Christmas events in Lviv from 01/06 -19/01

Christmas events in Lviv from 01/06 -19/01


Christmas and New Year fairy tale in Lviv brings together guests and residents of the city with warm and sincere emotions. During the winter holidays, an interesting and eventful program awaits residents and guests of Lviv. You can get the New Year mood and be filled with the spirit of Christmas with your favorite annual events, as well as with new interesting events.





26 October 2019

                        Christmas Organ Music

Christmas Organ Music

Date: January 19, Organ Hall, beginning at 19:00

Organ and piano duo — a truly royal combination. After all, the French word for “grand piano” is royal and the organ is often called the “king of instruments”. Together, these two "giants" create a uniquely powerful impression. Their sounds are competing and eventually join together in creating a colossal sound.

Olena Matselyukh and Melania Makarevych will perform works by the grand piano master Franz Liszt and the Vatican titular organ player Pietro Yon.

Olena Matselukh — organ
Melania Makarevych – piano

P. Jon — "Baby Jesus" Lullaby
F. Liszt — Dance of Death
F. Liszt —"Hungarian Fantasy on two themes"
V. Nazarov — Sacred music for organ in 4 parts:
1. Jerusalem — the city of eternity;
2. Gethsemane garden;
3. Trial;
4. Crucifixion
P. Jon — Gregorian Concert for organ and piano


25 October 2019

                        Pampuh Fest (Doughnut Fest)

Pampuh Fest (Doughnut Fest)

The holiday will take place on January 18-19 in Shevchenkivskіy Hai

Pampuh Fest is a legendary winter festival in Lviv, which is hosted to popularize a traditional ukrainian dish – pampuh (which is basically a berliner).

This festival will be held for the eleventh consecutive year!

All guests will become a part of ancient galician tradition. They will also enjoy performances of the best street musicians and kids ensambles.

And, of course, the fest’s program includes delicious treats for visitors!


24 October 2019

                        Winter market

Winter market

Already from December 7 th to January 14 th – cozy Winter market will be in the courtyard of the Palace ofArts!

There will be delicious dishes just BBQ, favorite drinks, different souvenirs, and also cinema-space, where
will been watched Xmas films, and soft music of the fortepiano – all for those who really value comfort

And for real fairytale’s atmosphere – Xmas trees` market with holiday`s beauty and Xmas workshop, where you will be able to create unique decorations. Look forward at Winter market already soon!

Entrance is free.


24 October 2019

                        New Year's Eve at the Swiss Hotel

New Year's Eve at the Swiss Hotel

New Year's Eve at the Swiss Hotel is a great opportunity to celebrate New 2020 and your favorite winter holidays in one of the most popular hotels in Lviv. We invite you and your loved ones to a New Year's banquet in the restaurant "Valentino". Waiting for you: - festive music program from 23:00 ...

Is waiting for you:

- festive music program from 23:00 to 04:00 and an exquisite menu from the chef;

- January 1, 2020 - brunch with a glass of champagne 08:00 - 12:00 *

HAPPY TO BUY A HOLIDAY AT SPECIAL PRICE  - 4000 hryvnias / person.

Children under 6 are free. Children under 12 years of age 50% of the cost, each child a sweet gift from the chef.



16 October 2019

                        Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

This is a unique event that interests lovers of meat cooked over an open fire. The barbecue festival is associated with a friendly atmosphere, good music, craft beer and steaks! This is a large-scale event that people from different cities come to. They enjoy delicious dishes cooked on fire and choose themed entertainment to their liking. Therefore, the gastronomic feast is fun and is not forgotten!

When and where is the Autumn Festival held?
If you want to get to the meat and good music festival, book a hotel in the center of Lviv. Swiss Hotel invites all lovers of barbecue and barbecue for the holiday! Every year, guests who like aromatic steaks and unique atmosphere of the festival come to us. They take part in a grand event and are interested in everything that goes on around them. There is a lot of fun in the gastronomic program. The main events include the Grilex Championships, professional competitions and amateur culinary contests. This is just a small part of the entertainment program. Come to us and look at everything with your own eyes!

When is the BBQ festival? The autumn festival is held in the last days of September. Within a few days, the participants of the gastronomic feast showcase their culinary talents, compete with each other and give positive emotions to others. The festival is held in the territory of the Park of Culture. B. Khmelnitsky. This is a well-known attraction that attracts nature lovers. The park is considered one of the most orderly. There are sports, discos, festivities constantly organized here.

How was that?
For several years, the BBQ has pleased lovers of steaks that are cooked over an open fire. The organizers annually develop an interesting program and bring in new items. For the holidays, guests enjoy delicious food, attend workshops, take part in competitions and listen to music. For children, fun is also provided. Therefore, little guests do not miss the holiday. While parents are cooking steaks or watching butts, they have fun. For this purpose, there is a specially equipped place on the territory of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Park.

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

Every year the BBQ attracts new guests. This is not surprising because people like delicious meat, good music and an unusual setting. They tell the story of what is happening at the festival, to their relatives and friends. Therefore, the number of guests and participants of the festival is steadily increasing. What was interesting about Lviv Barbecue Fest, you ask? Key events include:

Ukraine's record set - the barbecue festival created a huge picture of fried meat. It was a striking phenomenon that is still stored in memory;
the Grilex BBQ Championship was held at the 2017 Spring Festival. Professionals and amateurs fought for the prize. They showed their abilities and gave the guests a sea of ​​positive emotions;
in 2018, a community of honorary guests of the barbecue festival was created.
Gastronomic feast is a large-scale event filled with new tastes and emotions! Lviv Hotels and Swiss Hotel invite guests to the Autumn Meat Festival. We know that all party participants have fun and find what they like. This can be steak cooking over open fire, dancing to incendiary music, authoring workshops on cooking. You can also take photos that will always be reminiscent of an event that is associated with flavored fried meat!

What is planned in Lviv BBQ Fest?

