Lviv Coffee Festival 2021

                        Lviv Coffee Festival  2021

On September 24-26, you are invited to a traditional coffee festival in Lviv. It will be very fragrant and delicious.
For the first time, the thirteenth coffee festival will hospitably welcome Lviv residents and guests of the city in the Potocki Palace, which is located at vul. Copernicus, 15.

This location is so popular with Lviv residents as well as Ukrainian and foreign tourists. Needless to say, everyone has their own pleasant memory or even a photo in the phone gallery against the backdrop of this truly beautiful palace.
And imagine that you will replenish your treasury of memories with the incredible aroma of coffee, which will soar within a radius of several hundred meters.

Fill your September weekend with dizzying aroma, interesting events and Instagram landscapes.
We are waiting for you on September 24-26 for coffee in Lviv

Super offer for loyal coffee connoisseurs and real early birds from Lviv Coffee Festival:

- ticket for 1 day of the festival for 100 UAH and a unique eco-bag as a gift *
- a ticket for 3 days of the festival for UAH 250 and a unique eco-bag as a gift *
* until 17.09.2021

Buy tickets on or lviv.kontramarka and get your eco-bag at the entrance to the festival.

Hotel Swiss in Lviv, located in the center of Lviv, next to the Potocki Palace, Rynok Square, sincerely recommends its guests to visit this festival and taste real Lviv coffee. By the way, real Lviv coffee is prepared not only at the festival - it can also be ordered in a restaurant located in the center of Lviv - a restaurant of Italian cuisine Valentino. Here in the coffee hall you will be very cozy and comfortable with a cup of coffee. We also make coffee on the sand. For coffee, we recommend everyone to try our signature cake "Napoleon". And what coffee do you like?