukrainian Song Project" Taras Kurchyk.
As a result of meticulous selection, ten finalists were named to take part in the gala concert. Among them will be the lucky one who, together with the victory, will receive a recording and production of the author's composition on FOXXSTUDIOS by Vadym Lysytsia, as well as an annual promotion and management from the Ukrainian Song contest.

Of particular note is the scene of this year's competition, which resembles a huge bird and a giant number V, in honor of the anniversary of "Ukrainian Song".

In addition, the whole of Ukraine will see a television version of the grand concert "Ukrainian Song Project / Ukrainian Song 2021" on channel 1 + 1 to the 30th anniversary of Independence. project partner. Meet the history of Ukrainian music live!

To get to the concert "Ukrainian Song Project" in Lviv, buy tickets on our website and at the box office. Look for even more concerts in the Lviv poster on our website.

Where to go with friends in Lviv? For the concert "Ukrainian Song Project"!

Grand spectacular show
An incredible holiday of Ukrainian music
Anniversary concert
Finalists of "Ukrainian Song 2021":

"GG ​​Walk the City" (feat. Morphom)
"Cry of the sky"
Margarita Samoilova


We are located at: Lviv, st. Prince Roman, 20
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You can also book a room at the Swiss Hotel through the website or by writing to us on Facebook and Instagram. See you at the most cozy hotel in Lviv - the Swiss Hotel.


12 August 2021

                        TOP Lviv restaurants that are easy to find

TOP Lviv restaurants that are easy to find

Lviv has always been an inspiring city. Such a mecca of Galician hospitality. This is probably due to the fact that in this western capital of Ukraine there are many different authentic institutions with remarkable stories, legends and legends. The city receives a large number of tourists every year, so every time it learns to surprise guests with something new.

There are plenty of different art spaces, cafes, restaurants that are suitable for business meetings, relaxing with friends or a romantic date. At the same time, the establishments do not lose their traditional purpose - to feed the guest by offering him delicious food.

A must-see program for tourists was built in Lviv. Be sure to try one of the infusions in "Drunk Cherry", smoothly switch from the smell of cherry tincture to the aromas of coffee, looking at the "mine" nearby, and walking along the Lviv cobblestones, confidently go to other establishments with their programs….

Lviv residents also often take part in such outings - to look at the concept of another cafe, to taste a new dish, but usually, everyone has their own map of favorite establishments.

Undoubtedly, in the pursuit of supremacy, Lviv restaurateurs are superior to each other. In this variety of tastes and trends, you can often overlook the really interesting places and special places.

We have selected a few of these for you - for a note.

1) Restaurant "Valentino" at the hotel "Swiss" is a real corner of Italy in the very center of Lviv. On weekends there is live music: saxophone, violin, guitar, piano, flute. Italian, European and Ukrainian cuisines are prepared. This is really the restaurant you should visit, because there is a panoramic terrace on the roof of the hotel and a wine cellar, where the sommelier will be able to recommend you wine from his collection.

If you are looking for a place where you can have breakfast early in the morning in Lviv? we have the answer for you - in the restaurant "Valentino" breakfasts are prepared from 8:00 to 11:00

Breakfast is served in the room in the morning.

The cost of continental breakfast is 300 UAH. per person, for a child under 6 years - free, for a child aged 6 to 12 years - 150 UAH. We also invite you to use a separate offer - a special breakfast menu.

2) Grand-cafe "Leopolis" is a cafe on the site of the former cafe "Town Hall" in the center of Rynok Square in the city hall;

3) Bachevsky Restaurant is a restaurant of Galician cuisine, where you will be offered several types of infusions and tinctures;

4) Dr.Ink is a bar that will definitely be a revelation for you. Both classic and author's cocktails are prepared here, which will not leave you indifferent!


08 August 2021

                        The most romantic restaurant in the center of Lviv - restaurant "Valentino"

The most romantic restaurant in the center of Lviv - restaurant "Valentino"

Romantic places of Lviv. Restaurant "Valentino" - the territory of your holiday!


The most romantic restaurant in Lviv


Lviv is probably the most romantic place in Ukraine where every street seems to say "I love you". In Lviv you can find many romantic cafes and restaurants, among them the restaurant "Valentino". If you are planning an unforgettable romantic date, then you must visit us.

"Valentino" is the romantic name of a small Lviv restaurant, fully justified by the unforgettable interior atmosphere - a place where the hearts of two beat in unison with a cup of delicious coffee and the most delicious dessert "Napoleon".

The restaurant has its elegant atmosphere for meetings and cozy conversations over a cup of warm drink. Make yourself and your beloved one happy to make the day even brighter.

In summer, there is a panoramic terrace on the roof of the Swiss Hotel. Even if you spend one of the cold evenings on the terrace you will be warmed by warm blankets and heaters, which are equipped around the perimeter of the terrace. Restaurant "Valentino" provides an opportunity not only to enjoy delicious drinks, but also taste Italian, European and Ukrainian cuisines.

See you at the Valentino restaurant!

To book a table - please call us:

• +38 (097) 23 56 777

• +38 (032) 23 56 766



03 August 2021

                        The best restaurant with halal food in Lviv

The best restaurant with halal food in Lviv

In Lviv, tourists from Saudi Arabia can be offered halal meat in the restaurant "Valentino" at the Swiss Hotel in Lviv

Oriental cuisine keeps the secrets of ancient chefs and respects Muslim traditions. The chef of the restaurant "Valentino" learned more about the labeling of "halal" in the menu of establishments, read more about all the details in our news on the website of the restaurant "Valentino"

The term "halal" means that the products are made in accordance with all the norms of Islam, and therefore - is not only "permitted", but also meets modern environmental requirements. It is thanks to this concept that halal cuisine is popular all over the world among people of different nationalities and religions. Lviv restaurant of Italian cuisine "Valentino", located in the city center, the menu of which also includes dishes of other national cuisines, including Ukrainian.
Restaurant "Valentino" at the hotel "Swiss" is happy to open its doors to anyone looking for a menu of halal food. Such dishes can be found in the restaurant on the ground floor of the restaurant or on the panoramic terrace. On the menu you will also find dishes of animal meat that do not violate the Muslim food culture. All dishes in the restaurants are prepared according to all HACCP standards. Our chefs can help you prepare what you like. The waiters along with the menu will show the presence of a halal certificate. Grilled beef and lamb dishes are also always available here.

Something from the menu:

• Lamb square - (weight) for 100 grams 495 UAH;
• Ribeye steak - (weight) for 100 grams 480 UAH;
• Veal medallions - 420 UAH;
• Chicken fillet in pancetta - UAH 245;

Institution address:
Lviv, street Nyzhankivskoho, 20

To book a table in a restaurant in the center of Lviv - please call:

+38 (097) 23 56 777
+38 (032) 23 56 766


29 July 2021