Celebrating the Texas style holiday is something that will definitely interest you! The one who comes up with an unusual image is in for a surprise. For the Texan style of clothing, the main items are a cowboy hat, a card shirt, and tight boots with a pinched up sock. If you find all this and create a unique image, you are guaranteed to win a prize! Additionally, at the festival you will enjoy meat dishes, dance, listen to music and laugh when the stage of the band "Lviv City Stand Up" is performed.

Book a Swiss hotel in the center of Lviv and come to our city. The barbecue festival will be very interesting. The organizers of the gastronomic festival "Lviv Fairs" annually develop an exciting program. It includes the following events:

traditional championship among amateurs and professionals;
performances by residents of the Lviv City Stand Up band;
movie viewing - during the day, barbecue festival members vote for the movie they want to watch in the evening;
art-zone, equipped with Lviv sculptors - here you can take pictures and relax;
author workshops - professionals will share their experiences and teach you to cook meat on an open fire.
There is no room for boredom at the city picnic located in the Bogdan Khmelnytsky Culture Park. You can have fun, cook grilled meat, and enjoy light background music. Guests of the gastronomic festival are waiting for a huge table (up to 40 meters) with delicious and aromatic food prepared by professionals. You will also be able to participate in rodeo competitions and showcase your abilities. Even in the holiday program is scheduled competition for the title of the best cowboy. So try your best and find all the Texan-inspired accessories. There will be many participants, but the win will be the best!

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

Bohdan Khmelnytsky Park has everything you need for a grand barbecue festival. The territory of the park is divided into several thematic zones. These include a shared table that brings together grilled meat lovers. The park also has a lounge area, a beauty area and a venue for themed workshops. The Grilex Championship will be held in a separate place. The festival participants perform on a large stage, surrounded by nature. For the guests of honor there is a VIP-zone. For children there is also everything you need for a good mood. In the children's area you can have fun all day and enjoy the holidays!

If you like to cook grilled meat, check out Lviv hotels and book a room at Swiss Hotel! The highlight of the gastronomic feast is the ability to prepare meat, cheese and vegetables purchased at the festival. For this purpose, a huge grill area is provided in the park. Here is a professional equipment designed for cooking on an open fire. At the festival you can show your talents, prepare delicious dishes and treat them to friends.

Gastronomic battles
In September, the territory of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Park turns into a huge kitchen. At the BBQ festival, the meat is grilled and grilled, and grilled vegetables are cooked. Therefore, there are pleasant scents everywhere, which is impossible to fall in love with. Gastronomic battles compete for the grand prize. They showcase their culinary skills and amaze others. The winner is the one who shows himself the best and cooks the most delicious meat on the grill.

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

Gastronomic battles are not the only event you enjoy! Book a Swiss hotel in the center of Lviv and go to us! Choose one of the cozy rooms, tell us your wishes and take advantage of additional services. We promise that the holiday will be remembered for a long time. You will take a break from work and enjoy the unique flavors of fried meat. Meat on an open fire will be prepared by the best chefs of Lviv restaurants. All of this will be complemented by craft beer, calm music and a friendly atmosphere.

Culinary competitions - a great opportunity to showcase your talents and cook delicious meat, vegetables on an open fire. Anyone can use it. In September in our ancient city is held a barbecue festival. As part of the gastronomic festival, professionals and amateurs compete for the title of best of the best. They make every effort to keep the meat juicy and flavorful. It works well for them, because to get a good result there is everything you need: professional equipment, relaxed atmosphere and support from the guests of the festival.

Lviv BBQ Fest Championship is the main event of the holiday
This is an event that involves workshops from talented chefs and culinary competitions between professionals and amateurs. A presentation of breweries, an interesting entertaining and cultural program and an exhibition and sale of open-fire meat equipment are also planned within the Lviv BBQ Fest Championship. Championship participants compete in the preparation of grilled dishes and try to bypass opponents. They use all their experience and knowledge they have acquired before. Participants also experiment and implement their own ideas.

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

What does the winner and the finalists of the BBQ festival receive? They will receive valuable prizes from the organizers of the grand event. It is a Grilex company that is a distributor of grills and barbecues in our country. Her collection includes professional equipment from well-known brands. The winner and finalists of the BBQ Championship receive valuable prizes and certificates. This is a well-deserved award for tasty and aromatic meats, vegetables and cheese cooked over an open fire.

Interesting events at the gastronomic festival
By booking a Swiss hotel in the center of Lviv, you will make the right choice! We are constantly visited by guests who want to participate in the barbecue festival. They stay in a cozy room and enjoy all the benefits of civilization. Guests stay here for several days. They come to the festival and are interested in everything that the organizers of the gastronomic feast have envisioned. Participants of the event are photographed near the installations of Lviv sculptors and vote for which movie will be shown on the big screen. Extreme lovers participate in rodeo competitions, and connoisseurs of delicious fried meat prepare or taste the dishes.

Lviv Barbecue Fest Festival

The biggest picnic in the city is the long-awaited event that invites locals and visitors from other cities. The barbecue festival leaves no one indifferent. You can take part in a burger workshop, show off your skills in professional meat grilling, or just enjoy the unforgettable taste of craft beer. The organizer of the festival "Lviv Fairs" has prepared thematic entertainment for every taste. That is why adults and children find it! Holiday guests receive valuable prizes, showcase their talents and listen to music. They get into an atmosphere filled with pleasant aromas, songs and positive emotions!

Barbecue Festival is an annual city festival that gathers many people. It's not just delicious meat, fresh vegetables and cheese. The grand festival program includes many unique events:

the Fire Space project;
competition for the best cowboy image;
performances by Lviv City Stand Up;
exhibitions and sales of professional equipment for grilling;
children's animation and other entertainment;
gastronomic fair;
a common 40-meter table that brings together real meat lovers;
traditional barbecue championship among professionals;
cooking steak in BBQ EXPO area.
Welcome to a grand picnic!
As you can see, there are many activities. Book a Swiss hotel in advance in the center of Lviv and come to Lviv Barbecue Fest. Many unforgettable events await you! The organizers of the grand city picnic prepared a rich and varied program. It includes themed masterclasses, cookbooks and movie space. Honorary guests are provided with a VIP area and special privileges! There is also a special place in the park for friends of the BBQ fire company. Choose what you like best and enjoy the holiday with your family or friends!


