02 June 2022

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Tasting of asparagus and strawberry dishes “Ukrainian Summer” in Lviv

                        Tasting of asparagus and strawberry dishes “Ukrainian Summer” in Lviv

On June 14 at 18:00 we invite you to a tasting of “Ukrainian Summer” at the restaurant “Valentino”.

Tasting menu:

– s-t of prosciutto and strawberries;
– Asparagus snack with shrimp
– grilled tuna with grilled asparagus, creamy orange sauce
– strawberry sorbet

The wines chosen by the sommelier Oleg Kurako will perfectly emphasize the taste of these dishes.

Cost: 850 hryvnias.

Dishes with asparagus in the restaurant "Valentino" in Lviv. Asparagus is a genus of flowering plants in the asparagus family, numbering up to 300 species. The most famous species is the edible asparagus, which is called asparagus. The plant not only looks spectacular in any dish, but also contains many vitamins, minerals, calcium and phosphorus. One of the nice features of asparagus can be called low calorie - 1 kcal of 200 kg of product. Currently, three types of asparagus are known: green, white and purple. Green asparagus is the most common species, which can be harvested all year round. The seasonal type of asparagus is white, which grows from March to June. Purple asparagus is a rare species with a spicy taste.

The asparagus menu can be viewed here: