"Mask" beauty salon uses a diesel generator

How business works without light: a beauty salon in the center of Lviv - Mask

They found a way out during martial law and widespread power outages and in the beauty salon and hairdresser "Mask" - they use an electricity generator, you can also use tools that do not require electricity. We purchased equipment that works without light on the principle of a mobile phone - it can be charged. There are lanterns so that you can do without lighting. In the studio, it's not even cold - we turn on the air conditioner, which we also inform the customers about.

At the "Mask" cosmetology center in Lviv, customers are warned: in the absence of electricity, the institution can provide all procedures at a cost of a diesel generator on the day of the visit, and even hourly. But there is a list of procedures that can be carried out thanks to the available alternative lighting: these are hairdressers' consultations, haircuts, styling. Girls who are afraid to sign up for procedures due to power outages, don't worry, we won't let you go with one eyebrow, we're prepared - the diesel generator is working, battery lights - everything is there!"

To the customer's question, "How are you working now?", Mask cosmetics store answers: "Yes, like most Ukrainian businesses - we quickly adapt to new conditions, change current plans, do not build global ones. We will create beauty for our women, pay taxes, support the Armed Forces and the country's economy even without electricity. As the Ukrainians say, "Don't wait!"

And really. Ukrainians continue to work and find solutions in any circumstances. And this is our strength.

"Mask" beauty salon in Lviv is one of the exclusive expert salons and is distinguished by the high professionalism of the masters and the use of creative ideas in their work, combined with modern achievements of the beauty industry. The salon offers a full range of self-care procedures. To be beautiful and well-groomed is the dream of every woman. That is why our specialists will make every effort to pleasantly surprise you with the result! Follow us and don't miss the opening of the renewed beauty salon "Mask"

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