27 November 2018

                        International Book Publishers Forum

International Book Publishers Forum

Literature lovers come to our city every year and join the beautiful. Such an event implies a book forum. Within a few days, the event participants are reviewing books, making great purchases, sharing experiences and communicating with each other. The Literary Forum was first held in 1994. In 2006 he was awarded the title of international. The main focus of the forum is book presentation, literary readings and promotions. Traditionally, celebrities and guests of honor come to the forum. For example, Oksana Zabuzhko, Larisa Denysenko, Kateryna Serebryanskaya.

Book Forum Lviv: when and where is it held?
If you like literature, check out the Hotel Lviv and book a room at the Swiss Hotel! For many years in our city there is an international literary festival, which consists of two parts. This is a book forum and a fair. The main expositions are located in different places. This refers to the Palace of Art and the Potocki Palace. In addition, the expositions are located on Liberty Avenue. The event organizers create a space where people meet, share ideas and share their experiences. They arrange literary readings, presentations, interesting contests, autograph sessions.

Book Forum Lviv 2019 is a unique event that brings together many people. It is a major cultural festival that is diverse and modern. It provides 30 thematic areas and more than 800 activities. The book forum will be held in late September. The cost of tickets is low (from 30 UAH). That is why everyone can come to us, book a room and become a participant of a great literary event!

Book Forum Lviv: a short story
Lviv Hotels Center (and Swiss Hotel) meet guests every fall who want to attend a book forum. People from different parts of Ukraine, as well as from Poland, Norway, and France, come to us. Holiday organizers always promise an exciting program and keep their promises. The Book Forum was created by the Publishers Forum NGO. During the festival there were many significant events:

1995 - an all-Ukrainian competition, which determines the best book of the publishers' forum. The award ceremony is held on the first day of the festival. Nominees are evaluated by an expert jury;
1997 - Literary festival is held as part of the holiday. This is an event that interests young people. The key direction of the festival is determined annually. For example, dialogue between generations, journeys to literature;
2006 - the organizers introduced a new idea. It means an action in which you want to give a child a book;
2007 - Publishers participate in a business forum and discuss important issues;
2010 - The boundaries of the holiday are expanding. Particular attention is paid to developing a program for librarians;
2012 - a stand with Ukrainian books is placed at the book fair in Leipzig;
2013 - before the festival, the country is given the status of the guest of honor;
2014 - events dedicated to the first printed Ukrainian book and the 200th anniversary of TG. Shevchenko;
2018 - Festival logo changed. It is now an open book that combines four elements.
What are the publishers participating in the competition?
A book forum is a significant event that cannot be ignored. Every year, Ukrainian publishers compete for the main prize of the festival. For example, they include Kharkiv publishing house Vivat, which started its operations in 2013. The range of books features children's and adolescent literature, nonfiction, and humanities. Even before the festival takes part the publishing house "A priori". It specializes in publishing books of interest to children of all ages. The collection also features fiction and historical literature.

Book Forum Lviv 2019 welcomes guests from other countries. Indian poets Cavita Jindal and Sonnet Mondal will come to the celebration. The guest of honor at the international festival is Lydia Dimkovskaya. This is a Macedonian writer, poet and translator. Her first work was translated into several languages ​​and her second novel received a European Union literary prize. Another Lithuanian writer Rimantas Kmit is invited to the holiday. This is a well-known person who not only writes poetry but also teaches Lithuanian literature at an educational institution.

The most interesting events
Lviv Hotels and Swiss Hotel are waiting for anyone who wants to get into the literary environment, talk to authors or present their book. We come to people who prefer Ukrainian books and ideas. They stay in our cozy rooms and after the holidays go to the festival. Many interesting events await them there, because the program of the international festival is large and diverse. To get you started on what the issue is, let's look at the main points of the book forum program:

education is the key to success in the future. The point is that more attention should be paid to developing reading skills in younger school age. This has a positive effect on the preparation of EIT;
war in our home - participants of the festival present historical novels related to our country. They want to convey to readers what they need to know and appreciate the story;
Yevgeny Klopotenko's project - a talented chef systematically changes the food system in school canteens. It implements useful ideas through which nutrition in educational institutions is organized;
science and technology - a major topic is being discussed in this area. The organizer and project participants will reflect on who is responsible for global warming;
presentation of books by Andriy Sodomora - a well-known Ukrainian writer and translator takes part in the festival. He will tell many interesting things and present his books to the general public;
inclusive education - participants of the festival will show how to develop reading in children with the help of special books.

These are just some of the events that will fill the Lviv Book Forum 2019. Talented authors and guests from other countries are invited to the holiday. Everyone will find what he likes at the festival. You can chat with authors, sign autographs, or purchase a book to supplement your collection. At the international festival, true connoisseurs of Ukrainian literature will gather. You will be able to participate in discussions and an e-book workshop. Roman Lechniuk and other authors will present their books this year.

Comics are an innovative solution
The Ukrainian comic book industry is constantly evolving. Therefore, the number of authors who want to show their creativity is increasing. If you are one of them, consider Lviv Hotels Center and choose Hotel Swiss. Here you will be able to take a break from the trip and with new strength to go to the book festival. Interesting activities will take place within the comic book thematic cluster. These include discussions and presentations. For example, the comic book "Cherry Diary" will be presented. It tells the story of a ten-year-old girl who wants to become a writer. The Cherry Diary comic book is a beautiful story, supplemented with drawings and graphics. It takes us into a world filled with secrets.

Special project "Lifestyle"

This is an unusual project that is being carried out as part of a book festival. If you would like to become a member, check out Lviv hotels and book a room at Swiss Hotel. We have created the best conditions for our guests. You can enjoy a relaxing stay in the room and then go to the festival and learn more about the Lifestyle project. It was developed by Lviv writer Galina Shiyan. She founded a foreign bookshop and wrote many short stories. What is the essence of the special project? The bottom line is that you need to not only mention famous authors, but also talk about contemporary writers. In a few days the participants of the forum will get acquainted with Irina Slavinska, Taras Prokhasko, Elif Batuman.

