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                        International Book Publishers Forum

Book Forum Lviv: when and where is it held?
If you like literature, check out the Hotel Lviv and book a room at the Swiss Hotel! For many years in our city there is an international literary festival, which consists of two parts. This is a book forum and a fair. The main expositions are located in different places. This refers to the Palace of Art and the Potocki Palace. In addition, the expositions are located on Liberty Avenue. The event organizers create a space where people meet, share ideas and share their experiences. They arrange literary readings, presentations, interesting contests, autograph sessions.

Book Forum Lviv 2019 is a unique event that brings together many people. It is a major cultural festival that is diverse and modern. It provides 30 thematic areas and more than 800 activities. The book forum will be held in late September. The cost of tickets is low (from 30 UAH). That is why everyone can come to us, book a room and become a participant of a great literary event!

Book Forum Lviv: a short story
Lviv Hotels Center (and Swiss Hotel) meet guests every fall who want to attend a book forum. People from different parts of Ukraine, as well as from Poland, Norway, and France, come to us. Holiday organizers always promise an exciting program and keep their promises. The Book Forum was created by the Publishers Forum NGO. During the festival there were many significant events:

1995 - an all-Ukrainian competition, which determines the best book of the publishers' forum. The award ceremony is held on the first day of the festival. Nominees are evaluated by an expert jury;
1997 - Literary festival is held as part of the holiday. This is an event that interests young people. The key direction of the festival is determined annually. For example, dialogue between generations, journeys to literature;
2006 - the organizers introduced a new idea. It means an action in which you want to give a child a book;
2007 - Publishers participate in a business forum and discuss important issues;
2010 - The boundaries of the holiday are expanding. Particular attention is paid to developing a program for librarians;
2012 - a stand with Ukrainian books is placed at the book fair in Leipzig;
2013 - before the festival, the country is given the status of the guest of honor;
2014 - events dedicated to the first printed Ukrainian book and the 200th anniversary of TG. Shevchenko;
2018 - Festival logo changed. It is now an open book that combines four elements.
What are the publishers participating in the competition?
A book forum is a significant event that cannot be ignored. Every year, Ukrainian publishers compete for the main prize of the festival. For example, they include Kharkiv publishing house Vivat, which started its operations in 2013. The range of books features children's and adolescent literature, nonfiction, and humanities. Even before the festival takes part the publishing house "A priori". It specializes in publishing books of interest to children of all ages. The collection also features fiction and historical literature.

Book Forum Lviv 2019 welcomes guests from other countries. Indian poets Cavita Jindal and Sonnet Mondal will come to the celebration. The guest of honor at the international festival is Lydia Dimkovskaya. This is a Macedonian writer, poet and translator. Her first work was translated into several languages ​​and her second novel received a European Union literary prize. Another Lithuanian writer Rimantas Kmit is invited to the holiday. This is a well-known person who not only writes poetry but also teaches Lithuanian literature at an educational institution.

The most interesting events
Lviv Hotels and Swiss Hotel are waiting for anyone who wants to get into the literary environment, talk to authors or present their book. We come to people who prefer Ukrainian books and ideas. They stay in our cozy rooms and after the holidays go to the festival. Many interesting events await them there, because the program of the international festival is large and diverse. To get you started on what the issue is, let's look at the main points of the book forum program:

education is the key to success in the future. The point is that more attention should be paid to developing reading skills in younger school age. This has a positive effect on the preparation of EIT;
war in our home - participants of the festival present historical novels related to our country. They want to convey to readers what they need to know and appreciate the story;
Yevgeny Klopotenko's project - a talented chef systematically changes the food system in school canteens. It implements useful ideas through which nutrition in educational institutions is organized;
science and technology - a major topic is being discussed in this area. The organizer and project participants will reflect on who is responsible for global warming;
presentation of books by Andriy Sodomora - a well-known Ukrainian writer and translator takes part in the festival. He will tell many interesting things and present his books to the general public;
inclusive education - participants of the festival will show how to develop reading in children with the help of special books.

These are just some of the events that will fill the Lviv Book Forum 2019. Talented authors and guests from other countries are invited to the holiday. Everyone will find what he likes at the festival. You can chat with authors, sign autographs, or purchase a book to supplement your collection. At the international festival, true connoisseurs of Ukrainian literature will gather. You will be able to participate in discussions and an e-book workshop. Roman Lechniuk and other authors will present their books this year.

