What to see in Lviv

The western tourist capital of Ukraine – Lviv has for many years welcomed guests from different parts of the country and from abroad. It seems that in the city of Lion every house, quarter, lane breathe history. They keep the memory of what happened many centuries ago. This creates a unique charm, which charmed the tourists, just stepping on the land of Lviv. Therefore, it is difficult to even imagine that someone had not yet had time to visit this wonderful city. But in reality there are many people who are only going to visit the city of Lviv and do not know what to necessarily see in Lviv.


Potocki Palace

Behind ornamental metal gate we see a majestic yet refined and imposing palace decorated with reliefs, mouldings, murals and stained-glass windows.

15 Kopernyka Str.


St. Yura Church

Since 1998, the St. Yura’s Cathedral temple and its compound belong to the UNESKO. The temple was built in 1744.

5, st. Yura Square


Opera House

The Lviv Opera House is an architectural gem of Lviv, built in the Neo-Renaissance style in 1901, and is one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe…

28 Svobody Ave


Rynok Square

Rynok Square has been the centre of political, public, cultural, and commercial life of the city for 500 years. Surroundede by about fifty unique architectural monuments dating back to the 16-20th centuries.

1 Rynok Sq.


City Hall

Lviv City Hall is an office building in the central part of the city. There is a free entrance to the town hall, but there is paid observation area on its tower, overlooking the city.

1 Market Sq.


Boim Chapel

Boim Chapel was built as a tomb for the Boim’s merchant family. Initially, the area belonged to the city cemetery. On the eastern façade portraits of George Boim and his wife Jadwiga are preserved. This is an outstanding work of the Lviv Art of the XVII century.

1 Cathedral Sq.