Contemporary European Literature Week
The main purpose of this project is to tell readers useful information about contemporary European literature. Wikipedia does not have any publications dedicated to the writers of Montenegro and other countries. In the framework of the Book Forum Lviv 2019 organizers want to solve this problem. For this, a week of contemporary European literature is held. Contestants need to prepare useful articles and publish them on Wikipedia. The winners and active participants of the project will receive commemorative prizes and souvenirs branded with the logo of the International Literary Festival.

Sign language translation is another innovation
Lviv Hotels and Swiss Hotel invite lovers of Ukrainian literature to a unique event! We want to tell you great news. As part of the international festival, translation into sign language is now underway. This applies to presentations and discussions. The organizers of the forum made important steps together with the founders of the "Hear" project and succeeded in the fact that all people have the right to leisure. Through them, poetry and literature became accessible to people with disabilities. The translation of the sign language is accompanied by a presentation "How not to be a prick" and a quest presentation of books by the publishing house "Morning". Workshops on artbooks will also be held.

Media cluster on book forum
The International Literary Festival keeps pace with the times. Therefore, the theme of the holiday is closely intertwined with what is happening in the media sphere. Useful lectures and topical topics are discussed at the main cultural forum of Ukraine. For example, they include a lecture on effective work. Lecturer Vitaliy Golubev will tell how not to lose interest in work and quickly respond to changes in life. In his piggy bank there are many life hacks for anyone who works with information.

The Book Forum is a grand event that focuses on fakes and information security. During the holiday different issues will be considered:

whether there is censorship in our country;
whether journalists fear for their own safety;
whether there are non-negotiable topics in our country;
whether the journalist should be held liable if he published false information;
or threaten journalists in connection with their activities.
Journalists and bloggers at Book Forum Lviv
Book Forum Lviv 2019 is a long-awaited event that is widely covered by journalists and bloggers. They are invited to the event by the organizers. Journalists and bloggers are the first to learn all the important information and bring it to people. To receive a holiday pass, you must fill out a special form on the official website. Accreditation is based on announcements about the international festival.

Library Forum is the most important event
Within the framework of the literary festival, a library forum has been held for several years. This is a professional event for anyone whose activities are related to the information field. At the forum, topical issues are met by teachers of educational institutions, employees of libraries, authors. The number of participants exceeds 250 people. The Library Forum program addresses issues such as social inclusion and the library, which should include a new library, distance education and a library. Also at the forum will be a German referee. He will talk about what the European style of the modern library is.

Swiss invites everyone to a book forum!
Browse Lviv Hotels online and opt for Swiss Hotel! Every autumn, true connoisseurs of Ukrainian literature come to us. These are the inhabitants of our and other countries. They get acquainted with the program of the literary festival and choose what they like. These are book presentations, discussions and workshops, as well as communication with talented authors!



27 November 2018

                        Kavi festival at Lviv

Kavi festival at Lviv

Do you like a flavored drink and want to go to a coffee festival? Come to us! Browse Lviv Hotels and choose Swiss Hotel! Book a room with us and take part in a unique event. Every year, the city hosts a coffee festival. This is an event that will be remembered for a long time. During the holiday, the best coffee shop is selected and the barista championships are held. Guests enjoy aromatic drink and sweets. They buy memorable souvenirs and are photographed!

When is the festival held?
Coffee in Lviv is a holiday that leaves no one indifferent. The festival is held annually in September and lasts for several days. Initially, the event was organized on the Market Square. Guests of the holiday tasted a variety of drinks prepared by Lviv masters. They cast their votes for the most acceptable option. The winner was then determined. This year's coffee festival is held in the tram depot. It creates all the conditions for organizing a large-scale event, attended by people from all over Ukraine.

Coffee Festival in Lviv: a short story
Lviv hotels center (including Swiss) are inviting tourists to themselves. We know that the coffee festival attracts tourists who appreciate the taste of the drink. More than 150,000 people gather annually for the holiday. Lviv residents are proud that such a holiday is held in the city. They invite old friends and relatives to the event. Foreigners are also interested in an event directly related to coffee. They come to us to get closer to the Ukrainian traditions and get acquainted with the sights of the ancient city.

The 2019 Lviv Coffee Festival is an integral symbol of our city. Every year, holiday organizers make adjustments to the program and add something new to it. The festival is held for 12 years. During this time there were many interesting things:

the best cafe was awarded the excellent institution "Under Clypsidra";
organized coffee fair;
Barista Championship held;
organized a coffee tour to choose the King and Queen;
the newspaper "On Coffee to Lviv" was created;
eclairs day was held;
organization of CoffeeEXPO - during this event the equipment and accessories intended for the preparation of aromatic beverage are presented;
held a championship on alternative captetting - it means a competition to determine the taste of coffee beans;
The first Velomyl coffee took place - lovers of active rest and delicious coffee started the morning with a cup of their favorite drink, and then went on a bicycle trip through the old city streets.
When considering hotels in Lviv, give preference to Swiss Hotel. We annually meet guests who come to the coffee festival. We tourists rest and then go on holiday. They have a lot of interesting things at the coffee festival. These are competitions, tasty drinks, cozy atmosphere and nice conversations over a cup of drink. The holiday is interesting for adults and children. For small guests there is a specially equipped play space. Here, children have fun and relax while parents taste coffee and buy souvenirs. Animators work for them. They run workshops, science shows and just play with the kids.

Lviv Coffee Festival: a multifaceted holiday program
Lviv hotels, which include the Swiss Hotel, are always waiting for guests! In September, residents of other cities and foreigners book rooms to be in the center of a landmark event. They come to the city for new emotions and impressions. At a coffee festival, guests never get bored. Every day, something new awaits them. For example, on the first day of the festival there is a discussion on "Modern trends in the development of the coffee market in the world". You will also hear many interesting stories that began with a cup of coffee. This is also provided in the holiday program.

