Kavi festival at Lviv

                        Kavi festival at Lviv

When is the festival held?
Coffee in Lviv is a holiday that leaves no one indifferent. The festival is held annually in September and lasts for several days. Initially, the event was organized on the Market Square. Guests of the holiday tasted a variety of drinks prepared by Lviv masters. They cast their votes for the most acceptable option. The winner was then determined. This year's coffee festival is held in the tram depot. It creates all the conditions for organizing a large-scale event, attended by people from all over Ukraine.

Coffee Festival in Lviv: a short story
Lviv hotels center (including Swiss) are inviting tourists to themselves. We know that the coffee festival attracts tourists who appreciate the taste of the drink. More than 150,000 people gather annually for the holiday. Lviv residents are proud that such a holiday is held in the city. They invite old friends and relatives to the event. Foreigners are also interested in an event directly related to coffee. They come to us to get closer to the Ukrainian traditions and get acquainted with the sights of the ancient city.

The 2019 Lviv Coffee Festival is an integral symbol of our city. Every year, holiday organizers make adjustments to the program and add something new to it. The festival is held for 12 years. During this time there were many interesting things:

the best cafe was awarded the excellent institution "Under Clypsidra";
organized coffee fair;
Barista Championship held;
organized a coffee tour to choose the King and Queen;
the newspaper "On Coffee to Lviv" was created;
eclairs day was held;
organization of CoffeeEXPO - during this event the equipment and accessories intended for the preparation of aromatic beverage are presented;
held a championship on alternative captetting - it means a competition to determine the taste of coffee beans;
The first Velomyl coffee took place - lovers of active rest and delicious coffee started the morning with a cup of their favorite drink, and then went on a bicycle trip through the old city streets.
When considering hotels in Lviv, give preference to Swiss Hotel. We annually meet guests who come to the coffee festival. We tourists rest and then go on holiday. They have a lot of interesting things at the coffee festival. These are competitions, tasty drinks, cozy atmosphere and nice conversations over a cup of drink. The holiday is interesting for adults and children. For small guests there is a specially equipped play space. Here, children have fun and relax while parents taste coffee and buy souvenirs. Animators work for them. They run workshops, science shows and just play with the kids.

Lviv Coffee Festival: a multifaceted holiday program
Lviv hotels, which include the Swiss Hotel, are always waiting for guests! In September, residents of other cities and foreigners book rooms to be in the center of a landmark event. They come to the city for new emotions and impressions. At a coffee festival, guests never get bored. Every day, something new awaits them. For example, on the first day of the festival there is a discussion on "Modern trends in the development of the coffee market in the world". You will also hear many interesting stories that began with a cup of coffee. This is also provided in the holiday program.

The 2019 Lviv Coffee Festival is a grand event filled with meetings with famous people and workshops. The following events will be held over four days (September 12-15):

a lecture on "The Art of Coffee Grinding";
lecture “Creating your own coffee brand”;
master class "Beverage line for professional use";
lecture on "The Terminology of Coffee Evaluation. Practical Caping. "
These are just some of the events that will take place at the 2019 Lviv Coffee Festival at the tram depot. The fair deserves special attention. The best coffee shops in our old town invite guests. Participants of the holiday can buy different types of coffee and sweets. There are mini-versions of coffee shops annually at the fair. Here you can prepare delicious drinks based on original and traditional recipes. Guests taste the coffee and enjoy it!

Another important event is CoffeeEXPO. It implies the presentation of equipment and accessories. Workshops and lectures are also held. This year the participants of CoffeeEXPO are companies that produce roasters, roast coffee beans, develop modern water purification systems. Holiday invitees to companies that offer unique coffee shop automation solutions and import restaurant equipment.

Who is competing for the Best Coffee Shop?
If you want to see everything with your own eyes, check out Lviv Hotels Center and book your room at Swiss Hotel! Do this in advance, because people from all over Ukraine go to the coffee festival. By booking a room with us, you can rest. We will create the best conditions for relaxation and make sure that nothing overshadows the holiday. This year the festival will bring together real professionals. The following establishments will compete for the title of best cafe:

Svit Kavy na Rynku is a unique place where you can buy coffee and unusual desserts. The friendly staff, original atmosphere and delicious drinks are here. So tourists and locals like this place;
Lviv Coffee Manufactory - Here you can prepare drinks from the best types of coffee. The establishment can enjoy the unique taste of the drink and buy quality products. Specialists adhere to the canons of making coffee and invest a part of their soul in their work;
Stuka Coffee Shop is an establishment that is loved by locals and tourists alike. Here is a wonderful menu, which includes a variety of drinks: makiato, konpana, lungo American, cococino;
Black Honey is a cozy and stylish coffee shop located in the center of the city. The coffee card presents coffee of different varieties, which is prepared in alternative ways. For example, in jazz, kamex;
Coffee Lab is an institution where high-level professionals work. They all know how coffee is grown, processed and prepared. The range has a multifaceted palette of flavors: from chocolate to citrus;
Dominican Republic is a place where a cozy atmosphere prevails. Its advantages include impeccable service and an interesting menu. Here you can take a break from the problems and think about the beautiful;
Halytska, 4 is a fine cafe located in the central part of the city. You can order delicious pancakes, cake, cake. The menu offers a large assortment of coffee drinks;
SDV Coffee Shop is an establishment where you can buy freshly roasted coffee beans and order an invigorating drink. The coffee card presents strips, desserts, sweets, as well as a variety of drinks: espresso, cappuccino, coffee makers;
Chehovych Roastery is a place where green coffee beans turn into the most delicious beverages. Here, the professionalism of the staff is closely linked to the love of coffee.

How is the winner in the coffee tournament determined? You can find out for yourself. Browse hotels in Lviv and book a room at Swiss Hotel. Come and join us at the festival. You will be able to vote for the cafe you like best. Voting takes several forms. Holiday guests vote with the help of ballots. You can also choose a winner via the Internet. In addition, the King and Queen give their votes. The voting results determine the best coffee shop.

What other championships are being held?
Coffee in Lviv is a large-scale event that raises the level of coffee consumption culture and ensures the development of the region. At the festival are held various championships. For example, the best barista is determined. Participants of the competition must prepare twelve kinds of drinks in 15 minutes. When making coffee you need to talk about yourself and coffee. Alternatively, the Alternative Captesting Championship is held. Contestants have to solve a difficult task: to determine the type of coffee, based only on their memory. It's quite difficult, but possible.

Lviv Hotels and Hotel Swiss meet guests who want to immerse themselves in an unusual holiday atmosphere. They book the rooms on our site and go to the festival. Many of our guests are interested in a competition during which participants prepare coffee by manual methods. The winner is one who quickly adapts to new working conditions, has professional skills and has prepared a unique recipe for preparing a drink. These are not all competitions. Particularly noteworthy is the competition, during which the barista prepares delicious drinks on vegetable milk with the addition of a match. They show all their talent and break the stereotypes that only coffee is combined with milk.

Who is invited to the holiday?
Lviv hotels center and hotel "Swiss" are not only interested in people who want to get to the festival as guests. We reserve rooms for participants of the holiday, speakers, authors of unique projects. Every year there are famous people who have achieved a lot in their lives and want to share their experience and knowledge. This year you will be able to meet the following people at the festival:

Bogdan Logvinenko is the author of Ukrainer media project. Its purpose is to show the people of Ukraine how beautiful our country is. Initially, the project participants will travel around the country and get acquainted with new places. Then they will share their fascinating stories;
Marina Penza is a trainer involved in the development of coffee culture. Marina Penza will give a lecture on which way coffee goes, starting with grains and ending with a potter;
Andriy Trush is the founder of the Banana Farm project. His farm grows bananas, pineapples, coffee trees, tangerines. At the festival you will be able to buy seedlings and plant them at home;
Sasha Yamkovy is the owner of Sasha Coffee. His cafe is in the Top 50 of the best in the world. At the coffee festival, Sasha will share her experiences and tell a lot of interesting things;
Svetlana Ivakhova is a Q-grader who can't argue with tastes. She objectively evaluates the quality of the coffee and decides what the speshelti is. At the festival Svetlana will tell you how you can create your own brand of coffee and what knowledge you need.

These are not all speakers participating in the festival. The coffee holiday in Lviv promises to be interesting. The large-scale event brings together all those who love aromatic drinks and are familiar with coffee. Arsen Shlapak will meet you at the festival. With it you will experience an unforgettable coffee environment and get positive emotions. Leonid Martynchyk is invited to the festival. This is a famous Ukrainian blogger, which often appears on the Internet. He will evaluate how professionally the coffee tour participants work. Leonid loves coffee because it is a way of life for him. Therefore, the evaluation will be objective.

Swiss Hotel invites you to a coffee festival!
Lviv Hotels Center and Hotel Swiss meet anyone who appreciates coffee and wants to participate in an unusual festival! Every year many tourists come to us, who start every morning with a cup of aromatic drink. They stay in cozy rooms and, after a little rest, go on holiday. At the festival, tourists listen to lectures, participate in workshops, have coffee and just have fun. A year later, they go on a journey again because the coffee festival is filled with kindness, warmth and cheerfulness!