Family Rooms at the Swiss Hotel

Family Rooms at the Swiss Hotel

Do you go with children to Lviv and want to book a family room in a hotel? Take advantage of our offer! In the Swiss Hotel you can rent a good room with all amenities: air conditioning, minibar, internet access. With us you will have a great time and relax from work. The family room has everything you need to relax and get positive emotions. Also included in the price is a two-hour session in a Roman steam room. This is a great chance to improve your health and forget about daily worries!

Holidays for families with children - an ideal offer

Going to Lviv for the weekend, you make the right decision! The ancient Ukrainian city is an important cultural center of the country. It houses museums, theaters, a philharmonic society and the House of Organ Music. The architecture of the city reflects different styles that correspond to certain historical eras. This is baroque, renaissance, classicism. In Lviv, Orthodox and Catholic churches prevail. If desired, you can see the Dominican Church, the Bernardine Church, St. George's Cathedral, the Church of the Intercession.

Holidays at the Swiss Hotel are a great offer enjoyed by couples! They come to Lviv from different parts of Ukraine. Our guests enjoy relaxing in a family room decorated with current trends. Families with children enjoy all conveniences and stroll through the streets of the old city at leisure. They familiarize themselves with the sights, take pictures on the background of architectural objects, visit museums. Tourists have a wonderful time, so after returning home, they recall with emotion the past weekend.

Where to book a hotel room in Lviv?

If you are concerned about this issue, use our services. The family room at the Swiss Hotel is beautiful and comfortable. It is properly equipped. Therefore, couples and children feel great. Adults visit the Roman bath and relax in the room. Children watch cartoons on a large plasma TV and have fun. Our guests are always in a good mood. They have no time to be bored, because the city has a lot of interesting things.

Finding a hotel in the center of Lviv is easy. Our institution is located on Ostap Nizhankivskogo Street, 20. It is not far from Rynok Square. In the central square of the ancient city are unusual sights. Here you can see the bench of lovers created by talented craftsmen. The bench is made as if it were held by two lions. They protect a couple in love from life's adversity. Still on Rynok Square there is the Black House, built by architect Krasovsky and the museum pharmacy, inside which there are more than three thousand exhibits.

If you need a room in a hotel, give preference to our establishment. We are visited by couples with young children and older spouses. We respect all guests and offer them the best conditions for relaxation! The guests appreciate this and next time they stay at the Swiss Hotel. They like how the family room is arranged and what atmosphere reigns in it. Guests also enjoy impeccable service and the attention we pay to them. For us, this is the best award testifying to the fact that we work harmoniously and professionally.

Chic Family Room at Swiss Hotel

To book a room in the hotel of Lviv, you need to contact us. Our family room is tastefully decorated. It has a peaceful atmosphere. Modern decorative materials have been used to improve the environment. They are characterized by environmental safety and aesthetic appeal. To make people feel comfortable, comfortable furniture is placed in the rooms. These are large double beds, a wardrobe for storing clothes, an armchair. There is also a desk. On it you can draw, work on a laptop, read magazines.

Family room at Swiss Hotel refers to two connecting rooms. Their total area is 62 m2. Each room has a seating area. In it you can relax and enjoy the time spent in our comfortable room. To ensure that guests do not need anything, the room has a plasma TV, minibar, safe. Suitable indoor temperatures are maintained using an air conditioner. The rooms are quiet and calm, because the rooms have soundproof walls. Therefore, nothing distracts guests from the rest.

Having booked a room in the hotel of Lviv for a family, you will be satisfied with the level of service. As a pleasant bonus, we suggest spending time in a Roman steam room. In the process of a two-hour session, you will heal the body and relax. The Roman sauna is warm and comfortable. During a stay in the steam room, nervous tension is eliminated, strength is replenished and a surge of vigor is felt. Roman steam room has a beneficial effect on the body. Therefore, after the end of the session, people feel much better. Their chronic fatigue disappears and vitality appears!

Famous architectural monuments of Lviv

If you want to go to Lviv for the weekend with your children, do not delay the trip! The city has interesting places and unique attractions. Tourists decide on their own where they want to go, or book excursions. Representatives of the city government are developing infrastructure, restoring historic buildings, developing projects for the restoration of facilities. Therefore, every year the city develops and becomes more beautiful. It attracts Ukrainian and foreign tourists.

What is a must see in Lviv? Religious buildings, parks, and monuments delight travelers. The historical part of the city is included in the UNESCO list. There are preserved monuments erected in the XIV-XVII century. They are interested in history and ancient culture lovers. Every year, many tourists come to Lviv. Travelers explore the sights and take home pleasant memories.

To make the weekend in Lviv a success, we advise you to come to us and see firsthand the unusual architectural objects:

The House of Scientists is a monument located in the city center. It is made in the Baroque style. The House of Scientists is open to tourists. It has a lot of interesting interior items. This is a huge mirror, consisting of many small elements, a carved oak staircase, stained glass in the form of hoarfrost;
Potocki Palace is an architectural site located on Copernicus Street. It is made in the style of classicism. In the Potocki Palace there are ceremonial halls for meeting guests. In their design, modeling and multi-colored marble were used;
Boimov Chapel is a monument designed by sculptor Bemer. The construction of the chapel began by the merchant George Boim. His son completed the construction of a unique facility. On one facade of the chapel you can see a portrait of Boim and his wife. Other facades are decorated with stone carvings;
chimney sweep monument - this object is located on the roof. It is made in the form of a chimney sweep, in the hands of which is a hat-cylinder. Tourists constantly come to this monument. They throw coins into the hole in the hat and make wishes;
Monument to Adam Mickiewicz is a historical landmark, made in the form of a column, a figure of a famous poet and an angel. The column is made of granite. At its top there are gilded tongues of flame;
Monument to Ivan Pidkova - a landmark dedicated to the ataman of the cat. The monument was created by the Lviv sculptor P. Kulik. Legend has it that Ivan Pidkova had great strength and unbent horseshoes with his hands.

It is impossible to inspect the architectural monuments of Lviv in one day. Therefore, we recommend that you spend at least two days in the city. During this time, you will see many attractions, which include the Lubomirsky Palace, the Italian courtyard, the Ivasyuk monument, the Powder Tower. If you wish, you can go to Stryi Park and take a walk along the alleys. The park has many green spaces. Children here like the Ivasik-Telesik fountain. It reproduces the fabulous atmosphere of the fairy tale of the same name. In the evening, the fountain shimmers with different colors. Music also sounds.

Restaurant in the center of Lviv

The sights in Lviv are magnificent! You can’t argue with that. But even in the Ukrainian city there is a chic restaurant, which serves interesting dishes from cheese, tuna, meat, fresh vegetables. The restaurant has a luxurious atmosphere. These are ancient murals, Venetian chandeliers, soft carpets. Such elements contribute to the creation of a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, guests feel as if in paradise! They browse the menu, order food and enjoy the surroundings.

Restaurants in the center of Lviv are institutions that are distinguished by the quality of service and attitude towards customers. In the restaurant "Valentino" there are always a lot of people. Among them are couples with children. The owners of the institution did not forget about the children. Therefore, the restaurant has a special room designed for entertainment. It has a variety of toys, beautiful furniture, TV. The guys here are very interested. Children examine the painted walls, play in large cubes, watch cartoons. At this time, adults are in the restaurant. A special menu has been developed for children. It is original and diverse!

Popular tourist routes of Lviv

What to see Lviv - a common search query that interests tourists. Before traveling, travelers browse the information on the Internet and decide what sights to see. The choice of architectural objects depends on the age of people and their preferences. If a couple has children, the entertainment program is completely different. Children like the water park "Beach", the Lviv State Circus, entertainment complexes.

Tourist routes of Lviv are a popular destination, which is preferred by travel lovers. These include:

Golden Horseshoe - a tourist route, which means a visit to the Olesko, Podgoretsky, Zolochevsky castle. These objects are located in a special way. If you look at the map and mark them, you can see the horseshoe;
From the spacers to the little ones - an excursion during which participants will find many unexpected surprises. Tourists stroll through the historical part of the city, as well as visit catering establishments. From such a dynamic tour they have an unforgettable experience;
Travel by miracle train is a wonderful tour for couples with children. During the trip, tourists sightsee and immerse themselves in the history of Lviv. They listen to what the audio guide is saying. The route of the excursion on the magic train includes the town hall, the opera house, and a monument to King Daniel.

Book a family room in a couple of clicks

"Swiss" is the best hotel in Lviv in the center, where couples with children can stay. This is a great offer for tourists who want to see the sights. Our customers book rooms at a convenient time. This can be done on the site. It is necessary to indicate the date of arrival and departure, the number of people (adults and children). It is also necessary to indicate contact details and confirm the application. It takes a little time to complete these simple steps.

Holidays for families with children are what we pay close attention to! Come to us and have fun in your free time. The Swiss Hotel has excellent conditions for a good rest. It is a cozy room decorated in pleasant colors, an Italian restaurant and a Roman steam room. In addition to relaxing in your room, you can get acquainted with the sights and go on an excursion. In the ancient European city there are many unique architectural objects and monuments. Therefore, the time spent in Lviv with children will never be forgotten!


01 December 2019

                        Children's room at Swiss Hotel

Children's room at Swiss Hotel

Children's room at the Swiss Hotel is a special service for parents who want to relax in a restaurant or celebrate a holiday. Our facility has created excellent conditions for children. Come to us and see for yourself! While you enjoy delicious meals, good wine and fun, your children will be supervised. We will take care of that. Your kids will play, play games and have fun. We have everything you need for this: soft and wooden toys, big cubes and more!

Children's room at Swiss Hotel

How can you meet friends at a restaurant at the same time and arrange leisure activities for your child? This is an easy-to-solve task. It means visiting a children's room at a hotel. We made sure that restaurant customers did not have any problems. Therefore, the guests of our institution leave the children under the supervision of an experienced nanny and go to the celebration. They have fun without worrying about what daughters and sons do. We take such care. Therefore, the clients of the Valentino restaurant have a rest or celebrate their birthday, anniversary or other holiday.

Playground is a great solution for parents who come to a restaurant or stay at a hotel. It can be used by anyone. This is a good opportunity to relax with your friends or work colleagues. On the playground, children have fun and do not think where their parents are. They have no time for this. In the nursery a lot of toys and fun entertainment. Therefore, boys and girls are busy with their chores. They communicate with each other, find themselves engaged in the soul or just browse the environment.

At the playground at the Valentino restaurant, the children feel great. Here are great conditions for development and fun. The room has everything you need. These are multicolored tables and chairs, as well as large cubes, from which you can build houses and whole castles. Children like this activity very much. They are happy to build houses and receive positive emotions. This activity promotes the development of imagination and imagination. Both boys and girls play soft cubes with equal success. They never get bored because playing with dice gives them joy!

In the children's room of the hotel special attention is paid to the design design. Ideal conditions are created for the children to be interested in the playground. Initially, the designer thought through all the important points and developed a unique project. Then he was brought to life. The room came out bright and original. Multicolored cartoon pictures are painted on the walls. This Luntik with friends, Smeshariki, Fixiki, steam trains, Masha and the Bear. Children like cartoon characters. Therefore, they are interested in spending time at the playground of the Valentino restaurant.

The children's menu is delicious and varied

We know that children need delicious and healthy food. Therefore, experienced specialists worked on the development of the children's menu. The menu includes a variety of dishes. They are at the same time delicious, healthy and original in design. Our chefs are paying close attention to cooking. The result of their hard work is a culinary masterpiece. It pleases the child and causes appetite.

Fresh foods are used to prepare the dishes on the children's menu. This is a key aspect that we always adhere to. When cooking a chef fantasizes and comes up with creative ideas. From useful products they prepare delicious and unusually decorated dishes. This is very important for children because it is difficult for them to please. Our chefs understand that the baby needs to be interested in food. Therefore, the usual ingredients create beautiful and delicious dishes!

What's on the kids menu? We have carefully considered this issue and created a diverse menu. It includes ice cream in assortment, cheesecake with raspberry sauce, tiramisu, chocolate cake. Also our chefs prepare hot dishes, salads, meat, fish. They have sufficient experience and professionalism. Therefore, children are happy to eat what they have on their plate.

Playground - everything for children!

Children are the guests we pay maximum attention to. For this purpose, we have a specially equipped children's room in the hotel. It is interesting and informative in it. Crossing the threshold of the room, boys and girls enter the other world. It is filled with positive emotions, bright colors and fun. The young guests of the Valentino Lviv restaurant feel comfortable on the playground. They play what they like more. These can be large sized cubes, plush toys, board games.