The 2019 Lviv Coffee Festival is a grand event filled with meetings with famous people and workshops. The following events will be held over four days (September 12-15):

a lecture on "The Art of Coffee Grinding";
lecture “Creating your own coffee brand”;
master class "Beverage line for professional use";
lecture on "The Terminology of Coffee Evaluation. Practical Caping. "
These are just some of the events that will take place at the 2019 Lviv Coffee Festival at the tram depot. The fair deserves special attention. The best coffee shops in our old town invite guests. Participants of the holiday can buy different types of coffee and sweets. There are mini-versions of coffee shops annually at the fair. Here you can prepare delicious drinks based on original and traditional recipes. Guests taste the coffee and enjoy it!

Another important event is CoffeeEXPO. It implies the presentation of equipment and accessories. Workshops and lectures are also held. This year the participants of CoffeeEXPO are companies that produce roasters, roast coffee beans, develop modern water purification systems. Holiday invitees to companies that offer unique coffee shop automation solutions and import restaurant equipment.

Who is competing for the Best Coffee Shop?
If you want to see everything with your own eyes, check out Lviv Hotels Center and book your room at Swiss Hotel! Do this in advance, because people from all over Ukraine go to the coffee festival. By booking a room with us, you can rest. We will create the best conditions for relaxation and make sure that nothing overshadows the holiday. This year the festival will bring together real professionals. The following establishments will compete for the title of best cafe:

Svit Kavy na Rynku is a unique place where you can buy coffee and unusual desserts. The friendly staff, original atmosphere and delicious drinks are here. So tourists and locals like this place;
Lviv Coffee Manufactory - Here you can prepare drinks from the best types of coffee. The establishment can enjoy the unique taste of the drink and buy quality products. Specialists adhere to the canons of making coffee and invest a part of their soul in their work;
Stuka Coffee Shop is an establishment that is loved by locals and tourists alike. Here is a wonderful menu, which includes a variety of drinks: makiato, konpana, lungo American, cococino;
Black Honey is a cozy and stylish coffee shop located in the center of the city. The coffee card presents coffee of different varieties, which is prepared in alternative ways. For example, in jazz, kamex;
Coffee Lab is an institution where high-level professionals work. They all know how coffee is grown, processed and prepared. The range has a multifaceted palette of flavors: from chocolate to citrus;
Dominican Republic is a place where a cozy atmosphere prevails. Its advantages include impeccable service and an interesting menu. Here you can take a break from the problems and think about the beautiful;
Halytska, 4 is a fine cafe located in the central part of the city. You can order delicious pancakes, cake, cake. The menu offers a large assortment of coffee drinks;
SDV Coffee Shop is an establishment where you can buy freshly roasted coffee beans and order an invigorating drink. The coffee card presents strips, desserts, sweets, as well as a variety of drinks: espresso, cappuccino, coffee makers;
Chehovych Roastery is a place where green coffee beans turn into the most delicious beverages. Here, the professionalism of the staff is closely linked to the love of coffee.

How is the winner in the coffee tournament determined? You can find out for yourself. Browse hotels in Lviv and book a room at Swiss Hotel. Come and join us at the festival. You will be able to vote for the cafe you like best. Voting takes several forms. Holiday guests vote with the help of ballots. You can also choose a winner via the Internet. In addition, the King and Queen give their votes. The voting results determine the best coffee shop.

What other championships are being held?
Coffee in Lviv is a large-scale event that raises the level of coffee consumption culture and ensures the development of the region. At the festival are held various championships. For example, the best barista is determined. Participants of the competition must prepare twelve kinds of drinks in 15 minutes. When making coffee you need to talk about yourself and coffee. Alternatively, the Alternative Captesting Championship is held. Contestants have to solve a difficult task: to determine the type of coffee, based only on their memory. It's quite difficult, but possible.

Lviv Hotels and Hotel Swiss meet guests who want to immerse themselves in an unusual holiday atmosphere. They book the rooms on our site and go to the festival. Many of our guests are interested in a competition during which participants prepare coffee by manual methods. The winner is one who quickly adapts to new working conditions, has professional skills and has prepared a unique recipe for preparing a drink. These are not all competitions. Particularly noteworthy is the competition, during which the barista prepares delicious drinks on vegetable milk with the addition of a match. They show all their talent and break the stereotypes that only coffee is combined with milk.

Who is invited to the holiday?
Lviv hotels center and hotel "Swiss" are not only interested in people who want to get to the festival as guests. We reserve rooms for participants of the holiday, speakers, authors of unique projects. Every year there are famous people who have achieved a lot in their lives and want to share their experience and knowledge. This year you will be able to meet the following people at the festival:

Bogdan Logvinenko is the author of Ukrainer media project. Its purpose is to show the people of Ukraine how beautiful our country is. Initially, the project participants will travel around the country and get acquainted with new places. Then they will share their fascinating stories;
Marina Penza is a trainer involved in the development of coffee culture. Marina Penza will give a lecture on which way coffee goes, starting with grains and ending with a potter;
Andriy Trush is the founder of the Banana Farm project. His farm grows bananas, pineapples, coffee trees, tangerines. At the festival you will be able to buy seedlings and plant them at home;
Sasha Yamkovy is the owner of Sasha Coffee. His cafe is in the Top 50 of the best in the world. At the coffee festival, Sasha will share her experiences and tell a lot of interesting things;
Svetlana Ivakhova is a Q-grader who can't argue with tastes. She objectively evaluates the quality of the coffee and decides what the speshelti is. At the festival Svetlana will tell you how you can create your own brand of coffee and what knowledge you need.

These are not all speakers participating in the festival. The coffee holiday in Lviv promises to be interesting. The large-scale event brings together all those who love aromatic drinks and are familiar with coffee. Arsen Shlapak will meet you at the festival. With it you will experience an unforgettable coffee environment and get positive emotions. Leonid Martynchyk is invited to the festival. This is a famous Ukrainian blogger, which often appears on the Internet. He will evaluate how professionally the coffee tour participants work. Leonid loves coffee because it is a way of life for him. Therefore, the evaluation will be objective.

