LVIV IS PREPARING FOR THE EASTER HOLIDAYS 2021

There will also be no parties, master classes or festivities at the Klimenty Sheptytsky Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, but the Shevchenkivsky grove will be open for the Easter holidays and thematic photo zones have already been set up there.

Великдень у Львові

The residents of Lviv are urged to adhere to quarantine norms during the consecration of Easter cakes, as well as during the Easter festivities.

It will be recalled that a flower basket was planted this year near the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin on Lychakivska Street.

Великдень у Львові

But don't be disappointed! The team at the Swiss Hotel made all the preparations to  create the  atmosphere of the Easter  Holiday.

Пасха у Львові

In the  Valentino restaurant you can taste all the dishes from the Easter basket! We will consecrate the Easter basket for our guests so that you can feel comfortable and warm in the family circle!

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