Come to us and bring your children with you! As long as you celebrate an anniversary or other holiday, children will not get bored. They will play and explore the children's room at the Swiss Hotel. They like absolutely everything. These are bright pictures on the walls, comfortable colorful furniture and a special atmosphere that dominates the playground. As for the menu, your kids will definitely not be hungry. Our chefs prepare appetizing dishes, which saw boys and girls having an appetite. Children like the taste of the dishes and the way they are originally designed. Therefore, nothing remains on the plates.

If you are planning a holiday and you want to bring your baby with you, do not worry. While staying at the restaurant, the daughter or son will be able to stay on the playground. The child will play with toys and communicate with other children. He will be watched by a nanny who has the necessary job skills. It provides order and security as well as comes up with fun games. Therefore, in the nursery, the boys never miss and be bored. They have fun and enjoy every moment spent in the nursery!


29 November 2019

                        Behavior rules and restrictions that exist in Lviv

Behavior rules and restrictions that exist in Lviv

We remind you of the prohibitions that apply in the city:


1. Smoking and drinking alcohol in public places (Law of Ukraine On the State Regulation of Ethanol, Cognac and Fruity, Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco and Fuels)

2. Noise from 22:00 to 08:00 (The resolution of the LCC session №3166 dated 28.01.2010)

3. Use of pyrotechnics (Тhe resolution of the LCC session №23 dated 17.05.2015)

4. Sale of alcohol from 22:00 to 10:00 (Тhe resolution of the LCC session №4710 dated 11.03.2019)

To get more information follow this link -


28 November 2019

                        Orange wines at Valentino restaurant

Orange wines at Valentino restaurant

What are the wines?
White? The red ones? Pink?
Add to this list also orange wines! No - not those of orange. The wines are golden orange.
This is an old method of producing white wine using red wine technology.
Intrigued? Soon you can try with us in Valentino restaurant!

27 November 2019

                        Business trip to Lviv - no worries!

Business trip to Lviv - no worries!

Are you planning a business trip to the ancient Ukrainian city? You don't have to think about where to book a room, how to save on a business trip, where to eat. We took care of it! The Swiss Hotel has an exclusive offer. The room rate includes all necessary services. Therefore, our guests think only of business, not of everyday problems. They meet with partners, hold business meetings, sign lucrative contracts.

Unique offer for hotel guests!

Prior to a business trip to another city, there is a question about booking a hotel room. To solve it, we should use our help. To do this, call us at the phone number listed on the site and to withdraw the number for a certain time. Another option is possible. It means email communication. We respond promptly to customer requests and clarify their wishes. Therefore, business people who come to Lviv for business trips are satisfied with the level of service.

Business travel is a common phenomenon in many fields of activity. It means holding thematic congresses, forums, seminars, round tables. In this direction, our team is paying close attention. That is why the Lviv hotel has a great offer. It covers everything you need for a comfortable stay, conferences and relaxation. Here are some points:

Buffet breakfast is a service provided by the Valentino restaurant. This is a self-serve food service. The guest chooses the dishes that he likes and which he wants to try. These are hot dishes and snacks, vegetables, fruits, various drinks. Breakfast is held in a convenient format. Man selects dishes based on personal preferences;
fresh press directly into the room - the hotel's guest gets new issues of newspapers, from which you can learn the latest news. This is a useful service. Business people need to be aware of developments in the country and in the world;
a good discount at the Valentino restaurant - you will not be mistaken by taking advantage of the "Travel without worry" offer. We offer a 20% discount on visiting Valentino's Restaurant. This is a nice bonus for business people who want to meet with partners in an informal setting and discuss business;
parking is a service used by hotel guests that cost 100 UAH per night. In many cases our guests come to Lviv by car. We anticipated such a moment. Parking is available in the surrounding area. Therefore, you can not worry about saving the car. The vehicle will be under safe guard;
good discount on laundry services - 30% off. Our hotel has a laundry room. The property offers laundry facilities and is free from unnecessary care.

Booking a room at the Swiss Hotel is the best solution for those who go on a business trip to another city. We are not only comfortable and peaceful. We have created ideal conditions for thematic seminars, round tables, business meetings with foreign partners. When you stay at the hotel, you will forget about household issues. You will do business without thinking about the little things!

Conference Hotel in Lviv

Swiss Swiss Business Hotel is a Lviv hotel specializing in business travel services. We have excellent infrastructure and good facilities for high-level events. We provide business people with a wide range of services, including training, training seminars, workshops. Our specialists know what the employees of the companies need. Therefore, we provide a meeting room, wireless internet access, and all the necessary equipment.

Corporate and business tourism are trips of employees of organizations for the purpose of negotiations, international events, presentations. They are aimed at expanding the company, establishing contacts with new investors or suppliers. Incentive tours are also possible. These are motivational trips organized by the firm for its employees or for business partners. They combine vacations, sightseeing programs, elements of trainings and conferences.

The Swiss Hotel provides quality services to its guests. The hotel has a multifunctional complex, equipped according to modern trends. The conference room houses audio and video equipment, as well as other technical equipment. Therefore, proper arrangements are made.

Conference room at the hotel

Our conference room is a special room intended for organization of negotiations, seminars, trainings. It houses modern furniture and quality lighting. Therefore, business events take place in an environment that is effective. In addition, small breaks are provided to restore strength and improve productivity. It's a coffee break and a business lunch. These are important components of the workday.

Business center services at Swiss Hotel are provided at a high level. People who went on business trip to Lviv leave positive feedback. They take advantage of all the opportunities we have. We value our reputation. Our staff make every effort to keep the guests happy. For this purpose we have experience in this field of activity and advanced technical equipment, without which we can not do when conducting meetings, presentations, round tables.

Comfortable rooms for our guests

If you need to rent a conference room at a hotel, contact us! The Lviv hotel provides good conditions for business tourists. Not only work is meant by them. We suggest to rent the best equipped room. We have Standard, Junior, and Luxury rooms. For guests to feel comfortable, the rooms have created excellent conditions for work, relaxation. This is a connection to a wireless network, landline telephone, safe, mini bar, cable TV.

Rent a conference room at the Swiss Hotel is a great choice! With us you can realize everything you have planned and relax in a cozy room after the events. The room has air conditioning, desk, armchair, bed, sofa, wardrobe. Therefore, guests feel comfortable and rest from work in a favorable environment.

Delicious food at Valentino restaurant

Our hotel in the center of Lviv is known to many tourists who go on business trips to the ancient city. Our guests can eat, use the services of a business center, conduct a seminar or training. Our main principle is individual approach to the client. Hotel managers help you decide on your hotel accommodation and fulfill your business meeting wishes.

The Swiss Hotel is what you need for a business trip! We have taken into account all the moments that worry foreign tourists. Therefore, our guests are engaged in their work and in their free time rest. They visit the Valentino restaurant, which serves Ukrainian and Italian cuisine. They are given a 20% discount. This is a great deal that our guests like. They browse the menu and order whatever they want. There are many interesting dishes on the menu. Example:

Vitello toned;
Norwegian salmon tartare;
palette of Italian cheeses;
eel salad;
spinach cream soup;
julienne with mushrooms;
baked trout;
tuna fried in sesame.
If you want to rent a room at a hotel and are planning a business event, stay with us! Our hotel is centrally located. After the working day, you can have dinner at the Valentino restaurant and then have an exciting walk around Lviv. The old town has many attractions. Therefore, in your spare time you can get distracted from work and have a good time.

Top quality catering service

Catering is one of the many services we provide. This is the catering industry. It means outbound service. We have everything we need to provide such a service. We organize meals at various events. VIP catering is done at a high level. The menu of the restaurant "Valentino" has dishes for every taste. These are fish assortments, salads with fresh vegetables, hot appetizers, veal medallions, duck fillets with cherry sauce.

If you are interested in business trips, use our services! We provide a catering service like a fancy restaurant. This retains the benefits of outbound service. These include convenience, a huge selection of dishes, accessibility. We have been providing catering services for a long time. Our employees organize closed meetings with domestic and foreign partners, negotiations and other events that promote business development.

Concierge service at Swiss Hotel

Concierge services are a business card of the hotel. This is a service that is meant to fulfill requests of guests. For example, the staff of our hotel can book a taxi, buy train tickets, remind of a business meeting, book a table on the panoramic terrace of the Valentino restaurant. These are the responsibilities that our hotel staff are highly responsible for. They listen to the wishes of the guests and implement them based on the opportunities available.

Using the concierge services, you will save time and quickly complete all the tasks. With our help you will meet with partners and investors in the conference room, relax from work in a cozy room and have a delicious dinner at the luxurious restaurant "Valentino". We can order a variety of services, ranging from making urgent purchases to choosing a souvenir for a business partner or a loved one.

Transfer as a gift!

Booking a room at the Swiss Hotel is the choice of many people who go on business trips. This is due to the fact that we have excellent conditions for business meetings. It is an opportunity to rent a conference room, equipped with modern technical equipment. Guests can also use the business center. This is a great offer that no one refuses!

Parking, catering service, conference room rental for business events are all part of the services we provide. Our unique Travel-Free Travel offers all types of single-occupancy rooms.  Take advantage of our offer and get rid of worries while traveling to Lviv. Your trip to the ancient Ukrainian city will be as it should be!


14 November 2019

                        Weekend in Lviv - you want to come back here!

Weekend in Lviv - you want to come back here!

Weekend tour to Lviv is an exciting journey that is never forgotten. Tourists come to us and stay away from daily worries. They get to know the local sights and enjoy the special atmosphere. Travelers stroll through the historic city center, go to museums, have coffee in coffee shops. They bring home souvenirs, real chocolate, coffee beans. Tourists who once visited the city return here again. They enjoy discovering new places and learning interesting information.

Where to stay in Lviv?

If you are planning to go to Lviv for the weekend, come to us! The friendly staff will meet you at the Swiss Hotel. Our staff will make sure that you feel comfortable. Our hotel is near the center. You can enjoy amazing views of the historic city right from the room window. There will be good memories in your memory of the time spent in a luxury hotel. We will do our best for this. Therefore, when you travel to our city again, you will stop with us.

A trip to Lviv for the weekend is a fun time filled with positives. Leave work, home worries for a few days and go on a journey. You will find fascinating stories, unusual places and unsurpassed architecture. During your stay in our city you will get acquainted with the legendary Lviv and get maximum impressions. In a short time you will love our beautiful city and learn a lot of useful information. We will take care of your comfort. You will be staying in a room furnished in accordance with European standards.

Ideal weekend in Lviv

For tourists who want to spend a few days in our city, we have prepared a unique offer. It's a perfect weekend in Lviv. Package cost - 4000 UAH. It includes everything that a traveler needs. This is an excursion, accommodation in a comfortable room, discount at the restaurant "Valentino". A delicious and healthy champagne breakfast is also provided on Saturdays and Sundays. But that's not all. On the day of arrival, guests receive a glass of amazing wine as a gift.

Weekend tour to Lviv is a great opportunity to get away from everyday worries, from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life. In a couple of days you will hear and see a lot of interesting things. We have provided excursions around the city for every taste. You can select and use the appropriate options. Your weekend will come out bright, rich and varied. You will go home happy and happy. At the first opportunity you will want to get into a wonderful atmosphere again!

What to see in Lviv?

Our city has a centuries-old history and is an important cultural center of Ukraine. Therefore, the day off tours to Lviv are always interesting and unforgettable. The main attractions include the Rynok Square, the Potocki Counts Palace, the Town Hall, the Opera House, the pharmacy museum. In the city there is a church of St. Elzbieta, Franco Park, a cafe "At Bambetli". These are just some of the sights you can see. It all depends on your personal preferences and hobbies. We are happy to talk about the best places and advise you what to visit.

What to see in Lviv? This is a common question that arises in travelers. Here are some interesting options:

Potocki Palace of the Counts is a French Classicist building. It is located on Copernicus Street. The palace was built in 1880. Its main features include facades with curved windows, railing, ionic columns. The Palace has reception rooms. They are characterized by luxury and untranslated beauty;
pharmacy museum - a building located on the street Printing. It was opened in 1966. The pharmacy-museum has a huge number of exhibits. These are pharmaceutical scales, crockery, antique books. A pharmacy lab was opened in one room. There is a lot of interesting things here;
Lviv Coffee Mine is a unique institution located on the Market Square. Lviv is associated with coffee. Mine workers claim that coffee is extracted from the ground. You can look at this process. To do this, wear a hard hat and go down to the basement. Everything looks very plausible there;
The Dominican Cathedral is a cult building located on Museum Square. Dominican Cathedral is decorated in Baroque style. It was erected in the years 1370-1375. Inside the cathedral is a magnificent altar with four statues. The peculiarity of the church is the elliptical dome. It is supported by powerful columns;
Kerosene lamp - arriving in Lviv for the weekend, come to the museum located near the Market Square. It was created in honor of the invention the kerosene lamp. The museum opened in 1853. It holds about two hundred different kerosene lamps and a copy of the original product made many years ago;
Church of Saint Elzbieta is a Gothic-style monument. It is located on Kropyvnytskyi Square. The church of St. Elzbieta was named after the Empress, who was the wife of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary. The main features of the cathedral are spiky spiers that are visible from afar, and unusual windows;
Museum of Brewing - an institution that opened in 2005. It is located on Kleparivska Street. The museum is located on the territory of the brewery. It features exhibitions that tell the story of brewing. Still visitors to the museum can see an interesting movie about the brewery;
chocolate shop is a popular place for many tourists. There is a huge selection of chocolates, coffee and souvenirs. If desired, you can see the process of making chocolate. The studio has a cozy atmosphere. Guests enter another world that smells of chocolate and coffee;
Franko Park is a park located in the Halych district. It is a unique property that is a national property. In the park you can see a gardener's house and a playground. Previously, the park was named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko. It was later renamed because Ivan Franco lived not far away;
St. George's Cathedral is a Greek Catholic cathedral located on the eponymous square. It is decorated in Baroque style. The erection of the object began in 1744. Finishing works were completed after 28 years. The facade of the building is decorated with beautiful sculptures. The interior is of a high standard.

Now you know what to look for in Lviv. There are other landmarks in the city. This is Bandinelli Palace, the Venetian House, the Black House. There are still many monuments in the city. For example, the monument to Danylo Halytsky, Ivan Podkov, Adam Mickiewicz. The original variants include the Smile Monument, Lviv Brewers, and Mertsalov's Palm. When you come to us, you can see all the sights in your own eyes. To do this, you need to push things to the background and go on vacation. The Swiss Hotel has excellent conditions and cozy atmosphere.

Exciting excursions around Lviv

The package "Ideal Weekend in Lviv" includes interesting excursions. They appeal to tourists and give positive emotions. Our city leaves no one indifferent. The historic part of the city annually attracts the attention of thousands of tourists from all over Ukraine and from other countries. If you like tourism, do not stay at home. Book a room at our hotel and spend the best time. We made sure that the guests were comfortable and interesting.

What excursions do we offer in Lviv? There are enough options. You can get acquainted with them and choose the one that is more suitable. If this is difficult, we will assist. Our staff will find out why you prefer and find the best solution. After the excursion you will have a pleasant experience. You will long remember the days that were spent in the old city and at the Swiss Hotel.

"Golden Horseshoe of Lviv"

This is a trip that involves visiting castles, palaces and dinners at a medieval restaurant. You will spend a wonderful weekend in Lviv and forget about the daily worries. The program includes visits to Zolochivsky, Pidhoretsky and Olesko castles. Let's get acquainted with the following objects in more detail:

The castle of Zolochiv has been performing various functions for centuries. It was a fortress, an educational institution, the residence of kings. The castle is now a museum-reserve. It houses a picture gallery. From the time of the erection of the castle there have been preserved shafts and bastions. The complex consists of a large residential palace, a Chinese palace, a monument chapel;
The Pidhirtsi castle is surrounded by defensive structures. It is made in the form of a square. The object was built in the years 1635-1640. On all sides, the Pidhirtsi Castle is surrounded by a park. Here you can enjoy the unique architecture and relax in nature;
Olesko Castle is a monument that is considered the oldest building in Galicia. Olesko Castle is located on a hill. On its territory there is a park in which cypresses, oleanders, various shrubs grow. There is a picture gallery in the castle. Here are sculptures, icons and paintings.
When planning a holiday in Lviv for the weekend, look out for a Golden Horseshoe excursion. You will make an unforgettable trip to the Middle Ages with the same attributes: fortress walls, royal halls, ancient furniture, mysterious ghosts. All tourist destinations are within walking distance. If you look at the map, you can see a figure that resembles a horseshoe. Hence the name of the route.

«Night stands in Lviv»

Such a day trip to Lviv can be made. It means an exciting walk through the mysterious streets of the city. This is a good option for courageous and courageous people. Night adventure brings maximum emotions and raises the level of adrenaline. This is a great opportunity to look at the city from the other side. During the tour, the guide tells non-children stories and shows dangerous yards. Along the way, the tourists meet with a strict cat, a crazy tenant, a restless philistine. At the end of the night journey, you can see a fiery show, from which the heart dies.

"From the Walker to the Glass"

This is a restaurant tour with tasting the most delicious food and drinks. Walk-to-Glass is a great option for those who like to go to places of interest with friends. The program includes a walk in the city with a guide who tells the legends of the city. Tourists get acquainted with famous sights and visit restaurants that are part of the FEST network. They have a tasting of alcoholic beverages and traditional dishes. During the walk and the restaurant tour, the participants are in a spirited mood. After the excursion, they have good memories.

Batyara Trail

This is a hop excursion through Lviv, which means getting acquainted with little-known pages of history. It is accompanied by tasting of legendary beer and dishes in famous establishments. The trip includes an acquaintance with an officer of the beer emigration service and a stroll through the places where the culture of Lviv bullies originated. The participants of the excursion get acquainted with the brewing technique, visit the beer museum, climb the High Castle. At the end of an unusual trip, tourists receive a beer visa and a passport.

Come to us for a weekend break in Lviv. The Swiss Hotel has excellent living conditions. We offer our guests interesting special offers and give gifts. During your stay in a European city you will get unforgettable emotions and relax from the noise, fuss and worry! We guarantee it!


04 November 2019

                        Swiss Hotel - comfortable rooms and impeccable service

Swiss Hotel - comfortable rooms and impeccable service

Do you want to have a fun weekend in Lviv or have an important meeting planned? Book a room with us. The Swiss Hotel is ideal for tourists, business people, couples. We are comfortable and beautiful. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff make every effort to keep their guests happy!

The best hotel in the center of Lviv!

Our hotel is located in a tourist town, where you can see and enjoy. If you want to rent a hotel in Lviv, give us a go. Our hotel is located near Market Square. It is the central square where the ancient buildings and the town hall are erected. It is one of the main attractions of the city. Here you can see the Black House, sculptures of ancient gods, the Lviv mine and many more. Even at Market Square you can buy an unusual souvenir, which will remind you of a fascinating trip or a business event.