Swiss Hotel invites you to a coffee festival!
Lviv Hotels Center and Hotel Swiss meet anyone who appreciates coffee and wants to participate in an unusual festival! Every year many tourists come to us, who start every morning with a cup of aromatic drink. They stay in cozy rooms and, after a little rest, go on holiday. At the festival, tourists listen to lectures, participate in workshops, have coffee and just have fun. A year later, they go on a journey again because the coffee festival is filled with kindness, warmth and cheerfulness!


27 November 2018

                        Autumn holidays in Lviv

Autumn holidays in Lviv

Do you want your child to have a good time during the autumn holidays and see a lot of fun? To do this, we recommend that you come to the best hotel in Lviv and spend the weekend in the ancient Ukrainian city. We have specially prepared a unique offer for parents with children. It means living in a two-room, playing in a nursery, and exciting excursions. For small guests we have souvenir gifts. Come to us and take a break from work and study. Enjoy our room, city attractions and restaurant!

Family vacation in Lviv.

If you need a hotel for a day or two, book a room at the Swiss Hotel. We are constantly visited by parents with children. They enjoy spending time in an ancient Ukrainian city. It combines the features of a European city and the atmosphere of antiquity. There are plenty of attractions and places of interest in Lviv. These are parks, cathedrals, churches, architectural complexes. Getting acquainted with such monuments contributes to broadening the outlook and comprehensive development of children.

For a pleasant and memorable family vacation in Lviv, come to our city and stay at the Swiss Hotel. You do not have to spend the autumn holidays in a normal home setting. Children need new emotions and impressions. Traveling for this purpose is perfect. During the holidays your children will forget about studying, enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant, play in the children's room. Still for them we have exciting excursions. For example, a trip on a magic train. Traveling on a miraculous train will never be forgotten, because it is interesting and unusual!

Autumn holidays are a great holiday.

Where to relax with your baby during the autumn break? This is a question that parents of schoolchildren have. To solve it we suggest to use the offer "Autumn Holidays in Lviv". This is a great opportunity to get out of the house and see a lot of new things! You can use it right now. To do this, book a family number on the site. When you come to us, you will be pleasantly surprised. You will enjoy the quiet environment, the interior of the room, the quality of our services. The view from the window also appeals to you. You can explore the city while staying in a cozy hotel room.

To stay with your baby at the hotel, it is best to stay with us. The two-room suite can accommodate five people at a time. Therefore, if you have several children, nothing is wrong. There is enough space for everyone. The unique offer "Autumn Holidays in Lviv" includes accommodation in a comfortable room, delicious breakfast with champagne on weekends, fruit slicing for kids, interesting souvenirs. You can also use the nursery. For small guests, we have specially equipped a separate room. It has a lot of toys. Therefore, children are never bored. They have something to do!

The most beautiful hotel in Lviv.

To take a break from the gray everyday life, you need the most beautiful hotel! This is true, because in a luxury hotel you can forget everything and take a break from worry. The Swiss Hotel is one of the most beautiful establishments with comfortable rooms. We provide accommodation for people in rooms and provide good service. Our main features include:

a luxurious interior designed by connoisseurs of the craft;
a wide range of services: children's room, Roman steam room, babysitting services;
tour assistance - you can see the old castles, taste the dishes with the addition of chocolate, enjoy great coffee;
special offers - these include autumn holidays in Lviv;
shuttle service - we arrange arrival and departure of guests.

Family Room at Swiss Hotel.

Where to relax with your kids on autumn break? This is not a problem as we have a great offer for you. Use it and have a good time with your kids! Parents should pay much attention to daughters and sons. If it is not always possible on weekdays, compensate for the lack of attention. Leave the case and come to the Swiss Hotel. We offer our guests good living conditions in a cozy room and guarantee that our stay will be forever remembered!

Family Room - Two rooms, which are interconnected. They are tastefully decorated and fancy. The family room is quiet and peaceful. Nothing distracts adults and children from rest. To make your guests comfortable, the room has air conditioning, a plasma TV, two large double beds. Our room is perfect for family holidays. It provides everything that guests pay attention to. Therefore, the guests of the hotel (adults and small) feel great. They are happy to spend autumn vacations in a hotel located in the center of the cultural center of Ukraine.

Modern kids room in the hotel.

During their stay at the Swiss Hotel, parents can sit in the restaurant in the evening or take a walk along the streets of Lviv. To do this, we have a modern children's room. Such conditions are created in it so that the children feel comfortable and do not miss their parents. There is always laughter in our children's room. We took care of this by arranging a separate room in the best traditions. It has a variety of toys that you can choose at your own discretion.

You can see the most beautiful children's rooms not only in pictures on the Internet. Having settled in our hotel, you will see it with your own eyes. The first thing that attracts attention is the bright walls. They depict the characters of famous cartoons and interesting compositions. Children enjoy spending time in a room on the walls of which are painted Smeshariki, Fixiki, Luntik and friends. Bright colors like kids. During their stay in a beautiful children's room, the children have fun, not thinking about where their parents are now. They have interesting activities that are hard to break away from!

A fascinating tour of Lviv.

To make the autumn holidays unforgettable, you need to not only spend time in a comfortable room, but also have fun. A tour of Lviv can be independent or with a guide. In the first case, you need to decide where you will go with the whole family and what sights you will be familiar with. It all depends on the age of the child and on the personal preferences of the parents. In the second case, a group tour is conducted. We offer a journey on a miracle train. Such a vehicle runs daily. Participants explore the sights and listen to the tour using the audio guide.

A self-guided tour of Lviv during the autumn holidays is an acceptable option that many couples use. They initially think about where they want to go, and then go on an exciting journey through the city. Most often, parents choose these objects for familiarization:

Caramel workshop is an amazing institution where you can buy delicious caramel and attend a master class. In the preparation of caramel, natural ingredients are used. Therefore, caramel is not only tasty and beautiful, but also healthy;
House of Legends - a building on the facade of which is a huge dragon. It has a bewitching atmosphere. The house has several rooms, arranged in a specific way. These include a paving room, an unusual library, a room with lions. But these are not all miracles. On the roof of the building is a car and a chimney with a chimney sweep;
The chocolate workshop is a great place to see how chocolate is made. The workshop sells a variety of goodies: a biscuit with milk chocolate and blueberries, berry tart, sweets made of real chocolate. There are also ready-made kits that you can buy as gifts for your loved ones.
How much does a hotel in Lviv cost?

