Guided tours

Where to go in Lviv

The legendary city of Lion breathes history and art. It combines East and West. In what city can you see Ukrainian, Polish, Austrian, Armenian, Jewish and German cultures? Yes, yes, it’s all here. Lviv became the Ukrainian Mecca for tourists. People from every corner of Ukraine come here. The streets paved with pavement, architectural masterpieces, theaters, museums, galleries, dungeons, parks, unusual cafes, street musicians are what wins not mind but heart. By right, Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in our country, and we are proud of it.


Golden Horseshoe around Lviv

Duration: 7 hours. It is the most popular tour in Lviv region among tourists! You’ll have a great chance to see wonderful castles, food and drink tastings in the medieval restaurant!



Duration: 3 hours. You will savour a variety of chocolate dishes in conceptual restaurants!


Coffee Tour

Duration: 1 hour. One building, one coffee house and a lot of stories with coffee aroma!


From Walk to Shot

Duration: 2 hours. You will get to know Lviv with an interresting guide and taste traditional dishes and drinks in extremely unusual restaurants!


For Couples

Duration: 2 hours. City tour filled with romantic stories and legends: pasty shops, best-loved places, cocktail in Masoch-cafe and tour with the city panorama view from rooftop of House of Legends restaurant launching paper air lanterns or helium ballons in the sky!


Lviv Night Guard

Duration: 2 hours. Saturday, Sunday — 22:00 PM. Unexpected meetings, scary legends, ghosts, secret rituals, mysterious streets, fire show against the magnificent Lviv buildings.


Sightseeing Tours

Over 2 hours. Any covenient time. City tour over major landmarks.


Batyar's Path

2-day tour. Adventures in an unexplored Lviv, several meals in Lviv’s best restaurants, and beer tastings until the last man standing…nobody goes home sober!


Wonder Train

Duration: 1 hour. The first appearance of the Wonder train on the Lviv streets was a big surprise and an innovation for our city citizens and guests. The Wonder train is equipped with special audio system, so passengers can get excursion in their native language.