Swiss Hotel is a hotel in the center of Lviv on Knyazya Romana Street, where comfortable conditions are created. Our basic principles include the provision of quality service, a wide range of special offers and compliance with European trends. Our doors are open to all. Tourists come to us who have decided to have fun in the historic city. We are pleased to meet business people and provide a conference room for them. We are in love with people in love and newlyweds who have recently got married. All guests are welcomed with a pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and good music in the restaurant.

Holiday for newlyweds in a prestigious hotel

Where to spend your first wedding night or honeymoon? We provide holidays for newlyweds who appreciate luxury and impeccable service. Loving couples settle in the Royal Suite. Here is a wonderful atmosphere that promotes a good rest. It is characterized by elegance, aristocracy and modernity. Newlyweds never forget the time spent in the Presidential Suite. They remember happy days with a smile on their face!

Romantic vacation in Lviv

Do you have a favorite girl and want to make a surprise for her? We suggest you book a hotel in Lviv and give the other half an unforgettable experience! On the official site of the hotel you can choose the appropriate number. We have different rooms that create the conditions for a comfortable pastime. The package for lovers includes into accommodation fruit slicing, champagne. You can also visit the Roman steam room and then feel the rush of energy and energy.

Romantic holidays in Lviv are many unusual and mysterious places that symbolize love. These include:

High Castle is a park located on the slopes of Prince's Mountain. It consists of two parts. The gardener's home and chestnut alley are located on the lower terrace. An observation deck is located on the upper terrace. It overlooks the historic city;
Lovers Balcony is the most romantic place on Market Square. It is full of special energy. It is dominated by fiery feelings and joy;
Ferenc Liszt Street - be sure to find this place during your romantic getaway in Lviv. The street is notable for being arranged by a young Lviv resident for a beloved girl who previously lived in England;
Lava Lovers is an original product located near the Swiss Hotel. A lion-shaped bench connects hearts. The people sitting on it stay together forever;
a fountain of lovers is a place filled with romance. In the center of the fountain is a sculpture symbolizing the love story of a Ukrainian and an Italian. In the dark, the fountain "comes to life" and pleases the surrounding incredible show.
Vacation for families with children

Do you enjoy traveling and want to explore the sights of the ancient city? We suggest you to rent a room in Lviv and not worry about where you can spend the night and eat. We have created excellent conditions for adults and children. This means cozy rooms, a children's room, Italian and Galician cuisine. Our staff are happy to assist you with your leisure activities and offer an entertaining entertainment program. All you have to say is what you need. All wishes will be realized!

Coming to our city, you can not worry about anything. We have a shuttle service. It means the transportation of passengers directly to the hotel. At your disposal is a comfortable car Mercedes Viano. Shuttle service is available from the airport or train station. We take care that the hotel guests do not have any difficulties. Guests enjoy views of the surroundings and a relaxing stay at the hotel. They arrive on the spot and are in a cozy room.

Holidays for families with children are not a problem. We have not only good rooms but also a children's room. It creates excellent conditions for guys of all ages. The room has upholstered furniture and plenty of toys. While parents are in the restaurant or on the panoramic terrace of the Valentino restaurant, children play in a specially equipped room. They are looked after by a nanny. For children we have an interesting menu. It includes useful dishes. They like children.

Holidays in Lviv: Where to Go?

To stay in our city for a long time, stay at the Swiss Hotel. We have created wonderful conditions for guests, so a vacation in Lviv is never forgotten. We have standard rooms, luxury apartments, Suite. You can choose to view offers and choose the option that suits you. Our rooms offer great views of the old part of the city and the courtyards. The rooms have everything you need to relax: comfortable beds, furniture, plasma televisions, air conditioning, minibars. Internet access, safe, cable TV are also provided.

Spending your time in Lviv is fun and worthwhile. There are many places to see in our city. They mean:

Town Hall is the building where the city administration is located. There is a viewing platform on the tower. To reach it, 408 steps must be overcome. Such efforts meet expectations, since the site offers a magnificent view of the central part of the city;
Opera House is a building located on Svobody Avenue. It is named after opera singer Solomiya Krushelnytska. The theater auditorium is lire-shaped. On the front facade there are arched loggias and symbolic figures;
The Shevchenkivsky Grove is a unique open-air ethnographic exposition. It is spread out on the hills of Roztoche. The museum houses architectural monuments specific to the western regions of Ukraine.
Catering: affordable and quality

Catering is a service that is in high demand. It provides for the organization of an original and unique holiday with minimal time costs. Catering refers to catering related to catering events at a remote location. We have everything you need to provide quality services. We are approached by clients who are interested in organizing important business meetings, weddings and corporate holidays. They voice their wishes, and we bring them to life!

Catering services are an important part of our business. We deliver delicious food to every corner of Lviv. All our products undergo strict quality control. The dishes are prepared by professional chefs. We can order dishes of Ukrainian and Italian cuisine. We offer interesting solutions for real gourmets, business representatives and lovers of Galician cuisine.

Banquet hall of the Swiss Hotel

Are you planning a celebration? Celebrate it with us! Our hotel has a wonderful banquet hall. It has plenty of space for festive events. You can celebrate your birthday with your friends and relatives, anniversary, an important life event. The cost of the banquet depends on the number of guests and individual preferences. We plan to arrange a banquet hall with flower arrangements. To have fun, nice music sounds. Guests feel great and enjoy the holiday.

In the banquet hall of the Swiss Hotel there are business meetings, family holidays, corporate parties. In any case, the banquet manager handles his duties perfectly. He clarifies the wishes of the client and does his best to ensure that they are implemented at the highest level. The manager is fully responsible for the preparation of the banquet hall. It helps the customer to choose the design of the premises and to solve other important issues. The client trusts him completely and is satisfied with the result!

Concierge service at a high level

Concierge service is a service provided by the Swiss Hotel staff. We take care of all the tasks of interest to our guests. The concierge of our hotel is a man responsible for his work. Its main task is to fulfill the requests of the guests. This can be a taxi booking, train tickets, urgent purchases. Our concierge has extensive experience and knowledge of the intricacies of his profession. Therefore, customers are happy to use his services and remain satisfied.