You can rent a room at the Lviv hotel at an affordable price. Our advantage is excellent value for money guest service. Our guests have a wonderful time and enjoy relaxing in a family room. They use all available services, which include a visit to a Roman steam room, dinner in a restaurant, wine tasting. At this time, children spend time in a specially equipped room. They have fun, play with toys, come up with interesting stories.

How much does a hotel in Lviv cost? This is a common question that parents ask. They want to find an acceptable option and go on an autumn vacation to the ancient city. To solve this problem, we suggest using our services. The cost of living in a two-room suite is 8400 UAH. The price includes breakfast with champagne, fruit slices and souvenirs for our little guests, as well as a stay in the children's room. As you can see, our offer is very beneficial. You can use it and spend your autumn holidays like never before!

The best restaurant in Lviv: what is it?

The most popular restaurants in Lviv - a popular request, which is driven into the search bar by true connoisseurs of taste. They want to find an institution in the old city that meets high quality standards. Restaurant "Valentino" meets the requirements of discerning gourmets. Delicious food is prepared in it, wine is tasted, pleasant music sounds. The restaurant has several beautiful rooms. For a romantic dinner, the Green Hall with glass windows on the roof is suitable. For a private celebration, a VIP-hall is suitable, which is characterized by luxury and originality.

If you want to find the best restaurant in Lviv, come to Ostap Nizhankovsky Street. Here is the restaurant "Valentino", which surprisingly conveyed the charm of Italy. The institution has created an amazing environment in which it is pleasant to relax with the whole family or only with your loved one. The main advantages of the restaurant include the following points:

varied menu: for adults and children;
a wine room where you can taste drinks;
exquisite decor: marble floor, mirrors, original wallpaper, Murano glass chandeliers;
panoramic terrace - here you can comfortably sit at a table and view the city;
piano music - the pianist plays his instrument, and guests listen to music with pleasure.
Considering the popular restaurants in Lviv, we advise you to opt for our institution. At the Valentino Restaurant, you can enjoy coffee in the coffee room and dine with the whole family in a cozy place. If you want something unusual, you can go to the panoramic terrace and spend the evening with your loved one. The restaurant reigns with aristocracy and luxury. Here you can feel the spirit of Lviv and taste delicious dishes.

Reviews about Ukraine Hotels.

The best reward for our work is the opinion of people who relaxed in the hotel and had a good time in comfortable rooms. You can read reviews about Ukrainian hotels and about our hotel on the page. Based on feedback from TripAdvisor, we rank first. This testifies to our professionalism. You can also go to the page and see our awards. There are a lot of them, because we provide quality services and improve service.

If you need both a hotel and a restaurant, come to us! Hotel "Swiss" offers an interesting autumn break and get acquainted with the sights of Lviv. In the restaurant "Valentino" you are always waiting for delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We have not forgotten about our little guests. Boys and girls can play in the modern children's room, watch cartoons on the plasma TV and choose from the menu the dishes that they like best. We have all provided. Therefore, the autumn holidays will appeal to both adults and children!


27 November 2018

                        Lviv - museum city

Lviv - museum city

Are you coming to Lviv and want to get acquainted with its sights? Then you are definitely interested in the question, which hotels of the city are popular. We can say that the Swiss Hotel is a great option for a vacation! We welcome travelers who come from different parts of the country. They want to see the museum city with their own eyes and have a good time. Tourists enjoy delicious cuisine, local color and atmosphere prevailing in the streets!

Why is our city so called?
Guided tours of Lviv - a popular destination, which is chosen by many tourists. They want to see as many attractions as possible and find out information related to the history of objects. There are many excursions to choose from, among which you can choose the suitable option. It can be a walk or a bus trip. In the first case, walking tours are conducted, during which tourists stroll along Lviv streets. In the second case, a special bus is ordered. He moves on a certain route.

What places to visit in Lviv? This is a question that tourists often ask. Why? The answer is obvious: Lviv is a museum city. It is so called not only because there are many museums in the city. Lviv is a large national-cultural center, which houses historical sights and architectural objects. These include museums, libraries, monasteries, parks. Also on the territory of the city there are a huge number of churches. They amaze with their grandeur and wealth. Inside the churches you can see amazing wall paintings and ancient icons.

Popular tourist route around the city
If you have a little time to relax, you can choose the tour route in Lviv and get acquainted with the main attractions. Walking gives joy and improves mood. Tourists walk around Lviv and explore everything around. They are accompanied by a guide. He acquaints travelers with historical facts and tells a lot of interesting things. Tourists enjoy listening to the guide and enjoy every minute spent on the streets of the ancient city.

Which tourist routes in Lviv are most popular? Most often, tourists prefer the following direction:

railway station - a building located 2.5 km from the central part of the city. It was built a long time ago. Until today, virtually nothing has been preserved from the original version of the railway station;
St. George's Cathedral - the shrine of Greek Catholics. This is an anti-cathedral decorated in the Baroque style. It is striking in its beauty and grandeur;
Potocki Palace is a unique monument that attracts the attention of tourists. It was built on an individually designed project. Previously, social events were held in the palace. Now in the building is an art gallery;
Mickiewicz Square is another object included in the route. It is dedicated to the Polish poet. A fountain is located on the square, inside of which there is a sculpture of Our Lady. It is decorated with dolphin masks;
Bernardine Monastery is a building more like a fortress. Previously, the monastery was used as a fortified point. Now it houses the state historical archive.
An excursion in Lviv is a great way to learn interesting facts about the city and get rid of boredom. After completing a short but eventful tour, travelers have good impressions and wonderful photographs. There are many options for excursions and routes. You can choose the excursion “Streets of Ancient Lviv”, “Dungeons of Lviv”, a walk to the Shevchenkovsky Guy or to the stadium. If you want romance, you can choose the appropriate option. This is a route that includes the Italian courtyard, a monument to a couple in love, the Greek gods in the Market Square.

