Cheese and wine festival in Lviv - 2021

                        Cheese and wine festival in Lviv - 2021

It would seem that it combines the people of Lviv with cheese and wine? However, few people know today that four centuries ago the climate in Lviv was so warm that vineyards on the southern slopes of the High Castle, Lychakiv, and then on the hills of Kaiserwald, up to Vynnyky, gave Lviv residents more than a hundred barrels of wine a year. In addition, Lviv residents enjoyed exquisite Italian, Cretan, Spanish and Hungarian wines, as Lviv was a major shopping center.

Festivals in Lviv
It is enough to stand aside. Join the cultural events of the city. Lviv is ignited by various events. All you have to do is choose your leisure format.

Music lovers who do not miss concerts in Lviv gather for large-scale multi-day parties with performances by various representatives of their favorite direction. The genre can be different:

jazz and blues;
rap and hip hop;
rock and heavy metal;
indie and pop.
Music festivals in Lviv are ignited by a drive for many months. Take part in a mega-event for the coolest sounds of veterans and beginners of your favorite direction.

There are other thematic festivals. Big holidays are organized for those who buy tickets to the theater in Lviv, for fans of street food and lighting installations, for athletes and beauty masters. It only remains to choose where to go.

Every day, on October 22-24, at the "Cheese and Wine Festival", guests will be able to visit a large Cheese and Wine Fair, which will feature products from both major producers and importers, as well as regional organic products.

In addition to tasting and selling "Cheese and Wine Festival" will offer to cook a variety of cheese dishes yourself and the whole family!
In the program:

- a huge fair of cheeses and wines;

- delicious tastings;

- various culinary master classes,

- art workshop, and

- interesting entertainment for the whole family and much more.

"And what can taste better with a piece of cheese than a glass of wonderful wine? Therefore, the festival will be joined by winemakers who will present their best products and will be able to compete for the favor of wine connoisseurs," - added the organizers.

In addition, visitors can expect Cheesecake Day. It will be baked according to an old recipe and will be served to everyone. The most delicious cheesecake in Lviv in the center of Lviv in the Valentino restaurant at the Swiss Hotel.

When: October 22-24. Start - at 14.00.
Where: Potocki Palace (15 Kopernyka Street).