Concierge service means the fulfillment of the wishes of the guests of the Swiss Hotel. There is practically nothing impossible for a good specialist. Our concierge provides a variety of services based on customer requests. It solves problems as quickly as possible, saving people from unnecessary experience. Guests of the hotel are pleased to use the services of our specialist. They give different orders. For example, arranging leisure, reserving a table at a restaurant, delivering flowers to a specific address.

Conference room at the hotel for important events

Have you thought about where to hold a business meeting or a thematic seminar? For this purpose there is a conference hall in the hotel. It is an ideal place for events of various formats. Our hall is equipped with everything you need. It is equipped on the basis of modern trends. The conference room has beautiful ergonomic furniture (large table, chairs, individual tables) and advanced technical equipment. Particular attention is paid to the design design. The room has a small natural corner and thoughtful lighting

Trainings, seminars, meetings of business partners, presentations are held in the conference hall of the Swiss Hotel. Its area is 35 m2. The hall is equipped in a business style. It can accommodate up to 35 people. Ideal conditions for productive work are created in the conference room. We understand that guests of business events should rest. Therefore, our services include the organization of coffee breaks and ordering business lunches. Coffee breaks are held so that guests can refresh themselves and get distracted from work, study. Business lunches are designed for business people who value their time. They include first course, garnish, salad.

In the hotel in the center of Lviv you can book a luxurious or cozy room that is best equipped. Each room is individually decorated. The main amenities include air conditioning, mini-bar, internet access. We provide a variety of services, from transfer to destination to the nursery. Check out our offers and rent a room at the best hotel!


30 October 2019

                        Annual winners 2020

Annual winners 2020

The best reward for us is your positive impressions and praise!
Swiss Hotel - No. 4 hotel in Lviv based on your reviews on TripAdvisor!
Thank you for choosing us)

Swiss Hotel Lviv is a boutique, design-driven hotel settled in lviv’s historical center with an exceptional sense of style, created for travelers seeking unrivaled comfort and experience.


29 October 2019

                        Swiss Hotel combines hearts

Swiss Hotel combines hearts

Have you met your loved one and want to surprise him? Then we suggest arranging a romantic date in Lviv and uniting your hearts! Here you will have a rest, have an interesting time and get a boost of cheerfulness. We know that romance is important to everyone. That is why we paid special attention to this moment and prepared a unique proposal for enamored people. Come visit us and stay in one of the rooms. You can simply relax at the hotel or take advantage of additional services. For example, a banquet, a date at a rooftop cafe, wine tasting.

Hotels and motels in Lviv: what vibrate?
At the old-fashioned place, it’s possible to pawn. There are hotels and motels in Lviv, it is recommended that you take the vibir to the Swiss. All the mortgage, in such a way as to beautifully think for the child. The key features of the hotel include a pink interface, an unreasonable service and affordable prices. Before us often wait for betting. It’s nice to stink of romantic romance to the restaurant, hear music, plan your life away. For the withered people, the hour has passed. Then we’re obliged to do it in winter.

Hotel Lviv Bіlya Square Rinok - about us. Our mortgage is located near the head office of the city. The Rinok Square is small and small. Here you checkє bagato tsikavogo. For example, tourists do not bypass the town hall. The memory of the architekturi, the height of the yak syagє 65 meters. The town hall is built with tzegli. There’s a square shape. On the Moscow City Hall there is a rosy oglyadovy maidanchik. On it’s not people who want to know how much, how many people want to bother Lviv from above. Weakened couples also resemble the architec- tural objects.

Hotel Lviv center of the city - requests are washed away, scho mandate. We’re talking about the knowledge and the goal of thinking for the child. Hotel “Swiss” Vee won’t have any luck. Zakokhani bet koristuyutsya all, scho mi proponumo. There is a Roman couple and a healthier organism, wine tasting at the wine cellar, two-by-two beauty salon "Mask" and two-by-steps on the panoramic terrace. As a matter of fact, I additionally need to vibrate the excursion and rose about those, where you can spend the evening. Also we have to wait for є accepting surprises for all, to love and want to contribute to the farmers!


28 October 2019

                        Wedding in Lviv is an unforgettable event

Wedding in Lviv is an unforgettable event

Do you need a banquet hall for celebrations and a room for young people? We will be happy to help resolve such important issues!

 At the Swiss Hotel you can reserve a quiet number, registration with a valid rank. At the restaurant "Valentino" you can have a chic, fun-filled celebration and catch a good treat! We pay great attention to our customers and find out their wishes. A significant day in the lives of two withered people is to pass through and be sincere!

The ceremony of celebration is important.

Marriage is an event that is never forgotten. It is associated with the beginning of family life, with love and happiness. For this event to be the best, you need to find a good wedding venue. This Swiss hotel is located in the center of the old town. We provide a good room for the newlyweds and organize a banquet. Customers who have preferred our facility remain satisfied with the level of service. We do our work responsibly and know the importance of a special event for two people in love!

A wedding ceremony is a ceremony that accompanies a marriage. It is also a trip to the registry office for a limo, a ring exchange, a banquet and the first wedding night. In order to go well, you need to prepare yourself carefully. It is necessary to choose wedding attire, to think over the menu, to order a photographer, to decorate a banquet hall beautifully. In this case, you can not hurry. You need to weigh everything and only then make a final decision on each issue. When done correctly, there are no force majeure situations during the holiday. The culprits of the celebration and the guests have pleasant memories!

Newlyweds Room at Swiss Hotel

If you want to celebrate your wedding in Lviv, book a room at the Swiss Hotel! We have a smart room for newlyweds, furnished in the best way. In love people have fun here. They enjoy every minute spent in the presentable and cozy room. Our guests enjoy everything they need. This is cable TV, air conditioning, telephone. Also included in the room is a minibar with alcoholic beverages, a safe. Newlyweds use soft towels and cosmetic kits.

A wedding ceremony is both an exciting and exhausting process. When the holiday is over, people in love need a rest and spend time together. Therefore, when organizing a wedding, the question arises where to book a room for newlyweds. The Lviv Swiss Hotel offers such an opportunity. You can book a chic number on the official website and by phone. In it you will like everything:

cozy atmosphere that promotes pleasant rest;
modern decoration materials, selected by talented designers;
huge bed;
classic wardrobe;
the bathroom is decorated in light colors;
a seating area with a chair and a small sofa;
free internet access;
soft floor covering;
no noise.
We make every effort to make your wedding in Lviv a lifetime. We have a good surprise for the happy newlyweds. This is a visit to a Roman steam room. In two hours you can heal the body and recharge with positive emotions. The Roman steam room has excellent conditions for relaxation and wellness. After staying in the bath, there is a rush of energy and energy. This is what you need after the holidays. In Roman doubles the newlyweds relax and receive positive emotions!