The best hotels of the city.

If you plan to spend time in the old city, be sure to book a hotel room. "Swiss" is a hotel center in which many tourists relax every year. Travelers stay with us for various reasons. These are the benefits we are proud of. What exactly is meant? Our hotel has won the trust of tourists and has taken a leading place in the tourist market. The main features of the hotel include:

excellent service - it is provided by professional staff with experience. They know what the guests need. Therefore, visitors leave positive feedback and recommend our hotel to their colleagues, friends;
good living conditions - the rooms provide excellent conditions for guests. This is a comfortable environment, original interior, household appliances, modern furniture, Internet access;
children's room - the hotel provides conditions for young visitors. While adults relax in a Roman bath or enjoy a romantic setting on the panoramic terrace, children play in a special room. The room has many toys, walls with painted cartoon characters and huge soft cubes.

Rewards are our pride. We have many valuable rewards. This is evidence that we work in good faith and create wonderful conditions for guests;
unique offers - we value our customers and offer advantageous solutions for them. Our offers are constantly changing. Anyone can use them. For example, we have offers for lovers and for people who go on a business trip.
Holidays in Lviv, at affordable prices, we guarantee in full. Our main responsibilities include creating a comfortable environment and providing high-quality service. But we do not stop there. If necessary, hotel staff will tell you where to go and what to give preference to. We perfectly know our hometown. Therefore, guests enjoy our help. They tell them what they like best. Our employees listen to wishes and on their basis select suitable options. This may be the church of St. Elisabeth, the House of Scientists, the Kornyakt Palace.

Night tours in Lviv.

The ancient city is beautiful at any time of the day. Therefore, many travelers are interested in a night tour of Lviv. This is a great solution. It means the opportunity to see the city in a different light and walk along the streets in the light of lanterns. Such leisure is never forgotten. Tourists enjoy the beautiful night panorama of the European city and hold their breath while listening to the mystical stories of Lviv. They are immersed in an atmosphere in which magic and mystery reign.

If you want to take a fascinating night tour in Lviv, do not put off such a dream for later. Book a room at the Swiss Hotel and immediately go on a trip! We guarantee that you will enjoy the night tour of the old city. There are many offers for tourists to choose from. Alternatively, you can take a walk to the High Castle. The tourist route includes various objects. For example, the church of Mary Snezhnaya and the monastery of St. Onufry. Still travelers like a night city tour “Night Tram” and a photo tour “Night Lions in Radiance.”

What museums can I go to?

There are many objects in the city that can be found. If you do not know what to see in Lviv, trust us. We will advise where it is better to go and what are the features of a particular attraction. It is necessary to spend several days visiting the museum expositions, but you will definitely like this pastime. There are enough museums in the city, among which we want to note the following options:

The city arsenal is a two-story building made of stone. It has a rectangular shape. In the northern part is an octagonal tower. Now the museum has a huge collection of weapons. Tourists come here who are interested in such topics;
Museum Pharmacy - a museum dedicated to the history of pharmacy. The exposition is located in several rooms. Visitors who find themselves in such a place fall into another world. It has a lot of unusual exhibits. This is a variety of pharmacy equipment, pharmaceutical scales and utensils for storing medicines. A pharmacy laboratory was recreated in one room. It is reproduced on the basis of ancient records and books;
Brewery Museum - an object located on the territory of the brewery. Here visitors can see the tools of the ancient brewers, beer barrels and a collection of bottles. The museum has a gift shop. Guests can also watch a film on brewing, and try hops in the tasting room;
Andrey Sheptitsky Museum - an object founded by the Greek Catholic Metropolitan. The museum has a unique collection of exhibits. It includes manuscripts, engravings, pottery, drawings on glass.

Where can I have a delicious dinner?

Tourists are concerned not only with the question of where to visit Lviv, but also where to eat. We know the answer to an important question. You can eat and enjoy a noble drink in the Valentino restaurant. In this institution, guests feel great. They find themselves in an unusual environment in which there are unique decorative elements, luxury interior items, unusual details. All rooms are decorated in an original style. For example, a wonderful winter garden was created in the green room. Once in such a hall, visitors forget about pressing problems. They enjoy a setting filled with greenery and freshness!

Interesting restaurants in Lviv - a common request that users drive into the search bar. Before going to a foreign city, they are looking for an institution that has a good reputation. This restaurant is Valentino. This is a luxurious establishment, designed on the basis of current trends. Here you can eat and drink a glass of amazing wine. The menu offers a variety of dishes, and in the wine list you can find a drink that you have not even heard of before.

What is a must see in Lviv?

Lviv and its attractions fascinate all tourists who have arrived on an excursion. This is not surprising, because the city has many places that it is impossible not to visit. For example, history buffs go to the Potocki Palace. This is an old building erected in 1880. It was designed by a Polish architect. The palace is made according to a special idea, so it looks beautiful and attracts the attention of tourists. The architectural monument is decorated in a French classic style. To create a luxurious atmosphere in the building, beautiful paintings, molding, and marble were used.

What is a must see in Lviv? The answer to this question depends on the preferences of tourists. Many travelers go to Stryi Park, to the Transfiguration Church, to the Lubomirsky Palace. Famous sites include the Powder Tower. This is a monument erected from raw stone. It is designed as a cut ellipse. The Powder Tower used to be used to defend the city. Today, tourists who like history come to see it.

If you are interested in Lviv vacations, prices will not seem high. Staying at our hotel, you will relax and stroll around the city in your free time. We have many attractions that deserve your attention. The choice of objects that you plan to visit depends on personal preference. In Lviv there are enough museums, historical places and unique architectural structures. Therefore, all tourists who come to us, fully enjoy their vacation. They find themselves in an amazing world where you can see old houses, churches and cozy courtyards!


27 November 2017