Comics are an innovative solution
The Ukrainian comic book industry is constantly evolving. Therefore, the number of authors who want to show their creativity is increasing. If you are one of them, consider Lviv Hotels Center and choose Hotel Swiss. Here you will be able to take a break from the trip and with new strength to go to the book festival. Interesting activities will take place within the comic book thematic cluster. These include discussions and presentations. For example, the comic book "Cherry Diary" will be presented. It tells the story of a ten-year-old girl who wants to become a writer. The Cherry Diary comic book is a beautiful story, supplemented with drawings and graphics. It takes us into a world filled with secrets.

Special project "Lifestyle"

This is an unusual project that is being carried out as part of a book festival. If you would like to become a member, check out Lviv hotels and book a room at Swiss Hotel. We have created the best conditions for our guests. You can enjoy a relaxing stay in the room and then go to the festival and learn more about the Lifestyle project. It was developed by Lviv writer Galina Shiyan. She founded a foreign bookshop and wrote many short stories. What is the essence of the special project? The bottom line is that you need to not only mention famous authors, but also talk about contemporary writers. In a few days the participants of the forum will get acquainted with Irina Slavinska, Taras Prokhasko, Elif Batuman.

Contemporary European Literature Week
The main purpose of this project is to tell readers useful information about contemporary European literature. Wikipedia does not have any publications dedicated to the writers of Montenegro and other countries. In the framework of the Book Forum Lviv 2019 organizers want to solve this problem. For this, a week of contemporary European literature is held. Contestants need to prepare useful articles and publish them on Wikipedia. The winners and active participants of the project will receive commemorative prizes and souvenirs branded with the logo of the International Literary Festival.

Sign language translation is another innovation
Lviv Hotels and Swiss Hotel invite lovers of Ukrainian literature to a unique event! We want to tell you great news. As part of the international festival, translation into sign language is now underway. This applies to presentations and discussions. The organizers of the forum made important steps together with the founders of the "Hear" project and succeeded in the fact that all people have the right to leisure. Through them, poetry and literature became accessible to people with disabilities. The translation of the sign language is accompanied by a presentation "How not to be a prick" and a quest presentation of books by the publishing house "Morning". Workshops on artbooks will also be held.

Media cluster on book forum
The International Literary Festival keeps pace with the times. Therefore, the theme of the holiday is closely intertwined with what is happening in the media sphere. Useful lectures and topical topics are discussed at the main cultural forum of Ukraine. For example, they include a lecture on effective work. Lecturer Vitaliy Golubev will tell how not to lose interest in work and quickly respond to changes in life. In his piggy bank there are many life hacks for anyone who works with information.

The Book Forum is a grand event that focuses on fakes and information security. During the holiday different issues will be considered:

whether there is censorship in our country;
whether journalists fear for their own safety;
whether there are non-negotiable topics in our country;
whether the journalist should be held liable if he published false information;
or threaten journalists in connection with their activities.
Journalists and bloggers at Book Forum Lviv
Book Forum Lviv 2019 is a long-awaited event that is widely covered by journalists and bloggers. They are invited to the event by the organizers. Journalists and bloggers are the first to learn all the important information and bring it to people. To receive a holiday pass, you must fill out a special form on the official website. Accreditation is based on announcements about the international festival.

Library Forum is the most important event
Within the framework of the literary festival, a library forum has been held for several years. This is a professional event for anyone whose activities are related to the information field. At the forum, topical issues are met by teachers of educational institutions, employees of libraries, authors. The number of participants exceeds 250 people. The Library Forum program addresses issues such as social inclusion and the library, which should include a new library, distance education and a library. Also at the forum will be a German referee. He will talk about what the European style of the modern library is.

Swiss invites everyone to a book forum!
Browse Lviv Hotels online and opt for Swiss Hotel! Every autumn, true connoisseurs of Ukrainian literature come to us. These are the inhabitants of our and other countries. They get acquainted with the program of the literary festival and choose what they like. These are book presentations, discussions and workshops, as well as communication with talented authors!