By ordering a banquet room for the wedding and a room for the newlyweds, you will make the right decision. We organize holidays for a long time. We have extensive experience in banquet design and restaurant decoration. Before working, our staff clarifies customer preferences. Then they are hired. Decorators and designers decorate the banquet room with balloons, flower arrangements. Both the newlyweds and the guests like the result. Therefore, the solemn event is as planned by the couple in love!

Wedding terrace in restaurant

If you are planning to rent a wedding hall, please contact us! For this purpose we invite clients to celebrate the holiday on the panoramic terrace. This is a playground located on the roof of the Swiss Hotel. It is partially glazed. On the terrace you can celebrate the holiday even in bad weather. Ideal conditions for holding a solemn event are created at the site. This is a huge table with chairs, unique decorative elements, flower arrangements, live plants and cozy seating areas.

Organization of wedding celebrations is one of our directions. We can have a fun and unforgettable celebration on the panoramic terrace. The site overlooks ancient Lviv. These are churches, quiet streets, local landmarks. During their stay on the panoramic terrace, the newlyweds and the guests are in another world. Everything around is filled with love, romance and happiness. People feel it and give positive emotions. They welcome newlyweds, dance and have fun!

If you need help organizing a wedding, trust us! We will decorate the panoramic terrace in accordance with the wishes of our clients and in accordance with current trends. The guests will be bored with nice music during the holiday. We will place decorative compositions on the tables. Also on the terrace will be a beautiful arch. It is an integral attribute of a wedding that gives special importance to the celebration. The arch emphasizes the romantic atmosphere of the holiday and brings unusual accents to the atmosphere.

The banquet hall for the wedding on the panoramic terrace is a great solution for many newlyweds! You can use them by contacting us. We will listen to your wishes for the design of the surrounding space and make them a reality. The wedding held on the roof of the Lviv restaurant will be remembered forever. These will be pleasant memories and happy moments that the couple in love will continue to tell their children.

Wedding Hall Rental at Valentino Restaurant

Marriage Day is an event that should go its best! For this, a future man and woman are looking for wedding banquet halls on the Internet. If you are interested in such a question, give preference to our institution. We know you will love it! It is an Italian Valentino restaurant serving delicious and refined dishes. To make your guests happy you can order something special. The restaurant menu includes a variety of dishes. For example, Italian meat appetizer, salmon caviar, original salads and Camembert cheese baked in white wine.

The wedding banquet hall at the Valentino restaurant is a unique place where fun can be celebrated. We took care of everything. The atmosphere is created in the hall, which has a festive mood. Therefore, guests feel comfortable and enjoy the time spent in our institution. In the banquet hall is a large table, a sufficient number of chairs and a sofa. It can accommodate many guests. The solemn atmosphere prevails in the hall. It is accentuated by original lamps, decoration materials, decorative compositions.

By ordering a wedding banquet hall with us, you will not be mistaken! The Valentino restaurant has an unusual atmosphere. In our banquet hall, the highlight of the evening will be held in the best of traditions. You will enjoy the level of service, the environment and our diverse menu. The wine list deserves special attention. It presents alcoholic beverages made from the finest grape varieties. The wine list contains red, white, rose wine. Before the wedding, you can pick up what the newlyweds like!

Places for romantic walks

Wedding in Lviv is a mass of positive emotions and impressions. The ancient city has many interesting places related to romance. These include:

Lava Lovers - This famous landmark is close to the Swiss Hotel. Be sure to sit on the bench of the newlyweds in love. There is a legend that during such actions, the hearts of two people are forever connected. You can sit on the bench on your wedding day and take a memorable photo. It will be a reminder of this significant day;
Light-music Fountain of Lovers is an original composition directly related to light feelings. It is made in the form of a boy and a young girl who want to join hands. The author of the project tried and created a unique composition. To improve its appearance in the dark, light-music design is provided. When the sun is hiding behind the horizon, an amazing show begins;
Shevchenkivsky grove - you can go here the day after the wedding. Shevchenkivsky Grove is a famous landmark of Lviv. The open air museum houses several ethnographic areas. Here you can see unique monuments of architecture, forge, windmill. In the park, the newlyweds are walking around holding hands and looking around. They fall into the colorful world of the Ukrainian countryside, which is home to a special atmosphere;
Stryi Park is an old park of national importance. It was designed by the chief gardener of Lviv. The Stryi Park has an upper terrace and a forest park area. Here you can admire the swans on the pond, see the unique plants, have a nice time in the greenhouse. The park has a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. Newlyweds can walk the avenues and enjoy the surrounding environment.
Assistance in organizing the wedding

A special event requires preliminary preparation for the event. We provide assistance in organizing weddings based on customer requests. This means the decoration of the banquet hall in the restaurant "Valentino". This process is carried out as high as possible. Designers come up with unusual ideas and put them into action. Decorations are used as decorations, balloons. The result of the newlyweds completely satisfied. They understand that their holiday will be bright and in accordance with the planned plans!

If you want to hold a wedding ceremony on the panoramic terrace, it's easy to do! Contact us and tell us your wishes. We will arrange a playground on the roof of the restaurant, taking into account your preferences and the theme of the wedding celebration. For this our designers have experience and knowledge. The decorators design the panoramic terrace the way the newlyweds want. They create an unusual atmosphere filled with happiness and vibrant colors. Beautiful floral arrangements are used for this.

Our help in organizing the wedding is not only the decoration of the hall and the panoramic terrace. We also do other important work. This is a banquet organization. Our staff offer a good menu, cook delicious meals and serve tables. High level of service is also provided. These are the key factors that make the event an unforgettable experience. Guests of our restaurant have fun, dance and enjoy their meals. They proclaim toast and wish the newlyweds happiness in life!

If you want to have a fun and colorful wedding in Lviv, use our help! Book a cozy room at the Swiss Hotel and spend two hours in a Roman bath. Book a banquet room or rent a panoramic terrace. You can also use the services of our decorators. Experts will beautifully decorate the surrounding space and make it unusual strokes. Therefore, your wedding will not be clouded. The wedding day will be the happiest, most charming and unforgettable!


27 October 2019